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One Hour To Rewrite The Past For Seventeen Year Old Emerson Cole, Life Is About Seeing What Isn T There Swooning Southern Belles Soldiers Long Forgotten A Haunting Jazz Trio That Vanishes In An Instant Plagued By Phantoms Since Her Parents Death, She Just Wants The Apparitions To Stop So She Can Be Normal She S Tried Everything, But The Visions Keep Coming BackSo When Her Well Meaning Brother Brings In A Consultant From A Secretive Organization Called The Hourglass, Emerson S Willing To Try One Last Cure But Meeting Michael Weaver May Not Only Change Her Future, It May Also Change Her PastWho Is This Dark, Mysterious, Sympathetic Guy, Barely Older Than Emerson Herself, Who Seems To Believe Every Crazy Word She Says Why Does An Electric Charge Seem To Run Through The Room Whenever He S Around And Why Is He So Insistent That He Needs Her Help To Prevent A Death That Never Should Ve Happened

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    WARNING This review will not be coherent and most definitely a rage as I am pissed That is all.Emerson A short poem I have composed and to be sung to the tune of Georie Peorgie, the first half and at the second half, to Humpty Dumpty lies below The rest of the verse is purely improvised Mostly.

    Emerson, Emerson, barely foot fiveTried to be spunky and made the kids cryShe terrorized the readers and made them beg, Emerson, be gone, fowl beast Stay away Until one day she fell was pushed off the Great Wall of ChinaAnd all the King s horses and all the King s men Wait, who was Emerson again I can t hear you over the party

    Meaning the party for my completion of this novel Who wouldda thunk I d finish Rating.5 stars As you might have gathered, Emerson is a very special person Throughout the novel this is all I got OOOH Emerson is so athletic, Emerson is so gorgeous, Emerson is so thoughtful Emerson is so freaking perfect Get me a hand gun, I wanna hunt her down How I hate Emerson I never did understand when people raged about Bella, nor had issues with her because at the time I read Twilight I hadn t yet found a problem with the essentially perfect heroine who gets love, money and everything she wants in the end.Until I met the pygmy ninja that is Emerson Cole.Someone please explain to me exactly how that is even possible Or how the girl can be everything McEntire intends for her to be She is snarky, but not too snarky, gorgeous, but obliviously unaware of it even when others persist in gushing over her like she s some prized turkey The girl is damaged because the death of her parents provides that opening for empathy sympathy my foot and Emerson is somehow thoughtful as well even though she does as she wishes regardless of people s warnings or opinions a good 99% of the time I don t know about you lot, but I demand some credibility Characters are not genetic engineered people you can put together, McEntire, they aren t dollies to be assembled into perfect Bella Swan or Nora Grey wannabes It never works out well when authors attempt to make their characters essentially perfect, this book being a very apt example of how quickly things can go wrong Stuff hits the roof when by halfway into the book, a reader despises most of your characters There is something very wrong with the animosity I feel for this girl, possibly because I was made to suffer through days in her life for approximately 390 pages This is a brief summary of my journey with the book Notice how quickly my patience diminishes Page 1 AW YEAH, new book New book Page 50 Is it just me or is Emerson annoying as that creepy Fellow Orange down on YouTube land No, maybe .Page 130 Am I done yet Page 250 Rolls eyes at everything Page 300 Fires flamethrower, about to aim Page 390 Very tempted to gag on book, wondering if I can use the pages as kindling Must ask library Winter is coming early this year This girl grated on my nerves worse than a freaking Woodpecker on an oak tree It was all about her and by the end I stopped caring about Emerson and Michael, they could both go jump off a cliff together for all I cared They were excrutiatingly annoying the fact that they only ended up together because of attractiveness, and some very big problem in the way neurons in their bodies perceived contact, played a massive role in why I do not give a buck what they do Because it was so obvious from the beginning that they would end up together It practically screamed at me in the face that Michael and Emerson would be a couple Even when they had no real chemistry past lightning touch and she was running after him dressed like a hooker By the way, what was that It was as if a sudden breach in character happened the change I d been praying for since chapters occurring but not for the good So what Emerson has the balls to chase after a guy dressed promiscuously I do not care Most of the book was useless information for me scratch that, maybe all of it and the sole reason this novel even got a half star is Dru.Dru who selflessly cared for her sister in law, Dru who had so much potential as a character Dru who was so terribly out staged by Emerson, and mind you, I do not care that she is the protagonist The romance sucked, the characters so cliched I hardly knew what to do with myself It was as if McEntire held a sharpie to Twilight and the first half of Breaking Dawn, slashed out all the original character s names and substituted her own with a twist Was the scientific aspect interesting Barely Before it could ever get in depth or explained, Emerson would be there to somehow spotlight the attention back to her Michael woes It is safe to also say that as a collective they were all selfish After Michael s sacrifice, Kaleb and his dad do not have even the respect to feel bad they continue on with their life as if he owed them the act I mean, What the Eff, Man Not that the two Kaleb and Michael ever related as friends in my opinion.Behind Kaleb s back, Michael would bad mouth him to Emerson and behind Michael s back, Kaleb made moves on that same girl Three words gentlemen Bros before Hoes That there is grade school knowledge All their shared history took an enormous backseat to this girl and they forgot all they had been through together How is that right This is precisely why some women should never pen fiction A real guy and his B.F would not sacrifice their relationship for some chick I positively hated the pedestal everyone gave little Miss Emerson, as if she was some Deity So frustrating Especially since I never respected her as a character, I could never relate or sympathize, and at first I did feel bad, but then I stopped caring altogether.Everything irritated me How she found a connection to Kaleb after knowing him for no than 5 minutes irritated me How the world revolves around her far fetched infatuation with Michael killed me She tried so hard to make it seem sexy So very, very hard And failed.Failed so hard.Did I forget to mention view spoiler That the pathetic attempt at making their love seem star crossed, forbidden and even impossible was so lame Yeah, it was hide spoiler

