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An Embattled Mystically Entwined With Our Own,the Otherworld Is At The Mercy Of One Woman Shaman For Hire Eugenie Markham Is The Best At Banishing Entities Trespassing In The Mortal Realm But As The Thorn Land S Queen, She S Fast Running Out Of Ways To End The Brutal War Devastating Her Kingdom Her Only Hope The Iron Crown, A Legendary Object Even The Most Powerful Gentry Fear Who Eugenie Can Trust Is The Hardest Part Fairy King Dorian Has His Own Agenda For Aiding Her Search And Kiyo, Her Shape Shifter Ex Boyfriend, Has Every Reason To Betray Her Along The Way To Control The Crown S Ever Consuming Powers, Eugenie Will Have To Confront An Unimaginable Temptation One That Will Put Her Soul And The Fate Of Two Worlds In Mortal Peril And This is Why I Hate MOST Love Triangles I get it the suspense of who will win the girl is a good tension builder but I m of the opinion that once the heroine has slept with and gone back and forth between the two possible choices multiple times now I m just don t care any Mostly I m irritated with how much of the story that portion is taking up.Eugenie Eugenie Eugenie.what are you thinking Okay so is isn t just the love triangle that I m having a few issues with it is also Eugenie s complete and utter disregard of any of her duties to a land she claimed She spends a lot of time neglecting her kingdom and pretending that she is normal in the human world She is the Ostridge sticking her head into the ground and pretending that everything isn t happening around her She honestly drives me a little crazy Sometimes she is bad ass and then other times she is just a complete mess trying to avoid any responsibility to anything I just wanted her to accept her choices and own them, instead of hiding.The characters in this that I really liked the most were Dorian because he is a pretty fun guy even when machinating and finagling Eugenia into places she needs to be and Jasmine YES you herd me right I liked Jasmine the half sister that at one time wanted to kill Eugenia and have the Stormlord s grandchild she is the one I wantedpage time with.I will give props to the twist toward the end While I did see part of it coming I didn t see people s reaction to it and what it would drive Eugenie to do I am invested in how the story will play out and I m happy that this book SHOULD have totally resolved the love triangle completely so I won t have to deal with that any but overall this is the weakest book in the series so far. Ugh Where to begin I m not a great reviewer, I don t usually give a synopsis of the story, or break down the book in a nice, rational way And I don t always leave reviews for books Often, I feel my star rating says enough My reviews are usually just based on how the book made me feel So I tend to leavereviews for books I loved, and books I greatly disliked This one falls into the latter Ugh Where to begin Most anything I rant about will be spoilers, but suffice it to say I am completely disgusted with Richelle Mead I felt like the last Vampire Academy book was completely lacking, and this book compounded my ire Her series started out great, but now it s like she s milking her money maker, putting out rubbish to cash in on her current popularity Three series at one time A book a year from each one Truly, when you think about it like that, how can there be any quality to her work Anyway, back to Iron Crowned I was completely exasperated by Eugenie s actions throughout this entire book It got to the point where, truly, I think I hate her Every single thing she said or thought made my blood boil And she does something early on in this book that greatly added to that dislike view spoiler I hate cheaters I hate reading about cheaters I especially hate reading about cheaters who don t even torment themselves over the cheating Who have no guilt, who actually justify their actions to themselvesIn my head, we were broken upWha How old are you Thirteen How in the world could an author write a main character who behaves that way and then expect the readers to actually still like that character hide spoiler 3.44 A buddy read with the Wednesday Urban Fantasy Fanatics at BBB This was a very well written, but very frustrating book in the series. I am getting a bit tired of the love triangle and am frustrated because I neither like nor trust either one of them and I wish Richelle Mead would offer us and Eug a third, worthy choice I know plenty of people feel Dorian is too good for her, but I think he is all about his agenda and power hunger, with a tendency for megalomania and is maybe attracted to her, somewhat Kiyo has become, and probably had always been, a cheating douchebag, and I am deeply disappointed in him But the one who is realy bugging me is Eug and her inability to commit to anything or anyone She knows she should be completely committed to the people whose survival and livelihood depends on her and her choices, but she can t drop her job in our world for some reason, nor can she keep her clothes on anytime she gets pissed at one of her lovers and runs into bed with the other Ghhrrrrrrrrr Thank goodness we still have Tim and Jasmine has