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In This Brave, Beautiful, And Deeply Personal Memoir, Laura Bush, One Of Our Most Beloved And Private First Ladies, Tells Her Own Extraordinary StoryBorn In The Boom And Bust Oil Town Of Midland, Texas, Laura Welch Grew Up As An Only Child In A Family That Lost Three Babies To Miscarriage Or Infant Death She Vividly Evokes Midland S Brash, Rugged Culture, Her Close Relationship With Her Father, And The Bonds Of Early Friendships That Sustain Her To This Day For The First Time, In Heart Wrenching Detail, She Writes About The Devastating High School Car Accident That Left Her Friend Mike Douglas Dead And About Her Decades Of Unspoken GriefWhen Laura Welch First Left West Texas In , She Never Imagined That Her Journey Would Lead Her To The World Stage And The White House After Graduating From Southern Methodist University In , In The Thick Of Student Rebellions Across The Country And At The Dawn Of The Women S Movement, She Became An Elementary School Teacher, Working In Inner City Schools, Then Trained To Be A Librarian At Age Thirty, She Met George W Bush, Whom She Had Last Passed In The Hallway In Seventh Grade Three Months Later, The Old Maid Of Midland Married Midland S Most Eligible Bachelor With Rare Intimacy And Candor, Laura Bush Writes About Her Early Married Life As She Was Thrust Into One Of America S Most Prominent Political Families, As Well As Her Deep Longing For Children And Her Husband S Decision To Give Up Drinking By , She Found Herself In The Full Glare Of The Political Spotlight But Just As Her Husband Won The Texas Governorship In A Stunning Upset Victory, Her Father, Harold Welch, Was Dying In MidlandIn , After One Of The Closest Elections In American History, Laura Bush Moved Into The White House Here She Captures Presidential Life In The Harrowing Days And Weeks After , When Fighter Jet Cover Echoed Through The Walls And Security Scares Sent The Family To An Underground Shelter She Writes Openly About The White House During Wartime, The Withering And Relentless Media Spotlight, And The Transformation Of Her Role As She Began To Understand The Power Of The First Lady One Of The First US Officials To Visit War Torn Afghanistan, She Also Reached Out To Disease Stricken African Nations And Tirelessly Advocated For Women In The Middle East And Dissidents In Burma She Championed Programs To Get Kids Out Of Gangs And To Stop Urban Violence And She Was A Major Force In Rebuilding Gulf Coast Schools And Libraries Post Katrina Movingly, She Writes Of Her Visits With US Troops And Their Loved Ones, And Of Her Empathy For And Immense Gratitude To Military FamiliesWith Deft Humor And A Sharp Eye, Laura Bush Lifts The Curtain On What Really Happens Inside The White House, From Presidential Finances To The Year Old Tradition Of Separate Bedrooms For Presidents And Their Wives To The Antics Of Some White House Guests And Even A Few Members Of Congress She Writes With Honesty And Eloquence About Her Family, Her Public Triumphs, And Her Personal Tribulations Laura Bush S Compassion, Her Sense Of Humor, Her Grace, And Her Uncommon Willingness To Bare Her Heart Make This Story Revelatory, Beautifully Rendered, And Unlike Any Other First Lady S Memoir Ever Written

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    This is Laura Bush s story and I thoroughly enjoyed it It s a wonderful look into an obviously historical span of time Let it be known this is not a book about President Bush this is about Mrs Bush and her view on first her and then their life.The book starts off with the early part of her life in Midland, Texas and it was somewhat of an average tale of growing up but with the sadness of her mother s many, many miscarriages, explaining why Mrs Bush was an only child She also speaks of the horrific time when she was in a car crash that killed a friend I was fascinated mostly by her experience with President Bush s first run and defeat as a congressman in Texas and then his run and win as Texas Governor Of course from there we know he ran and won the presidency for eight years and that s when I was hooked to the core of my being.I can t help but think people who didn t know anything about Laura Bush though that she was some kind of submissive wife who stood by her man I think people will be pleasantely surprised at how much she accomplished in her time as first lady She wasn t out there to boast any type of political agenda Mrs Bush is a proactive woman with a compassionate heart for helping those in need There were parts of the book that brought me to tears 9 11, sending our troops to war, the loss of our solders, genocide in Africa, Hurricane Katrina, fighting for women s rights in Afghanistan and the list goes on Mrs Bush has a quick wit and humor that had me laughing out loud even as I read her book in public She also very briefly stated her distaste for the hatred and mockery that was directed at her husband by both the press and politicians in D.C I thought she handled it gracefully and never got down to their level.The funniest part of the book in my opinion was when she spoke of the Russian s assumption that the president has control in that the media says about him In fact, one Russian reporter asked President Bush if he really has no power in the media being negative about him, then how did he fire Dan Rather It s funny, but it also shows you that the Russian controlled media lead their people to believe that our President has such a power.I appreciated her insight on how they handled such negatively as our county was fighting two wars Their daughter Barbara Bush, who was attending Yale, was told by a teacher s assistant that he would only give her an A in the class if she asked her father not to go to war Or when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid talked to the media saying President Bush was dangerous , a liar and a loser I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but for people in such high political positions to speak so ferociously speaks little of them They are as classless as they think their President was On that subject I wouldn t condone any politician of any party to denigrate our Commander in Chief in such a manner Not only does it look small and petty, it speaks volumes to our allies If we can t attempt to get along in our own country how can we be expected to create peace in countries that so desperately need it I think it s disgusting whether it be against our former President or our current President Grow up D.C After reading Mrs Bush s first account experience of her time in the White House I am than eager to get my hands on all former president and first lady s memoirs I think it s ignorant for anyone to assume what they hear from the media is actually how it happened for any president or first lady Mrs Bush outlined many incidents where the media was quick to judge or edit out important parts of a storyline Doggone media Five stars because I ll likely read it again and pass it along to others who may be interested in reading it.

