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In The City Of Lights, Two Star Crossed Lovers Battle A Fate That Is Destined To Tear Them Apart Again And Again For EternityWhen Kate Mercier S Parents Die In A Tragic Car Accident, She Leaves Her Life And Memories Behind To Live With Her Grandparents In Paris For Kate, The Only Way To Survive Her Pain Is Escaping Into The World Of Books And Parisian Art Until She Meets VincentMysterious, Charming, And Devastatingly Handsome, Vincent Threatens To Melt The Ice Around Kate S Guarded Heart With Just His Smile As She Begins To Fall In Love With Vincent, Kate Discovers That He S A Revenant An Undead Being Whose Fate Forces Him To Sacrifice Himself Over And Over Again To Save The Lives Of Others Vincent And Those Like Him Are Bound In A Centuries Old War Against A Group Of Evil Revenants Who Exist Only To Murder And Betray Kate Soon Realizes That If She Follows Her Heart, She May Never Be Safe Again At first, I just picked up this book thinking, meh, it s not going to be awesome and just use it as one of those books that I read to tide me over until the really exciting ones come out.But, man, was I proved wrong Brava, Amy Plum, brava.This book was everything I thought it wouldn t be It had love, and not the kind that makes me want to strangle the characters like many other YA novels gasp , action, and left me breathless at points to where I have gone back and re read my favorite parts which was almost the whole book quite a few times, which I never do Ever First off, I love Kate, because, unlike many other novels Fallen, especially Eugh yes, Kate and Vincent do have a connection when their eyes first lock, but guess what You might need to sit down, because this is a shocker Instead of them immediately going to some dark corner somewhere to make out, she actually tries to go about the crush normally And doesn t think about him all the time Because she has important things to do I know you guys, this is seriously life altering for YA novels She does what any normal I can t believe I used normal than once in describing YA person would do and makes the cafe a daily habit to see if she can spot him again, and she thinks that she sees him around sometimes, but it isn t all consuming She still thinks about the death of her parents Sure, she isn t super confident, but she does think she s pretty not as much as her sister , and instead of just gloating about how smart and grown up she is, actually does things to display it like go to a museum, read books, and actually study Don t faint yet because I actually haven t even gotten to the best part When she sees Vincent s supposedly best friend die from getting crumpled by a train and she sees Vincent s uncaring, cold, reaction, she actually runs away, says he s evil, and she hates him Because, seriously, I can only stand so many books where the girls are like you re a vampire werewolf, witch, faerie, etc , you re dangerous, but who cares I for some odd reason am still attracted to you and won t run away even though you could kill me I just thoroughly enjoyed the fact that she really gave them tests and trials to get through in order to be together, so that their romance actually had a strong base And Vincent Ohhhh mannn Is he one hottie frenchman I love that he s an actual good guy and doesn t believe that he s the root of all evil For once, the girl falls in love with a guy who doesn t hate himself And I love his backstory about Helene You can really see why he was chosen to be a revenant Heck, just that couple of pages about it could have been a story in and of itself Yeah, he does follow Kate and stalk her a little while in volant form, but I can get over that little bit of twilightish similarity.And while I m on the Twilight thing to the people who are saying that this is like Twilight are total idiots Especially the thought that Edward is like Vincent Besides the stalking thing, which he actually has a good reason for doing since she almost kind of died and he said that he stopped after she almost died in order to give her privacy they are not alike At all And I will gleefully punch the next person that says it is It actually has something they might be missing in those closed off little heads of theirs depth As I said, Vincent doesn t go around hating himself and being oh woe is me my life sucks you should stay away from me even though I m stalking you in your bedroom He s actually a freaking HERO, not some whining thumb sucking asshat like Edward And a really badass super hero one at that Yes he s immortal, but it s not like he can use some sort of magical piss and make her one, too I m very interested to see how she works that with the immortality and I know he watches her sleep, but she actually knew he was there hell, she s the one who came to his house, so that s not even relevant And for those that say that the similarities are there I ll counter with this Plum takes the few similarities that there are between the two and changes it around so drastically that it actuallyworks,and ends up being how Twilight s should have gone It s like Plum knew this whole controversy was going to come up and had Vincent say, I m a revenant, not a vampire, ch rie So take that you Twilight loving people Ha ha ha ha he he he he Okay, that was my rant for the day, and back to Vincent and his total awesomeness we go.I think the whole revenant idea is really fresh And she addresses even in her novel that they aren t zombies, they just re animate And they don t have rotting flesh or anything like that, either, which is good because I don t know how much I would go for that kind of relationship I mean, before this book, I d never heard of