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What a strange play Totally very Romantic loaaads of lush nature imagery which paints pretty pictures in my head And I love the idea that love and equality can unlock the secrets of the universe and cause a wide spread party, at the end of this even the moon is celebrating Odd, but pretty cool First attemptSkipped through parts, glossed over choric songs, and I hate myself for that I will definitely try and reread soon, for doubtless, this book is one I should love stillaShelleyanReread Vastly improved experience However, this new overly non violent philosophy does not sit too well with me Even Shelley himself cannot really stick with it I give him another star owing to this endearing contradiction Third ReadingPure love Another star added. I finally decided to read this I think this is truly fantastic Very inspired by John Milton s Paradise Lost my favorite all time book the verse is soaring and heightened in its blank verse, which has an authentic difficulty amid its grandiloquent flights of poetry The characterization is quite interesting Prometheus, Hercules, quite interesting I also am struck by the fall of Jove echo, and the recurrent optimism of a better hope amid the painful sufferings of Prometheus.In many ways, Shelley writes a very classical work with a Romantic flavor, with its own experimentalism especially in Act IV, where the verse varies in meter and form, though all in the elevated register Highly recommended. I am a huge fan of mythology, particularly Classical mythology While Shelley is undoubtedly a talented poet, I found his interpretation of the Roman pantheon to be off somehow I wasn t convinced that the Jupiter and Mercury I was reading about were the deities that I had read about since childhood The characters were all rather flat, as well, being designated as either wholly good or wholly evil.Now I know Shelley was a Romantic poet, but I really cannot emphasize enough how flowery and unnecessary 75% of the writing was It was very melodramatic and made the story hard to understand or picture in my head All in all, if you re interested in the works of the Romantics, I d recommend you try Coleridge instead. Thou pitiest them I speak no Mercy Mercy So there are a lot of ways to look at Shelley s Prometheus Unbound as a continuation of Aeschylus s Prometheus Bound, as its own closet drama, or as a framework for Shelley to write poetry on nature and classical mythology Unfortunately, in my opinion Prometheus Unbound fails no matter which of the three ways you look at it, and I m actually left scratching my head at how badly Shelley messed up considering that he was handed such an interesting subject on a silver platter.Aeschylus s Prometheus Bound is a work with amazing potential, the only surviving play in a trilogy that functions as a fascinating introduction to the Prometheus myth Both Prometheus and Zeus are established as characters with depth, and their conflict is both nuanced and dramatic It s impossible to say whether the potential of Prometheus Bound was fulfilled by Aeschylus s later plays, but I know for certain that said potential wasn t realized by Shelley Instead of the fully developed characters of Prometheus Bound Shelley takes Prometheus and makes him a one dimensional martyr, reassigning the pride that was evident in the Aeschylus version of Prometheus to Zeus Shelley s Prometheus has no flaws of any consequence, instead he s just a name that undergoes unjust suffering and whose eventual release heralds a new age of peace and prosperity He s the prophesied chosen one, a role which apparently Shelley doesn t think requires any further characterization Zeus is also far less interesting here than in Prometheus Bound, as Shelley has made Zeus into a pure tyrant, with no reference to his recent rise to power and subsequent shift in behavior that made him an interesting character when crafted by Aeschylus, despite the fact that Zeus never appeared onstage in Prometheus Bound Even minor characters like Mercury are made less compelling by Shelley than the ancient source material he had to draw inspiration from While Prometheus Bound was the beginning of what promised to be a play of both emotional and potentially moral complexity, Shelley s play is one of black and white morality and one dimensional characters Compared to Prometheus Bound, Prometheus Unbound is banal and unimpressive.Looking at Prometheus Unbound independent of Prometheus Unbound it still fails to excite Shelley wrote this as a closet drama, meaning it was not intended to actually be performed, and I have to say that s an excellent decision because I can t imagine any way to stage and perform this play that wouldn t be mind numbingly boring All the flat characters only communicate through page long speeches, the actual action of the play occurs solely in the first act and the first few pages of the third, and the fourth act is so superfluous that Shelley didn t even originally include it as part of the play but instead tacked it on later The ancient tragedians knew how to get to the point, and even contemporary playwrights to Shelley like Shakespeare knew the art of merging their exquisite language with dramatic and compelling plots There is no evidence in Prometheus Unbound that Shelley possessed that ability, and the story of Prometheus isn t one that precludes dramatic tension by any means Shelley s four act play rambles on, brushing the key events out of the way as quickly as possible so as to fit in passages of Earth and Asia and the Moon and other characters either despairing over the fate of Prometheus and the current state of the world, or in the second half of the play praising the changes that have occurred and the new state of things Jupiter Zeus literally appears for all of three pages The Moon gets lines than Jupiter does In sum Prometheus Unbound, even if you aren t comparing it to other plays, is a poorly structured work that fails to be at all compelling, instead continually going off on tangents and