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Here Are The Courageous People Who Continued America S Fight For Survival Against Superior British Forces In The War In These Days Involved George Washington S Secret Road, An Intelligence And Espionage Network That Virtually Saved The Struggling Colonial Army From Defeat And DisasterOur Hero, Grand Ledyard, One Of Washington S Agents, And The Beautiful Polly Morgan Faced The Perils Of A Wartime Romancetheir Lives Entangled In Dangerous Underground Operations As Well As Open Warfare These Were The Times Of Action And Intrigued That Forged The Very Mettle Of A New Nation

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    I picked up an old copy of this in the corner of a used bookstore, and if you enjoy revolutionary war historical fiction this is a sweet lighthearted joy to read Personally I m a sucker for a casual romantic subplot with a good ending, so boxes checked, and lots of historical figures and locations are included which gives it a good ethos It s not necessarily a revolutionary pardon the pun plot work, not for you if you re looking for something very serious or high art but it was very enjoyable for me and I went through it very quickly Postscript there s a map in the front, so good aesthetics.

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    If you re a fan of Revolutionary War fiction, then this is must read Written in 1952, it s a good story about Washington s spy network The book is populated with a lot of historical figures and a realistic hero For me, this one came across as incredibly authentic true to the time, the story and the characters The story does drag at times, but even the slow spots come across as necessary caution and natural pauses in a state of war.

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    As usual for a Bruce Lancaster novel, the book provides a good mix of action, suspense, and authenticity I ve always found it odd that some people in this country are put off by the thought of real espionage when, in fact, a supposed straight arrow like George Washington considered it vital to fighting the Revolution Of course, Lancaster is perhaps too polly anna for many modern readers because he doesn t really get down in the dirt the way hard edged authors do.

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    Loved this book Told from the guy s point of view No mushy stuff, no sex, and minimal violence and bad language if any it is a war story.