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So generic it s almost frustrating PS, you don t need to see Independence Day before you die. My face was glued to this book from the minute I got it I ve only seen 131 of these movies, so my to watch list has grown considerably D Updated With Brand New Entries To Describe The Most Recent Major Motion Pictures, This Critically Acclaimed Volume Spans Than A Century Of Moviemaking, Concisely Describing Of The Best Films From Around The World New In This Edition Are Entries To Describe Such Film Hits As Lord Of The Rings , Mystic River , Fahrenheit , And Million Dollar Baby But In Fact, This Volume S Team Of Critics Goes Back To , Describing Such Films As The Great Train Robbery , And Progressing Chronologically Across The Decades To Cover The Best Cinematic Dramas, Comedies, Westerns, Musicals, Suspense And Horror Films, Gangster Classics, Films Noirs , Sci Fi Epics, Documentaries, And Adaptations Of Novels And Stage Plays Made By Filmmakers Around The World Movie Fans Will Find Descriptions Of Great Musicals Like Singing In The Rain , Westerns Like High Noon , Science Fiction Classics Like Star Wars , Dramas Like Chinatown And Schindler S List , And International Classics From Master Directors Who Include Fellini, Antonioni, Resnais, Truffaut, Eisenstein, Kurosawa, And Many OthersEach Entry Includes A Full List Of Cast And Credits, Awards Won By The Film, An Essay Summarizing The Story Line And Screen History, And Still Shots Of The Film S Memorable Scenes At The Back Of The Book, Both An Alphabetical Index And A Genre Index Will Help Readers Find Any Film They Re Looking For The Book Is Illustrated With Hundreds Of Movie Still Shots In Color And Black And White Since this list keeps getting updated, it s a bit of moving target, meaning that newer editions by necessity have to chop off even older titles in order to accommodate the newer entrants So, does this mean that movies on the older lists that haven t been forwarded to make the cut are no longer movies you have to see before you die Hopefully, all of the lists are being referred to by the OCD list checkers.I m an insane movie nut, yet even I am not sure if you have to see any movies before you die, much less anything on these lists For what they are, they are generally well selected, possibly because in addition to the standard canon they have dipped into fare championed by eccentric but vital critics such as Jonathan Rosenbaum There are commercial films on here that do not belong on this list, as they really don t need help in being seen lists like these are only valuable if they champion the undeservedly obscure Any list that would include puff like Beverly Hills Cop but not Sadao Yamanaka s Humanity and Paper Balloons 1937, Japan suffers from the usual half assedness For every trifle on here I could cite dozens of greater films that are MIA I d say that any given edition of these lists is probably about 20 percent top heavy, meaning that about that percentage of what s on them shouldn t be.My count for the first edition of this list 2003 is 959 out of the target 1001 titles seen, which puts me of course in either the masterclass league or the nutcase league I have copies of all 1001 movies in my vast archive, so I can see them all whenever I choose My strongest eras are the silent period through the 1960s, in which I ve literally seen all but a handful of the titles I think from 1930 1950 I ve seen all but two I ve seen than 1001 titles from the silent movie period alone, which is not something too many living humans can claim.By comparison, the later 2013 update finds me having seen only 918 of the 1001, and that s because my film viewing has dropped markedly over the past decade Newer films from the 2000s are my blind spot, but thankfully the lists are not loaded down with all the crappy comic book movies that I hate KevinR Ky 2016 I m not sure when one is allowed to mark this as read but I ve read the introductions and ticked every movie I ve seen so I d say that s as close as I can get right now From what I ve seen the collection seems to be pretty solid, some of my favourite especially newer films are missing but as a guide for what to watch when you have no inspiration this is a wonderful source to get back to. I am not a huge movie person, but I wanted to see how many of these I have already seen, and I haven t seen very many Movies just aren t my thing but these are the ones I have seen Angels with Dirty Faces 1938Mr Smith Goes to Washington 1939Wizard of Oz 1939Pinocchio 1940Casablanca 1942It s a Wonderful Life 1946Rear Window 1954Psycho 1960West Side Story 1961To Kill a Mockingbird 1962A Hard Day s Night 1964The Graduate 1967Cool Hand Luke 1967Woodstock 1970Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory 1971The Sting 1973The Exorcist 1973The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974Young Frankenstein 1974One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest 1975Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975Jaws 1975Carrie 1976Saturday Night Fever 1977Grease 1978Halloween 1978Apocalypse Now 1979Ordinary People 1980The Shining 1980E.T 1982Gandhi 1982Breakfast Club 1985Ferris Bueller s Day Off 1986Children of a Lesser God 1986Fatal Attraction 1987Batman 1989Goodfellas 1990Dances with Wolves 1990Edward Scissorhands 1990Silence of the Lambs 1991Schindler s List 1993Forrest Gump 1994Lion King 1994Pulp Fiction 1994Shawshank Redemption 1994Braveheart 1995Toy Story 1995Casino 1995Se7en 1995Fargo 1996Titanic 1997Saving Private Ryan 1998Lola Rennt 1998Blair Witch Project 1999The Sixth Sense 1999Gladiator 2000Meet the Parents 2000The Pianist 2002Passion of the Christ 2004Downfall 2004Brokeback Mountain 2005Apocalypto 2006Borat 2006No Country for Old Men 2007 Although I was unable to finish the book before I felt guilty and stopped abusing my librarian privileges to continually renew it, I found that it was an excellent book covered Bests or Greats in every genre, time period, and country As a serious movie buff it is often hard for any sort of movie list, even a 1001 one, to come up with stuff I haven t heard of before, but this book did just that what s they treated genre films respectfully and gave them their due A friend said it was the perfect bathroom book and I tend to agree with him not that the reviews are poorly written, but they are concise enough that you can pick it up and put it down easily and the wide range of films covered will ensure that almost anyone can find something interesting. This is a nice little well, not exactly little book that gives information on movies I used it to make a list of movies I want to watch, so it was handy in that way However, there were a couple of things I did not like about the book For one thing, none of the pictures were labeled I know the pictures came from the movie being described, but it would have been nice to know who the actor was, who the character was, and maybe a little blurb about that scene.The other thing that bothered me was that some of the descriptions were very dry I suspect some of the movies I read about are actually quite good and worth seeing but I did not add them to my list because the description was so boring Not good for a book claiming you must see these movies before you die. I m annoyed Color me annoyed Which is a shade close to mustard yellow.1001 movies ONE THOUSAND AND ONE MOVIES.And they didn t include The Labyrinth Or Mary Poppins Or The Seven Year Itch Or a multitude of other movies that there is absolutely NO reason to leave off the list.ESPECIALLY when I turned the page and saw the words There s Something About Mary.You re going to include a shitty ass movie like that, which is not in any way funny, and you re going to leave off something as incredible as The Labyrinth I don t think so.I plan to make a list of the movies I haven t seen yet from this book But if I owned it, I d toss it It lost so much credibility when I realized they left out my movie. I really like this book.It is arranged in chronological order from the 1900s to the present day.The films contained therein, are a real variety of genres and styles.There are reviews and information about many films I am familiar with, and a good few I am not.Each film is described by one of the contributors with details of the whys and wherefores it is included in the book.There are many foreign language films included in this guide including French, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish films.A must buy for fans of cinematic history.