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    425 stars

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    China Brown had been abused from childhood so when she is shot and left for dead it seemed only right But Detective Ben English doesn't feel that way He doesn't know why he connects with China but it's than that she is the only witness to a sensational murder What China sees in Ben is that he keeps his promises The mystery story is very interesting the twists and turns rather unexpected The relationship between China and Ben while lovely feels a little forced or at least not entirely realistic China blooms a little too uickly considering all that she has endured

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    While this was well written I just didn't love it I felt like Ben English just fell in love too uickly and with an image and nothing else Seemed a bit obsessive in my opinion Though I could totally understand China's fascination with the first man to ever show her any love and affection The story kept me guessing with all those red herrings An interesting ending indeed

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    Which law enforcement agency allows a victim to be on site at the arrest? Even if she is the girlfriend of the detective? Maybe especially if she is the girlfriend of the detective

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    China Brown was pregnant homeless and destitute The father of the baby had taken all the money never paid the rent and the landlord was throwing her out in the cold snow Walking and looking for a church she was pointed to a Mission A tall woman bumped into her just as she saw a flash The woman screamed pulled a gun and shot the man holding a camera he fell and she grabbed the camera Pointing the gun at China she said “no witnesses” and shot her twiceGreat twists and turns Loved the book

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    Love this bookThis the second time I have read this book and it just as good as the first time This story were sad and it ended beautifully If you have never read one book by Sharon Sala you are missing out big time This author writes from the heart and she's amazing story teller One of the best

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    Wow This is my first Sharon Sala mystery but it won't be my last Butterfly has suspense pathos romance and a plot twist that has the reader saying Oh yeah Of course This book made me laugh made me cry and made me keep turning the pages

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    Good one with a surprise I did not see coming That's pretty good because that type of plot twist rarely gets by me I usually can guess the bad guy pretty early on In this case the obvious suspect was obviously not the one but the real one was a surprise I like it

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    Another brilliant book by Sharon Sala A lot of hard moments that you need to have the tissues handy for Love the story line of having to over come a tragic loss One of the main characters has to overcome her poor self image to overcome and fall in love

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    BUTTERFLYVery fast romantic read a little bit of a mystery and a couple of good characters I like most of Sharon Sala's books this one was a little light but enjoyable