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It was agood book but not all of the poem were great As young Poe s first published collection, the material within is surprisingly good for the most part The titular Tamerlane is the best of the bunch, with a very engaging narrative about the eponymous Mongol conquerer as he confides his regrets to a priest on his death bed, lamenting his decision to pursue ambition instead of love The Byronic influence is very apparent throughout this collection, but particularly with the main character of the opening poem, who displays a jaded world weariness in his final moments The eastern and oriental angle was also something Byron was fond of and that comes across very much in Tamerlane of course, with Poe s gorgeous descriptions of the natural environment in the Himalayan mountains Elsewhere we have Song , which is a brief poem about a man viewing a woman he was once involved with as she attends her wedding to someone else It s good, but not that impressive, which describes a few other poems in this collection Dreams , for example, fits that bill The speaker proclaims that he wishes his life were a dream rather than cold reality, even if the dream was unpleasant, he could take solace that it was all a creation, but he also talks about how much better his dreams are than what he takes to be real life Again it s good enough, but there s better on offer here Spirits of the Dead or Visits of the Dead is shorter than most of the poems here, not by much, but nonetheless it s quite brief and still manages to surpass them in quality This poem introduces the gothic elements Poe is now most known for, and not only the content but also the style of the poem really assists it to portray the feelings and images it sets out to Evening Star is a poem comparing distant Venus to the cold light of the moon I quite like this one too, but it s not particularly noteworthy in delivery Imitation comes next, purportedly the imitation alluded to is of Lord Byron This poem also contains the lines let none of earth inherit, this vision of my spirit which have become somewhat iconic, and the poem details the misty recollection of youth as life becomes dark and uncertain in adulthood and reality slips Stanzas , otherwise untitled, begins with a quote from Byron s The Island imparting the feeling that nature responds and interacts with an observer, even if it s often forgotten by that person It almost sounds like a uplifting take on the famous Nietzsche quote on the abyss, which is not too outlandish given the philosopher was a Byron fan himself Anyway, the actual poem is quite good too and talks about someone the narrator knew that the earth supposedly communed with and blessed, and there s a lot of religious overtones to this one, the most obvious connection being parallels with Abraham and Noah, but than that there s a very distinct focus placed on nature There also allusions to the real source of spiritual truth not existing in something hidden, but in something commonplace which will only reveals itself as a spirit and a token when nature decides I don t know, there s many interpretations of this one and it s one of the better poems here despite its untitled nature A Dream deals with themes aforementioned, basically longing for the past and a dissatisfaction with the waking dream of life It s alright, nothing special Similar can be said for The Happiest Day , though it s a little entertaining to read, and the speaker says that were his happiest days offered once , he would not relive them, because they carried the eventual potential of the sorrow he now feels The Lake concludes the collection and goes out in a high note The poem talks about the speaker finding solace on a lonely lake, surrounded by dark boulders and thick pine forests, thought the real terror of the place is revealed at night, which ratchets up the isolation but further endears the spot to the speaker All in all this is a solid collection, perhaps I m overrating it a little on the strength of a few of the better poems here Tamerlane, Spirits, Stanzas, Lake , but the rest are still quality enough, and in fact the truth is most contain some excellent thoughts and lines across them even if their overall quality doesn t touch the better Poe material This isn t the best he has to offer, but by any other criteria this is a solid collection and if I could give it a 3.75 that s where I d land probably. Tamerlane And Other Poems Is The First Published Work By American Writer Edgar Allan Poe The Short Collection Of Poems Was First Published In Today, It Is Believed Only Of Approximately Copies Of The Collection Still Exist The Poems Were Largely Inspired By Lord Byron, Including The Long Title Poem Tamerlane , Which Depicts A Historical Conqueror Who Laments The Loss Of His First Romance Like Much Of Poe S Future Work, The Poems In Tamerlane And Other Poems Include Themes Of Love, Death, And Pride for all we live to know is known and all we seek to keep hath flown 4 10 This is not one of the best of Edgar Allan Poe s poems, but you can still