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    Rating Clarification 2.5 Stars closer to 2 Well, I m obviously in the minority when it comes to the appeal of this book For me, Hourglass just had too many bumps in the journey to make me a fan The storyline felt very choppy with its constant starts and stops and I almost came close to calling it quits around mid way through The hardest part for me was trying to find a connection or some sort of spark between Emerson a name I love BTW and Michael I just didn t catch it at all However, I did like a couple of the secondary characters, including Lily and Kaleb I actually preferred those two over the MCs, but what I didn t understand was why the author chose to reveal Lily s powers view spoiler of finding lost objects hide spoiler

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    Yes, I was one of the people slobbering over the cover and didn t pay too much attention of what the book was really about Then I heard two words, time travel and I had no choice but to read it of course I m confused with my feelings for this one The feelings I have are too all over the place I loved some of things and some things really bothered me, but I will definitely be reading the sequel Timepiece Emerson is a 17 year old living with her older brother and his wife When we meet her she is recovering from her parents death and her time in a mental hospital, and is grasping to find some normalcy The problem with that is she keeps seeing beings from the past, and this is where Michael Weaver comes in Emerson s brother, Thomas, hires Michael to help her with her problem Soon enough Emerson learns she has a deep connection with Michael and the society he works for, called the Hourglass That turns out to know about her than she does Emerson feels like she can trust Michael, but then she finds out some things that cause her to ask questions Michael is being vague and avoids answering her questions, and Emerson can tell something is up but she can t tell what exactly What she finds out is something huge and of enormous scope, which leaves her wondering if she may be in over her head.All right so I think I can sum up with one line what irked me most about this book Jumping between them was as smart as jumping in the middle of a cage match, but I did it anyways, putting a hand on each of their chests Even in the heat of the moment I had to appreciate the muscle tone of both Now, I think this is the most cringe worthy line of the book but there are lines similar to this peppered throughout, and I felt it kind of took away from the actual romance of the book And of course than one guy has to like her sigh If you cannot stomach things like this you should probably steer clear I m pretty tolerant of these romances and it s clear from the beginning that they have a strong connection attraction to each other Another thing I have to gripe about is her brother who lets her get way with a lot I am the oldest of my siblings and I would have no way accepted some of the things he did I guess I m old school that way, but you ask any responsible keyword older sibling and they d probably tell you the same thing I also felt like I was reading a magazine article at times because we are told what Emerson is wearing all the time I don t actually need to know that much, but that may be just me.Put aside all I said though because despite that I was really engrossed with this story The plot moves along at a good pace and the story has an epic feel to it The strength of the book is the time traveling and how that works Towards the end of the book my stomach was literally in knots anticipating what was going to happen next I am getting attached to characters and the idea of what is going to happen to each and every one of them, so the author can certainly write Bonus they actually mentioned empanadas in the book Now for those of you who don t know it s a Hispanic dessert that is sooooo good, so yes it got kudo points just for that So in conclusion if you are a huge fan of paranormal romances I suggest you move this up on your to read list.Later added I switched my rating from 4 to 3 stars I don t usually do this but I think I fell for the swept off my feet syndrome Still entertaining but needed something a little real for me to feel like it deserved the 4 star rating.

