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A Thrilling Debut Story Of Death, Love, Destiny, And DangerLenzi Hears Voices And Has Visions Gravestones, Floods, A Boy With Steel Gray Eyes Her Boyfriend, Zak, Can T Help, And Everything Keeps Getting Louder And Intense Then Lenzi Meets Alden, The Boy From Her Dreams, Who Reveals That She S A Reincarnated Speaker Someone Who Can Talk To And Help Lost Souls And That He Has Been Her Protector For CenturiesNow Lenzi Must Choose Between Her Life With Zak And The Life She Is Destined To Lead With Alden But Time Is Running Out A Malevolent Spirit Is Out To Destroy Lenzi, And He Will Kill Her If She Doesn T Make A Decision Soon

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    Warning If you don t like reading rants about books, especially for ones that you liked or think you re going to like, then you aren t going to like this review, because I ve honestly never been pissed off at a YA book before If you do like reading rants about books, well then, this should probably be pretty darned entertaining OK, so let me start off by just saying, I really tried to like this book, honestly I did.I tried up until the very last page to have hope that something was going to happen that would redeem the entire thing for me.But it just.Didn t.Happen Insert sad face here Maybe I should blame my OCD tendency to finish a book no matter what Because even when I absolutely can t stand a book, I have to finish it I m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing I really did consider DNF ing this book about halfway through because I just could not take much of Lenzi s weak character she was literally making me sad and angry at the same time but then, I thought well, maaayyybeeee she ll get better, maybe she ll have some kind of major revelation and turn into this super awesome character, transforming into a strong, confident, kick butt kinda gal who can stand on her own two feet without a man to validate her entire existence.But alas It was not to be.And I can honestly say, probably than I can for any other book I ve read, that I quite literally HATED this one It was absolute torture to read, and the only thing that got me through to the end was knowing that I d get to write this outraged and rant astic review afterwards Brief Summary Lenzi s dad has recently died committed suicide because he couldn t get rid of the voices in his head Now 16, Lenzi is starting to not only hear voices, but see things too Her musician boyfriend Zac can t help her Alden, the strange guy she meets in a graveyard one night, tells Lenzi that she is a Speaker she can speak to lost souls and help them to find rest in death by freeing them from the problems that keep them bound to Earth Alden is her Protector he protects her from Malevolents, violent spirits who don t want to be helped, but who could potentially possess Lenzi s body, using it to take out their rage or revenge But Lenzi has no recollection about her past lives as a Speaker, and now there is a really dangerous Malevolent who wants revenge on her for something Lenzi can t even rememberNow, seriously, with a plot synopsis like that, I really thought this book was going to knock my socks off Well, read below before you make the same mistake that I did My Thoughts So the number one reason why I could not stand this book was because I could NOT stand Lenzi The girl absolutely annoyed the living crap out of me, and it was downright painful having to read from her whiny, immature point of view Yes, I can understand her frustration and fear after finding out that she s supposed to talk to the dead and help them out of Earthly purgatory, but really If I had just found out that I could talk to dead people AND it was up to me to save them from eternal damnation, I m pretty darned sure my number one concern wouldn t be which boy I m currently dating For real.Now, this seriously drove me crazy, because all Lenzi ever did was A Drool over how gorgeous and beautiful Zak and Alden were, or B whine and complain about how sucky her life was.That s it, the girl had no other thoughts.Oh, but she can fold origami lots of origameeee Because, you know, the main character has to have a hobby to make her seem smart and interesting Meanwhile, the immaturity levels reached astronomical proportions I m talking whining and complaining galore And when she does finally try to be the mature adult She gets about as far as donning a pair of tan slacks and cream colored turtleneck yes, that is an actual description of what she wears, I m not making this up because clearly you have to dress like a flipping geriatric to appear grown up Slap on a pair of Velcro Easy Strides and Lenzi is good to go Terrific OK, so on a serious note, my main beef is that I thought the message Lenzi sends out to readers was absolutely horrible I found nothing about this character that was respectable, admirable or worth emulating she was lazy, whiny, vapid, annoying, willingly ignorant, and worst of all, completely