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When does truth become gossip?Maggie's parents have just split up and she's moved from New Jersey to New York City with her mom Desperate to make new friends and to distract herself from troubles at home she falls in with a group of social butterflies at the ritzy private school she now attends These girls keep a top secret record of their classmates most intimate details on a wall in one of their apartments Maggie's friends insist they are collecting the truth not gossip about the lives of today's teenagers But she soon learns that certain information in the wrong hands can do irreparable damageThis is the second novel from Publishers Weekly Flying Start author and literacy legacy Lizabeth Zindel

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    I wonder if the person who wrote it thinks she's like a female George Washington making a Constitution for all Berkeley Prep girls to followThe Secret Rites of Social Butterflies by Lizabeth Zindel It is not that this is a bad book Not at all But it is not right for meThis is yet another book aboutwellmean girls And what can happen when personal information gets into the wrong hands It is a colorful cast of characters and they have a truth wall where they post everyone's personal secretsI just didn't like it all that much I am burnt out completely on this story line Don't get me wrong I LIKE stories like this It is just that I have read way to many of themThis book also has an unmistakable YA feeling through it and I kind of grew less involved not That isn't to say the writing is bad but I'd have liked it in my college days I think or perhaps before I had read so many books just like itIt is also slow moving and I could not see the point of the truth wall I will confessI was a bit boredI would in fact recommend it to people who love YA love these types of plots and like to read everything in that genre what I call the mean girl genre I have no doubt there is an audience for this book as the characters were well written and there seems to be a great demand for this type of book But it was not for me

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    Zindel Lizabeth The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies Language PG 13 Sexual Content PG Violence GMaggie Wishnick starts her first day of Senior year at Berkeley Prep and really the only thing she wants is to make some new good friends like the ones she left back at home She soon meets The Revelers They love to party and have fun but they also find out every secret imaginable that you may have She joins the Revelers and begins to find out everything about a lot of people Things go good for a while she gets a boyfriend and has lots of fun but someone finds the Secret Wall where all the secrets about everyone are written down then everything turns to chaos She loses all of her classmates trust now what will she do?An okay book To me it seemed like there was just too much drama Also it was just too much like the movie Mean Girls a lot of the things about this book seemed to be just like it But it was a good bookHS ADVISABLE Student Reviewer ANhttpkissthebookblogspotcom2008

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToocomMaggie Wishnick has moved from a small town in New Jersey to the Big Apple and is about to start as a senior at the prestigious Berkley Prep On her first day she meets Anne Marie who is smart and friendly but not one of the powerful girls of Berkley Those girls would be Victoria Lexi and Sydney But those three treat Maggie as if she is invisible After hearing about a secret invitation only party being given by Victoria on the gym bus Maggie crashes the party Not only does she meet Connor a super hot boy but she also saves the day when the cops come to trash the party and Victoria Lexi and Sydney need a place to hide out After that fateful night the three popular girls embrace Maggie much to her surprise After a pledge week for Maggie she is accepted into their tight group that they've named the Revelers The girls help Maggie capture Connor's attention and learn how to be fashionable and popular But the girls have secrets And not just secrets of their own But secrets on everyone they go to school with And on one fateful night all of the secrets are revealed and Maggie is on the outside once again Each chapter of the book begins with interesting facts on the life cycle and migration pattern of butterflies reminiscent of Sue Monk Kidd's THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES And for those wanting information the references are listed for details The story of the new girl wanting to join in with the popular girls and then something bad happening has been told before but Ms Zindel gives the story excitement and depth The reader gets a hint that all is not as it seems especially with Victoria but Ms Zindel keeps all the details hidden until the night of the party when the secrets are revealed to all The story moves along quickly keeping the reader engrossed Though you may think that you are supposed to find Victoria Lexi and Sydney to be the evil ones there really are no truly mean and evil characters that other stories seem to include They may not be as innocent and righteous as Maggie but they do have some good qualities This is the first story I've read by Ms Zindel but growing up I was a fan of her father's work I'm pleased to say that she has become an author on her own abilities and I will definitely be checking out GIRL OF THE MOMENT next For an entertaining read of life of the rich private school set this is a great book to pick up

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    Maggie has just started the ritzy Berkeley Prep as a senior and she's hoping to make a few friends and avoid social ignominy But she never expects to be welcomed into the most exclusive clique at Berkeley and she never imagined that the clique is actually a secret society called the RevelersThe Revelers have a mission to document what life is like for today's teenagers so future generations can learn from the past To that end once a week each Reveler must bring three Truths about a member of their class or the staff of their school and write it on the Wall a secret monument to their high school experienceAt first the Wall seems like a fascinating social project But as Maggie begins to bring Truths to the Wall she begins to suspect that the Revelers have an ulterior motive in their quest for truth How far is she willing to go to stay friends with the in crowd? And can she get out even if she wants to?The best thing I can say about this book is that it's better than Gossip Girl There's a lot of brand name dropping but it's got heart and personality than Gossip Girl not that it's difficult But the Upper East Side prep school setting plus the clique of wealthy popular girls definitely bring Gossip Girl to mindThe trouble with this book is that it's just very formulaic It strives to be original and shocking and interesting even places hints throughout the story that imply that something vastly interesting is going to come together or be revealed and then falls flatThe big shocking events of the ending quite simply aren't shocking It's fairly easy to predict the outcome knowing what you do about the players and the way the first page hints at disaster I spent the book hoping Zindel was going to surprise me with a slightly less predictable end but she didn'tMaggie is a sometimes engaging mostly Mary Sue esque protagonist who really doesn't seem to retain her personality the brash confident girl of the earlier pages melts into someone clingy and desperate for popularity but it's not a realistic character arc She just exists to tell Zindel's story but she's not believable as a character herselfI spent the whole book waiting for the book to impress me and it never did

