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This is set in Shetland my home and I ve been meaning to read it for a good long time However my edition was a solid brown covered 1920s one, and it took resolution to open it, knowing that I was in for a hard 50 pages before the story began I was wrong for Scott, the story began pretty briskly, and once I was in, I was hooked great characters, mystery, twists, everything that made him a great novelist Except for the ending, I d rate it as one of his good ones I might even have another go at The Heart of Midlothian now I won t spoil the plot but it involves a night and day pair of sisters, dark, romantic Minna and sunny Brenda Norna the seer and wise woman who can command the elements our hero, Mordaunt, and his strange father Magnus Troil, the Foude and archetypal NOrse Shetlander The first half is set in Shetland, then the story moves to Orkney.It was set in the late seventeenth century, and some of the language creaked a bit, especially when the characters got worked up they went off into a high style prose which smacked of Victorian melodrama From a Shetland point of view, it was really interesting A lot of the old customs he mentions I ve heard of too did they really survive until modern times, or was it just that Victorians here read it, and that revived the customs One that was new to me was the use of ponies you just grabbed one from a passing herd, rode it to where you were going, and then loosed it to make its own way home The edition I eventually read was a modern Shetland Times one I hope it ll encourage folk to read this neglected classic. El Pirata, Es Una Novela Escrita Por Walter Scott En Esta Basada En La Isla De Mainland, En Las Islas Shetland, Escocia, Que Scott Visito Murdaunt, El Unico Hijo Que Tiene Mertoun, Se Embarcan Rumbo A La Isla De Mainland, Para Tener Una Nueva Vida, Pero Mertoun Oculta Su Fantasmagorico Pasado Como Capitan Diablo , Un Malevolo Pirata Que Navegaba Por El Oceano Atlantico, Saqueando Barcos Espanoles Y Holandeses A very pleasant tale of a young man, Mordaunt Mertoun and his rather eccentric father, who take up residence in Yarlshof, a ruined habitation on a deserted piece of the coastline in Zetland nowadays known as Shetland, a group of islands off the northeast coast of Scotland The title character whom it is not revealed is a follower of this buccaneering profession until well into the novel the first use of the word pirate comes on page 443 is rescued by Mordaunt from a ship which is dashed to pieces on the rocks He then makes his way to Burgh Westra, the home of Magnus Troil and his lovely daughters Minna and Brenda They are polar opposites the former dark, melancholy and intellectual the latter, light, cheery and somewhat frivolous They are close friends with Mordaunt, who is also always welcomed by their father This changes during the stay of Clement Cleveland the pirate with the Troils, and is slowly becomes apparent to Mordaunt that their positive feelings for him have signficantly altered A major character throughout the novel is Norna of the Fitful Head, generally regarded by the island s inhabitants as a witch who can use spells to alter the weather Minor characters and real delights they are are Triptolemus Yellowley and his haridan of a sister Barbara He was sent to study religion, but only paid attention during lessons dealing with agricultural practices, which he tries with absolutely no success to reform on the island Pacolet, a repulsive dwarf, lives with Norna in her habitation among ruins by the promontory of her title There is also a fiddler, rhymester and interminable story teller Claud Halcro, who once met John Dryden Wonderful John and must be actively discouraged from recounting the tale ad nauseum An itinerant peddlar, Bryce Snailsfoot, was concerned with looting Cleveland s chest while Mordaunt was trying to save the pirate s life and is in fact the one responsible for spreading scurrilous rumours about Mordaunt among the Troil family Eventually, Cleveland and Mordaunt come to blows over the young ladies and the manner in which this is sorted out is complicated by the arrival of Cleveland s sister ship in Kirkwall harbour and the intercession of his crew, which upset his plans to leave pirating behind in order to pursue his love for Minna At least two relatively shocking revelations of unknown parentage the first, I d figured out long before the second, I never would have seen coming , one happy marriage, a return to the true religion and a glorious death in battle tie up a novel in which Scott had all his juggling balls nicely balanced through his adroit handling of plot, character, humour, love and geography. Sir Walter s usual great cast of characters but with a slightly different setting this time the Shetlands and Orkneys, which he makes clear to the reader, may be ruled by Scotland but are populated by a proud race of Scandinavians who would rather be left alone. Publicada originalmente en 1821, la novela est parcialmente basada en John Gow un c lebre pirata mencionado por Daniel Defoe Este libro es una adaptaci n juvenil e ilustrada bastante corta y sencilla de leer editada por Ariel, en su colecci n Juvenil Ilustrada Las supersticiones y las intrigas amorosas de Escocia y sus mitos n rdicos, son el marco en donde se desarrolla esta trama y no altamar como me imaginaba Un relato que tiene costumbrismo, romanticismo, y aventuras Un barco naufraga cerca de las Islas Shetland en el punto m s septentrional de Reino Unido, un lugar r stico, con tradiciones isle as y supersticiones arraigadas El capit n Cleveland es rescatado por el joven Mordaunt, habitante predilecto de las Islas y favorito del udaller, Magnus Troil y sus hijas Minna y Brenda Durante el rescate aparece tambi n la vieja Norna, de qui n se cuenta, posee poderes sobrenaturales El amor y la magia se mezcla en los acontecimientos Minna y Brenda se enamoran de Cleveland y Mordaunt pero no est muy clara la conformaci n de las parejas Entre el pirata y el isle o surge una rivalidad por el coraz n de una de las hijas del udaller Nos enteramos que Norna tuvo un hijo que le fue arrebato y que provoc su locura Los personajes protag nicos y secundarios est n muy bien logrados el recurso narrativo que separa las historias de los personajes por cap tulos dotan de riqueza a la trama al brindar detalles de la vida de cada uno de ellos.El ritmo empieza algo lento y va creciendo hasta un final trepidante y repleto de emoci n Adem s de la interesante trama, es materia de an lisis el contexto socio pol tico cultural lleno de bellas pinceladas y pormenores hist ricos Un cl sico de la literatura de piratas. Free download available at It took me nearly a year to read this book I made the error of buying a copy of the original first edition which made the text difficult to read Despite skimming over some sections of overly indulgent verses I did enjoy the read Some great characters stride across the pages Melodramatic in places and with a slightly annoying ending it nevertheless is a good read Particularly if you are familiar with the wild setting of Shetland and Orkney where it is set Scott wrote the book whilst travelling around these islands on an inspection duty with the lighthouse Stephensons He certainly accurately captures the wild and superstitious nature of these beautiful islands. Scott throws together the most interesting ingredients pirates, the Dwarfie Stone, Norna of the Fitful Head, bland, the Stones of Stennis and this fearlessness covers a multitude of sins Not that I find a multitude of sins I like Scott and I don t think he deserves his ignominy He s got panache, he s got poetry, and he s got a friend in me. I m very happy with how the story concluded.