and desperately dependent on the acceptance of a guy no matter how controlling or abusive to validate her existence and her sense of self worth I m sorry, but that is a crap tastic way to present a character If you re going to write about a self deprecating girl who constantly belittles and demeans herself, you need to at least let her eventually come to the realization that she doesn t have to debase herself, and that she really is worthy of respect and healthy male attention But if this never happens If the main character never learns to respect herself How am I the reader supposed to respect her I honestly wish that Lenzi had developed into a strong and confident character But this never happened And it made me sad Really, it did And then there s Reason Number Two why I didn t like this book Zak.Whom I affectionately like to call Zak the Asshat.Where do I even begin with how much I loathed this crappy excuse for a love interest Zak the Asshat was hands down the biggest jerk wad I think I have ever read about And what s worse, he was passed off as actually being in the running for Lenzi s heart I mean if this is any indicator of what a cruddy little weasel he was the guy got drunk on page 40, tried to feel up Lenzi at her father s GRAVE and then abandoned her in a cemetery at night, in a bad neighborhood, on her freaking BIRTHDAY Say whaaaaat Oh, you heard me right Which brings me to what I hated most about this book the dysfunctional, abusive and completely NOT romantic relationship between Lenzi and Zak So after everything that Zak puts her through, Lenzi goes right back to him so she can appease her mountain of insecurity, essentially turning into a total doormat and making out with the ground he walks on for the next 20 something chapters.Because, you know, God forbid she lose this absolutely perfect specimen of male chivalry.Yes, I know she goes off with Alden to do her whole Ghost Speaker thing, but here s what grinds my gears Lenzi never gets a clue about what a dirt bag this guy really was and what really scared me was that the author never seemed to have a clue either, because even by the very end, Lenzi was still spouting about how Zak was such a cool guy and her only real friend Well, NO, no he wasn t Actually, he was a controlling, possessive, alcoholic, and even dangerous and abusive psycho And I m not OK with that never being addressed I m NOT OK with that kind of a person being passed off to potentially young and impressionable readers as being romantic or attractive.To hammer home my point, there is even one point at the end of the book where Lenzi gets into a car with drunk Zak told you she s not the brightest crayon in the box , and tells him it s all her fault that their relationship failed and that she s a freak who isn t good enough for him this is the same guy, I ll mention one time, who abandoned her in a bad neighborhood at night on her birthday, and possessively stalked her to the point where the police should have been involved Umm, NOT OK Side Note If I had to hear Zak say babe at the end of one sentence, the book would have gotten hurled across Starbucks Not really, it was a library book and I wouldn t want to knock over anyone s triple venti macchiato but you know, in theory Seriously, give me a fa reaking break Oh but wait ladies and gentlemen there s douche baggery ahead Let me introduce you to Alden, Lenzi s second love interest, whom I affectionately like to refer to as Asshat 2 Alden is Lenzi s Protector who keeps her safe from all the big, bad Malevolents Except for the fact that he never tells her anything, keeps her completely in the dark, and did I mention that he is TURNED ON by Lenzi s fear and pain Yes, I kid you not, it actually says in the book that Alden Asshat 2 is turned on by Lenzi s fear and pain I m sorry, but isn t that the definition of sadism Why yes, yes it is And how lovely it s being passed off as hott, sexy and romantic This is the part where I take a long, deep breath and try not to FLIP THE CRAP OUT Alrighty, so added to all this wonderfully disturbing twistedness, the book was also full of some of the most bizarre and ridiculous one liners that I ve ever read, which illicited reactions running the gamut from bursting out laughing hysterically to slapping my forehead in total frustration to looking up from the pages like someone had just run across my yard wearing nothing but a thong and a cowboy hat.Oh, I know you re curious now Well here are a few little gems that I couldn t resist mentioning Even lifeless, he was hot p.80 OooooooK, that s a little creepy I wasn t addicted to Xanax, but I could certainly become addicted to Alden. p.116 I literally burst out laughing for a good 5 minutes after reading this Should I shake his hand or kiss him good night on the cheek Maybe I should act like Spook and just lick his face. p.138 No comment I ll just let you soak in the sheer awkwardness of this quote We also have a wonderful villain in the story, named Smith Smith is a crazed lunatic