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Highly recommend Henry s books make wonderful read alouds Every time I read a book by Marguerite Henry it becomes a new favorite I ve never yet opened one I didn t love Her stories are sweet, beautifully written, and carefully researched You will learn something They are engaging enough for adults and children alike They carefully introduce vocabulary They teach virtue.www.loveboxes.blogspot.com Review to follow. I really loved this book It was so fun to read D5 stars. I just reread the 1954 edition and it was not the book I remembered So, maybe when I was a child I was fortunate enough to read the original 1945 edition, the one that is about 1 2 the length the available one Maybe I focused on what I saw as the strengths of the book, based on my enjoyment of other books by Henry Dennis I am going to try to find an original to compare the two for myself I d be willing to bet the older is better Even the artwork of this newer book seems coarser, hurried.And the publisher lies The back flap claims that 1947 s Misty is Henry s first book for children, and still puts the 1946 silver sticker on the front cover of JMH If you went to Vermont, back in the time of the late 1700s you would meet Justin Morgan He was a man who had a problem It all started because a farmer owed Justin some money The farmer couldn t pay the debt, so instead, he gave a horse To some people, that would be a wonderful thing to receive, but Justin didn t need a horse He needed money One might say, Sell the horse but that s just the problem No one wants to use their money on a small, VERY small , scrawny animal, who is weak and cannot work like other horses Since no one will buy poor Little Bub, Justin is indeed stuck with him See what can happen that turns this story upside down when Justin Morgan s friend decides to help out Why, even President Monroe takes notice This book tells a true story I liked the book because while I was reading it, I knew that it actually happened In fact, Little Bub s tale became an American legend This is a delightful horse story, great for boys girls to read ages 9 and up. I never was a horse crazy girl, but I loved Misty of Chincoteague even still MISTY is Marguerite Henry s best known horse novel When I stumbled over this one last month, looking for a good read aloud for my 7 and 9 year old sons, it was a no brainer With the high drama of horse, his boy and their nation coming of age, not to mention thrilling horseraces and backbreaking hard work complete with both heartache and happy endings, JUSTIN MORGAN did not disappoint All that in 170 pages JUSTIN MORGAN held the attention of both sons and their mom and dad It taught us all a thing or two about the makings of true greatness, too We finished the book the week of July 4th, so my patriotism was already kindled Regardless, JUSTIN MORGAN will make you proud er to be an American From the author s forward This is the story of a common, ordinary little horse who turned out to be the father or a famous family of American horses Even in his own lifetime he became an American legend He labored hard all day, and then at sundown, when he should have been fed and bedded down for the night, he took part in races and pulling beesToday his descendants, known as Morgan horses, are renowned throughout the world Yet nobody knows whether that first Morgan s parents were British or French or Dutch And nobody really caresHe s just like us He s American. Another Newberry Honor book by Marguerite Henry I m not a horse person But I m quite taken by Henry s horse stories One of the things that impresses me about Henry is that all her stories are based on true stories and the amount research she does to write them is tremendous And it shows in the final product The illustrations of Wesley Dennis add another level of enjoyment to her stories Here she relates the story of the the runty colt that grew up to become his own breed and the boy who believed and loved him It starts in the mountains of Vermont and goes through the War of 1812 Exhilarating and suspenseful with lovable characters, this one turns out to be an endearing piece of historic Americana as President James Monroe makes an appearance in the finale of the book And the journey of Lil Bub turns out to be allegorical to the American experience A true masterpiece of children s literature.I missed this one when I was growing up, but it never really fit into my reading interests as a youngster Reading it as 51 has been a revelation to say the least. I loved the story of one young man s devotion to both Justin Morgan and his remarkable horse. Meet Marguerite Henry, one of my favorite childhood authors Why Because all the stories I read by her were about horses, and like most young girls, I was horse crazy Justin Morgan Had a Horse was her only chapter book that I remember reading through three times I recommend it to all fellow horse lovers out there The true account with a fictional twist of how the popular breed Morgan came to be in the late eighteenth century, you ll find it inspiring and fun.It all begins in 1791 when likable school teacher Justin Morgan accepts Little Bub, a scrawny colt, as payment for a debt owed him Feeling he is stuck with the short end of the stick, Justin doesn t see much potential for Little Bub But he hands him over to Joel, an eager young student, as a project It is Joel who discovers the unique, strong, and soon to be famous horse he has the privilege of training Turns out Little Bub isn t so little he s a colt the world will not soon forget Enjoy the exciting story of this obscure horse turned celebrity and get a history lesson while you re at it You ll never look at Morgans quite the same way after you understand their memorable ancestor Little Bub.Recommended read aloud age all agesRecommended read alone age 8 and upMy blog www.oursureanchor.com Joel S Face Suddenly Lit Up As If He Had Thought Of Something For The First Time He Spoke Now To The Horse, As Though He Were The One That Mattered Why, Come To Think Of It, You Re Just Like Us, Bub You Re American That S What You Are AmericanIn A Vermont Schoolmaster By The Name Of Justin Morgan Comes Home With A Two Year Old Colt Named Little Bub Taken As Payment For An Outstanding Debt, The Little Colt Doesn T Seem Like He Is Worth Much, But The Kindly Teacher Asks One Of His Students, Joel Goss, To Train Him Joel Knows The Horse Has Great Potential, And Soon Word About Little Bub Spreads Throughout The Entire Northeast For His Ability To Outwork, Outrun, Outtrot, And Outwalk Any Horse In The Area This Is The Extraordinary Tale Of A Little Workhorse, Who, After Being Born In Obscurity, Becomes One Of The Greatest Breeding Stallions Of All Time In This True Story Newbery Medal Winning Author Marguerite Henry And Artist Wesley Dennis Celebrate The Life Of The Only Horse Ever To Establish A Breed All By Himself The Morgan