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    This book is all kinds of fucked up and also my rant reviewHere s the deal, I m going to let off my steam right now So, this rant will be incoherent and flat out rude well, not really rude, but very vulgar Hell, I might be very annoying Read at your own risk when I m cooled off, I will write another review that s mature deal OK.I honestly don t understand why authors feel the need to write insta love, angst y, and or novels with a love triangle I fucking don t Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why IT S ANNOYING, it s been done over a hundred times I swear it has It doesn t make your book unique , it doesn t make your book awesome , it doesn t make your book enjoyable Not At Fucking All It bugs the shit out of me It makes me want to burn your book It makes me want to pull the hairs from my head This started off to be a pretty decent read then everything turned to shit The protagonist is a bitch I hate her like I do for the majority of YA novels Michael has my heart Emerson, are you kidding me You just met the guy, what the fuck do you mean OK, I can t do this I need to calm down.___________________________________________________For authors Greetings So you want to be an author for the Young Adult genre, aye You re feeling pretty proud of yourself for that uncorrected copy you have in your hands, huh You re feeling triumphant of your success in finishing it all the sweat, the headaches, and the staying up for 24 hours straight trying to perfect your characters as well as your storyline Well, I m here to spoil it all for you because I ve some DO s, DON Ts, and AVOIDs for writing YA literature I m sorry to wipe the smile from your face if you followed all of this you have nothing to worry about same for the authors in the process of writing their debut novel It s a small list, it s not much DON T create the clich d my best friend is a gorgeous slut and I m the plain boring girl no one pays attention to concept DON T write a novel that s either an insta love or a love triangle or both Statistics show that 70% of YA authors use this as a way to lure us readers into their oh so sexy world however, it s been done, and it s not our cup of tea DO write a delicious hot romance that s wholly original and not an insta love love triangle DO craft well rounded funny characters that would be memorable Sass is acceptable ENDURABLE sass DON T make your protagonist s lover an abusive prick This is an extremely terrifying situation that I don t take lightly I will not brush it off because he s sexy and later on I might grow to love him That s a terrible risk you re taking It s not something I and many other readers find enjoyable It s annoying.Click the view spoiler to see what I m talking about, it s quite a long passage so I m going to hide it view spoiler Emerson why were you looking up Liam Ballard The tone of his voice sent chills up my spine I stopped fiddling and answered cautiously, watching him through the mirror Because he s the founder of the Hourglass His expression changed, moving from concern to anger in the split second the word Hourglass was uttered.I turned around He was just as frightening face to face as he was in the reflection, his brown eyes almost black, his full lips flattened into a thin line What He interrupted me How did you find Liam s name What else did you find when you searched him The question sounded like an accusation, his tone stone cold I didn t know this Michael.I didn t like this Michael That he I paused, forcing my voice to stay level that he died in a fire He stood and crossed the room in a few long strides I took an uncertain step back, my spine bumping uncomfortably against the dresser.Speaking each word distinctly, he leaned over and looked into my eyes You need to mind your own business I swallowed Why does that sound like a threat It s a warning, he said, placing his hands on the dresser Forget about Liam Ballard Why I asked breathlessly, feeling caged in, trapped by his stare as much as his arms Just do, he answered, authoritative and dismissive, his voice hard as steel. hide spoiler

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    Review to come, but oh my can Myra write I have said and will say, I always want to be friends with her characters Add to that the positively YUMMY boys, and a killer plot, and you have a WINNER.