from the 19th century who is out to whack Lenzi due to a century old grudge he has because Lenzi jilted him in some past lifetime Totally by coincidence, Smith was the only character in the book I liked Finally and this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine in YA literature I HATE when the protagonist comes across as mind numbingly vapid and completely useless.Now I don t want to beat a dead horse because I ve already ranted about Lenzi, but I m still not quite over her character and how she came across as being 115 pounds of pure dead weight Throughout the whole book, Lenzi is just thrown around by events outside her control and by the people in this case, the boys around her, and she reacts no real thought or action on her part changes the plot all that much, so she s basically a pretty albeit whiny little puppet.And what s worse It comes across as though Lenzi s entire sense of identity is wrapped up in whether she has a guy to fawn over This bothers me big time, because not only is it annoying for me to have to read about I think it sends a really bad message to readers in general I mean, if you look at this story, Lenzi basically lets herself be a doormat for Zac to wipe his dirty boots on for the first half of the book, and the second half of the book is Lenzi pathetically trying to be a good Speaker just so she can impress Alden and live up to his expectations AND she s also cheating on Zak, who yes, does win Asshat of the Year, but still, I was not at all impressed with our girl Lenzi throwing herself at Alden when technically she was still with Asshat I mean, Zak So yeah, I don t like any of that Why couldn t she have wanted to be a kick ass Speaker to make herself happy, to increase her own self confidence, based on what she s capable of and not what some dude thinks of her Not to stand on a feminist soap box, but I m just saying, I would have liked to see Lenzi be independent, strong willed and confident, without the whole I m nothing without a man attitude.In the end, Lenzi made Bella look like a combo between Einstein and Daenerys Targaryen in comparison yes, THAT is how awful and pathetic she was Sigh OK, so after that tirade, it s now time to say something positive about this book It s a policy of mine that no matter how much I disliked a book, I won t leave a review without stating at least ONE thing that I did like about it So I will say that the action scenes in this book were really well done, and the concept of the Speakers and Protectors freeing the Hindered and fighting the Malevolents was a really good one I thought it was interesting and creative Honestly, I did, I m not just saying that to avoid getting the stink eye numerous times for being a total jerk about this bookSo to wrap up this really long review, I will just say that there were lots of readers out there who adored Shattered Souls I totally respect their opinions, and know that my review is only one of many And even though I didn t like it, that doesn t mean that you won t I can t recommend this book myself, but I would suggest checking out other reviewer s opinions of it to see whether it s something you want to get into NOTE Also, read what my girl Jennifer had to say in her review I really couldn t agree with her , and I m actually confounded that out of 280 reviews, no one has really bothered to mention this disturbing aspect of the book that she so accurately points out FINAL NOTE To fully appreciate my feelings and reactions to this book, it s best to read my Goodreads status updates in fact, if I didn t get all of this off my chest while I was reading the book, I m pretty sure I would ve had an aneurysm, no joke So a big thank you to Goodreads for helping me to maintain my sanity Lea LC s Adventures in Libraryland

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    Yes, one star And, oh, how I long to make that only a half star Alas, in this Goodreads fails me.Why the slam, you may ask I could talk about the number of reincarnated pair romances floating around the genre right now, the thin plotting, or that our main girl Lenzi apparently can t tell an abusive alcoholic of a soon to be ex boyfriend from a standup guy But instead I offer this exchange, the culmination of a very scary trend in teen fiction, between the hero and romantic lead and the heroine He fidgeted and then ran his hands through his hair Okay Your fear is a turn on Protectors are stimulated when their Speakers are afraid It s what makes it possible to put you in harm s way Otherwise, our instinct to protect you would trump everthing and we d never allow you to do your job Well, that certainly wasn t what I expected Get out You re turned on by fear And by pain to some extent He winked and pulled his hand away. Dear Writers of Teen Fiction Please try to remember that sociopathy and sadism are not synonyms for romance When you have the male lead tell the heroine he s turned on by her fear, I don t think Wow, HAWT , I think Run, bitch, run And so should you.

