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This is my favourite book of all time It is so wonderfully written, that I feel the need to underline sentences on nearly every page And not only is the style of the writing amazing the story itself is marvelous To be forever young and beautiful has been a dream of many a man Oscar Wilde made a story out of it that truly holds all genres in one Further, you can t help but to feel that you actually know the characters Dorian Gray, whose change you can feel along with him inside you, Lord Henry Wotton, with all his wonderfully interesting speeches, and Basil Hallward, the timid artist overpowered by the mere presence of this young man, Dorian Gray Even the other characters in the book get a voice and a body and come to life, as it were, before your very eyes.I will always be able to marvel over this book I will always want to read it Again and again Theyou read it, theyou ll see. What of Art It is a malady Love An Illusion Religion The fashionable substitute for Belief You are a sceptic Never Scepticism is the beginning of Faith What are you To define is to limit The Picture of Dorian Gray is a poetic mixture of philosophy, fantasy, crime and fiction A great example of engaging and gripping literature. One of my favorites, this novel takes a look into the human psyche specifically a beautiful young man named Dorian Grey When a portrait is drawn of him, the painting accepts the hideous deeds done to his soul and physical appearance as its one Dorian no longer has to accept responsibility for his actions or sins A book of love, murder and the desire to remain forever young Oscar Wilde is a brilliant author. This book is a classic for a reason I don t know what that reason is, but that doesn t mean I m saying there isn t one This is a subjective opinion.Dorian Gray was what even Why would anyone like this Dorian is the most vain, emotionally volatile, irrational human being in existence, his friends are interesting, but it feels like Wilde uses them as mouthpieces to spout his philosophical jargon I quit halfway through.I didn t get through Lady Windermere s Fan either it didn t feel like it was going anywhere The Importance of Being Earnest was actually really funny I enjoyed that quite a bit.The Ballad of Reading Gaol was impressive I don t know how Wilde managed to keep up that structure for so long Everything fit together so well, and it was a pleasure to read.Overall, 2 stars for each piece I enjoyed. Blond Haired, Blue Eyed Dorian Gray Is A Guileless Young Man, Who Arrives One Day At The Studio Of Painter Basil Hallward There He Meets The World Wise Lord Henry Wotton, Whose Hedonistic And Cynical View Of Life Is Dramatically Different From That Of The Earnest Hallward The Two Men Spar In A Witty War Of Words, And Dorian Feels Inexorably Drawn To Wotton S Philosophy Of Youthful Pleasure And Amorality As Hallward Completes His Portrait, Dorian Wishes That He Could Always Remain Youthful And That The Painting Could Bear The Burdens Of The Advancing Years Wilde S Tale Takes The Reader Into A World In Which Such Things Are Possible We Meet The Unaging Dorian Gray At His Leisure, Taking Advantage Of His Ability To Charm All Those Around Him, And Taking His Pleasures Without Heed Of The Consequences But One Day, After A Rash Act Of Cruelty To The Woman Who Loves Him, Dorian Notices That Something In His Portrait Has Changed A Cruel Smile Has Twisted Its Once Perfect Lips Adding Touches Of The Gothic And The Supernatural To His Satiric Depiction Of Upper Class British Life, Wilde Creates A Classic Modern Myth The Handsome Young Aristocrat, Who Remains Beautiful While His Portrait, The Mirror Of His Soul, WithersAlso Included In This Volume Are Lord Arthur Savile S Crime, The Canterville Ghost, The Sphinx Without A Secret, And The Model Millionaire, Which Together Comprise The Most Important Of Wilde S Short Fiction Just a review of Picture of Dorian Gray While certainly compelling in premise, I found the execution to be somewhat lacking The novel contains many sections of overly gratuitous descriptions and largely inconsequential dialogue that I found to really slow the pace down Whilst Wilde is an obviously eloquent writer, I do wonder if perhaps the book would have worked better as a short storyin the vein of Poe, embracingof the gothic and horror elements that the book only really hints at apart from a single dramatic and violent scene. I ll follow the example of fellow reviewers and break up the stars Dorian Gray 5 starslike 5 million stars The Happy Prince 4 starsBirthday of the Infanta 3 starsLord Arthur Savile s Crime 3.5 starsSo on average, roughly 4 stars for the whole book Spoilers The Happy Prince is a fable about the importance of compassion and the sacrifice that usually comes with it I loved the moral The Birthday of the Infanta was a sort of uncharacteristic work of Wilde s I tried to read between the lines and I guess he was trying to say that an unbecoming face may hide a beautiful heart, and a lovely face may only be a mask that hides cruel souls Now that I think about it, it does ring a bell I m talking about you, Dorian Lord Savile s Crime is an entirely sarcastic story about Sound English common sense I enjoyed it thoroughly Now to Dorian Gray where do I begin Let s first start with what Wilde said about his three main characters Basil Hallward is what I think I am Lord Henry what the world thinks me, Dorian what I would like to be It is interesting that what he thought he was and what he would have wanted to be ended up being punished by his very own words In the end, he killed them both Lord Henry, whose only fault was to spread destructive ideas, is entirely unscathed I wonder why that happened.I have read most of Wilde s writings and there are major common themes between them all he loves art, he mocks Society and he is very conscious of the consequences of Sin no matter how badly he wants to commit it, and then there is that deep rooted hope for forgiveness that was evident in The Canterville Ghost, when the ghost was finally able to rest in peace because he was forgiven When Dorian commits his first Sin by hurting Sibyl, he notices the first change on his portrait in the dim arrested lightthere