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Is this all we are A necklace of chemicals Where, in the double helix, does the soul lieMedical student or not, you will learn a lot from Tess Gerritsen s books with pure enjoyment If you like your crime medicine strong, this will keep you gripped Rizzoli Isles is the perfect series 4.5 5A series of horrific murders seem disturbingly familiar to Detective Jane Rizzoli They remind her of those committed by a killer known as the Surgeon, who they recently put behind bars.While they re still trying to track down the new killer, the unthinkable happens the Surgeon escapes.Suddenly, Jane is chasing not one but two brilliant and twisted minds, united by one goalTo perfect their skills on the woman who s hunting them.I ve read the first book The Surgeon about a year ago and I ve NEVER LOVED A CRIME BOOK SO MUCH, it was on top of my favorites list And The Apprentice is just as good The only flaw was that the focus was completely on Warren Hoyt, AKA the Surgeon which I don t mind since I loved the first book and it still interests me , but I was disappointed that I didn t get to know the Dominatornor read about his POV.It s gory, it s gripping, it s Gerritsen. The Bestselling Author Of The Surgeon Returns, And So Does That Chilling Novel S Diabolical Villain Though Held Behind Bars, Warren Hoyt Still Haunts A Helpless City, Seeming To Bequeath His Evil Legacy To A Student All Too Diligent And All Too DeadlyE APPRENTICEIt Is A Boiling Hot Boston Summer Adding To The City S Woes Is A Series Of Shocking Crimes, In Which Wealthy Men Are Made To Watch While Their Wives Are Brutalized A Sadistic Demand That Ends In Abduction And DeathThe Pattern Suggests One Man Serial Killer Warren Hoyt, Recently Removed From The City S Streets Police Can Only Assume An Acolyte Is At Large, A Maniac Basing His Attacks On The Twisted Medical Techniques Of The Madman He So Admires At Least That S What Detective Jane Rizzoli Thinks Forced Again To Confront The Killer Who Scarred Her Literally And Figuratively She Is Determined To Finally End Hoyt S Awful Influence Even If It Means Receiving Resistance From Her All Male Homicide SquadBut Rizzoli Isn T Counting On The US Government S Sudden Interest Or On Meeting Special Agent Gabriel Dean, Who Knows Than He Will Tell Most Of All, She Isn T Counting On Becoming A Target Herself, Once Hoyt Is Suddenly Free, Joining His Mysterious Blood Brother In A Vicious Vendetta Filled With Superbly Created Characters And The Medical And Police Procedural Details That Are Her Trademark, The Apprentice Is Tess Gerritsen At Her Brilliant Best Set In A Stunning World Where Evil Is Easy To Learn And Hard To End, This Is A Thriller By A Master Who Could Teach Other Authors A Thing Or Two From The Hardcover Edition Update from Reread 5 1 My original rating and comments stand Just as good the second time around It s been a year since Jane Rizzoli s encounter with the now jailed Surgeon and she s still recovering Not so much from her physical wounds but the deeper ones no one can see When she s called to a crime scene by another detective from a different squad, Rizzoli must face the horror all over again as she finds similarities to the Surgeon s work.Things are also compounded when an FBI agent inserts himself into the investigation Gabriel Dean isn t forthcoming with too many details as to why he s there and Jane must not only tackle her resurfacing demons but hold her own with her own team and the lead detective from the Newton squad Medical examiner Maura Isles is also introduced here.I was reluctant to resume the series after the last book where a deeply flawed Jane Rizzoli didn t seem to think she needed redemption nor would she own up to her troubling behavior Her jealousy of fellow detective Thomas Moore s relationship with a victim, Catherine Cordelia, led her to put his career at risk And, the request she made of a fellow detective to cover up the details of her shooting of an unarmed suspect went beyond the pale However, in this story, we find not only a repentant Rizzoli but one who isintrospective and less willing to be a victim of sexism She s still edgy and tough, which are her stengths, but without the huge boulder on her shoulder that characterized her in the first book Rizzoli is muchfocused on the investigation and working with not only her team but the detective from the other squad and the mysterious Gabriel Dean We also learnedabout the dynamics of her family, allowing us better insight into this intriguing character.The re emergence of the Surgeon was chilling and this story moved rapidly For me, the bogey man was around every corner and I was tense for most of the book really good thing for me It is a tribute to the exceptional writing that my opinion of Jane Rizzoli was completely transformed I m looking forward to continuing the series and highly recommend this book. A new serial killer has come to Boston and Detective Jane Rizzoli is called to the latest crime scene when there are similarities to a former case she worked on which resulted in the capture and arrest of Warren The Surgeon Hoyt Hoyt is now in prison, so these latest murders must be the work of a copycat Then Hoyt escapes and it seems he s now joined forces with this new killer, The Dominator.This book was enjoyable enough, but disappointing as well I was looking forward to reading about The Dominator and was hoping for his point of view which wasn t included Instead all the focus went to Warren Hoyt so much that I felt like I was reading The Surgeon again, and unfortunately, that book wasn t a favorite of mine What I did like in this book was that Jane Rizzoli was front and center this time I enjoyed the parts with her fellow cops, her interactions with them, the plotting and planning of the case, the stakeout I enjoyed Dr Maura Isles and her autopsies I did prefer this book to The Surgeon, but in the end this book was still too much like The Surgeon for me. Tess Gerritsen Fans Group Link my 2nd read Is Serial killer Warren Hoyt from The Surgeon back book 1 s murderer Hoyt has been locked up for 1 year in Massachusetts Walpole State Prison Det.Rizzoli helped find arrest him The Apprentice murders have a similar technique while he is locked up Hoyt tied victims with duct tape, killed 