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    In this memoir Laura Welch Bush, who always before has been a rather private person, gives us a candid peek into her life from youth to the early years of her marriage and life as a young mother of twin girls She gives us an in depth account of her eight years as our First Lady detailing the causes she championed, the implications and the results of her travel at home and abroad and the relationships forged with everyone ranging from the highest foreign dignitaries to those she grew to know intimately as White House staffers She reveals her anxiousness following 9 11 and her distress from the demeaning political bashing directed at her husband Joys and sorrows, triumphs and regrets are all included The book reveals a great deal about this compassionate First Lady who carries herself with such dignity, grace and elegance.Her love of books is best revealed through her willingness to share that love raising a greater national awareness by championing new authors, establishing a National Book Festival and urging all to read with their children.

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    Regardless of your political views, this is a well written, thoughtful work The book providse a very detailed account of Laura Bush s life from her own memories, notes, and official government logs Her voice and perspective exude class and character My favorite moment in the book came when Laura described her struggle with infertility The English language lacks the words to mourn an absence For the loss of a parent, grandparent, spouse, child or friend, we have all manner of words and phrases, some helpful some not Still we are conditioned to say something, even if it is only I m sorry for your loss But for an absence, for someone who was never there at all, we are wordless to capture that particular emptiness For those who deeply want children and are denied them, those missing babies hover like silent ephemeral shadows over their lives Who can describe the feel of a tiny hand that is never held Any woman who has felt the burden of delayed motherhood can relate to her story She has a sensitivity and poise that are remarkable when you consider the press weary life she has led I found it most interesting that Mrs Bush disagrees with her husband on several of his political positions including his pro life stance However, she was able to be a supportive wife, mother and First Lady without hampering his political objectives or undermining his role as commander in chief.

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    The fact that she s married to W touts her herculean patience and strong motherly instincts much better than any memoir.

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    It became clear to me early on while reading this memoir that it was going to be a beautiful read From cover to cover, Laura Bush s personal and deeply touching story is beautifully written and a delight to read I closed the book with a smile on my face and yet sadness that it was the end Taking three weeks to read it due partly to the fact that I was on business travel one of those weeks and by the time my head hit the pillow I could hardly read a single paragraph , I feel I spent enough time to soak up every word.Laura Bush is to be admired, respected, and an example to follow Not only has she always been and remains to be committed to her husband and family, she has a heart for people that stretches to the corners of the world She used her platform as First Lady to serve others and bring attention and aid to some of the most devastating circumstances around the globe.Spoken from the Heart discusses painful topics for the former First Lady, from the tragic accident that took a friend s life and the grief stricken years to follow, to the challenging decisions her husband was faced with every single day and her admiration for him to persevere in tough times She does a marvelous job humanizing the former First Family The Bush family respected each other and remained committed despite all the negative circumstance and attention surrounding them They stayed true to themselves and served our country with honor and integrity.Something that came to mind frequently while reading Spoken from the Heart was a quote from the Book of Esther When Esther is called to be Queen, her uncle tells her she was called, for such a time as this I truly believe President Bush was called for his time He brought with him a beautiful family and a strong, caring, loving and gracious wife.Laura Bush is a genuine soul who continues work for many of the initiatives she began in the White House As a fellow lover of books and literacy, she has inspired me to consider where I can lend my hand and support To share books with others, to encourage education and literacy, to meet authors and enrich our understandings, all of this is a gift to be shared.What can I say other than I respect, admire, and appreciate Laura Bush I thank her for opening up to the world and writing a memoir, despite her preference for privacy I thank her for her efforts and her faith in the human people to help one another And I recommend this memoir to anyone who admires the Bush family, enjoys autobiographies and memoirs, or just wants to be inspired to make a difference in their world.

