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April Morning by Howard Fast is a historical fiction book with 202 pages Adam Cooper, a 15 year old boy lives in Lexington, Massachusetts in the 1770s when tensions with the British are heating up one night a lone rider comes to town and warns the people of Lexington that British forces are coming The town reverend and the townsmen decide to sign a muster that lets people volunteer to fight the British if it comes to that The muster gathers about 70 people including Adam and his father Moses What will happen next Read to find out.I honestly do not like this book at all The characters are boring and emotionless The book drags on for so long that it takes them 10 pages just to finish a small dinner The action scenes in this book are dull and uninteresting, so much so that Adam literally falls asleep during one Further so, that when he actually fights Redcoats the fighting is extremely fast and hard to follow Adam s girlfriend, who is also his second cousin once removed, is a very cliche and cheesy character His relationship with her goes nowhere the entire book Overall I would never recommend this book to anyone.I think the main theme of this book is how quickly things can be taken away from you His father is shot in the chest at the beginning and this influences him throughout the whole book I believe that the author wants us to not take anything for granted That being said, Howard Fast barely does anything to emphasize this theme at all This book is very historically accurate but that is what makes it boring, I would rate this book 1 out of 5 stars. This was at least my second, perhaps my third time reading this novel and once again I found it very informative Historically it recounts the morning of April 18 19, 1775 and the first battle of the Revolutionary war The story is told through the eyes of Adam Cooper, a boy of 15 We have the teenage angst of a boy feeling unloved by his father, who is a strict disciplinarian Adam is confused by his feeling and his desire for independence from his father Adam also is interested in a young girl who lives nearby Word has come down that the British are coming and men and boys run to sign up to stand against the redcoats Adam s father allows him to sign up and in the course of one day the boy grows into a man after encountering war and loss. When You Read This Novel About April You Will See The British Redcoats Marching In A Solid Column Through Your Town Your Hands Will Be Sweating And You Will Shake A Little As You Grip Your Musket Because Never Have You Shot With The Aim Of Killing A Man But You Will Shoot, And Shoot Again And Again While Your Shoulder Aches From Your Musket S Kick And The Tight, Disciplined Red Column Bleeds And Wavers And Breaks And You Begin To Shout At The Top Of Your Lungs Because You Are There, At The Birth Of Freedom You Re A Veteran Of The Battle Of Lexington, And You Ve Helped Whip The King S Best Soldiers Once I got past all of the necessary character building of teenage angst and adults being jerky and not understanding of those darn kids, it got better I think the history of the initial battle scene may have been slightly altered for a dramatic telling, but not in a horrible, I can t believe the author did that way.I think the author did a very good job showing how so much can change in just one 24 hour day To go from regular teenage pouting and railing against parents, to deadly conflict and the start of the fight for America s independence, and the growth of a boy into a man by necessity It was powerful and definitely leads one to think, today seems normal, but to what will it lead Will it become different, vital, important in a way I never anticipated Am I prepared for what may come Thought provoking book I m glad I read it as an adult The beginning got under my skin with the teenager behavior, but it was true to life and did a good job to set the stage of the main characters in the book I m not sure how I would have reacted to this if I had to read it in school. Yesterday, he was a boy Tonight, he s not Now what kind of thing is that to say That s exactly the kind of thing a man says I don t understand that kind of talk A boy doesn t turn into a man overnight It takes learning and growing and hurting And most of all it takes time Sometimes, Father said slowly, we don t have time The opening of the American War of Independence through the eyes and emotions of a Lexington teen Outstanding depth of consciousness The reader is dragged along as Adam Cooper is yanked out of his very conventional colonial New England childhood into a frightening and blood soaked adulthood on the day world history changed Then I realized that at this range, even if some of the bird shot did reach the redcoats, it would sting no harder than a mosquito It was a great relief to find some sensible reason not to go on shooting So much better than other fiction by Fast Is this the normal or an aberration Fast captures the feel of the times in the syntax and the ideas the permeate this story As an eyewitness, Adam doesn t see or know everything especially not who fired that shot but he does filter the action through a realistic, immersive point of view Nobody fights in God s cause, the Reverend replied sharply Isn t it enough to kill in freedom s name No one kills in God s cause He can only ask God s forgiveness Quibble Modernity creeps in at the edges Words like subconscious are jarringly out of place The treatment of native American and women is noticeably better than the norm of those days, but plausible given the family ethic portrayed Occasional typos mar the text It doesn t make one bit of sense that the British are coming up with a real army I mean, what for I mean, why on earth would they want to start a war You always read about wars But no one ever explains why a war starts They just start What was General Gates thinking By all accounts, he was trying to subdue or seduce the colonists back into the imperial fold, despite hawkish subordinates How then could he imagine that an armed incursion into the Massachusetts country would not trigger a fight When Goivernor Dun stole the Virginia militia s powder the very next day which was too coincidental to be coincidence , the shot heard round the world had already been fired And he almost got a fight, too Once the sword of war is pulled, for whatever reason, it s hard to scabbard The April morning when I departed properly belonged in a past so distant and different that it could hardly be evoked Even if all the scars were healed, nothing would ever be the same again. Literally the worst book I have ever read But still a better love story than Twilight. My class had to read this book for Academic Strategies, and at first, my friend and I thought it would be a good book, but after reading the first few pages, we realized we were sorely mistaken Talk about Don t judge a book by its cover The story was impossible to follow, and at times, I wanted to just give up on the book, but since we were forced to, my friend and I had no choice but to keep reading The book got better at one part, and then got worse almost instantly Howard Fast had one problem with this book Character development Adam became a man in around 24 hours, which makes it almost unrealistic, given the circumstances he was put in I don t know how it could be an all time bestseller, unless people gave up in the middle of the book and decided to give it this award The book was confusing overall. Loved this book It really helped me see the Revolution from the ground level, even though it was through a work of fiction. In this coming of age story, fifteen year old Adam Cooper has to grow up overnight Adam lives in Lexington, MA and it s April 18, 1775 It s the eve of the Revolutionary War and the British Army is on the march to Concord to seize the munition stores of the colonists.Having been warned of the impending arrival of the Redcoats, the town committeemen call all able bodied men to town to make a stand No one in Lexington believes that there will be a battle as they have 75 men, at most, vs 1,000 Redcoats They just want to show the British Army that they are not to be trifled with and that Lexington is their home and they will protect it However, all those rational thoughts are thrown away, when the British open fire From there, the reader follows Adam as he joins the rest of the men in harassing the British column as it marches from Concord back to Boston.This story gives puts you in the thoughts of a young man who until this day had a quiet life where his biggest problems were trying not to disappoint his father and dealing with his annoying little brother That all changes in an instant when the first shot rings out Very well written, a quick and easy read but interesting as the reader learns of the initial hours of the Revolutionary War I recommend this to anyone interested in the Revolutionary War or even simply as a coming of age story.Rating 3.75 stars Gut wrenching events leading to the raw revolutionary war.