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Fantasy Review BarnI have a bit of a grudge against Great Britain In 1812 they took the time out of their day to attack my great nation despite already being deep in the muck with Napoleon And why did they attack us Well, maybe we started it And maybe we tried to invade Canada But still, they could have just left us alone, right Or maybe I am just pissy because they have had Iron Jackal on their side of the ocean and have been hoarding it since 2011 In which case I hold no real grudge for the war of 1812 or as the British call it, what the hell are you Americans going on aboutI just really wanted Iron Jackal long before it actually showed up and was reminded of the War of 1812 in a recent forum thread that has nothing to do with this review But I have it now, so all is forgiven Which is great, because one third of the bloggers in Fantasy Review Barn are from the area and things were getting a bit tense I don t mind telling you.The tales of Kitty Jay, if you have been living in a vacuum, is a wonderful little steampunk tale now on three books four if you live in Britain, and yes, my anger is rising again It follows Captain Frey and his diverse crew of misfits and possible outlaws through various missions of dubious legality, centered around a airship in constant state of repair And fair or not to Mr Wooding, it has been grabbed up by fans of Firefly, dissected and analyzed, and generally agreed to be the continuation of the show everyone has hoped for So yes, with its similarities, fans of Firefly should consider this series a must read.But say your one of those not familiar with the show and therefore have zero idea what the fuss is about Don t worry, it is still a great series that doesn t need pop comparisons to stand on its own, and Iron Jackal is a great addition to the series, and well worth the wait.There were a few loose ends wrapped up in the last book I can t stress how great this was as it gives Iron Jackal a fresh start rather than just recycling the same plotline over and over Frey and his crew have a ship that is in good repair, a bit of notoriety that allows them mooch drinks in bars all over, and Frey s love hate with Trinica has settled to astable place No longer a when will the betrayal come thing, Frey is free to pine for something that can t happen without fear for his tale finally.When Trinica sets him up for a pretty nice job Frey lets his hubris get him in trouble So after a quick mission that of course isn t as easy as hoped he finds himself in desperate need to rid himself of an unknown curse before he is chased down by a demon in the shape of an jackal After two books of betrayals and backstabbing we finally get to see the crew pull together and be a crew, oneway the series has been given a fresh face Don t worry, still plenty of sniping, minor pranks, and OK, maybe a bit of backstabbing going on It is still Frey s crew after all.It would take pages to go through the entire crew and each of their individual growths but if this tale belongs to anyone outside of our good captain that title would go to the previously hidden in the background Silo, former slave with a past that will come to surprise the crew Normally the most trusted and easy going member of the crew, not counting that whole throw someone over a bridge thing, his change catches everyone by surprise and leaves them wondering what to expect.These are books that are built around the interactions of the crew, with a bit of action thrown in on a regular basis The only thing Iron Jackal is missing that the first two had is the emotional gutpunch that the damn golem provided But the rest is still there The action is action It will either work for you or not depending on how well you like action scenes I found them to be well crafted and easy to follow, though by no means the best out there But it would be a heart of stone that doesn t enjoy this crew and their interactions Sure Pinn may be over the top comic relief at times, but for the most part they avoid filling a personality role and instead just show personality.BRING ME ACE OF SKULLS I am ready.5 stars Because sometimes pure live up to the hype entertainment is worth that extra star.Speaking of Firefly I am guessing the marketing geniuses behind the cover have heard the comparisons Does that cover not scream look, don t I look like a young captain Mal Copy for review provided by publisher. Book 1 3.75 Book 2 4.25 Book 3 4.25 When I started this series I had the preconceived notion that this would be a fun swashbuckling series and while it is it s certainly muchthan that I would have been fine with it had that been the case but these books would be getting 3 s as a guilty pleasure What makes them so much better is that in each book the author give usMore empathy for the characters and their motivation More twists and information on the world New and different adventures New characters to add to the chaos lurking in the path and wake of the Ketty Jay s path The complexity, unstable nature and nuances of Frey and Trinica s relationship took another step forward in this adventure As did Crake s demonology and his ability Jez grew in her manehood Hawkins gets to be a hero Pinn, well he s a pinhead, but OMG between the cat scene and the slime LOL Malvery was givendepth and character Silo s past and depth revealed Plus we add Ashua who fits