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    This novel in a word EndearingIt reminded me of Mean Girl in a way especially at the end You remember the Burn Book in which Regina George talked smack about all of her classmates? What is present here instead of a book is a wall where the girls who constitute the Revelers write truths—that is deep dark secrets—about themselves the other girls in their class and their teachers When the Wall is found during a party there’s a shower of mollusks signaling the arrival of Armageddon People get hurt people get mad and the Revelers get in trouble with their parents and the school officialsI liked this one It had a lot of layers which is something I appreciate in any novel Aside from the friendships she maintained with the Revelers and Anne Marie a girl from their school there was also a great familial subplot that deals with the deterioration of Maggie’s parents’ marriage I thought this was perhaps the best part of the novel if only because it was the most relatableThe writing was also quite good except for a few interjection dumps like Crap Shoot Dang which allowed for the message to came across strongly I especially liked this part at the end where her Philosophy professor makes me draw a line between the discovery of the Wall and Schrödinger’s cat experiment Fascinating stuff not to mention intelligent The ending could’ve probably been stronger if it drawn out and we got to see a little bit of the aftermath of the Revelers’ social demise but this wasn’t a must so I’m chill with itRecommended but not before books such as Prep The Adoration of Jenna Fox Paper Towns etc

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    I liked the book It was okay Something that really bothered me was how similar it was to Mean Girls The story is pretty much the same Burn Book The Wall Maggie Cady stories about teachers and students It was just a little too similar to it in my opinion I would have given it too stars except that there were some things that made it real for me than the movie Getting Maggie's perspective was better than that of Lindsey Lohan I also really liked the fact that Maggie actually tried to repent for the things she added to the Wall and is trying to be friends with Anne Marie after she loses the Golden Wreath and tries to kill herself Victoria was a really mean girl and very shallow and sad because she wants to focus on other people's lives so she can feel better about herself and her life oh and something else i that i really liked were the facts about butterflies beginning of each chapter

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    I couldn't put this book down and at the same time I had a sick feeling the whole time I read it It reminded me of the feeling I had when I watched Mean Girlsyou know how it is going to end but you are not sure how it is going to unfold The whole time you are encouraging the character to do the right thing but you know what the inevitable consequences are I loved the book even though I felt kind of cheap after reading it like any good chick flick

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    Paul Zindel's daughter Lizabeth has written a decent first novel Though I found the plot predictable the characters are well drawn and reflect the snooty high school girl very well Maggie's conflicted needs to both belong and do what's right is a common dilemma for high school students around the country Does she make all the right choices? No but she does try to redeem herself in the endBook Talk When Maggie has to transfer to a new school in New York City during her senior year she is bummed Her grandfather softens the blow by agreeing to pay for her to attend the exclusive Berkely Prep an all girls college prep high school in New York City At first Maggie has trouble making friends but when she crashes the biggest party of the school year she becomes friends with the exclusive circle of popular girls Victoria Lexi and Sydney have it all They are rich and popular and everyone wants to be in their circle Maggie gets caught up in the want to be rich popular and sophisticated just like they are so when they invite her to be a part of their secret society the Revelers she jumps at the chance At first it's all good but later it be comes clear that these girls aren't the nicest girls around They have weekley meetings where they write hurtful or embarrassing gossip about their classmates and themselves on a wall in a secret room at Victoria's house Maggie has some misgivings about it but she really needs to fit in so she goes along with it Later she's asked to do things to prove her friendship and Maggie gets and disillusioned When things all come crashing down Maggie will try to find a way to redeem herself

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    Well this one wins the cheesy award I kept rolling my eyes at the dialogue between the rich girls and the parents and the teachers Cheesy cheesy cheesy I expected from Paul Zindel's daughter But I guess if this is published for 5th graders than it might be okay But with the main characters being high school seniors I imagine that the target audience is high school and junior high students I think PHS students would be bored with this bookreturnreturnMaggie moves to NYC her senior year and her grandpa pays for her to attend an elite prep school She's adopted into a secret society of 3 rich girls and learns their secrets The girls eavesdrop and find out secrets about their friends teachers and parents The secrets are written onto a wall in a Central Park townhouse and are usually used in minor cases of blackmail Maggie is fascinated to be part of the rich crew but finds out that the girls are shallow and mean Duh I mean really I've never read this kind of plot in a young adult chick lit book beforereturnreturnI think you can tell I wasn't very entertained The conversation about social networking sites was hilarious And Maggie's mother acting all concerned about talking about their problems It was very after school special ish Ugh Not my type of book

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    A cautionary tale of the price of popularity and the difference between gossip and truth Maggie moves from New Jersey to Manhattan with her mother after the divorce and her grandfather pays for her to attend a posh private school for her senior year Maggie can't break into any of the long established cliques and is completely excluded until she crashes the back to school bash thrown by the most popular girl The party is raided by the police and Maggie rescues the three most popular girls by hiding them at the home of one of her mother's friends Maggie is invited into the group The Revelers and she is at first thrilled to be a part of the very wealthy group They take her shopping shower her with expensive gifts and take her to their penthouse apartments and vacation beach homes But there is a dark side to the Revelers they collect truths about all of the people at their school and write them down Maggie realizes how dangerous secrets can be in the wrong hands and how they can be used against people but the other girls insist these are not just gossip they are truths about life What is the line between truth and gossip and how much power is in popularity? Something to read and consider before heading off to high school Realistic fiction 8th grade and up