realy grown as a character and I am starting to love her The book deals with the politics of the Fae Otherworld and Eug is making some good and bad choices She hates this political aspect of this new position of hers, but she is not putting true effort into learning the in and outs of how to get better and the rules of the game So she puts herself and her people in the hands of others, whose first loyalties are not to them, but to Dorian and that drives me crazy It is like the president of the US saying, you know, the Queen of England knows better about all this politics and ruling, so I am going to let her and her office take over here for me, since I am not too much into the actual work of leading the country it turns out, it has a ton of boring and hard stuff that has to be done, and I rather not make the difficult decisions Ridiculous So, despite the many issues I have with the way the plot is developing and the characters are acting, the book itself is well written and I want to know what happens, since I am invested in the story already SO, this coming Wed I am going to join my buddy readers and we are going to finish with the full arc I hope it gets less frustrating I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find joy in the pages of a good book Based on reading Storm Born and Thorn Queen, I begged Richelle Mead not to let Eugenie end up with Kiyo Now after reading Iron Crowned wow I ve despised Kiyo from the beginning and always thought him to be even worse than Dorian I still do At least Dorian doesn t pretend to be something he s not At least Dorian s actions are not meant to cause Eugenie harm, and at least they re not tied to his loyalty for another woman Everything Kiyo has done or said from the beginning has disgusted me from the sexual positions he always chooses and that he doesn t even care if Eugenie gets off too, his dominating tone and manner with her, always giving her orders and condescending her, his running off to tell Maiwenn every little thing that happens in their personal relationship these are not the actions of a devoted lover Part of me always hoped Mead was dropping these Kiyo traits as hints to the reader not to fall for Kiyo but the other part of me wondered if she actually thought Kiyo s behavior was ok, mostly because Eugenie has always made excuses for Kiyo for some appalling reason which is also why I have found her so weak and wondered about Mead s view of female self worth I knew from the moment Volusian told Eugenie in Storm Born that neither man was for her and that both would always be for themselves first, that Volusian of all people or spirits in this case was the one to listen to I d hoped Richelle meant it that way, so I ve tried to keep faith and keep reading I now havehope, thank you And while the romantic in me would still like to see Dorian come around and let his own selfishness go, since I don t think his character has been completely ruined yet , I won t be disappointed if that s not the case I would bethan happy for Richelle to have Eugenie kick BOTH these men to the curb This should be re titled The Dumb Queen series.OK I finished it yes, it was a quick read I felt compelled to blow through it but wow.WOW Was it me or did Eugenie come across as fickle as a 70 s housewife at a swinger party If you ve read Mead s other series see her character formula, I felt like this was if you took Rose Georgie both they had a love child Eugenie would be the result but all of the bad none of the good.I had so many problems with this book these characters I m apparently supposed to feel for, I don t even know where to begin Why is Eugenie written in such an insipidly shallow way And let me be clear, my issue is not b c of what she did to Dorian so therefore coming down on the woman but forgiving the man My issue is a character who we know, knows better by now about many, many things so should be acting reacting somewhat accordingly My issue is that I found this book so poorly executed that there s no excuse for it Sure, no one s perfect yadda, yadda, trials tribulations are necessary to gain experience, mistakes need to happen in order for personal growth I get it Not only do I get it but generally love to read characters who are able to do this author s who carry this out well What I don t get is why Mead felt she had to make Eugenie so incredibly inept unlikable all around, ALL the time, 24 7 Why she just had to pretty much wipe out her previous narrative from the last 2 books practically start writing a new character b c I had no idea she was heading in this direction with Eugenie And to me, it doesn t make a good deal of sense with someone who I thought had a great deal of talent Eug has never been a favorite character of mine It took me a while to warm to her but by the end of book 2, due to her shocking experience, I felt that Eugenie was starting to accept her reality face her responsibilities Make decisions grow up a bit.Nope Not according to this latest installment In fact if anything, Eugenie s regressed paralytic She s also a HUGE self righteous hypocrite making her very hard to root for Eugenie s personality journey in this book are just flat out illogical