right into the chaos Looking forward to book 4 and yet not wanting it to end. Things Are Finally Looking Good For Captain Frey And His Crew The Ketty Jay Has Been Fixed Up Good As New They Ve Got Their First Taste Of Fortune And Fame And, Just For Once, Nobody Is Trying To Kill Them Even Trinica Dracken, Frey S Ex Fiancee And Long Time Nemesis, Has Given Up Her Quest For Revenge In Fact, She S Offered Them A Job One That Will Take Them Deep Into The Desert Heart Of Samarla, The Land Of Their Ancient Enemies To A Place Where The Secrets Of The Past Lie In Wait For The Unwary Secrets That Might Very Well Cost Frey Everything Join The Crew Of The Ketty Jay On Their Greatest Adventure Yet A Story Of Mayhem And Mischief, Roof Top Chases And Death Defying Races, Murderous Daemons, Psychopathic Golems And A Particularly Cranky Cat The First Time Was To Clear His Name The Second Time Was For Money This Time, Frey S In A Race Against The Clock For The Ultimate Prize To Save His Own Life One can t help but delight in the antics of Captain Frey of the airship The Kitty Jay A swashbuckling rapscallion, he has an ego unsurpassed by his wit or his morals Lately, however, he has found that his normally self centered ethics are undergoing an uncomfortable transformation as he discovers he cares about his crew of misfits The crew s been together on The Kitty for awhile now, and they are finally feeling flush with success after their most recent exploits The Black Lung Captain The crew includes Crake, the highly educated and eloquent daemonist and his metal golem, Bess Pinn,muscle than brain, but determined to be an inventor Harkins, a stellar flier with a severe anxiety disorder Silo, a former slave with a mysterious past Malvery, a doctor with a drinking problem Jez, who was half daemon, and who was dead by most people s standards and Slag, the irascible cat Crake was less than impressed He d been expecting someone fiercely intense, a wild eyed savage of some kind Instead he d found a giant bearded raisin I m still keeping main reviews off Goodreads, where they are subject to deletion at the whim of the overlords, especially if, heaven forbid, I m off topic.http clsiewert.wordpress.com 2014 0ORhttp carols.booklikes.com post 8627 I wouldn t dare to give this anything less than five stars, or Captain Frey would come to mortify me with his demonic cutlass Oh, and please don t tell him that mortify doesn t mean killing, or that narcissist doesn t mean good looking Darian Frey middle name should be Trouble and when the opening chapter contains a needless gunfight , a lot of kicks in the face, a chase around rooftops followed of course by a fall from said rooftops, the reader knows it could only get worse from here, in a spectacular things that go boom or tear you limb from limb way Grand train robbery should be all in a day s work for Frey and his crew, but the captain s recklessness lands him with a deadly curse on his life a nightmarish demon stalking him and about two weeks left to live It is time now for the crew of the Ketty Jay to come to their leader s aid, and they do so with dilligence, seasoned with a lot of grumbling and swearing and the occassional scream of abject terror in the face of uncounted perils.With the origin stories and personalities of the crew membersor less established in previous volumes, there istime left for action and each in their turn enjoy the moment in the limelight, even chicken hearted Harkins Some of the set pieces are easily recognizable in their inspiration a John Ford western, a podracing duel on Tatooine, a WWII commando attack on an enemy fort, a young girl going berserk on Firefly, but they are so well written, funny and fast and self aware, that it is easy to see them as hommage to the genre rather than pastiches.Morality is a relative term in the universe of Darian Frey, easily illustrated when he tries to prep talk his crew into actionAren t we the bad guys Pinn asked suddenly.They all stared at him He shrugged Well, I mean, we re robbing them, right We re never the bad guys said Frey Plus, those on that train are gonna be armed guards They re paid to get shot If people like us didn t try to rob trains, they s be out of a job We re providing employment opportunities now Crake asked, deadpan Exactly said Frey Greasing the wheels of foreign capital, and that I picked another example of the iressistibly funny seat of the pants approach to demon huntingdisorient them with interference, restrain them by using resonance opposed to their base chords, or tear them apart in sonic fluxin an exchange between Frey and CrakeAll this, I should add, is entirely theoretical, Crake explained There s no guarantee that it will work You just had to add a little disclaimer, didn t you Frey griped Couldn t you just pretend you were confident For my sake Sorry, Cap n I was brought up to be honest I would not want to give the impression that the book is just a succession of popcorn comical adventures The main appeal in fact is in the way the author switches register to the serious stuff and has his heroes tackle the hard hitting issues of slavery, of going on after repeated failures, of low self esteem, of alienation, of taking responsibility for your own actions and for putting the lives of your friends at risk What the text may lack in subtlety isthan redeemed in the honest appraisal of each character s chance at redemption, whether