see the flashes of brilliance shining through This is worth reading, simply to see his progression from here to his true masterpieces later in life. EDGAR ALLAN POE CASI TEN A MI EDAD CUANDO PUBLIC ESTOS POEMAS Y YO AQU SIN HACER NADA POR MI VIDA Edit Soy dos a os mayor que Poe cuando hizo esta obra maestra y sigo sin escribir nada, estudio a los mejores porque soy incompetente La primera obra publicada de Poe, un joven y todav a inocente poeta que intentaba dar a conocer su genialidad pero que fue ignorado Aunque falta la madurez y la dureza que nos muestra Poe en sus siguientes trabajos es realmente agradable y dulce, es como para el momento en el que sientes un vac o y quieres llenarlo con algo que valga la pena tu tiempo, para cuando sientes que no puedes continuar leyendo y necesitas algo ligero pero bueno No puedo dejar de describirlo como dulce e inocente porque as es, as se nos refleja al amor y la belleza en estos poemas, no cruel y doloroso como en un futuro lo har a, sino dulce e inalcanzable, irracional como siempre pero menos severo.Creo que podr a decir m s pero se me dan bien las palabras cuando algo me gusta tanto porque no s describir mis sentimientos Planeo releerlo porque es el primer libro de Poe que logro leer totalmente e ingl s me sigo preparando, alg n d a voy a ir a las ligas mayores y por eso no le doy las cinco estrellas, porque estoy segura de si pude captar ciertas cosas de la forma correcta. I m not a big fan of this poem And, the eBook was OCR ed with a bunch of stray characters making it annoying to read than anything. Okay, yeah, it s not as great as Poe s later work, but he got this published when he was 18 and wrote Tamerlane when he was 17 17 Wtf were you doing when you were 17 This book sells for over 600k. El primer libro de poemas de Poe Autopublicado en 50 copias de las que s lo quedan 12 Libro sorprendente para un poeta tan joven 17 a os Centrado en el extenso poema pico Tamerlane y aderezado con peque as joyas entre las que destaca el maravilloso The Lake Uno de los poemas m s hermosos jam s escritos sobre la epifan a infantil de la soledad.Libro indispensable para los fan ticos de Poe NOTAS DE USO PERSONALTAMERLANEPoema en honor de Timur Lenk, un conquistador turco mongol del siglo XIV autodenominado La espada del Islam Poe, a pesar de admitir su falta de conocimiento hist rico sobre el personaje, lo toma como protagonista de un poema que, lejos de funcionar como recopilaci n hist rica, explora el sentimiento de la p rdida del amor en pos de la gloria militar del guerrero.Poema bastante convencional que sin embargo tiene de valioso algunos momentos de insolencia contra el padre al que le confiesa su historia en su lecho de muerte You call it hope that fire of fire It is but agony of desire If I can hope Oh God I can Its fount is holier divine I would not call thee fool, old man, but such is not a gift of thine O estos versos tambi n hermosos y demoledores I was ambitious have you known the passion, father You have not Y este pre mbulo para el triste retorno a casa I reach d my home my home no TO Poema olvidable sobre una bodaDREAMSPoema sobre la superioridad del sue o a la realidad El tema de los sue os es recurrente a lo largo del libro.SPIRITS OF THE DEADHermos simo poema sobre el proceso de soledad que vive el alma dentro de la tumba Breve pero incre ble Un poema que exuda el estilo del Poe que ahora conocemos Las estrellas, tambi n recurrentes a lo largo del libro hacen su aparici n Be silent in that solitude,which is not loneliness for thenthe spirits of the dead who stood in life before thee, are againin death around thee and their willshall overshadow thee be still EVENING STARPoema menor que teoriza sobre la superioridad de la estrella de la ma ana en comparaci n a la palidez de la luna.IMITATIONDivagaci n menor.STANZASPoema que lo m s valioso que tiene es la cita inicial de Lord Byron How often we forget all time, when loneadmiring nature s universal throne her woods her wilds her mountains the intensereply of HERS to our intelligence A DREAMPoema menor que relaciona la tem tica de los sue os y las estrellas de nuevo.THE HAPPIEST DAY, THE HAPPIEST HOURDelirio sobre el poder y la gloria perdidos, probablemente un episodio recortado de Tamerlane.THE LAKELa joya indiscutible del libro Uno de los poemas m s hermosos jam s escritos sobre la epifan a infantil de la soledad In spring of youth it was my lotTo haunt of the wide world a spotThe which I could not love the less So lovely was the lonelinessOf a wild lake, with black rock bound,And the tall pines that towered around.But when the Night had thrown her pallUpon that spot, as upon all,And the mystic wind went byMurmuring in melody Then ah then I would awakeTo the terror of the lone lake.Yet that terror was not fright,But a tremulous delight A feeling not the jewelled mineCould teach or bribe me to define Nor Love although the Love were thine.Death was in that poisonous wave,And in its gulf a fitting graveFor him who thence could solace bringTo his lone imagining Whose solitary soul could makeAn Eden of that dim lake.