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In his uncompleted last work The Visible and the Invisible Maurice Merleau Ponty wrote of the thesis of interanimality a project that was to make explicit the connections between humans and other creatures David Dillard Wright uses the suggestions in the Working Notes to re read Merleau Ponty's textual corpus through the lens of animality The wild meanings that result suggest new directions for philosophical anthropology as well as environmental ethics and animal philosophy The fact that humans know the world through a fleshly engagement with other animals and non sentient entities means that reason is unseated from its throne as the ruling attribute of human nature and that consciousness can no longer be viewed as something interior to an individual self The human cultural world is constituted through contact with extra human nature such that everything held to be distinctively human traces its origins back to the Earth the source of human rationality

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    190118 sometimes the shorter a work of philosophy the intense if you read much usual philosophy you might get the impression this is only a world of human consciousness particularly 'rational' struggling how to live and an absolute of some sort 'Being' 'God' that is either here somehow or not here or dead or sleeping or this short text asserts a much plausible model of the world including non human animals and even plants stones etcrather than sum up all the relevant and powerful arguments as to why we should enable the beings of all animals rather than focus on how we are not 'mere' animals but how we are and this is not 'mere' i name the chapters introduction imagining animals 1 God is world implicit theology in m p 2 animal being in m p 3 phenomenological pragmatism 4 thinking across species boundaries 5 the earth as ground in m p conclusion proto ethics of incarnationintro starts us on the history of how animals are thought particularly in the modern west 1 suggests m p does not refer to usual absolutes but incorporates his later concepts of 'chiasm' and 'flesh' 2 argues how animalshumans are likewise 'in the world' and proud 'rationality' and 'communication' are narrow and androcentric a dog is a very bad human but very good dog 3 finds commonalities with pragmatism of pierce et al but i have never read him so cannot speak to this 4 inter species sympathyconcern begins with recognition of 'networks' of beings that humans reuire 5 includes husserl's concept of 'this ground' where 'nature' has wider phenomenological meaning than the world 'outside' of humans single social then m p's 'gestural' communication of animals conclusion great core arguments on the relevance value necessity to have thoughts about entire range of beings ending with seven corollaries1 consciousness is not personal realm of thought but individual opening on meaningful world2 eachevery phenomenon has style particularity virtue of being itselfconnected to world3 multiple meaningssame thing no separate worlds of thought language real integrated4 species boundaries overlap each species symbioticneeds other species to live5 destruction speciesearth has 'noumenal' impact as well as 'vital' species loss is world loss6 not all live but all has meaning every object also subject pervasive generates 'meaning'7 humans not sole 'actors' animateinanimate contribute 'meaning'well yeah call me a hippy i really love this focus on our shared world not only on humans