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A Shocking Scientific Discovery A Conspiracy Of Staggering Brilliance A Thriller Unlike Any You Ve Ever ReadWhen A NASA Satellite Discovers An Astonishingly Rare Object Buried Deep In The Arctic Ice, The Floundering Space Agency Proclaims A Much Needed Victory A Victory With Profound Implications For NASA Policy And The Impending Presidential Election To Verify The Authenticity Of The Find, The White House Calls Upon The Skills Of Intelligence Analyst Rachel Sexton Accompanied By A Team Of Experts, Including The Charismatic Scholar Michael Tolland, Rachel Travels To The Arctic And Uncovers The Unthinkable Evidence Of Scientific Trickery A Bold Deception That Threatens To Plunge The World Into Controversy But Before She Can Warn The President, Rachel And Michael Are Ambushed By A Deadly Team Of Assassins Fleeing For Their Lives Across A Desolate And Lethal Landscape, Their Only Hope For Survival Is To Discover Who Is Behind This Masterful Plot The Truth, They Will Learn, Is The Most Shocking Deception Of All Back Cover

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    This was read at the tail end of my brief Dan Brown phase let he who has never enjoyed an airport bookstore novel cast the first stone , and by this point I was getting a little tired of Brown s storytelling formula And by formula , I really mean formula Here it is How To Make A Guaranteed Bestseller in Fifteen Minutes or Less 1 intelligent, bookishly handsome man who in no way is supposed to be Dan Brown of course not why do you ask 1 really intelligent, preferably foreign woman who has an IQ of like a billion but the important thing is she is hot and has very low standards as far as men go see protagonist 5 exotic locations, if you prefer 25 full pages of technical historical whatever background information that serves only to show the audience how goddamn smart the author is 3 conspiracy theories found after 5 minute Google search 8 death defying situations and improbable escapes 1 villain of cartoon level evilness 3 OMG SO SCANDOLOUS revelations that will ROCK THE FUCKING WORLDBlend until well combined or not so well combined, whatever bake at 350 degrees until it can be adapted for the screen in five minutes or less, serve hot to adoring public on plates made of 100 bills.

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    The formula is pretty simple Big Mystery Male Protagonist Female Protagonist Code to Solve OMG TRAITOR WITH TWISTED MOTIVES Best Selling Novel.And it s worked, so I guess we can t hate on him too much There are people who swear his books are the best thing they ve ever read I certainly wouldn t say that But they are successful and I have to confess, even I like them, and when it comes to books I am Picky with a most definite capital P.Digital Fortress is the first one I ve reread I read it yesterday Coming straight from that into Deception Point, I ve noticed very quickly that Dan Brown recycles description emotional response Although she had practically lived in Crypto since its completion three years ago, the sight of it still amazed her The main room Digital Fortress As Rachel made her way into the maze of bustling corridors beyond, she was amazed that even after six years she was still daunted by the collosal scope of this operation The agency Deception Point Susan waited for the punchline, but it never came Digital Fortress Rachel waited for the punchline It never came Deception PointAll his characters might as well be the same people David Becker Digitial Fortress might as well be Robert Langdon Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code ordinary people caught up in higher things, in over his head and things somehow work out fine Susan Fletcher Digital Fortress is, like Rachel Sexton Deception Point a professional woman, pretty, the best in her field, similarly in over her head and somehow coming out okay.Also, the infodumps get terribly annoying A brief bit of dialogue and then an absolute shedload of explanation Another characteristic of Dan Brown s novels all very formulaic, as I said.But hey, it s a formula that works.

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    Deception Point, Dan BrownDeception Point is a 2001 thriller novel written by Dan Brown.A NASA satellite finds evidence of a rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, NASA proclaims a much needed victory that has profound implications for U.S space policy and the upcoming presidential election With the White House in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton and a team of experts to the Milne Ice Shelf to confirm the authenticity of the find 2009 1384 256 1385 9647533756 1388 440 9789647533751 20 1388 485 1388 9789642837069 1396 505 9789642837069 La verita del ghiaccio 1389 518 9789641650294 2001 1389