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    Is 5 stars really the most I can give How do I express how much I love this book This might be the only book I ve ever read, or at least read in a long long time, where I was immediately drawn in on the very first page.Lenzi is just trying to be normal Her dad was schizophrenic He heard voices, and then he died Now Lenzi is hearing voices, too The stability in her life is her ever so sweet boyfriend Zak But the voices are getting worse, and as much as he wants to, Zak can t really help And that s when she meets Alden, in a cemetery no less And although she resists, Lenzi starts realizing that she needs Alden if she s wants to keep the voices at bay.I love this story It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase soul mates , and not at all in a corny way The writing is wonderful The dialogue is witty and sarcastic, just how I like it The whole book is quote worthy And the characters Lenzi is just a girl trying to make sense of the horrible situation she finds herself in She s scared who wouldn t be , but she s not weak, and like a true heroine, she gets better with every page I sympathized with her I loved her And I loved Zak The book starts with Lenzi having a boyfriend In most books you would expect the boyfriend to be an ass, so that the heroine can fall in love with the hero, or something like that But usually that s not the case in real life, and its not that easy in this book I loved Zak He really loved Lenzi and wanted her to be happy In my mind, he was totally date worthy And so was Race for that matter Race was another protector, and another one of the wonderful men that I fell in love with in this book.Which brings us to Alden Sweet, patient, caring I think I m in love Lenzi remembers nothing of her past lives as a speaker, and Alden is by her side the whole time, helping her deal with what would be a truly unbelievable situation to most people Did I mention how much I love him In addition to the truly original story, the witty writing, the heart warming characters, and the great action, there s an ending I didn t expect, and yes, I did cry like a little girl I did reread the last few chapters a few times after reading the book, just to be close to the characters again And a a final note OMG look at the cover Its a girl, disintegrating into rose petals cuz her reincarnation s name was Rose So beautiful Ok, I m going to stop gushing now.And don t forget There s hope until the last second Cover page of the IC Rule Book view spoiler I love you Whatever you choose to call yourself Despite your desperate attempt to deny who and what you are, your soul remains intact Timeless and perfect hide spoiler

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    Lenzi s father is dead because he heard voices and now that Lenzi has turned seventeen, she s hearing them too Her life flashes before her eyes the hospitals, the medications, her mother s sad face She s sure this is the course of her life until she visits her father s grave and meets Alden Alden is handsome and when he touches Lenzi, everything feels right in the world The only problem is that Lenzi has a boyfriend and Alden seems to be just as much out of touch with reality as Lenzi is Before long, Lenzi has little choice but to believe Alden that she really is a Speaker and he s her Protector As a Speaker, Lenzi has the ability to help lost souls move on to Heaven or Hell She s apparently been doing this for centuries but has no memory of it or of her longtime Protector, Alden.Her boyfriend, Zak, is the sexy musician type that keeps things interesting, but not necessarily always in the good way Despite his downfalls, he s extremely supportive of Lenzi and will do anything to help her overcome the voices in her head It s obvious that he truly cares for her, which makes it hard to dislike him at times when you know you should.And if it isn t enough that Lenzi has to choose between her loyal boyfriend to her centuries long Protector, Lenzi also finds out that she s been the target of an extremely strong malevolent spirit and he ll stop at nothing to finally destroy her Shattered Souls is an original and remarkable debut that had me on the edge of my seat for much of the book Lenzi is a strong female lead that I instantly connected with and wanted to see succeed I fell in love with Alden immediately He s handsome, devoted, confident and never puts his own needs before Lenzi s What else do we need in a man And then there s Zak He may not be perfect but his character is built strong enough throughout the book that he s impossible to forget and perhaps, you ll fall in love with him a little bit too He s not perfect, but they can t all be, can they I thoroughly enjoyed Shattered Souls and am keeping all my extremities crossed that we ll get a second book to follow up with It s exceptionally well written, fantastically disturbing and head over heels romantic I simply cannot wait to read by this extremely talented author