1 woman at a time left folded nightgowns as his Dominator s sign of control The Apprentice kills couples resemble Hoyt s Dr Yeager first victim tied with duct tape to watch Gail wife abused, he s killed then She cannot be found The Apprentice kills couples 1 Dr Yeager Gail Yeager, 2 Alexander Karenna Ghent and 3 Kenneth Marla Jean Waite Hoyt escapes prison being transferred to Fitchburg State hospital In E.R he kills the Anesthesiologist O.R nurse Senator Conway, Rizzoli s friend calls her to Washington, D.C., believes Hoyt Apprentice killings are related Was he trained by Hoyt Not captured in Washington In a Boston Airport Limo ride home captured in it s trunk She faces Hoyt again kill him as he attacks Or be haunted let him live You follow Hoyt Apprentice relationship.Small notes Rizzoli is only 115 pounds FBI Agent Gabriel Dean Jane work great with love It s the heat, said Rizzoli as she reached for her cell phone It brings the monsters out It has been a year since the events that took place in The Surgeon Detective Jane Rizzoli thought serial killer Warren Hoyt was safely locked away in prison and that she could move on But a new series of brutal murders suggests that there may be someone out there who admires Hoyt and is basing his attacks using the same techniques that Hoyt used That is what Rizzoli thinks She is also finding that even though Hoyt is safely locked away he has changed her In some ways he is still in her life.Now wealthy men are being killed and their wives have disappeared The men have been tied up with duct tape and propped against a wall, their throats slit Evidences suggest they were made to watch as something was done to their wife In the bedrooms the wives nightgowns have been left behind, neatly folded All techniques that seem to indicate Hoyt.Things take and interesting, and complex, turn when the FBI shows up at one of the crime scenes Special Agent Gabriel Dean inserts himself into Rizzoli s case She has no choice in the matter The orders came from higher up Very high up She may not have a choice in Dean s involvement but that doesn t mean she has to like it Or to trust him Rizzoli is supposed to include him but he is holding back on her Why is the FBI involved and what else is there that they are not telling her.Every serial killer needs a nickname and in this case he has been dubbed The Dominator Later in the story Hoyt escapes from prison and The Surgeon and The Dominator team up I thought this was a little too much and too unbelievable None the less I enjoyed this story and look forward to readingbooks in the series We meet Maura Isles and the character of Jane Rizzoli grows The reader gets to know her a little better it was not pain she feared most it was humiliation. With the serial killer known as the Surgeon behind bars, Detective Jane Rizzoli can breathe easy and get on with her life Or can she When a murder victim is found with his wife clearly tortured and abducted, there is a chilling signature of the Surgeon s work and perhaps a hint that he is not entirely finished with Jane.A very creepy, thriller which manages to raise the tension to the max without a host of murders An excellent follow up to The Surgeon and an introduction to forensic pathologist Maura Isles and FBI agent Gabriel Dean. These books are SO good Well, this is only the second book that I have read in the series but they are so good This one wasn t as good as book one, I think the story was the reason why, but I did give book one 4.5 stars so its not that much of a step down If all crime novels were like this, I would definitely readcrime novels I think Gerritsen is a terrific writer and storyteller I highlighted a couple of passages to show how good she is Even before they saw the body, the heard the ominous hum of flies and The sky had opened up and rain poured like a thousand hammers on the roof of Dean s Volvo She doesthan paint a picture with her descriptions, she makes you feel like you re really there because she describes it so you can feel it with each of your senses and also feel those ominous feelings and feelings of grief, terror, etc I think she s just a really phenomenal writer And also, when she s describing anything to do with criminal or medical terms, she does it so eloquently and in such a way that it doesn t feel like preachy or pretentious in any way Her explanations also don t pull you away from the story either which I think is seriously impressive because there are so many explanations in the book The story was really good I wish we got a bitof the Dominator because it was mainly about the Surgeon but that was just something small The book felt like a really good crime tv show to me I haven t seen the show Rizzoli Isles but I might start watching it if it is anything like the books The book is so addictive, I read half of it in one day and then I was busy for two days but devoured the rest on the fourth day I didn t want to put it down and I am so eager to pick up book 3 but I will give it a little time I think I would 100% recommend this series It is so good and I do think you have to read them in order, at least the ones I have read so far the first 2 I don t know if Tess Gerritsen hasbooks outside of this series but if she does, I will definitely check them out too. I read this one while traveling it was a perfect plane read Totally gripping and chilling I wouldn t have thought I d be a fan of medical thrillers, but I really enjoy Gerritsen s writing it s addictive and fascinating, with lots of detailed medical references that make the story that muchauthentic. Other than a two week break between the first half and second half, this mystery was a page turner New characters and a new psychopath with ties to the last book Jane Rizzoli may not be the easiest chick to like but she rocks girl power and demands respect Not only is she underestimated by the criminals, but by some of the good guys too I really like this series well written, full of twists and the author builds suspense by unfolding the storyline thru her characters Plenty of tense moments Even if I felt just a touch cheated by the ending, I m already getting on the library list for the next one PS still a whole lot of Rizzoli and only a little of Isles assuming that changes at some point In the mean time, I m okay withDean