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In This Wicked Debut, Safecracker Michael Maven Must Pull Off The Most Dangerous Theft Of His Long Career Or His Friends And Family Will Be KilledSafecracker Michael Maven S Latest Job Should Be Simple Steal A Rare Coin From A New York Apartment Then The Coin S Owner Comes Home With A Beautiful Woman So He Hides Then She Murders Him So He Hides A Bit Better Then She Tries To Take The Coin Herself, Which Is The Last Straw While Maven Narrowly Escapes Being Killed Himself, He S Then Coerced By Her Boss, A Sadistic Drug Lord, Into A Far Complicated, Far Dangerous JobIf Maven Fails To Crack The Safe Of A Rival Cartel Boss In Miami, His Friends And Family Will Die If He Succeeds, They Still Might Which Means He Not Only Has To Somehow Pull Off An Impossible Heist, But Also Outwit Two Crime Bosses As Well As The Woman, His Reluctant New Partner Safecracker Is Fast Paced, Has Tons Of Action, And It S Cinematic In The Most Appealing Way Maven Owns An Old Movie Theater That He Uses To Launder His Money

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    Ryan Wick s fabulous debut crime thriller is a cracking read, fast paced and addictive, featuring expert New York safecracker and thief, Michael Maven, trained by his parents, although his father is now serving a prison sentence Michael is the anti hero with a heart and morals, he does not believe in killing anyone in the course of his work , a film buff, he channels his ill gotten gains through the movie theatre he owns He steals to order for his boss, Elizabeth Rose, so when she informs him of his latest job, to steal a rare coin, a 1343 Edward III florin, recently bought by Raymond Hemsworth, a wealthy American hedge fund manager, he begins his meticulous and detailed planning for the heist However, it all goes to hell in a hand basket when Hemsworth unexpectedly returns home with a stunningly beautiful woman in tow Maven hides, but to his horror, he watches the woman kill the hedge fund manager, proceeding to steal the coin from the safe This is too much for him, but he underestimates her phenomenal fighting abilities as she gets away with the coin.The book opens in a shocking manner, with Michael drinking at his favourite Alistair s Pub, run by his closest friend, Jimmy, when a woman catches him unawares and cuts his throat At this point, the narrative goes back 12 days, unveiling the events that led to the culmination of this horrifying moment Maven goes into overdrive to find out who the woman is, deploying the expertise, resources and knowledge of Jimmy, Elizabeth Rose, and hires former NYPD cop, Jerry Doc MacIntosh, now running a lucrative private investigation business It turns out she is a deadly Ukrainian assassin for a major player of the Sinaloa cartel, Luis El Cerdo The Pig Alvarez, a Chicago crime boss With his family and friends under threat, Maven is forced by Alvarez to carry out the heist of a lifetime at the home of a rival cartel s boss in Miami, Florida Maven is going to need all his wits and his close circle of friends to survive, knowing that even if he succeeds in the heist, there is no way Alvarez is going to let him live.Wick writes a pulsatingly riveting thriller, mired in the midst of the horrors of the murderous, torturing cartels that thrive in the climate of fear they create Maven finds himself caught between the terrors of the infighting between the cartels, with the FBI, in the form of Special Agent Rebecca Browning wanting his help in putting Alvarez behind bars The author has created a colourful and charismatic central protagonist in Michael Maven, a man that the reader will unquestionably root for, the oh so human ethical criminal This is a wonderfully entertaining thriller with its nail biting tensions and suspense, set in great locations I understand this is the first in a series, leaving me greatly anticipating the next in what promises to be a stellar series Many thanks to St Martin s Press for an ARC.

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    Do you like honored, charming thief stories Nope, I m not talking about Robin Hood or box office disaster of Taron Egerton thankfully he got rid of tight pants and wore colorful clothes to be a rocketman And of course I m not talking about Steve Mc Queen s Thomas Crown and my grey cells already erased the images of Pierce Brosnan s Thomas Crown I m talking about a brand new hero Here comes MICHAEL MAVEN This man hates women beaters, unnecessary violence and lives with ethical rules We have a safecracker, charismatic thief on our menu not so slowly cooked, fast paced, full of action, gore, grim and violent parts at your service He is a thief but he has principles He never hurts people and one day, he s hired to steal rare coin, he hears owner of the coin and a very attractive woman are coming into the apartment So he hides himself into closet And surprise, the very attractive woman is also femme fatale and very dangerous killer She kills the man and wants the coin for herself Poor charming thief runs for his life but puts himself very deadly position and of course all of his loved ones are also in great danger now This means he has to accept very thrilling job to crack a notorious cartel boss safe in Miami Aren t you still interested Come on, it s really fast pacing and entertaining reading I visualized this as another sequel of Mission Impossible Maybe Tom Cruise should be retired and John Krasinski takes over this role with the very big height difference We need a real action star because we don t have a regular thief We have super human, ultra lucky man who defeats grim reaper so many times He can really kick asses, dodging bullets, saving his throat from being slushed and deals with very inhuman wild creatures the worst kind of bad men you may hardly imagine I didn t expect something masterpiece or a big espionage, great scheme This was easy, fast, riveting, entertaining page turner I insist it should be turned into a movie The cliffhanger at the end was a smooth touch So it deserves my four satisfying, heart throbbing, thrilling stars.Special thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for sharing this great thriller ARC COPY in exchange my honest review.