anything like this before She really lays it out for us what they are, and what their purpose is, so I m not left scratching my head, and I have done a lot of head scratching reading other novels I should get someone to scratch my head for me, how much I have and will continue to do it After the whole little break for their relationship, I just loved them together the whole kissing him and sleeping next to him while he was dead kind of left me shaking my head a little, but that was a small issue that letter that he wrote her just totally stole my breath, I felt like I was right there with her, reading it with trembling hands It was just gorgeous.Man, I m still not done writing about this book I m going to get carpal tunnel Whoever reads this is paying my doctor s bill No joke.Last of all, besides my ailing hands, I just really loved the prose and writing style that Plum used Some of it was funny like with Ambrose, Jules, and the other revenants, but most of it was just plain beautiful In the beginning with the death of Kate s parents, she described it perfectly I lost a close family member and I felt like I was writing that part myself I could literally feel and share Kate s pain about all that she had to go through, which just made her all the relatable to me Also how she wrote Vincent s and Kate s relationship was just so pure and raw and beautiful, and even a little funny like when Kate eats Vincent s face hahah I ll add some quotes in a little bit.So, all in all, this book was totally amazing, and definitely not the blow through book that I thought it was going to be If you re anything like me, this will be a new favorite series, and trust me I m looking forward to the next book with all my heart 3Am I done Ehhh..I have one thing to say.IT S NOT LIKE TWILIGHT Okay, now It s finally off of my chest And again, Brava and congrats and all that good stuff, Plum on an amazing first novel Good day to you all. So I was thinking that I need to get me some hot, immortal teen boy action because that is not at all creepy and weird.The first step was to kill either one or both of my parents because I feel, statistically, that to be a YA protagonist, I would have a much better chance of meeting a hot, immortal teen boy that way It was surprisingly easy to doI also needed a legitimate reason to look sad all the time so that when he first saw me, I could look a little like this Took me FOREVER to figure out how to make myself and my surroundings sepia with a softglow but I didn t want to ruin the first moment my prospective hot, immortal teen boyfriend looked at me.In this instance I decided to go to Paris because they have the best coffee shops to sit and look pensive in Location, location, location I wasn t going to ruin my deep, spiritual brooding with some podunk town like FORKS Ha I signed up to go to school and refused to make any friends because, once again, statistically that would impinge on my chances of meeting the hot, immortal teen boyfriend In fact, I was so dedicated to this that I wiped any memory of school from my mind and never, once, thought about it.It looked hopeless for a while there but then success BUT, he was WAY too old so I had to throw him back and look for something barely legal Ooookay I m so getting arrested for that.You know what It was Zac Efron He s legal, right Zac Efron famous, over 18 actor, was also a hot, immortal teen boy Better So Much Better.So I met him and even though he was a little bit of a jerk and really strange I refused to behave in a socially acceptable manner and stalked him Behold my success We re now totally, totally in love Forever No take backsies.Then stuff happened Evil things Scary things I got held captive a lot wicked awesome But he proved how much he loved me and how much he believed in maintaining stereotypical archetypes and came to my rescue.Even though we don t really know the first things about each other, we both know we have a deep spiritual connection Haha Spiritual Get it It s funny So I just want you to know that you TOO can land your own hot, immortal, teen boyfriend if you follow my simple formula for successWarning unhealthy relationship dynamic not included Creepy ghost romance each sold separately. Oh, beautiful cover you ve lured me in once again Die for Me is somewhere between 2 and 2.5 stars for me What I liked about the book The paranormal set up is a fairly original unusual one Vincent and his friends are revenants, undead guardians who help to save humans from potential danger Their enemies are numas, who are undead evil doers who try their best to lure humans to their deaths through various different methods I rather enjoyed the novelty of having a YA book set in Paris, which is probably one of the book s key selling points The details of the setting aren t particularly exceptional, however, though it s a nice change from reading about teens in America With any immortal human relationship, the inevitable question of what happens when arises and in this case it s a particularly difficult one Vincent actively chooses his lifestyle and to reanimate again and again in order to help others, and Kate doesn t think she can live with someone who constantly puts himself in danger I liked the solution that Vincent offers to Kate so that she can be with him, and it s probably the moment with the most genuine emotion in the book.What I wish were different The writing seems strangely formal or mannered Kate and Vincent have a very awkward first meeting and most of their conversations are very stilted, though they re supposed to be cute or romantic The relationship is set up to be almost the be all and end all for Kate She s already inexplicably cut off