it is Malvery coming to grips with his alcoholism, Harkins with his fear, Crake with his dangerous hobby, Pinn with his lack of intellectual skillsFringement, like someone s in your fringe, Jez with her demonic alter ego, Frey himself with his troubled relationship with left at the altar Trinica.We have in Iron Jackal a new candidate for recruitement on the crew Ashua, a young lady with a foul atitude but with a good heart, a quick mind and handy with firearms to cap it all She fits well with the other members, as she is another loner living in the fringes not Pinn s fringes, luckily of society with a casual atitude towards abiding the law of the land and a fierce loyalty towards her friends I salute her with the words of Doc MalveryWelcome to the crew of the Ketty Jay You ain t a member till you caused at least one major catastrophe Also having a bigger role to play in the plot are a couple of Century Knights Colden Crudge and Samantha Bree I love having them around, especially Samantha, whom I have already dreamcasted for the TV adaptation of the seriesShe was dressed as she usually was, in a weatherbeaten duster, loose trousers and scuffed boots Black hair spilled in waves from beneath a tricorn hat, framing an appealing and mischievous face that probably shouldn t have belonged to someone who s shot as many people as she had With only onebook planned in the Ketty Jay universe The Ace of Skulls , I am both impatient to get my hands on it, and sad to know I will have to say goodbye soon to the friends I ve made onboard. 5 StarsYeeeeehhhhaaaaaawwww This is a steampunk jaunt that is not stop action, chasing, shooting, and firing off witty dialogue I have loved the Tales of the Ketty Jay and have now given each of Chris Wooding s novels 5 stars These are freaking fun steampunk novels with a science fiction and old west twist Yes, just like Firefly, only with dirigibles instead of space ships These are character novels as much as they are action Now, three novels into the series, it is hard not to love all of the quarreling cast Captain Darian Frey is the Man Not just the ladies man Wooding has created a series that is simply a joy to read It is a pure adrenaline and comedy in one You will hold your breath through some of the wild chase scenes, and laugh out loud at the witty one liners.As an action series it is all about the chase I am not sure if I have ever read a series that is so based around running away from, and pursuing In this one, There is 1 A Run from roof tops over the city streets.2 An Air flight along desert floor in the dark 3 A Race and gun fight across the desert in dune buggies.4 After boarding a massive train, a race across the rooftops.5 A really pissed off golem decides to smash her way through the train car to car.And all of these flights of fun were just the opening of this book Whew There are many shoot outs and hold ups, a potentially lethal incident involving a buttered piece of toast and a hellish cat, plenty of Daemonism to add the spook, and a giant laser breathing baddie to knock your socks off.The comedy and wit are prevalent through out this book and this series It make the characters likable and fills them with charm What you don t know about Samarla could fill a library, Cap n, said Silo What I don t know about libraries could fill a library Frey replied In a funny exchange between Frey and Crake on the reality that his crew was poking fun of him Cap n Mortified doesn t mean killed it doesn t No It means embarrassed And Mordant doesn t mean dead It means, er, bitingly sarcastic Huh, said Frey and when Ashua keeps calling you a narcissist, it doesn t mean you are brave, it means you re in love with yourself Ah, said Frey That makes sense now, then Haha great stuff The character and the crew continue to develop their relationships and bonds, no matter how much they fight and argue I have come to love so many of them Pinn, Jez, Crake, Bes, Silo, and of course Captain Frey, as well as many others too The relationships that are developed are what make these stories come to life and make the action so muchworth the while I guess saying that I am incredibly fond of this cast, this series, and the writing of Chris Wooding is the best way that I can say how I feel It is simply a series not to be missed. This book picks up where the previous one left off, with Frey and crew reaching a tentative truce with Trinica Dracken and her crew The beginning opens with another shootout and the ending closes with view spoiler the destruction of another city hide spoiler I am having a fantastic reading month so far pretty much all 5 reads This is the third and penultimate book in the Ketty Jay series and I have to say it s still just as fantastic as the previous two in the series By this poit we have seen a fair amount of the crew and the characters whom we ve come to know and love, and in this book the focus is really drawn to the only character who is still quite a mystery to us Silo Naturally the characters of the Ketty Jay all have their own plots and developments within this book, but it seemed to me that Silo s story was a bigger part of this book and I truly enjoyed his plot a lot because it s been such a mystery to us up to this point Silo is the engineer on board the Ketty jay and he s a strong but silent type He really doesn t talk much about his past or even about his thoughts or feelings generally