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Probably Few Subjects Fitted Byron S Particular Talents Better Than Don JuanIn This Rambling, Exuberant, Conversational Poem, The Travels Of Don Juan Are Used As A Vehicle For Some Of The Most Lively And Acute Commentaries On Human Societies And Behaviour In The Language The Manner Is What Goethe Called A Cultured Comic Language A Genre Which He Regarded As Not Possible In Geman And Which He Felt Byron Managed Superbly It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I would give this poem the highest rating Lord Byron s Don Juan is the greatest piece of writing I have ever read It is my favorite piece of writing I like it better than Joyce s A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man and Conrad s Heart of Darkness Any serious student of literature, who has not already read this masterpiece, needs to read this sublime piece of writing I have read it enormous times and have always learned something new and never do I fail to marvel at its brilliance, beauty, and wit. But words are things, and a small drop of ink, Falling like dew, upon a thought, producesThat which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think Tis strange, the shortest letter which man usesInstead of speech, may form a lasting link Of ages to what straits old Time reducesFrail man, when paper even a rag like this,Survives himself, his tomb, and all that s hisIf you know anything about Byron, you will know this poem will involve lots of sex, women and Byron Don Juan getting exactly what he wants from every situation imaginable He is an anti hero so he does not possess the standard characteristics a normal hero would he is not brave or strong, though he is intelligent and cunning he serves no greater goal and works only for his own survival and self gratification And survive he does He gets out of so many close encounters and near death experiences, often being the only person alive as the plot moves into the next canto The poetry here feels natural It s not the sort of verse that a poet has sat down and fussed over in order to achieve the most artistic and creative arrangement of words it feels like he has written it straight out of his head, completely free flowing, making it almost conversational Byron was a very selfish man, and that s just part of his poetic persona, so I would go as far to say that this is poetry written for one person Lord Byron He wrote it for himself, it is all one big fantasy in which a character, not entirely unlike its author, goes on a long adventure As such Byron provides the biggest example of an author filibuster I have ever come across he uses every opportunity available to him to insert his own opinion regarding other writers and critics of the age He destroys Wordsworth and Coleridge and goads reviewers, informing them that he is going to do of what they criticised him for just because he can You have to admire his tenacity and his ability to write whatever he wants regardless of public opinion, which is, essentially, one of the reasons he became so popular to begin withWhy do they call me misanthrope Because They hate me, not I them This is very much Byron s poem It goes on massive tangents as the plot disappears for stanza upon stanza whilst Byron addresses all sort of random issues And this, in part, is what makes the work so delightfully clever It s what you would expect from Byron He set out to write his own epic, and by the standards of his own overbearing personality, if he wrote anything less than what he did here it would have been a failure He even says a few things that would pre date the modernistsTis strange, but true for truth is always strange Stranger than fiction if it could be told,How much would novels gain by the exchange How differently the world would men behold Byron is so just so ridiculously entertaining to read The plot of this poem is just beyond what you would expect from a poem We have men forced into cannibalism, the central character disguised as a woman in order to survive, and, above all, so much revealing honesty about his own perceptions To relate back to the quote I added at the start, this poem holds so much of Byron s authorial persona and it certainly did survive him it made him immortal.Come read this and learn exactly who Byron was. So much better than I remembered from college The rhymes, humor, and slights Life may certainly be not worth a potato when you are looking for a rhyme for Cato A fun novel length poem Byron has been my favorite Romantic poet as he was during the Romantic period since I have been able to read with ease say, since grad school.His English Bards and Scotch Reviewers sets the standard for English Satire since Jonson and Dryden It is very funny at the expense of an intellectual elite much less doubtful than ours today We need another Byron.His Don Juan is without equal in English literature maybe Ariosto s similar in Italian, though I think Byron witty, finally.Byron s, and his Don Juan s, main literary legacy is the greatest of all Russian poems I have read perhaps one fourth of Pushkin s great work in Russian, and it has struck me as a cross between Byron and Wordsworth.Since I have spent many hours translating Latin and Renaissance Latin, I admire Byron s exact critiques of classical poets like the epigrammatic satirist Martial the nauseous epigram of Martial according to Don Juan s Byron s mother.I could add much, but it gets late early.But I shall add this Byron lived in the far end of the Mocenigo Palazzo, on the Grand Canal in Venice, within sight of the Rialto Bridge, across from the San Toma stop The VERY PLACE where Giordano Bruno stayed, and was denounced to the Inquisition by the Bad Student Evaluation of his 33 yr old Mocenigo host, Gianni.His student told him, I invited you to Venice to teach me, and you haven t My theory is Gianni wanted to learn magic, along with math and memory, Bruno had written on but Gianni does not tell the Inquisition that part.