focusing on minor occurrences while giving very little attention to major ones.These failings are why I believe Prometheus Unbound should really be considered a framework for Shelley s poetry instead of as a drama of any sort, closet or otherwise Seriously, even if Shelley was a complete fool he probably could have written a play with better structure than this if crafting an interesting play was his goal Instead, if his intention was to use the classical framework established by Aeschylus as a jumping off point for his poetry, then the structure of the play and the characters he chose to focus on makes far sense Unfortunately, while understandable, Prometheus Unbound isn t very good when considered as a poetry framework either Shelley can write great poetry, no question, the go to example that almost everyone is familiar with being Ozymandias, and other efforts by Shelley some included with Prometheus Unbound when it was first published are also impressive In Prometheus Unbound there is little of Shelley s best on display when it comes to poetry For every character s speech that works well as a poem there are a dozen that seem mediocre poetry at best and I m probably being generous, as most lines don t even seem to meet the threshold of poetry but merely read as prolix prose Additionally, reading over a hundred pages of Shelley s second tier poems stapled together isn t the format to appreciate his poetic talents Especially when the fourth act rolls around and the story has already been completely resolved, the poetic dialogue of the various characters is distinctly underwhelming, tedious than anything else There is good Shelley poetry out there, but Prometheus Unbound does not showcase his best work, largely giving us overwritten and unimpressive speeches instead.Shelley set out to not only complete Aeschylus s play, but to surpass it Instead, he stripped Prometheus Bound of all its most interesting elements and wrote a bland play that serves as a funnel for some of Shelley s mediocre poetry than it does a compelling drama Where Aeschylus wrote complex characters Shelley gives us mere archetypes of the martyr and the tyrant, not that they even receive much attention Instead Shelley has the play focus on different nature entities talking amongst themselves, or praising the new dawn brought about by the overthrow of Jupiter, all in the form of some of Shelley s most lackluster poetry for the most part indistinguishable from too flowery prose Based on statements he made to his wife before his death Shelley was actually happy with how Prometheus Unbound turned out For my part, I can t imagine how Shelley could believe for one second that this mess of a closet drama belonged alongside the works of the great tragedians of antiquity. Expressed in outward things but soon I looked,And behold thrones were kingless, and men walkedOne with the other even as spirits do,None frowned, none trampled hate, disdain, or fear,Self love or self contempt, on human browsNo inscribed, as o er the gate of hell, All hope abandon ye who enter here Shelly continued Aeschylus s story and transformed it into a symbolic drama about the origin of evil and its elimination He wrote in his preface that Prometheus is, as it were, the type of the highest perfection of moral and intellectual nature But he also warned that it is a mistake to suppose that the poem contains a reasoned system on the theory of human life Prometheus unbound is not a dramatized philosophical essay, nor a normal allegory, but a large and very intricate imaginative construction which involves premises about the nature of man and the springs of morality and creativity It represented the view that both the origin of evil and the possibility of reform are the moral responsibility of man himself, just as social chaos and wars are gigantic projection of man s moral disorder and inner division and conflict.To end up, with the Triumph of Life and some of the longer lyrics, Prometheus Unbound constitutes a weighty claim to rank Shelly as among the major poets. Shelley is a lexical, storytelling boss Move over Byron, you ve been whupped The nature imagery is powerful and animates each aspect of nature It reminds me of Homer s Ancient animist themes from The Iliad but has what I m guessing is the updated Romantic, idealist themes slant added Naturally, I ve got to read the original, Aeschylus Prometheus Bound next. For my part I would rather be damned with Plato and Lord Bacon, than go to Heaven with Paley and Malthus In Aeschylus Prometheus Bound, we see him by the end of the book being buried under the rocks that crumble, midst thunder and lightning Prometheus, the god, unjustly bound to a rock by other gods, had though made a promise I swear in that moment there won t be no fear He had a secret there will be a day when my value shall be needed The god wanted to give the fire to menand got punished Shelley, maybe inspired by the bright blue sky of Rome decides to resurrect Prometheus now he ll be unbound released by Hercules The book starts with him bound to a precipice, morning breaking Panthea and Ione meeting Prometheus The voices of the air, the springs and mountains, the whirlwinds and Earth itself, have kept silent for many years 3,000 years of sleep.for fear of the Monarch of the Gods and the daemons Now, pierced and mocked Prometheus has no hate, though. One Of The Most Ambitious Dramatic Poems Ever Written, Percy Bysshe Shelley S Prometheus Unbound Tells The Story Of The Titan Prometheus Who Gave Mankind The Secret Of Fire In Open Defiance To The Decrees Of Zeus, And Who, As Punishment For This Generosity, Was Chained To The Caucasus Mountains And Exposed To Horrible Tortures Inspired By The Prometheus Bound Of Aeschylus, Shelley S Play Serves As A Sort Of Sequel, Matching Its Greek Predecessor In Stature And Pure Poetic Power It Depicts Its Philanthropist Hero S Ultimate Triumph Over The Superstition And Bigotry Of The Gods As Shelley Himself Stated In His Defence Of Poetry, Prometheus Unbound Awakens And Enlarges The Mind