and up until this book we have seen only small glimpses of his past This story certainly had large focuses on the Murthian suppression by the Sammies and we see a lotinto not only Silo s plot, but some of the others he knew when he was under Sammie rule, and some of the tasks and trials he faced trying to get away.The focus of slavery and somesombre topics within this story was certainly chilling at points because of the perspective we saw things from, and I actually enjoyed the fact that Wooding does like to address these sorts of big issues in his story and world I felt it was handled well and gave us a great insight into how Silo became the character we know today.The story itself actually begins on a fairly good high in this book and this is sort of reflected in the brighter design of the cover The crew themselves are on somewhat of a high after the ending of book 2 which is pretty dramatic as always and so they re celebrating and enjoying newfound partnerships and missions However things like that never last too long and trouble always seems to be able to find Frey and the crew and soon after their mission begins things begin to go drastically wrong.The relationships between some of the characters within this book were fabulous and certainly they were once again expanded upon I felt like Frey s character had some wonderful moments of frank identification of his own flaws and realisation about what he really needed in his life There were very intense moments within this which I found exciting and absorbing, and they certainly left a big impression on our loveable, somewhat selfish Captain, causing him to accept some truths about himself and his crew.Trinica was also a focus within this book and I feel like she s actually one of thecomplex characters because of her past and her entanglements both very good and very bad with the Crew Her story and her loyalties are certainly tested at some points in this story and I really admired the decisions she made and the motivations behind them.Harkins has been on of my favourite characters for a while now as he s so sweet and seeing him evolve over the course of this book and the last has really endeared him to me He s a really nervous character who has a lot of demons from his past to deal with and I feel like he s one of the ones who s become the most developed over the course of the books I particularly loved one scene where he was a part of a race in this book, that was just brilliantly written and detailed.Crake, Pinn and Jez are also all fabulous and I really enjoy seeing their interactions as a crew and they way that they all bounce off of one another Each of them had their own developments in this story but they weren t the focus and therefore they weren t always quite as prominent or had quite as much development I still adore them all though and Pinn in particular was great for comedic fun Malvery is the final member of the crew not counting Bess and Slag who are an automaton and a cat but still both amazing and awesome in their own right and he actually surprised me at some moments within this book because of the way his views and opinions change and particularly his view of himself and his own personality I know we ve seen glimpses of his former glory days before, but I think he has his own moment within this which I have to say I admired so much and made him a stand out character too Ashua is a newer character who we meet within this book and I think she s certainly an interesting one because of how we meet her, the way she reacts to the Crew initially, and the situation which led her to meeting them She s got a fairly typical past, but she s a pretty mysterious character ll the same and has some cool facets to her which I enjoyed exploring in this book.Finally I have to say once again that the writing of Wooding is just fabulous and the mixture of character development, relationships being formed or tested, action, adventure, exploration and excitement is just wonderful Somehow he even manages to throw in fleshing out the world and cultures of the world with scatterings of one liners or funny outbursts which break up some of the serious and had me smiling and laughing aloud Another fantastic read, and I can t wait to get into the final book in this series next month 5 s for sure A buddy read with Sarah.Imagine a situation which became one huge clich in adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and thriller literature by now Somebody asks you to steal deliver a sealed box for a truckload of money with the condition you do not open the said box.Anybody who readthan one book in his her life or saw a couple of summer blockbuster movies knows there is only one way to deal with the situation that guarantees a long and happy life refuse the deal on the spot, turn away and start running Stop only when you are on the other side of the Galaxy from the mysterious box anywhere closer than this will not do In the series universe there are no movies and Captain Frey of Ketty Jay does not read much it was actually stated in this book So he fell for the trick above and agreed to steal a box while it was transported by a train After all, the pay was good and the job seems to be reasonably easy as there supposed to be very few guards on the train Let me give you a slight spoiler and say that the crew of Ketty Jay succeeded while reenacting a good old Western train