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First there is a Before and then there is an After The lives of three teens—Claire Jasper and Peter—are altered forever on September 11 2001 Claire a high school junior has to get to her younger brother in his classroom Jasper a college sopho from Brooklyn wakes to his parents’ frantic calls from Korea wondering if he’s okay Peter a classmate of Claire’s has to make his way back to school as everything happens around himHere are three teens whose intertwining lives are reshaped by this catastrophic event As each gets to know the other their moments become wound around each other’s in a way that leads to new understandings new friendships and new levels of awareness for the world around them and the people close byDavid Levithan has written a novel of loss and grief but also one of hope and redemption as his characters slowly learn to move forward in their lives despite being changed forever

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    I don’t normally post a 911 related blog post on my blog just because there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said And even if I could say it differently there’s nothing I can say that would change the events of that dayBut I read a book this year that changed my mind It’s called LOVE IS THE HIGHER LAW by David Levithan In the interests of full disclosure I should mention that I both know and like David he’s editor Mixtape and we work together on SHIVER I should also mention however that I know and like a lot of authors and yet I don’t blog about a lot of books I’m really picky and though I like a lot of books I only blog about the books that I really loveI really love this book And here’s whyIt’s about three teens’ experiences on the day of the attack and how it changes them as people I have to admit I was really leery about reading a book about 911 I didn’t want anything that was a maudlin b manipulative or c intensely depressing And I just didn’t see how a 911 book could avoid all of those things But I thought if anyone can pull it off it’s David his novels all have this very innocent open uality to themSo I began to read And on page seven my eyes teared up and I thought here we goBut here we didn’tThat was the first and last time my eyes watered in this book because LOVE IS THE HIGHER LAW is not about reliving the horrors of 911 What can I say about it? It’s this incredibly inspiring moving and honest look at how something good can come out of something terrible David’s love of New York City permeates the novel and as a non New Yorker it was wonderful to have a window into that worldAnd it was not a sad book Incredibly it was everything that 911 was not Though as a writer I saw a ton of things that I would’ve changed about the book remember this post about loving books that we had issues with? yeah this was one of them all I could think after I closed the pages was what a buoyant mood I was in I was filled with faith in the ultimate good of people in the face of horror and I like the main characters felt like I wanted to talk about where I was that day how I felt what changedI did That night I curled up with my husband in bed lights off and together we whispered back and forth what we remembered about 911 I still remember the exact place I was when I first heard the news on my car radio not just the street I was on not just the block I was driving through but the distance from the curb and the uality of the light I remember the payphone that I called my now husband on as the ambulance he drove raced towards the PentagonUltimately what I loved about LOVE IS THE HIGHER LAW was the message that 911 was not for nothing if we let it change us for the better If we remain better versions of ourselves the versions that reached out to strangers and felt part of something bigger then it wasn’t such a senseless vicious tragedy and it’s something worth rememberingThe title says it all if it's not true it's what ought to be true

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    This is my first Levithan novel I know is probably a surprise to some of you sorry Khy are you proud of me I read one But I have to say I'll definitely be picking up his novels and even plan to do so in the near future with Will Grayson Will GraysonAny way back to the novel at hand This novel really stuck a cord with me I honestly cried while reading most of it ok i cried through the entire thing actually Thank god it wasn't all that long I guess I just remember that day all too well I like Jasper almost slept through the entire thing Not that I could have seen the towers from my house in Indiana but I remember waking up around 9 o'clock I had an exam that day I was a college freshman I got online and as soon as I did my Aunt told me to turn on the television I was home alone both of my parents were at work for the day and my sisters were in school I turned on the television to a live news feed right as the second plane hit the towers I still remember that image like it was yesterday I never would have commuted to school that day had I not had an exam The campus was deserted there were televisions on every floor in every building we took our exam and our professor excused us The rest of my classes were cancelled that day I remember the way the air felt that day it stood still If it was like that some 650 miles from New York I can't even imagine what it must have been like thereTo watch it happen from the eyes of these three characters was almost too much I felt like I was right there with them I felt their confusion their anxiety their worry their despair I loved how every character had a distinct voice how they all dealt with the aftermath in the only way they knew how I loved watching their three different stories intertwined into one How in the end they were connected than they could have possibly fathomedIt was beautifully told with an important messageAnd it's always an inspiration to be reminded of the goodness humanity is capable of