all communication with her previous life and has no friends other than her sister, and there s very little adult presence in the story In life and in literature, girls should have lives of their own outside of their love interests, and a great deal of Kate s time is spent pondering what s going on with Vincent or agonizing over their relationship There s also not a lot of depth of emotion in this book All the trappings of romance are there, but they re over the top romantic fantasies that don t seem real at all, but straight out of some sort of chick flick Pivotal date towards the end boy shows up in a tuxedo looking like a movie star, has pre ordered a custom dress for her from a chichi boutique, and takes her out on a rowboat to see the Eiffel Tower from the water He then gives her several gifts to unwrap, including a purse to match the dress, seasons tickets to the opera in their own private box, and fencing lessons All that s missing is a strolling violinist and a guy selling roses The plot is pretty simplistic, and the story would have much tension and drama if we ever really got to care about any of the victims The villain is also far too easy to spot Authors, I beg of you, stay away from names that are even remotely close to those in traditional mythology unless you re writing for a grade school audience Above all, I just didn t get a sense of who Kate really is, or why these two are attracted to one another She reads two books in a cafe, but as soon as she meets Vincent on page 25, there s no other clue as to what this girl is interested in or cares about The only big scene where Kate shows initiative and takes action towards the end occurs because she is literally no longer in control of her own body.Overall, this book had a very original and promising premise and a gorgeous cover , but sadly just didn t live up to its potential.This review can also be found in The Midnight Garden. I don t really have strong feelings about this book, but I m leaning towards disliked With that in mind though, there weren t any characters I hated, I thought the general premise for the story was clever and different, and I didn t find that Plum overused clich s or metaphors too often Ultimately where this novel turned sour for me was the romance I won t discount the fact that people, both young and old, can fall irrevocably in love in a short period of time The ability to write a love story that portrays this in a believable manner in one short novel is not something a lot of authors have, and this is where I believe Plum failed.The beginning of the novel had hinted at some dark undertones and a touch of the macabre, but as things go on the story just morphs into a sappy love story like so many others out there For almost the entirety of the novel, the heroine, Kate, constantly remarks on how plain and uninteresting she is I believe that low self esteem is one of the least attractive traits a person could have I am really getting sick of all of these heroines thinking they re either too fat, ugly, or boring to be worthy of the attention of the love interest I m not saying I want these girls to be vain, and I know that every girl has insecurities, but I don t think it would take too much away from making these teens relatable by also giving them a healthy dose of confidence.Her love interest, Vincent, is of course a gorgeous immortal boy with gorgeous immortal friends, whom Kate doesn t even believe she has the right to talk to He can t just be good looking or mildly attractive, he has to stop traffic and turn heads and seem like a god to the heroine And of course he has no flaws either except for the whole stalking and becoming obsessed with Kate, which is explained to be an effect of what he is, but still, I just found it to be so contrived This unremarkable girl is just suddenly the most special thing to him, and Plum spent so much time having Kate tell me how unattractive she was that I really had a hard time understanding what he saw in her His friends think she s beautiful and wonderful and the bee s knees and Vincent practically comes to worship her, but I just didn t understand it She s not unlikable, she s just so blah, and I never connected with her I don t even remember what she was supposed to look like, except I remember she described her hair as being lifeless, but unfortunately that s also what her personality felt like to me.The ending was predictable and the climax with the villain was laughable I think Plum was trying to make the characters speak as if they were slipping back into language from their time period, but calling someone a farcical lifeguard Lazarus is such an odd insult Pretty much everything that came out of the villain s mouth felt out of place and strange, and I think that also had to do with their character being incredibly underdeveloped The villain was an archetype of what a villain should be and also obviously just Vincent s antithesis And although the villain s back story was interesting, in person they were just a walking clich with cringe inducing dialogue.The story really fell apart in the last few chapters and just became incredibly predictable There was hardly any tension and then everything got wrapped up with a neat little bow, and this was unsatisfying and disappointing Like I said though, I didn t hate this book, but I definitely didn t love it With how things ended I m curious to see where Plum will take the story though, so I ll than likely check the next book out I think Plum does have potential here with these immortal creatures and the lore that goes with them, so hopefully by the next book Kate will feel self worth and stop trying to convince me that she s not special.