robbery in steampunk settings Captain Frey being completely clueless about the dangers I mentioned above kids, there is a big lesson here readcommitted an ultimate sin and opened the box To a surprise of exactly nobody his life became completely worthless at that exact moment He spends the rest of the book in a desperate attempt to stay alive The book remains true to the tried and true formula of the previous installments The first line opens with bullets flying everywhere because Frey did something stupid After killing a lot of innocent bystanders and the guys who just did their job the crew of Ketty Jay escapes unscratched it seems to me this universe also happened to be a recruiting place for Stormtroopers from Star Wars the latter guys are famous for shooting at a Death Start at blank point range and never hitting it To continue with the familiar formula, right after getting from the initial danger Frey does something stupid even by his standards and places the entire crew into a very big even by his standards jeopardy The rest of the book is spend on them trying to survive in face of overwhelming odds On the positive side the action of the book is practically non stop and I could not find boring parts at all Paradoxically it feels somewhat long some editing would be in order, but I hesitate to say which parts need to be cut out Captain Frey was completely two dimensional character in the first book He became much better in the second only to play a lovesick puppy in here In the merciful moments when he forgot about his love he just acted stupid see above Jez of all characters is boring Those who know what she is would not believe me as it is almost impossible to make her such, but Chris Wooding succeed My second favorite cat of literature, Slag does not get too much time and is not exciting although he did become a subject of a great scientific experiment Silo finally got well overdue attention and his background is fascinating His parts are never ever boring Doctor Malvery finally develops somewhat from a stereotypical perpetual drunkard Both Pinn and Harkins have their moments, but nothing to write home about I am 100% unconvinced by the given reasons why the crew put their lives in danger for their captain who is a selfish lovesick drug addict, but I will let it slide In the end I was never bored by reading this installment, but its strict adherence to the same plot as before and the extra length killed the rating Please do not get me wrong as I gave 3.5 stars rounded down to weaker andboring books, but I really cannot go higher. My Dear Captain Frey if you Disappoint you re Dead Buddy Read MDCFiyDyDBR with my Favourite The Fearless Canadian who Shall not be Named mFTFCwSnbN Read his review here Actual rating 3.5 stars I was going to go for a 3.25 rating but mFTFCwSnbN has a terrible influence on me, as a consequence of which I may be growing a heart and showing signs of unsuspected kindness shuddersFriendly warning I lost my reviewing mojo once again Read this thing at your own risk.Sooooooooo, my dear Captain Frey We have a problem, you and I You disappointed despite my having strictly forbidden you to do so And you should consider yourself really lucky here, because there is nothing I would love better than unleashing the murderous crustaceans on you right now But I won t That s right, I won t Oh, don t think my recalling the Shrimpy Troops has anything to do with my recently emerged heart Nah It s just that there is only one instalment left in this series, so I figured that disposing of you prematurely might complicate things a bit Since you re the main character and all that crap So yeah, I ll do the lenient and let you live I know, I know Don t worry dear girl, it won t last.Okaaaayyyy, time to do the Let s Cut the Crap and Get Down to it Thing LCtCaGDtiT This book pretty much has it all I mean, technically, it does Yep, it definitely has all it takes to ensure a 10 star rating And no, this is no slight exaggeration on my part Cross my emerging heart, hope to die, and all that crap Oh come on, people, I know I read all books wrong, but trust me on this one, okay Sooooo, this book features Brilliant characters Frey, I m not talking about you, go stand in the corner for a while We really are a long way from the Cardboard Like One Dimensional Bunch CLODB we met in book 1 Pretty much all the cast members are totally cool and brilliant and show character growth and stuff Frey, did I tell you to move Stay in the corner, you silly boy Even Slag the cat is totally cool and brilliant and shows character growth and stuff You know Chris Wooding, far be it from me to give you writing advice, but I think it s high time for mutiny We should dump Frey wherever, and promote Slag the cat Silo captain of the Ketty Jay With Slag the cat Jez as his first mate Yeah, that would really be totally cool and stuff Entertaining plot Yes, there is a plot And it is entertaining Great action scenes Yes, there are action scenes And they are great Maybe a little too great, in a weird kind of ooops I think I just ODed on an action scene way Buton that fascinating topic later Not much later though You re welcome Brilliantly funny dialogues and stuff Yes, there are dialogues and stuff And they are brilliantly funny Jez Because Jez QED and stuff view spoiler yes, I am aware of the fact that I say stuff a lot It s part of my undying charm hide spoiler