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One Of The Most Beloved Of All Children S Book Writers Tells The Story Of A Seemingly Worn Out Mare, Owned By Molly S Family, Who Is Carrying A Secret A Baby Mule Young Molly Thinks The New Creature Is The Most Beautiful Thing She S Ever Seen She Calls Him Brown Sunshine Of Sawdust Valley And As The Years Go By, Molly Discovers That, Just Like His Mother, Her Mule Is Full Of Wonderful Surprises

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    Sigh It was great re reading this book 100 pages of memories

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    Marguerite Henry s last book, and one of two published in my lifetime, although I wouldn t realize its significance until after the fact I just remember the excitement of seeing a new Henry book turn up on the library shelf I love the twofold lesson that a sometimes there is than meets the eye to a shabby looking product of neglect, and such horses can be rejuvenated with proper care and feeding, and b mules are great and anyone should be proud to own one.

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    Molly wants to ride She wants it so desperately she is even willing to put up with that overbearing Freddy from next door in order to win a couple minutes a day on an ancient mare.Then Molly s dream day arrives Her father takes her to a horse auction, with seventy dollars in his pocket so that Molly can have a horse of her very own She doesn t even require a horse A mule would do as well, as long as the creature is young But as each colt and filly steps onto the auction block, her father s seventy dollars are outbid As the other bidders drift away, with only one questionable mare left for purchase, Molly wonders if her dream will ever come true.A sweet beginning reader from one of the greatest authors of horse stories ever Great for kids ages 7 9, though I am proof that the book is enjoyable for the young at heart as well.

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    Molly wants badly to have a fancy show horse that will rival any owned by snobbish Freddy Westover At the horse auction, however, Molly and her father must settle for a seemingly frail mare named Lady Sue Molly grows to love Lady Sue as she slowly regains her health Imagine Molly s surprise when Lady Sue gives birth to a baby mule Molly takes an active part in rearing and training of this mule, whom she named Brown Sunshine, and is motivated to learn all she can about mules Brown Sunshine s training pays off two years later, when he is crowned King Mule at the annual Mule Day parade Cheerful and pleasant page turner from the author of, among other things, Misty of Chincoteague The gentile pencil drawings add to the appeal for horse lovers, especially ones who are fans of the Saddle Club paperback series Good choice for 4 5th grade.

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    Horse Crazy in Tennessee This read in one sitting book by the author of MISTY OF CHINCOTEAUGE is presented in both diary format first person and standard narrative form third person You will be kept on your toes as chapters alternate in style even switching back and forth in the same chapter But this lightweight tale introduces readers to the world of mules their history and under appreciated value Molly aged 10 13 acquires a young mule as a surprise, thanks to her father s wise faith in a lean, older mare This gently paced story praises human caring for animal and their loyal service to mankind A simple storyline which will appeal to pre teen girls who love horses July 28, 2010 I welcome dialogue with teachers.

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    This book seemed for a younger audience than Henry s other books It is also about a mule.This is a short book but very readable for younger girls especially It is a bit shallower in character development The characters are stereotyped.The little mule is fun Mules suffer undeservedly from bad press Interestingly the book does mention that, although all are called mules and people often think all mules are the same, there are many kinds of mules developed for many different tasks Gaited, jumping, riding mules and draft mules are only a few.Marguerite Henry seems always a good read for those who love equines This book is no exception.

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    I feel bad giving it such a low rating, but it isn t that great of a book I didn t think it was written very well at all when I was horse crazy around eleven, and I haven t thought that in the rereadings since But considering that Marguerite Henry was 94 when she wrote this, it s very good because who else works that late in life It s sort of like cotton candy because while it s a sweet story, it disappears almost immediately after finishing figuratively, but also literally, since it s a little over a hundred pages.

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    This is a nice, sweet horse story that the expert on such literary matters of an equine nature wrote near the end of her great career Marguerite Henry knew and loved horses, for sure, and that admiration and affection leaked forth from every part of the horse stories that she wrote This short tale is worth the read, and people who have liked Marguerite Henry s compelling books in the past I am included in that group will enjoy this warm new adventure of a girl who wanted a horse and was instead given a mule.

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    While this isn t quite a horse story being about a mule , the flavor of all the previous Marguerite Henry books that I d read throughout my childhood came back in full force only too much abbreviated I wish that she d taken time to tell the story The illustrations were spot on, the children very real and believable I wish that I d come to really enjoy the mule I felt almost like the story wasn t about him so much as it was about the other characters, which I regretted somewhat Socould have been better But if you love books by this author, you certainly can t go wrong.

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    Molly has wanted a horse for a very long time and she finally gets one for her birthday At first she is disappointed in Lady Sue as she is an older horse, but Lady Sue has quite a wonderful surprise for Molly, a baby mule Lady Sue and the baby mule, Brown Sunshine are great additions to the household and bring about a lot of wonderful events This is a great book for horse lovers and all animal lovers.