to the point of absurdity It s gotholes than a slice of swiss which made it very hard to believe the story Mead is trying to create get us to go along with See for me, when the character her plight become too foolish for their own good by constantly acting out impulsively, never EVER referencing what they know what we know they know or properly using the abilities they have what we know they have I have to ask myself what the fug is going on here I did that Numerous times Here s what I came up with..Suffice to say, once again I feel like Mead has lobotomized her character I said this same thing about her VA series w her MC Rose in book 4 And I ve allllmost felt her going there with Georgina on occasion.It makes me wonder if Mead even likes her own creations, esp Eugenie b c she s marginalized her overall intelligence rational thinking so badly.I m sad to say Mead s formula is growing tedious with me Between the exasperating way the presents love relationships throughout this series her others but, esp this one For example bad parents who turn their backs on a daughter whose been held prisoner raped, betraying lovers friends always emotionally physically cheating, to the ridiculous non stop series yo yo ing of KiyoDorian.KiyoDorian back forth like a used up ping pong ball Honestly, it insults my intelligence.Which is probably why after almost throwing my kindle against the wall after reading 60% of frustrating mediocrity, I just emotionally switched off in order to finish the book by the end, realized I don t actually care about these characters enough to continue the series SPOILERS BELOW There s nothing redeemable about Eugenie s does not compute personality or her impulsive, immature narcissistic behavior She just doesn t get it barely processes the implications of her words, deeds, actions, her responsibilities to others, her behavior or repercussions AT ALL Where is her head Nice move totally flipping off a shape shifting assassin who just offered her secret services during wartime b c that s not at all what assassin s do Or getting hatefully angry at Dorian for being such a trickster by foolishly getting one over on her What Please Is she crazy Has she learned nothing Dorian has always been agenda heavy manipulative She knows this She s also a part of it when it works for her And Kiyo is justgod don t even get me started on that character.All of it time time again, makes her such an all around stunad, I m genuinely surprised we re supposed to accept her as the hero Yet we are thus she s a self proclaimed badass Queen feared as well as revered Yeah I d fear her tooall this has me in the same camp as Kiyo Volusian She s too stupid to live in my book as well.Here s the thing Eugenie is a hypocrite in the worst way I can t take it She actually thinks nothing I mean itshe really does not compute of impulsively changing her mind loyalties therefore, her intentions even though she has repeatedly stated or sworn otherwise yet she cuts off the people in her life who ve actually never been anything different to who they ve always been It s all been blatantly in front of her eyes she invites them into her life when it s been convenient for her but gets upset acts out like a 12 year old when she realizes she s actually a bad ass chump though no fault but HER OWN Is Dorian s methodology really a surprise Nope Kiyo s spying loyalty toward Maiwenn Hells no Katrice s quest for vengeance not taking Eugenie seriously after her son Leith was able to capture her then got a lucky break by Dorian finishing him off on her behalf Not when you think about it So then tell me, if it s not a surprise to me as the reader then why does Mead insist on trying to make it be the plausible excuses for Eug s behavior Yes, I know denial is a deep insidious personal evil, allowing people to see, do believe what they want from the safety of their own personal glass house but I meancome ON here I jut can t find it in me to remotely find empathy for her character What She realizes she s sorry w Dorian only AFTER Kiyo actually tries to kill her their children in front of her own family Give me a break And then that end How quickly she just relies on Dorian s hospitality makes no mention of what she did Actually, a fleeting thought runs through her head when he makes a passing comment about her cheating on him she still doesn t see it.Mead did this in the 4th installment of VA Rose acted v out of character, big things happened between her friendship with Lissa yet the action at the end was so jam packed Mead just allowed them to gloss over the heart of the ramifications For me, the central characters Rose Lissa never truly owned their behavior therefore didn t show any true growth It was all Well you came back in the end saved me so we re friend s again And Mead s completely done this with Eugenie her whole Dorian Kiyo trajectory It s ridiculous Get a new ploy I feel like she is shrugging off Eugenie s missteps with a lack of big picture thinking overall concept awareness.How many times throughout this series can she go back forth between these 2 men b c someone pisses her off in some way, let s her down or doesn t come through the way she wants