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I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review This is the 4th instalment in Autumn Pipers Love N Trouble series but it can be read as a standalone From the start I was smiling and chuckling, it s laid out so that you take it seriously but feel light hearted through out We follow Ms Randi Reed, recently divorced and part of a team that has been selected to go back in time for the first time ever Her goal To find out what happened to her father Everything was going just fine until Mitchell swam his way onto the scene The story flows nicely and comically in all the right places I found myself just wanting them to have their moment, to the point I just kept reading Just one chapter but I had to know if they ever got their HEA I was rooting for Randi to find her dad and alternated between wanting to smack Mitchell upside the head and wanting Randi to just go to him.My heart hit elation and devastation, I rollercoastered my way through this book and I enjoyed it At first I thought it was jumpy but it all worked and flowed for me I will definitely be looking up all of her other books UK currently 1.99https www..co.uk gp aw d B014 US currently 2.99https www gp aw d B014C7By Ani Miranda Reed, Randi to her family and friends is now divorced from her husband because she wants to go to Arizona to attend the Time Travel Academy,on her Summer vacation She plans to go back to Miami 1980 to find out what really happened to her dad when he mysteriously disappeared Mitch Goodman is an undercover F.B.I agent who has been sent to go with her to find out about her father also Randi keeps a journal that everyone keeps taking and reading Will they find out what happened to her dad What is the twist that happens at the end of the book ,and what happens between Randi and Mitch This is the 4th installment in Autumn Pipers Love N Trouble series but it can be read by itself I was gifted a copy for an honest review barwatts telus.net This is the first time reading anything by this author and wow what a great series this is This the 4th book of the series ,but it can be read as a stand alone but my advice to you is read the whole series.As I start reading the story it had me smiling and laughing out loud ,I think my husband though I was crazy or something but he got over it Author Autumn Piper laid this story out that you have to take this story seriously and I as am reading I felt a little light hearted about what was happening This is about a woman who was trying to fine out what happened to her father, Randi Reed who was recently divorced was picked to join and team of time travels ,and she was hoping to figure out about her father and maybe be able to fine him Then one day to everyone s surprise Mitchell swam his way on to the team I liked the way this story flow and how the it had some comically through it.What I was hoping for was a special moment for Randi and Mitchell Near the end of the story I was ready to bitch slap Mitchell in the back of the head ,but I got over that , I could go on and tell you about this pair but that would mean giving away spoilers and that s not fair to you I recommend you to read this book because you won t be disappointed Received through LibraryThing Member Giveaway Trouble Under Venus is a fun, well written romance with just enough sci fi to make an interesting plot The characters are engaging and the story is full of intrigue.Randi is embarking on the chance of a lifetime traveling back in time to meet her biological father and try to determine why and how he disappeared However, she must pay a price for this opportunity Her marriage has failed over this issue, and her mother is skeptical and unsupportive of Randi s need to find her father To top it all off, a super sexy and mysterious pretend geologist infiltrates the training group and threatens to derail Randi as she gets closer and closer to her goal. This was a wonderful read about risk taking that we take for love Randi takes a class that will take her one step closer to what happen to her father Randi not what you expect her to do with her mission Will Mitch go with Randi or go separate A lot of actions and twister in the book you will enjoy You can read this book as a standalone, this is the 4th in the series I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Fast and fun What a fast and fun read Thrill seeker and risk taker Randi finds herself divorced for following her dreams to Sedona, AZ Enter Mr Goodbody Can I have one He spices things up as Randi goes looking for her long lost father and ends up with than she bargains for in adventure and love running from drug lords and falling crazy in love This book has lots of charm, wit and new age feel Randi is a very relate able character It is the 4th in the series, my first reading of this author s work and can be read as a stand alone I did receive this copy for an honest review, 4 out of 5 stars, looking forward to reading of Autumn Piper s work This book had some great moments It had a very feisty female lead and the male character who just had to get in her way all the time and give her these nicknames that just annoyed her to no end The chemistry between them is undeniable If you love a good romance book that is a little bit off the rails, then this is the book for you. Kept me on the edge of my seat Suspenseful and imaginative with all the twists and turns. Different That s the first words I would use to describe this story And Randi I loved her Anyone who has read any other of my book reviews would understand why She s smart and smart mouth, quirky, funny, loyal and also multi talented Oh and she s totally focused the only reason she s on this circus ride is to find her Dad She gave up so much to do this, including a husband who just didn t get it That wasn t the only reason for the divorce but it definitely was a major factor She s also so smart that she figures out quite a few things about Mitch fairly early on She ends up giving him headaches, often It was mentioned in the book that she often felt there were 2 people in her head One of them was a thrill seeker That is part of the explanation of all of the Extreme Sports she does In the story it also turns out that many of those qualities she also gets from her Grandmother, on her father s side Mitch it turns out is also able to drive Randi crazy, he isn t afraid to toe to toe with her Oh, Randi s Journal causes problem after problem but it also plays a part at the end of the story, where there is a twist coming One of the funniest things is when Randi asks if maybe she should print her private journal since almost everyone has grabbed it without her persmission and read it There is plenty of action in this story as the adventure continues But you will have to read it to find out if Does Randi really travel back in time Does she go alone or does Mitch go with her Does she find her dad and find out what happened to him What kind of trouble does Randi get into because yes because she is a Trouble Magnet I was given a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review. For Some Love Lasts A Long Time, For Others A Lifetime Can Theirs Outlast Space Time Randi S Summer Vacation Plans Attending Professor Sudo S Time Travel Academy So She Can Blast Back To Miami And Figure Out Where Her Father Disappeared To She S The Head Of Her Class Until Hottie Mitch Arrives Disguised As A Geeky Geologist And Totally Messes Up Her Meditation Goodbye Soulful In Sedona, Hello Yearning In Yoga So Long Solo Time Travel, Hello Pushy Partner Who Happens To Be A Buff Tri Athlete, A Sympathetic Listener, And An Ace FBI Agent On A Top Secret Mission With His Help, She Ll Conga Her Way Into The Cuban Mafia, Try Not To Destroy The Delicate Fabric Of The Space Time Continuum, Dodge A Few Bullets, And Solve The Mystery Of The Missing Dad And Maybe Fall Just A Little In LoveContent Warning A New Adventure In Women S Fiction, With A Heroine Who Boldly Goes Where No Chick Has Gone Before, Tons Of Danger And Intrigue, A Roller Discoing Granny, Life And Death Betrayal, Steamy Miami Nights And One Hot FBI Agent