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    I caught myself rolling my eyes at how hot she found him Throughout the book, Emerson could not get over how good Michael looked She was all, His classic looks, his lips, his clothes, even his muscles even saying his muscles have muscles So, yes, there were plenty eye roll, head meet table moments Then I realized I was being too critical and actually expecting it to suck Once I recognized these, let go of some of my expectations, things got a little better Yes, there s a lot of the same old, same old in it, but two things kept me going her family and the hope that it wouldn t be too YA typical The good things first Her family is present One normally reads of YA protags who feel left out and misunderstood, alone to deal with their issues until the requisite love interest shows up to shake things up In Hourglass, Emerson has a loving and supportive family With their parents dead, Thomas and Dru, his wife, are all she has And that s a good thing because they are there for her, while still setting down some rules for her Another positive was the whole seeing ghosts and time travelling thing Or at least it could have been a good thing Because honestly A lot of the book was Emerson obsessing over Michael s physical perfection The time travel aspect just came across as to easy with the serious lack of explanation Readers are expected to take things at face value Em can see dead people sort of Em can harness her powers And Em can do this by following what bleep bleep says For a character touted to be independent and not so trusting and she really was those things at first, I was very surprised by how easily later on she accepted some of the explanations Well, maybe because it s their electric connection, that s time and again, alluded to in the book.Again, it still sadly is just another YA despite the story being I see dead people with the added element of time travel Hourglass could have been so good However, the characters weren t developed Emerson is not as independent or strong as I would have liked But maybe that s a good thing because there can only be so many strong characters, right Uh Nope, not right, at all She came across as jealous and childish Then Michael He s there, he s hot and Em likes him a lot Why Whu How Is it because he is hot, has pouty lips and muscles that have muscles that they develop a romance I mean really The other characters too were not as developed I wish their abilities were explored a little Oh, and there s also a love triangle.If you still haven t gotten enough of inexplicable YA romances, with characters thought to be tough and strong but are really just enad with the physical attributes of their requisite romantic interest, this might do At least the ending was good It was surprising enough to get me to want to read the next one.

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    I d never been as honest with anyone as I d been with Michael.He made me feel safe, like I could be real shattered and fragmented and wholly imperfect even though he was the polar opposite Intact, complete, fully perfect And this is how she feels after a day Uh huh Those types of lines was everything I found wrong with the book A girl who sees ghosts from the past Sign me up Except what I got was a typical teenage girl who falls head over heels for some guy and CAN T TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE I was incredibly intrigued by the storyline and the initial 30 pages and I wouldn t have minded the love interest so much if it wasn t beaten into you every flipping page The story finally got around to explaining their total attraction to one another and blamed it on some scientific reasoning that didn t do anything to justify it in my opinion.There were other issues I had but I m going to leave it at that and be done with it.

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    Favourite quote Most of what I say is complete truth My edit button is broken I was excited to read Hourglass I mean how could you not be with such an intriguing synopsis and gorgeous cover And while I ended up really enjoying Hourglass I did struggled at the beginning The start was a bit slow for me It lacked that something special that makes you get caught up in the story and care about what is happening But half way through things changed and there was action, plot twists and chemistry between the characters and I began to feel captivated by Hourglass And even though the concept of time travel is not unique this did feel like a fresh take on this supernatural element.Emerson is an enjoyable protagonist She is brave, strong and quick witted character and is a stand outs in the sea of likeable YA lead females Then there is Michael, he is loyal, smart and gorgeous You know the typical leading man I liked him but he is kind of forgettable once you read the book There is nothing wrong with him I just didn t feel the swoon The secondary characters however are strong and distinctive I especially loved Kaleb a lot than Michael, no there is not a love triangle, well not really, okay only a little And the villain he would have to be one of the most surprising and fascinating characters in the story.The romance was sweet Much like the rest of the book it took me a bit to warm up to it I got frustrated at the beginning because the characters had this instant attraction love thing but did this no whole we can t be together dance Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn t And it didn t at the beginning But as I got to know the characters better and understand the reasons behind their actions I ended up liking the romance.Overall, despite my rocky start with Hourglass I did really enjoy it And will be definitely reading of this series.

