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In an adult dominated society teenagers are often shut out of participation in politics We Fight to Win offers a compelling account of young people's attempts to get involved in community politics and documents the battles waged to form youth movements and create social change in schools and neighborhoodsHava Rachel Gordon compares the struggles and successes of two very different youth movements a mostly white middle class youth activist network in Portland Oregon and a working class network of minority youth in Oakland California She examines how these young activists navigate schools families community organizations and the mainstream media and employ a variety of strategies to make their voices heard on some of today's most pressing issuesùwar school funding the environmental crisis the prison industrial complex standardized testing corporate accountability and educational reform We Fight to Win is one of the first books to focus on adolescence and political action and deftly explore the ways that the politics of youth activism are structured by age ineuality as well as race class and gender

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    Fascinating analysis of youth movements in Portland and Oakland This book made me feel so inspired and made me want to get involved in activism myself as well as supporting youth activists I was really interested in the different ways in which the youth related to adult allies how their different cultural positions affected their need for and ability to involve adults as mentors andor legitimizing presencesAlso it was interesting to me how one movement made a lot of room for discussion of things like racism sexism etc and how these related to individuals' experiences while the other group felt these discussions were indulgent and they should focus on action Which group was torn apart by infighting? Yup the group who didn't want to waste their time discussing the dynamics of oppression Just reminded me of the importance of incorporating this work INTO our activism rather than separating them out