Dorian KILLED her rapist which is what she wanted thus inciting a war but b c he tricked her again really have you learned nothing about your lover Has he never been blatant about his motive , she cheats on him with that shady loser Kiyo for vengeance sex b c clearly her brain is in her vagina nothing else matters And this isn t the 1st time she s done this She cheated on Kiyo too in the last book if I remember correctly And the sex Ugh Was that supposed to be hot Because I don t know about you but I felt as used as Eugenie should have With both menher inner dialog, the way she views it them, categorizes it behaves..I just found it repellent There was something so dissociative her observations said as fact during those moments where just so off to me, it actually made me feel uncomfortable b c it came across as skeevy borderline nasty to me I can t really explain it, it was just OFF Actually, Volusian summed it up perfectly in the end about her ignoring sound advice in regard to all of this I felt that too She is so blinkered in denial for her own personal agenda gratification but then gets madshe allows herself to be used by her own hypocrisy just it grosses me out.I just can t get with Mead s program or formula any The fact that I know it didn t get rectified in the VA series for me doesn t instill much faith with me in regard to this creation when I think about the long run Ugh god, I am scared for the conclusion of Georgina s series now. After reading this I have to say that Richelle Mead made the right decision when she decided to write Bloodlines and bring her adult targeted series to an end With only one book remaining in both this and her Succubus series, most of us will stick with them to the bitter end, if only for no other reason than to find out what happens But, after that, I really don t see many in the adult crowd picking one of her books again I hope her fangirls represent a good market.A couple of years ago, when her name was already pretty big with the UF YA readers, if you said you were reading a Mead s book, the first question you heard in return was What is it about Now, instead, even before you re finished saying her name, people are already asking tiredly and in a monotone which of the characters are in the love triangle Her writing has become that predictable.Now, I m not saying that love triangles are exclusively hers, but she lets them become the focus of her stories to the point where everything else is just background noise Take her VA books at first, there was a plot, and people would even discuss and speculate about it, but for the last two or three books, everything everyone could talk about was Adrian or Dimitri, Dimitri or Adrian and nothing else Because, frankly, there was nothing else Using this plot device once is acceptable I still wish she wouldn t, since I don t think much of it, but it s acceptable Now, when you use it on every series you re writing, then Houston, we have a problem.Also, you already know that the three participants will act in ways that will make you hate them Since, with Mead, it s always one woman and two men, some readers mostly women might like one of the men usually the underdog but everyone, invariably, will hate the heroine and at least one of her love interests I m sure this sounds like heaven to the fangirls who can spend a whole year bickering online about what team is better and printing shirts and tattoing themselves and all that nonsense, but I, and everyone else who doesn t have the faintest interest on how the love triangle turns out, have been left with nothing to keep us entertained The only real mystery is which guy will be lame enough to win the selfish and whining heroine s affection Other than that, you can see the plot unfold from miles away.The current quality of Mead s writing is considerably lower than when all these series started it has devolved into childish wish fulfillment, which would not be wrong at all, if her target audience had been after that all along but she tricked us with the promise ofmature writing and then, midway, changed it into this Not cool.This book is a mix of the previous two Everyone, Dorian included, tells Eugenie in no uncertain terms that Dorian will always put his agenda first Obviously, Eugenie chooses not to believe any of this until shocked gasp it proves to be true Now, if you re expecting that she takes some time to think over what s happened, the whys and the hows and maybe, just maybe, assume some responsibility for willfully disregarding everyone s warnings, you ll be disappointed Being Eugenie, what she does is getting in the sack with, not just another guy but, the other guy Someone with whom she had a relationship that ended abruptly and, just like this time, without giving much thought about the real reasons behind the separation So, boom She s back in a relationship Again, everyone is warning her that nothing has changed, that this guy will put his own agenda before everything, too Of course, she ignores everyone until it almost got her killed Then, adding insult to injury, she runs back to the first guy and, without even discussing what drove them apart in the first place, they re back together