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    Ehh I liked it, but didn t love it too much thee ing and thou ing for my taste, plus it was written in the early 1900s style of Old English Did they really talk like that, or is that just what early twentieth century authors thought they talked like I used to love Robin Hood by the same author, though xP I was kind of obsessed with Robin Hood for a while 3 stars

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    This novel was the basis of the Hollywood movie, The Black Shield of Falworth, starring Tony Curtis, and Janet Leigh It depicts the struggle of young Myles Falworth to learn the truth about his family s disgrace in mediaeval England during the reign of Henry IV, and his training as first a squire and later as a knight to prepare him to avenge his father s honor and restore the family name of Falworth on the roster of English chivalry.The movie version heightens the story s drama by adding a second love interest for Myles best friend, and by increasing the stakes by making the villain an outright traitor with plans to overthrow King Henry It also includes Prince Hal, in a role where his historical roistering debauchery is treated as a ruse to conceal his own efforts to uncover the plot while at the same time gives him the chance to advance the fortunes of young Myles.The book was very informative regarding the training, habits, and s of that era in English history It also appears on recommended reading lists of great literature.

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    A knight s taleThis was a very straightforward story of a boy becoming a successful knight and doing great deeds It is fun, historical, and easy to read I enjoyed it even though it was not very complicated in character development or plot.

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    This is the the coming of age story of Myles Falworth, the son of a nobleman who supported the wrong king, making the new King Henry IV royally annoyed and sending the family into hiding until Myles grew up enough to become a squire and then a knight, and then a seasoned warrior who could challenge the family s chief enemy, the Earl of Alban Myles supporters includes Henry IV s son, Prince Hal, with a brief digression into the disagreements of father and son from an interesting perspective Along the way, Myles of course meets the young noblewoman who he loves in at first a Platonic way, becomes her knight, and later seeks her hand in marriage As a young adult novel of a previous generation, there are moral questions to be dealt with, since Myles has engaged in a battle to the death with his family s foe Was it moral to kill him It s interesting that Pyle felt it necessary to ask.What sets this book apart from the herd is its wonderful employment of middle English speech to give the story a wonderful feel of medieval English life I suspect the language is Shakespearean than English of the 1400s, but it s still a pleasure to read And I think I ll take to calling my secluded backyard my pleasance.

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    Enjoyable YA adventure, set at the height of the age of chivalry, but written with the stong moral force and occasional moralizing of the Victorian era.

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    Men Of Iron, Howard PyleWow, what a great little book It centers around a young man, Myles Falworth, who is unwittingly caught up in the political intrigue during the transition from King Richard II to King Henry the IV The new king follows the tradition of taking out the colleagues of his predecessor As a boy Myles father is blinded, exiled, and still wanted for treason for aiding and harboring a loyalist to the former king during this time His family finds protection and anonymity and he grows up a peasant until his father sends him away to a former friend who still has power in the government to enter into his service and attain knighthood Eventually with help and guidance unknown to him at first he becomes a knight and avenges his father s honor and estate I love tales of revenge Especially righteous revenge But it s not just a revenge story It s a classic coming of age tale that focuses on middle age chivalry Myles is studied as he grows from his naive and impressionable outlook on what is honorable and right to a mature viewpoint His boldness is helped by the fact that he s favored by his lord and master so his youthful ideals are validated There s the disappointment of realizing that the facts of life aren t as simple and black and white as he assumes in his youth, but he never becomes cynical as he learns to deal with the complexities of coming into his own He remains pure at heart and heroically turns the fortunes of his own family and that of his benefactors as well.What really loved was the details of life at the time period His time spent as a squire, the rigors of the work, and the fromal social interactions are historically delicious His knighthood ceremony where he is finally inducted into the Order of the Bath by the king he was soon to defy is regarded as a nonfictional account of the proceedings It s packed full of a lot of details and intensity for what is actually a short novelette At times it seems too short, but classic literature was specially gifted for keeping things simple while unfolding a great yarn I loved and if this is any indication of how Pyle s other works are, I ll be checking out of them.

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    Own as Audio CD read by Jim Weiss I hope to change to the correct edition soon We listened to Men of Iron on a long trip We enjoyed the story the exploits and doings of Myles Falworth were exciting His maturation throughout the book was well done from foolish boy to brave, wise knight His foolish misunderstandings were brought on, at least partially, from the lack of information the adults in his life gave him Yet, the revelations of friendship, enemy, and history all moved the plot along Much of the story of Myles training revolved around his character, both the good and the bad He was a natural leader, yet sometimes his leadership caused trouble than necessary Perhaps our children were a little young for this In some ways, the story was nuanced and the language difficult for them We did have to explain what was going on in several places They all insisted, however, that they liked the story, and since we own it, can listen again in the future.While we generally enjoy Jim Weiss and his CDs, this one seemed less professional than we ve come to expect There were places where obvious corrections were made that were distracting to the adult listener.

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    This classic novel of knights in shining armour, British Kings, and jousting is really great literature I d give it 4 1 2 stars if I could Don t get me wrong, this is isn t a thrill a minute It is actually quite slow and methodical But, I learned a lot about how people became knights and what they were required to do, and I enjoyed a coming of age adventure story at the same time.Myles Falworth is a boy of 16 when he is sent to a nearby castle learn how to become a knight I didn t like him much at firsthe is cocky and stubborn and gets himself into trouble often But, slowly, Myles learns to hold his temper and becomes a great knight of the 14th century The story interested me enough, that I did some follow up reading after I finished the book yesterday about King Richard II, King Henry IV, and King Henry V Excellent writing with some beautiful comments by Howard Pyle about growing up as a boy in that age.

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    This is a wonderful Boys Book I read it decades ago, and it still appeals to this 50 year old boy, perhaps because it makes me first like that young lad I was in the early 1970s That is it s greatest strength, I feel it captures and romanticizes knighthood in the time of King Henry IV for impressionable boys of all ages There are clear cut villains and characters of nobel heart Certainly meant for young adults, it is a coming of age story, and did, not doubt, help to shape the man I eventually grew into.It is also a pretty good 1954 movie starring Tony Curtis, The Black Shield of Falworth, although the movie uses characters who really are too old, and skips most of the youthful boy stories that come early in the book I would love to see this remade to feature youthful British actors.