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    QUICK REVIEW eeeep This book was ah FREAKIN mazing I am at a lost of words for that ending So, so, SO good Everybody needs to buy this book when it comes out, it s an awesome, awesome story It s so much than just a ghost story GAH i don t know how to explain it, besides SHATTERED SOULS IS FANTASTIC 3 3 3 oh and I love Alden that is all FULL REVIEW The concept of this book was simply incredible and I was mesmerized from page one I may be a tad biased because ghost stories are my absolute favorite, but this book was soo much than that It had everything the creeps, action, danger, romance, sadness, and humor I seriously can t praise it enough I think I may have a tad bit of a girl crush on Lenzi Fer Realz She s so down to earth but like totally unique ummhow freakin cool is it that she does origami Yeah, pretty freakin cool And she s extremely compassionate and spunky and not afraid to kick a spirit s ass She s the perfect gal to be a Speaker I was in awe the whole time I was reading about the world of Speakers and Protectors I don t know how to explain the concept, but it was seriously mind blowing Especially when Lenzi would let another soul speak through herZEEP It was spine tingling Not knowing exactly what a hindered spirit wanted or needed in order to pass on was creepy and captivating and suspenseful and had me on freakin edge And of course, every Speaker needs a Protector, right Enter Alden SQUEEEEE I am totally and completely in love with him He s witty and gorgeous and protective and just sighs perfect Not to mention he can make one hell of a cup of hot chocolate, take away your anxiety with a simple touch, annnnd probably would like to be handcuffed swoons drools dies I feel your soul responding to your emotions We re linked It s how I found you It s how I protect you ARC Pg 37He responds to her soul GAH How amazing is that Talk about taking soul mates to another level wistfully stares off into space daydreaming about Alden 10 minutes later Umm, right back to the review Another character I really liked was Alden s comrade, Race First of all, that name is made of awesome And second, he was just a good guy, always saying something funny or insightful As for Zak, Lenzi s boyfriend I liked him in the beginning but then he kept showing up when I didn t want him to HUMPFF and ugh and justhe is no Alden AH Back to Alden and Lenzi Their banter was so hilariously cute And the angst Oh, man the angst And all theehemsexual tension between them, I was just like, MAKE THE EFF OUT ALREADY They re pretty much one of the most tantalizing couples I ve ever read about No Lie I LOVE THEM I did not want this book to end But alas it had to, and I was dying of suspense the last 10 pages I almost had a heart attack, I was freaking out so much And then some things went down that I was NOT expectingAT all And I was in shock This is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ The cover is gorgeous, the story is gorgeous and I hope to goodness there is a sequel I NEED MORE Alden Lenzi, I NEED soul sharing AND I NEED eerie ghostly encounters EEEEEP, I love this book, make sure you go buy it in December

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    Shattered Souls isn t just a book that you read, it s a book that you experience I m going to start out with that Honestly, from page one I was completely hooked into Lenzi s struggle, her world, and everything going on This is a haunting tale, with so much suspense that it sinks it s teeth into you and carries you along as things develop What I m saying is that this is a book that you need to read It s addictive.We meet Lenzi, a troubled girl who isn t quite sure what is going on in her life She keeps hearing voices, seeing visions, and the pills just aren t working However Lenzi isn t the type to back down I loved that her character was so deep and realistic No matter how much fear she feels, she is willing to admit it and move forward anyway It helps, of course, that she has Zak, her sweet and broken boyfriend, to keep her grounded I fell in love with him almost instantly, despite his cracked interior The two of them are really sweet together, until cocky and charming Alden comes along In fact, the time Lenzi spends around Alden the tougher things get Do you sense a love triangle If you do, you are correct I m generally not a huge fan of them but honestly This one is done perfectly and it s delicious and addictive to read This is a book that will really keep you on your toes as you read All the emotions in this book are palpable, and I found it so easy to feel what Lenzi was feeling The emotional aspect of the writing in this book is done so gorgeously, that it just bleeds off the page and into your heart Although the basic plot of Shattered Souls is rather simple, Mary Lindsey adds in her own twists that will keep you reading well into the night There are so many beautifully executed clues peppered into the story By the time I was halfway through I was completely enad and engaged with the book There is something for everyone in here Wit, twists, anger, a slight creep factor It s all here.What killed me and I loved at the same time, was the ending I won t spoil it one bit This is a story you ll need to experience for yourself I will say that the climax to this book leaves nothing wanting Except perhaps that you ll want another book A wonderfully written debut, Shattered Souls is a book that I would and will once I get my own copy read a hundred times over.