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    September 11 2001 It’s impossible to forget that day We all have our memories of where we were who we were with who we suddenly needed to be with and wondering whether our world had been changed forever Following the tragedy of September 11 author David Levithan took all of these elements and wrote the moving novel LOVE IS THE HIGHER LAW Here is David’s heartfelt letter which was included in the ARC copy Dear ReaderI’ve never really used shorthand to describe one of my books before But from the very start Love Is the Higher Law was “the 911 book” It’s about much much than 911 but it’s also entirely about 911 I never really wanted to write a novel about it and then I found myself writing a novel about it Because I had toBelieve me I’ve seen the look on my friends’ faces when I’ve talked about “the 911 book” They’ve been very encouraging but many of them have had the same reaction I would have if one of my friends told me he was writing about 911 Sounds important and really really depressing When am I going to be in the mood to read a 911 book? Why go back to that time? I understand Truly If you take that hesitation about reading a 911 book and multiply it by about a thousand you’ll probably get the trepidation an author feels about writing a 911 bookBut here’s the thing As time goes by it’s really easy to remember 911 and the days afterward as a time of tragedy fear grief and loss Less easy to remember—and even harder to convey—is that it was amazing not just for the depth of that loss but also for the heights of humanity that occurred The kindness The feeling of community The deepening of love and friendship It was a depressing time for sure—but it was also an inspiring time If you were an adult or a teen you couldn’t help but feel it And if you were just a child—like most of today’s teens were—you might only remember the facts of it not the feelings That’s why I wrote this book—it is at heart my small attempt to convey the heartbreak surrealism heroism mourning and music of that timeWe all have 911 stories and it’s good for us to tell them I’ve stopped trying to avoid calling this a 911 book—it is what it is and it has become much than I ever thought it could be I hope very much that you will read itThank youDavid Levithan LOVE IS THE HIGHER LAW is the story of three New York teens Claire Jasper and Peter who are brought together as a result of 911 And although the story is fictional it provides a very real account of what those first moments and days were likeThis book resonated with me on a personal level On the morning of September 11 I was in Dallas Texas in a work meeting with colleagues one of whom had recently lost his wife to cancer and who had three children living and working in the vicinity of the world trade centre including a son who worked in the trade centre itself Our world turned upside down; our lives inside out There was fear there was grief there was confusion and there was doubt It was a dark and tragic time The next 48 hours were spent comforting our colleague and doing everything we could to track down his kids make sure they were OK and arrange transportation to get him back to New York as soon as possible On 911 thousands of people tragically died But millions came together in ways we never could have imagined and that is something that David Levithan brings out so well in his book There was love And kindness And a desire to make it through Because even when tragedy occurs love is indeed the higher law

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    I'm kind of obsessed with 911 and it's obviously a touchy subject as well as a tear jerker so I has great expectations for this book It was OK Just OK for meAt first I either hated or didn't like the characters This changed a little as I read and I was again OK with them So as you can guess the story didn't grab me I had no intense feelings and I wanted to so bad

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    It is a very sensitive issue that the author tackles in this book There was no other event in the American history uite as shocking and horrifying as what happened during 911 After finishing it I realised that this topic is for many Americans what the topic of WWII is for Russians and this in turn made me understand a bit better why people feel so strongly about it and even become emotional myselfThe events of 911 left the world shaken and this novel provides a view on the events of this day from the perspective of three very different teenagers who are connected by the horror of what had happened Three uniue perspectives three lives families before's and after's Wonderfully intertwined with just enough authenticity and no clichés no repetitions of used motifs It is utterly uniue profound and moving The writing was like usual flawless and beautiful Levithan always manages to make his stories come alive in this one it was especially obvious I must say that the beauty of the writing contributed a great deal to how I felt about the story itself It is an incredibly subtle and hopeful book which rather than focusing on the horror and fear focuses on the love and compassion On how the events hopefully changed people for the better On kinship friendship understanding on so many important beautiful sides of life And I am very glad that I have read it I was seven when 911 happened and lived half across the world in a small town in Ukraine so you see I didn't know much about event except for the rough outlines of what had happened and where But it didn't affect my own little world Until I moved to Germany and we discussed it in our English class Only then did I comprehend just how horrendous it had been and how much it had affected everyone You see I don't want to say anything about the story itself for I have no desire to spoil the pleasure of reading All there remains to say is that it was deeply moving and I highly recommend it to everyone

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    THIS WAS INCREDIBLEWHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT THISI can't even right nowFull review to come soon I swear As soon as I stop thinking and crying about it