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    Michael Maven could be my newest book hero Ryan Wick is DEFINITELY on my authors to grab their books as soon as they are published list SAFECRACKER has all the thrills, the danger, the action and the attitude that is sure to keep readers balanced on the edge of their seats throughout Having followed into the family business, Michael Maven is a safecracker who has never met a safe he couldn t crack, he is an artist who takes pride in his work, but the night he witnessed a murder would send him into a world of murder, mayhem and sadistic drug lords who will stop at nothing to have their way Now a pawn whose life is only as good as his ability to crack a safe, Maven will have to use all of his talents to stay one step ahead of two powerful crime bosses and a beautiful assassin who has him in her sights.I loved the action, the dialogue, even the grueling parts, but most of all, I loved the characters Michael proves there is honor among thieves, believes there are lines that shouldn t be crossed, but knows when to play the game, especially when his life is on the line Fabulous bad guys, truly rotten and vile, an assassin who is as much a victim as a killer and a twisted storyline to die for I see an amazing future for Ryan Wick and his brilliant storytelling In need of something pretty amazing to read SAFECRACKER should fill the bill, you ll thank me after I received a complimentary ARC edition from Thomas Dunne Books This is my honest voluntary review.Publisher Thomas Dunne Books June 2, 2020 Publication Date June 2, 2020Genre ThrillerPrint Length 320 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow

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    Happy, happy days An anti hero who is so heroic I couldn t help but join his fan club Yes, Michael Maven is a professional thief but at least he s a good thief who has scruples about his career I m going to include a spoiler here, even though Michael has his throat cut in the first line of this book he didn t die Quite an accomplishment, that, and the author did a pretty good job of keeping his main character alive for the remainder of the novel Lucky for me, lucky for you too Otherwise we would have missed a darn good story Michael isn t just a thief, he steals per instructions and it s for extremely valuable items This was a case of everything going perfectly right on a job until it all went to heck in a handbasket.As a debut novel this one was very special Author Ryan Wick hasn t tried to make Michael into anything but a regular person with some highly developed skills he needs for his career The characters surrounding Maven are developed just to the point they needed to be for logical, common sense support while stopping short of super human status The web of intrigue got and intricate as the hunt for the assassin and the stolen coin became wider and took off in directions not hinted at in the beginning of the story I must say, I really enjoyed learning so much about good, bad or mediocre safes and locks and that bracelet Michael wears is absolutely incredible Not much I can do now but wait patiently for another story Surely this is going to be a series, right Thank you to NetGalley and St Martin s Press, Thomas Dune Books for an eGalley of this novel.

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    How can you not love a book that begins with the protagonist s throat being cut in the first sentence And the action doesn t let up until the end Michael is a thief, adept at picking locks and safes So when he decides to steal a rare coin it seems to be too easyuntil unexpectedly a beautiful woman comes home with the occupant and from his hiding place in the closet, he sees her drug the man and take off with his coin Michael then finds himself embroiled in a sinister plot in the middle of two cartels as he is blackmailed into working with this female killer It s dark, gritty, violent, and is faster than the speed of light And I believe there will be a sequel as it s a nice twisty ending Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC

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    We recieved this book in a Goodreads giveaway, and I enjoyed it very much I got so excited about it, I read it in one night The book was dramatic, realistic, and fast moving, coming together in a hard hitting climax that s over the edge Safecracker explores the deep underworld of being a yegger, with all the corruption and danger involved Well recommended

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    One of the best books I ve read in quite a while If you enjoy hard boiled, thrilling, gun ho thrillers you can t miss here The only disappointment here is it wasn t another 500 pages long Good guys and plenty of menacing actors Fast paced and gruesome in parts, but this only enhances the ride Can t wait until his next effort.

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    Safecracker is a debut that promises to deliver on installments Well written, crackling prose and plot, and a central character that you can root for despite his chosen profession Well done.

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    If you usually have a glass of wine while reading, forget that, just get the whole bottle to sit beside you This certainly is the story of a crime going bad But the thing is, you find yourself really liking the thief A very fast paced thriller that you find you can t put down until you are finished reading it Even after you are done reading it, you still keep thinking about Michael and the whole ordeal.This is going to be a series, can t wait to see what Michael and Katrina are up to next What a great debut book thanks Ryan for a great book.Netgalley thanks for the opportunity to letting me read this book