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    I have only read about 1 3 of the book but I wanted to post something about it because I would like to encourage others to read it, regardless of their politics It is truly worth the read.The book is written with such honesty and openness that you feel almost as if Laura Bush is speaking directly to you Her soft spoken demeanor is apparent from page one You can feel the sincerity of the author as she opens herself to public scrutiny There is nothing phony about her or the book She is what you saw when she was First Lady and she continues to be, the genuine article She has no guile.From the first page I was smitten with the story of her life She grew up almost parallel to the time in which I did and her descriptions of those years are dead on.Tears often came to my eyes in just the first dozen and a half pages because I was so moved as she described the lives of her ancestors, her parents, her family She was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth she does not sound spoiled or uppity, she has no bitterness and she never complains Her story feels heartfelt and real She is grateful for everything she has been given in her life The language of the book is easy to read and the emotions engendered in me, by the descriptions, were profound and deep I believe these same feeling will be evoked for other readers, as well How different she sounds than many of our current politician s wives At this point, I would like to update my comments I am pretty much through 3 4 s of the book now and I have to say I think it should be read by all young adults in high school so they can get an accurate and gentle portrayal of what goes on in the White House even under the most dire circumstances The serenity Laura Bush exhibits, the calm confidence and good humor in the face of threats, insults and tragedies is an example for all to follow Only those with the most extremely biased politics will find fault with this book because there is no finger pointing, no insults, no anger at anyone at all, for that matter.During her tenure as First Lady, the White House experienced so many tragedies for which there was no blueprint in advance to help deal with the situation From 9 11, to Katrina, to the beltway sniper, to the shoe bomber, to the tsunami, the shuttle explosion, the wars, abu ghraib, the suspected weapons of mass destruction, the demonstrations, the anthrax scare, the demonization of the Bush family and , this White House never faltered, never made personal attacks against anyone, although it was criticized by a largely politicized media blitz of hate and in my opinion, they would have been within their rights to do so When she discusses the press coverage, her pain and anguish over the way they falsely portrayed her and her husband is quite evident The only time there is any indication of displeasure is when she discusses some of the rudest members of the press corps Now that I have finished the book I can only say that Laura Bush is a real lady, not only the former First Lady The President was a gentleman and he had class as well They would serve as good examples for anyone wanting to choose a career in politics.

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    It is ironic that a librarian would write a book that would convince me not to read, but this book has officially turned me off the genre of public figures and their so called autobiographies The lack of self reflection and depth becomes intolerable The ability to skip over the painful and uncomfortable stuff The reluctance to analyze intentions or actions Laura is the daughter of a Texas businessman and and an awesome, educated housewife Sadly, her parents had at least 2 still born children other than Laura This theme is strong, but not really explored That is what irks me It is all very safe, and little is exposed In the same way, before she has her daughters, Laura and George seriously looked at adoption But there is not any follow up on that It seemed once she had the twins, the goal was met, no need to adopt But can t be there a sentence or two about that topic This skipping of the authentic, personal experience happens again when in one of the parts that ring true , Laura is a little kid, going on vacation with her parents She is all alone in the back seat This is where she felt the lack of those lost siblings Despite this sympathetic glimpse of the woman, overall, it is hard to warm up to this book Interestingly, Laura speaks highly of Bar , who I thought might be portrayed as a bit of a bitch It seems that Laura really does loves G., but does not convey this in a resounding way, you just kind of accept it She does simply say they met each other at the right time they both were ready to settle down and wanted to have a family Again, another crumb where you might relate, but it retreats quickly.When she was in high school, Laura was in a terrible car accident that killed one of her peers The account is poorly handled and rings of self justification She states there were other accidents at the same intersection She regretted not reaching out to the family of the victim, and it does not seem that she ever connected with them The lack of clarity in this comes across as a lack of sincerity I found it funny how she says things like I was worried about G having to give the press conference but does not really analyze or comment in detail about his personality and character The 9 11 stuff has some sappy, self serving garbage, but is very exciting Overall, the book is kind of boring and not very insightful But if I thought it would be insightful, I m the dummy, I have not one to blame but myself.