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    I was thrilled to blurb this amazing debut It s a wonderful, original read full of romance and suspense.

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    Ghost are real From those who wish to say goodbye to their love ones, to those who wish to hurt and take over another s soul And only a Speaker and a Protector stand in the way, Because Ghost are real Mary Lindsey s debut novel puts an new and and story gripping twist on ghosts and the ones in charge of keeping everything in order here on earth Lenzi thinks like her father, she s going truly mad The voices she keeps hearing is driving her to the brink Popping pills to keep the voices down and trying to hold it together for her Mom and her Boyfriend Zak, Lenzi doesn t know where to turn to until one night she meets a young man Alden, who tells her the voices are real, their ghosts and only she can help them, and time is slowly running out for Lenzi as a evil spirit wants her dead.again. Lindsey not only creates a new mythology for the ghosts while keeping it traditional, but a system of people who are reincarnated over and over again in order to keep the peace for souls and the people This may have some kudos points of knowing what to do, but also carries the chains from past lives The author plays with the theory about being reincarnated, but with a clean slate Lenzi is such, as a Speaker, she s able to talk to ghosts, and let them enter her body in order for the ghosts to finish what they wanted or needed to do in this plain Protectors are like their namesakes, and can share their souls and feel a deep connection to their Speaker And Lensi and Alden go way back, but the catch Lenzi has no memory of this I felt for Lenzi as she goes through a difficult time, unknown to what is happing to her All her emotions and actions are pretty much on the dot to what anyone would act like if faced with what she does The beauty of Lenzi is her deep belief in herself and others, that gets her out of some tricky situations and later saves the lives of others Lenzi growth from scared young woman to a strong Speaker is what makes this book that much great Alden on the other hand makes the story complete with him teaching Lenzi the ropes, and giving the reader an insight to the whole system of how it s done, something he s never had to do before His emotions are just as confusing as Lenzi as they share a deep past and he remembers it Alden is a play by the book kinda guy, who cares deeply, but is afraid of the What ifs I love how such a gentleman he was, and wanted to smack the crap outta him for being to much in the rules and by the play book Still he was a major sweetie The world building was excellent, with the reader learning along with Lenzi what it takes to just be a Hearer and the past life dangers in all entails The action took a backseat to all the cases Lenzi took with learning The raised conflict between her boyfriend Zak was something I would have left out, yes he wanted to help Lenzi, but at the same time I felt as a troubled soul, he could have gotten better help, but perhaps it shows that some people are meant to help in other ways, in order to save another life For a debut Mary Lindsey wins the prize, for a creative work that stands out from the pack.

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    I can say with all honesty that this is one of my favorite books I did not want to give this book up to the next person on the tour I wanted to hide it away so I could read it again And I did reread many scenes, just so I could relive them and sear them into my brain.First off, Mary Lindsey s writing is clear, fresh, and descriptive I lost myself in the words and had to force myself to slow down, as I wanted to take my time, but the writing was so easy to inhale I was gripped into the story from the first scene of the book It was haunting and sent chills down my spine Then Lenzi fast became a friend I loved her logic, and I connected with her easily Don t get me started on the romance As much as I loved and devoured the plot, the romance is where it s at I love the buildup in the relationship, and the tension of Lenzi trying to discover who she was and what Alden means to her Alden swoon More Now.I love when I don t see an ending coming Though I was all prepared for it to complete the way I saw in my head, and felt that would be a satisfying conclusion, I was reading with my jaw on the floor by the last chapters I didn t see it coming at ALL No spoilers, so you will just have to read and see what I mean Fantastic read with amazing characters, SHATTERED SOULS was a powerful debut, and one that I ll be reading again and again.