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    Originally featured on yareads.com, reviewed by KionaThis book blew me away probably because I wasn t expecting to fall so thoroughly in love with it I went in thinking it was a ghost story, due to the summary on the back cover, but I was completely wrong It s a fantastic blend of paranormal and science fiction, at times reminding me of elements of Harry Potter and X Men, both of which I love Hourglass has so many great twists, some I saw coming and some that completely blind sided me in the best possible way This excellently crafted book is well organized and completely absorbing, one of those I really shouldn t stay up until 2 because I have class in the morning but I can t stop books.But let me backtrack for a minute Hourglass tells the story of Emerson Cole, a teenage girl who began seeing what she believes to be ghosts shortly before her parents died in a horrific accident Since then, Emerson has spent her time at mental institutions and boarding school But when her scholarship is pulled, she is forced to move back home with her brother and his wife She has only one friend at home, Lily, who has stuck by Emerson throughout her entire ordeal And then Emerson meets Michael the handsome consultant her brother has hired and he turns her world upside down.The first thing I like about Hourglass was that Emerson confides in her brother and he actively tries to help her There are so many books where the protagonist feels like they have to hide their dark secret because no one could ever possibly understand them I just want to shake those protagonists and tell them to give their friends and family a little credit Of course, Emerson does spend some time in an asylum, but that s realistic she s able to handle that and come out even stronger Her brother, Thomas, is a wonderful character He looks out for Emerson, doesn t think she s crazy, and continuously tries to help her He s also the perfect mix of cool older brother and authoritarian I love his relationship with Emerson and even his rules regarding Michael It s easy to see how much he cares about his sister and how seriously he takes her predicament.Emerson One of my favorite protagonists First of all, she has a great name and I m not just saying that because I go to Emerson College She is one of the most three dimensional characters I ve seen in awhile Her biting sarcasm is consistently hilarious she can take care of herself, due to martial arts lessons she doesn t let anyone tell her what to do and only opens up to those she truly trusts she gets jealous easily, is willing to put others before herself, and occasionally breaks all the rules She has such a traumatic past and though she certainly draws strength from it, her past is also a source of pain and confusion she hasn t completely healed In fact, by the end of the book she s even further from healing than the beginning, which just allows the possibility for growth.I love the whole science fiction aspect of this book The idea behind the Hourglass is so innovative and I was dying to know what it was from the beginning Each character especially members of the Hourglass is fleshed out and serves a purpose Myra McEntire is clearly a master at weaving intricate plots She includes all the elements of great story telling, including realistic characters with depth, witty dialogue, suspense, foreshadowing, and sizzling romance Emerson s emotions are so strongly conveyed that I felt them right along with her her suspicion regarding Michael, confusion over Kaleb, anger at Ava, and love for Thomas and Dru I like that Emerson doesn t trust people easily She has no reason to So when certain characters finally gain Emerson s trust, they also gained mine, which means I was just as shocked as Emerson by some of the final twists of Hourglass.This book literally has everything and I really hope I won t have to wait forever for a sequel The ending is left open and there are so many questions I still have about this world and the characters Hourglass is sure to be a hit in the YA scene and I look forward to seeing it receive the recognition it deserves.

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    I shamelessly traded a pair of fingerless mitts for this ARC, and I m really, really glad I did.Here s a secret I think about time travel a lot Probably than the average girl Probably not as much as Myra or her characters When it comes to time travel in books and movies, I can drive myself insane finding paradoxes and getting annoyed by characters who don t consider the consequences of their actions or use their ability to its potential.Not so with HOURGLASS HOURGLASS fully lived up to what I hoped it would be Strong, sweet, intriguing, and completely unique.There were a lot of things I loved about this book, starting with Emerson and her voice, on to the depiction of the Southern town, and to the romance Emerson was a tough character with a rough past, but she never let it slow her down She was strong, loyal, and the kind of person you d want on your side if time were slipping.I loved the Southern atmosphere The way Myra captured it reminded me a lot of where I grew up definitely Southern, but not stereotypically Southern It felt like a real place, somewhere I d like to visit.And the romance If you like kissing books, this is for you And I m not going to say anything else about that because I don t want to spoil you What really impressed me is how well information is seeded, how cleverly hints are given, so reveals at the end are surprising, but not too surprising You know there s something coming out of Myra s literary hat, but it s probably not a rabbit HOURGLASS is a strong debut novel written in a clean, enjoyable style The pace never flags, the plot is solid, and the premise is unique If you ve been looking for a time travel story that s not your typical time travel, this is it.Also, check out that beautiful cover Now tilt your head to the left I know, right