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    I liked a lot this novel NASA AND MY PERSONAL ADMIRATION FOR THAT INSTITUTION In my mind, the men and women of NASA are history s modern pioneers They attempt the impossible, accept failure, and then back to the drawing board while the rest of us stand back and criticize. Back then in 2009, I found this novel by chance or fate.By then, I already knew who Dan Brown was it s not like I was living in cave, hehehe but I still have to read his way popular books with the character of Robert Langdon While I already watched the two film adaptations done so far However, I found interesting to read this book since I noticed that the story involved NASA.I am a huge fan of NASA, maybe an indirect result of being a fan of Star Trek, I don t know, maybe even it can be due to being even before fan of Lost in Space and Space 1999 The main point is that I admire a lot to NASA.And I am still a great fan of anything related with NASA.In fact, one of my fondest memories is when finally I was able to visit the Kennedy Space Center And even bought a jacket of those green like with NASA and Space Shuttle patches the astronauts wear when they aren t using, well space suits P ALIEN LIFE BUT NOT YOUR TYPICAL GREEN MEN There s just no substitute for the truth. Here, you will find a very good story about the possibility of finding alien life But maybe not in the way that you were expecting But a realistic scientific approach I liked a lot the way of how Dan Brown proposed his idea of the finding of alien life, since it can be easily the way as it will happen in real life ANYTHING THAT NEEDS MONEY FUNDING, EXPECTS RESULTS Anyone who said power was not addictive had never really experienced it. I think that a proof of how good is this book at least to me is that it s a real dark story, full of dangers and deceptions it s on the title related to NASA and since I admire the institution but the story is presented in such smart and plausible way that I could embrace the tale with open mind, understanding the intended bottom line in the book Since after all, one thing is any organization and its inspiring goals, and other the people which manage it, that after all, they are just human beings.This book is written in way that if you are fan of Michael Crichton books, you will like this one too It has a narrative style so engaging that I enjoyed a lot the reading experience.The writing style of Dan Brown is fantastic and I enjoyed the whole experience of reading the book, even since in some novels you have a very good main plot but some dull secondary plot and or scenes that you feel dragged when you have to read those chapters, but in my personal experience with the novel, I enjoyed to read the whole book with all its plots.If you like techno thrillers, NASA related novels and or Dan Browns books, certainly you will enjoy to pick this novel.Highly recommended.

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    In this work, Dan Brown made the book interesting because he kept a light on a different direction Our world is already ruled in the shadow of political games The realities know they can only read between the lines.

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    , , After NASA s new satellite discovered a surprisingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic, the flaming space agency announced a victory that was badly needed a victory with profound implications for US space policy and the upcoming presidential election In this difficult situation of the presidential office, the head of the White House intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton to the iceberg in Milne, to confirm the credibility of this discovery accompanied by a team of experts, including the scholarly scholar Michael Tolland Rachel discovers an unthinkable conclusive evidence of a brilliant scientific trick A slut trick threatens to plunge the world into a terrible debate.But before Rachel can contact the president, she and Michael are being attacked by a deadly team of thugs under mysterious political power A novel full of events, facts and information to me can be learned and heard very well, the first time I read the writer Dan Brown and frankly a good but great writer.A book with all this information and many events and depth and of course beautiful narrative makes you enjoy very novel and insist that you know the events and of course accept between the topics and events are very beautiful and do not feel anything boring or ordinary.This is a novel that takes you to a true world It is realistic, but it speaks of depth, especially in the American society It is the politics and the problems that are caused by it, the disintegration within the society and the conflicts, of course, to reach the summit, whether in a good or bad way.The other side is a conflict between NASA and the US government backed by an open budget and huge private companies greed for access to privileges and rights All the conflicts begin and grow deep after NASA s final discovery of the novel begins.Dan Brown is a great writer and my readers or his book is sure will continue to read his books and of course I advise you.

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    My aunt gave this to me to read..I of course hate Dan Brown but I figure it d be fast and I could thank her for it, mention some interesting tidbits that are no doubt sprinkled throughout the book for idiots, and feel good about family duty There is not one paragraph that is close to some acceptable literary decency In 2 pages he found it ok to mention coffee 5 times No, not fun tidbits about the history of coffee but just as action filler blah blah blah, he said while he stirred his coffee Multiply that by 5 some instance of someone using, gasp, cream, or sugar and 2 minutes have been sucked from your life And you will feel it Unless you re an idiot I admit I stopped at page 140 It was a marathon of elementary torture I started it one night and ended it the same I didn t read 140 pages because I was thrilled, I read it because it took that long for Dan Brown to get to the premise of the effing book And that isn t even that interesting Enjoy, idiots.

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