A Gospel of Shame Children Sexual Abuse and the Catholic

The relentless crescendo of revelations of sexual abuse in the nation's Catholic churches has rocked the nation Just how widespread is child sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy? And why hasn't the Catholic church done to stop it?In A Gospel of Shame Pulitzer Prize nominated journalists Elinor Burkett and Frank Bruni provide the answers to these questions and The answers however turn out to be infuriating and heartbreaking difficult to accept but impossible to dismiss The authors thoroughly document dozens of cases across the country and reveal how this heinous abuse of trust has been tacitly sanctioned by the Church's silence

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    Mortal sinsReviewing a religious book is not what I like to do therefore we will go for a summary and a bit of point of view This book present lots of accusations to priests and the church hierarchy that instead of being compassionate are interested and involved in concealment One of the cases that were discussed in this book was related to Frank Fitzpatrick He is a private detective living in Rhode Island He mentioned that when he was a child he was molested by a priest Father James Porter His search to find the priest takes long time and finally he finds him in Minnesota in 1990 The priest that time was already married Fitzpatrick with the help of others got the attention of public and media Hundreds of people accused Porter of molesting them when they were younger These kinds of heartbreaking news are difficult to accept but impossible to ignore an abuse of a trust that no one should keep silent This book provides examples of a condition that needs to be unmasked in the name of justice hope and faith

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    Okay I couldn't finish this one Around the fifth chapter it starts to talk about the priests' having a ''disease'' which is beyond their controlNOAbsolutely NOTHING can justify doing that to a child

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    Opening salvo in the war against pedophile Catholic priests You'd think that the events in the early 1990s would have alerted people but then it all happened again in Boston about 10 years laterOne of the disturbing things to read was how some parishes banded together to decry actions taken against pedophile priests in the face of all the evidence