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    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToocomHuge thanks to the girl who sat next to me on the bus to Chicago from ALA She had this ARC in her hands when she boarded the bus for our 3 12 hour trip home and she finished it by the time the trip was over When I asked how she liked it she nodded I believe then swallowed a lump in her throat and offered me the book Once again thank youDo you remember where you were on 911? The characters in LOVE IS THE HIGHER LAW were all in New York City So was David Levithan and that experience was inspiration for this book As Levithan points out in the Author's Note many young people today may be too young to have first hand memories of that world changing day By reading the experiences of Jasper Peter and Claire perhaps the emotions of that day and its aftermath can be experienced by readers in the years to comeAs the book begins each character shares where they were and what it was like at the moment Peter and Claire were affected immediately while Jasper finds it difficult to admit that he slept through the actual attack and learned about it as he listened to Peter Jennings on the newsThe personal experiences of the three become intertwined as the story continues All three are surprised at how directly they feel the emotions of the event The life they once took for granted the city they've always known as home and the atmosphere surrounding them have them asking uestions that have no real answersDavid Levithan captures the uniue yet universal feelings inspired by the event that touched us all Amidst the unanswered uestions are feelings of greater appreciation for family and friends the sympathy that goes out to those who lost and suffered most and the human condition that connects the entire worldUnlike the teen who read the book in one sitting on the bus I found the need to set it aside at times to sort through my own memories of that day and what has unfolded since The world is truly a different place and I've concluded I'm not sure if it is for the better or worse Time will tell

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    This is a difficult book to rate with stars I liked so many things about it; how one of the most traumatic events of this generation was explored and yet the book was not dramatic itself how through three teens' perspectives the profound effects of 911 were pondered and reflected upon and the relationships that formed between the characters themselves The only change I would have made was making the book about the characters their voices were authentic and filled with wisdom people their age do not usually possess Yet they seemed a little flat in the sense I could not fully empathize with them even through what they had witnessed35 stars Probably my favorite novel by David Levithan so far

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    When it comes to Love Is the Higher Law I hardly know where to begin Or perhaps when September 11 2001 is a date ingrained in the memory of every person regardless of whether or not they are American And yet for us Americans this date is so much Within the pages of this novel David Levithan not only captures the horror the fear the utter astonishment that an event like 911 could have on a nation but he also manages to convey the hope the beauty and the love that emerged during this time too What makes Levithan's novel such a poignant piece is not its subject matter but rather the way in which it is written Everything about the novel is so subtle telling a story of three teens all who view the event of 911 in a different and gripping manner On every page is a simple sentence one line that conveys the weight and truth of this event It is a slim novel but one that demands to be read slowly and savored with each emotion creeping up inside you when you least expect it Claire Jasper and Peter are not fully actualized characters though we see the recuperation of New York City through their eyes While they all share distinct voices distinct character traits and distinct flaws this is not a story of them No Love Is the Higher Law is the story of New York and all its people With Claire Jasper and Peter the trauma and hope the strength that rises from the ashes of a fallen city all of it is felt so acutely And at the same time just like how the magnitude of that day is still impossible to feel this book is too If anything is clear from reading this novel it is that David Levithan loves New York City With its bustle and its crowds with its millions of people wandering selfishly with not a care for others he brings this city to life and most importantly the goodness of the human heart Now looking back nearly twelve years later it is impossible to think of New York being this torn And yet not so impossible at all Even now the remnants of 911 remain Ground Zero The shining height of the new Twin Towers Of a city rising once again refusing to be trod upon A city though once afraid and perhaps still afraid willing to face that fear Every day people walk into and out of New York City remembering all the lives that were lost Every day people will walk into and out of the new World Trade Center remembering all the people who used to work there on those very same floor numbers With that remembrance with that hope we keep perseveringand what could we possibly ask for?

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    It's been a couple years since I enjoyed a David Levithan novel so it was nice to go back to this book which I first read when I was thirteen and remember why I used to like him so much This isn't a hard and fast rule but in general with Levithan's books the restrained he is the better His weaker books tend to be the ones where he just lets loose with all his Levithan isms the wide eyed idealism the political filibusters the camp doofiness Those things aren't always bad and they're all present here to some extent but they're toned down here and the novel is effective for it The voices here are reminiscent of a documentary in which witnesses to 911 tell their stories and it's a very effective vehicle to explore the collective trauma that followed the event My only real problem with this book is that the three perspectives didn't have distinct enough voices Other than that this was a good concise book about how 911 affected New York and the people in it it's one of Levithan's very best novels