The end.Seeing the characters running in circles, knowing what everyone was going to do and yet, having them whining for chapters on end was really annoying The fact that I listened to this instead of reading almost ten hours might have contributed to the general feeling I had too much time to ponder all the ways I would gleefully help Volusian to get rid of Eugenie in my hands view spoiler Just kidding Sort of psychotic grin hide spoiler WHAT THE HECK. 2.75 Stars There is a recurring theme in all of Meads books that is starting to make me wonder about her personal life Could this be wish fulfillment Or perhaps something that happened to her in her past For her sake I hope not I m getting the feeling that Mead wants us to hate all her main characters She has them make idiotic decisions, betray the ones who love them, and do the one thing they should have done in the first place when it s almost too late They ignore useful advice and instead plow their way through the plot haphazardly, no matter who gets caught in their wake Eugenie, Georgina, Rose they re essentially the same person with a few minor tweaks She makes me want to strangle every single one of them With Eugenie though, I m the most disappointed The events of this book directly follow those of Thorn Queen Eugenie s and Dorian s lands are in a war with Katrice and her Rowan Land Eugenie is desperately trying to find a way to end the war with the least amount of casualties and destruction A seeress comes to her one night and tells her if she finds the Iron Crown, then Katrice will be intimidated and give up Dorian confirms as much, but only Eugenie can go after the Iron Crown since it s, well, made out of iron Without asking enough questions, Eugenie sets out on her quest with Kiyo tagging along, hoping that this one artifact will be her answer to ending the war.By this point in the book, I was already wary of what would happen I saw the next series of events coming a mile away Eugenie s justification for her actions was disgusting And it s one of those instances where you say to yourself, I m not angry, I m just disappointed And that makes it hurt so much .I didn t agree with the way Dorian went about sending Eugenie on her quest, but I did agree with the outcome Was it betrayal though No, not at all Sure, Eugenie has the right to be pissed and indignant, but in no way did Dorian act out of character He has let his ambitions be known since the beginning He has always been forthcoming about how he feels and what he wants from her Even Volusian can see that I told you that long ago, that the Oak King s own agenda will always come first As will the kitsune s But, unsurprisingly, my mistress chooses to ignore the only sound advice given to her and instead listens to those who use affection for their own purposes 213 It s these passages that give me pause and think, Mead knows that Eugenie is a blockhead, and her characters know it too, so why does she make her act like this I can t for the life of me figure that out.Dorian was fantastic in this book He is still my favorite character Ever Eugenie doesn t deserve him, butimportantly, Dorian doesn t deserve her. Eugenie likes to piss and moan about how Dorian is always trying to control her and be her puppet master, but if he wasn t around to steer her in the right direction, she d drive herself over a cliff, and then blame him Dorian wonders at her human emotions and why she can t see the right thing that needs to be done, but it s not her human thinking that makes her do stupid things She s just being stupid.As for Kiyo STAB, STAB, STAB.So, the ghost subplot What was the point of that Eugenie doesn t even solve the mystery she hires someone else to do it instead The only point was to have the ghost strategically placed in order to overhear something Now doesn t that sound familiar How about Georgina s out of body experiences, or Rose listening in on pertinent information while inside Lissa s head It really makes me angry that Mead continues to use and reuse the same plot devices.The thing is though I can t stop reading her books I love that she makes me feel heartbroken along with her characters I feel the betrayal, maybe not with the intended character, but I feel something nonetheless I can t say I hate her series just because they make me uncomfortable I devour her books I speed read them because I can t wait to see what happens next I alternately hate one character and love another, and can t help rooting for them all in the end Yes, Eugenie is a stupid selfish brat Yes, the story is a bit contrived and Mead continues to use and abuse the same plot devices and motifs over and over and over again For whatever reason though, I enjoy reading them I love the world she s created and I have to see how things end I ll probably be disappointed in where the stories go and the actions she makes her characters take, but I won t ever regret having read them Mead s books are my crack, and I m a dirty dirty addict.Here is my review of the previous book, Thorn Queen. Antibotics Ok come on, whatever.Really, seriously, Kiyo again Whatever.Dorian, you lying hunk of badass royalty Whatever.Hated the book.Love the series.