was a touch of cruelty in the mouth. Was this the turning point of his life or was it when Sibyl kills herself I would argue that the turning point was when he actually spoke the harsh words to herNo matter how hard he thought he tried to become better, he did not really work hard enough Dorian was cruel to begin with, and Lord Henry was not to blame, nor was the mysterious book he lent to Dorian Dorian wanted to be badhe enjoyed it.Even when he spends the night thinking that his portrait would be his guide in life, I can almost see him sigh with relief when he hears of her death He didn t have to do the right thing any.I do wonder, though, why I did not hate DorianWilde did not write his protagonist s character to be loathed that I can clearly see I know that he s cruel, but Wilde does not fail to show that sometimes Dorian is remorseful, albeit not remorseful enough Ultimately, it was Dorian s choice to sever ties with Basil and act upon all of Lord Henry s ideas It was his choice alone and no one was to be blamed except him.And it is striking that Dorian knows exactly how to correct his errors and return to the righteous path, and chooses to push it all aside For years he stares at his portrait, that which bears the burden of his sins , filled with that pride of individualism that is half the fascination of sin Not with regret, but with pride But Peter Raby, who wrote the afterword of this edition, points out something extremely deep, and I actually think that is one of the reasons, as a reader, I cannot hate Dorian completely He mentions Wilde s argument stating that Each man sees his own sin in Dorian Gray and then goes on to argue that the lack of specificity of Dorian s sins made readers empathizeand felt that this story is accessiblerelatable and powerful.But Dorian is not repentant His only concern is that no one should see the mirror of his soulHe is not embarrassed by his deeds at all, he is only concerned that people who tolerate him despite everything he does because of his beauty, innocence and everlasting youth, should see how he actually should have looked after so many years of living like he did It is as Basil tells him on the night he murders him I can t believe the rumoursSin is a thing that writes itself across a man s face It cannot be concealed Basil is sceptical nonetheless He tell hims that one has right to judge of a man by the effect he has over his friends. and Dorian s effect on all the young men he befriended was detrimental.When Basil sees the portrait, he realizes how he himself had sinned horribly by loving Dorian too much and by devoting himself to one person too much He prays and asks Dorian to praybut Dorian s goes crazy at this point.The murder of Basil HallwardDorian cannot get over it And it is actually a redeeming thing that he feels so much regretuntil he chooses not to turn himself in.But he sure is feeling all the guilt of his crimeNothing gives him pleasure any Like the painting of a sorrow,A face without a heart He confesses to Henry, who really is, at this point, a detestable character to me, that the soul is a terrible realityit can be bought and sold and bartered away It can be poisoned or made perfect He admits to himself that God shouldn t forgive us but should instead should punish us for our iniquities At this point, he believes he should have been punished for his first sin at the right time so that he wouldn t have lead such a terrible life, unafraid of the consequences.And then he blames his youth and his beautythey had ruined him as well He thinks of his supposed good deed where he thought he spared a poor peasant girl from humiliation then realizes he did not do it because he intended well, he did it because of vanity, hypocrisy and curiosity Nothingor less It is at the moment when he sees his portrait look even uglier that he realizes his true intentions.At this point, Dorian knows that his portrait had been his consciencehe realizes that he cannot become a good person..he loses all hope.I wonder if Dorian had a good friend at this point who could have pushed him and encouraged him and given him hope, could he have changed Could he have been saved Could bearing the burden of his sins have salvaged him from his fate When he stabs the painting, his soul and conscience, his true selfhe himself dies It had been him all along, while the face he carried around, young beautiful and innocent, had been a fake.Wilde s story ends this way, with Dorian s soul finally mirrored on his physical body for all to see What had been his only fear, the fear of being exposed to the world as a horrible human, was realized, unintentionally, by his own hands.And that is another reason why I cannot hate Dorian so much In the end, he was punished This is one of the best books I ever read, the only book I ever re read excluding Harry Potter and a book that I cannot recommend strongly enough for everyone to read. So you want to remain eternally young This book will tell you an engrossing moralistic tale that paints the picture of where the deadly sin of vanity can take you It will take you into a descent into a hell full of shadows where the light will never touch you.This is a classic dark tale of intrigue It is filled with the depths to which the human condition can sink It is a page turner, but it may leave you feeling empty at the end That is what it did for me Nevertheless, it is a haunting book that is well worth reading Oscar Wilde will speak from his grave throughout the centuries through this book.As the author of a spiritually themed book, I appreciated this book for the most unusual reasons I am a former addict who knows what it is like to experience hell within life The hopeful note within this book is that it will wake the reader up to taking responsibility for his or her own life That is what I have had to do with my own Thank God for books that can wake us up to that reality so that we do not have to sink into the abyss of nothingness.Davis Aujourd hui, author of The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude This is my first time reading this since high school and it s definitelymisogynist and anti Semitic than I recallBut, you know, still funny and insightful Would watch Dorian Gray s reality television show.