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    I ve long been fascinated by the stories of the women behind the men the wives, lovers, sisters and daughters of the famous men we read about in the history books But mostly my interest has veered towards women in the distant past, most likely because linking oneself to a man was really the only way to achieve upward social mobility Today, a woman can carve out a page in history for herself, on her own terms, without necessarily needing that wife of addendum to her name So reading the autobiography of Laura Bush was something different for me because of its very modernity I was also drawn to her book for another reason a curiosity to explore a part of my own past I was a 12 year old on a family vacation in Florida when Laura s husband George was waiting anxiously to hear the results from the electoral college, and I was a twenty year old in a campus bar when Barack Obama became the first African American president From 12 to 20, those are some pretty pivotal years in anyone s personal development, and I was eager to delve further into the larger global events because let s face it, even though I m Canadian, America exerts an enormous political and cultural influence on us that informed, shaped, or briefly touched my adolescence and own coming of age 9 11, anthrax, the War on Terror, the Iraq War, the capture of Saddam Hussein, the Washington sniper, Hurricane Katrina, the Boxing Day tsunamireading this book, I was reminded of how scary the world had sometimes felt to me in the first half of that first decade of the new millenium I distinctly remember racing down the street after a night of babysitting around the corner, terrified that a sniper in a car trunk had me in his crosshairs I remember writing in my diary the day Saddam Hussein s sons were caught by American troops I was worried, and wrote with the typical naivete of a sheltered 15 year old were these men evil Should they be get the death penalty Is a war ever really just Yes, I was definitely an overly serious and bookish teen, but I don t think my fears and worries were unique It may be too soon to look back on those years with any kind of scholarly appraisal, and maybe there really wasn t anything particularly scary about them at all when you compare 2000 2008 to any other eight year stretch in history Now, as to the actual content of the book it felt almost like two different books, rather abrasively attached The first half was my favourite it read like a prairie gothic or southern gothic novel, set in the dusty, gritty, howling landscape of West Texas It was written beautifully, and full of yearning and a surprising amount of depth and honesty for a political autobiography I wanted to read about this Laura Welch I liked her The second half is much the presentation of the traditional politician s wife, toeing the line and maintaining the status quo Although there are interesting details in there she writes about the history of pilfering that goes in when guests including very high profile ones visit the White House and feel compelled to steal anything that hasn t been bolted down, including embroidered hand towels and I enjoyed the insights into world leaders from Putin to Sarkozy to the sheiks of the UAE, sometimes it read like a meticulously scheduled litany of events, places and times Her husband George also remains frustratingly elusive We never get a glimpse into the real George or really any inkling of a personality he may have He is portrayed as stoic, dauntlessly moral and unwavering in his commitment to what he sees as the right thing All admirable qualities, to be sure, but they make for a flat, two dimensional sketch of a person Between Laura s portrayal of her husband and the late night talk show hosts vicious lampooning of Dubya , I feel like I have two polar opposite presentations of the man behind all the myths Even a funny anecdote would have done something in fleshing George out a bit Some of the things I took away from the second half both Laura and George are devoted parents, Christians and friends They stayed very close to the same group of friends all their lives and didn t really run in a Washington jet set crowd Whenever they could, they went home to their Crawford, Texas ranch Laura s love of books is genuine and deep, and that love of reading really shone through this book I was also really impressed by her and George s commitment to fighting AIDS and malaria in Africa, and Laura s own personal interest and volunteer work in Afghanistan working for female education and for greater awareness of breast cancer and heart health for women around the world, particularly in the Middle East Her work speaking out against the atrocities being committed in Burma was also really admirable I think Laura Bush sometimes gets written off as a good girl , quiet, docile, baking cookies in the White House and only sticking to fluff causes like, oh, you know, READING ha , but she tackled some tough, gritty issues and wasn t afraid to get in there, to travel to dangerous places and to see, hear and touch the dirty sides of life Laura Bush famously agreed to marry her rising political star boyfriend only if he promised she would never have to make a speech She says that s the only promise he s ever made to her that he broke And that s a good thing, because her speeches, and this book, are worthy of being heard and read She s led a remarkable life and parts of it I certainly don t envy I can t imagine how she was able to ignore the vitriol directed against her husband whatever your political leanings are, I think we can agree that Bush received a LOT of hate during his presidency and that s got to be hard for a spouse to hear , but I did enjoy the book.

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    This was a long, but enjoyable book Mrs Bush gives so many details about so many events before and during living in the White House I learned a lot and understood certain things better after reading her book One thing I must say is that she LOVES her husband and is protective of him as she should be.

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    I enjoy reading all the First Lady s Bios