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From the title we could expect another invasion from Mars novel, but in light humor tone After read it, I put this story as feel good story There is not much trope conflicts I admit the invasion on this novel is different, I never imagine this kind of invasion It is not the standard invasion by using UFO and laser beam weapons.Can t say much without risking a spoiler I don t rate it five star because I wish the story could be longer and has explanations. This book isn t spectacular, but rather a nice amusing little tale that one can devour in a couple of hours Simply put, the book is about a Martian invasion of Earth Unlike The War of the Worlds however, the Martians here aren t out to conquer the Earth Instead they ve come to observe and heckle it To quote the back cover of the Del Rey October 1981 edition, Brown s Martians were obnoxious green creatures who could be seen and heard, but not harmed, and who probed private sex lives as shamelessly as they probed government secrets It makes for an amusing tale, and for something first published in 1954, it reads quite well Aside from obvious anacrhonisms like typewriters remember those and the cold war, the story could have been written today Or maybe I m just getting old. This has to be one of the most hilarious science fiction novels ever written Frederic Brown 1906 72 , who had spoofed space opera with What Mad Universe in 1949, returned a few years later to write the perfect alien invasion novel, Martians, Go Home Brown was in rare form with this book It was the triumph to his prolific writing streak in the 1950 s.Luke Deveraux is a failed writer specializing in science fiction who s decided to shack it up with a friend in the desert so he can work on another book He s also failed in his marriage and is smarting from the divorce wounds One morning, after suffering from the latest drunken binge, he awakes to find a little green man at the front door Thinking this is the result of too much alcohol he makes his way to a nearby diner only to discover there are little green men everywhere Earth has been invaded.But this isn t the usual People Of Earth invasion The martians, and there are millions of them, have come to earth not to conquer, but to amuse themselves They can teleport anywhere they want and see through objects But anyone who tries to kick a martian finds their foot going through empty space The martians have no material substance.Mass chaos breaks out as humanity has to concern itself with little green men who appear everywhere, making fun of people The entertainment industry goes into a slump since it s impossible to produce anything when the martians teleport in and start making comments A psychologist trying to conduct a seminar dealing with the aliens finds himself reduced to a gibbering mass When a martian appears in his office, it begins revealing secrets about his personal life.Even primitive tribes suffer They can t easily hunt wild game when little green men show up and start scaring off the quarry And everyone hears the martians make insults in their native tongue.Sexual activity nearly draws to a standstill No one wants to make love when a little green man is likely to appear in their bedroom and start laughing.Although the over riding issue of Martians Go Home seems to be about privacy and secrets, the novel also discusses solipsism towards the end of the book Luke Deveraux suffers a shock and becomes one of the few people on the planet who can t see the martians From here, he begins to wonder if the martians were created by his own imagination It s an issue which the book never really resolves, down to the authors own postscript where he points out I invented Luke So where does that leave him or the martians Or any of the rest of you I d like to answer, but there s this little green man who keeps telling me to type faster. I think this book may be one of the best example of why one shouldn t judge a book by the film that was based on it The film that was based on this novel stared Randy Quaid, and was in my view dreadful The film makers lost pretty much all the humor from the novel when they made it into film Granted it is a low budgeter, but still, with talent they could have done something with it.The book on the other hand is pretty good It tackles the idea of what happens to a society that all of a sudden has to deal with the truth that it is hiding All secrets come to the surface which causes, to put it mildly, some problems for everyone I think James K Morrow uses the idea of total truth better in City of Truth, but Martians, Go Home is way funnier In fact it got me seeking out stories by Fredric Brown. Creo que es una de las historias de invasiones extraterrestres o no, la verdad es que tampoco estoy seguro m s disparatada, entretenida y divertida que he le do Y, de paso, una de las lecturas que da m s pie a reinterpretaciones y discusiones frikiol gicas. Una invasi n marciana bastante peculiar G nero Ciencia Ficci n marginalmente, en realidad.Lo que nos cuenta Luke Deveraux es un escritor en horas bajas que busca en el alcohol y el aislamiento una inspiraci n para crear cuando, a la puerta de su caba a, llega un peque o hombrecillo verde Es uno de los marcianos que nos han invadido, pero sin nimos belicosos y si con enorme curiosidad, capacidades muy superiores a las nuestras, tendencia al cotilleo, falta de tacto y gusto por molestar El mundo cambiar por completo Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite THEY WERE GREENTHEY WERE LITTLETHEY WEREBALD AS BILLIARD BALLSAND THEY WERE EVERYWHERELuke Devereaux Was A Science Fiction Writer, Holed Up In A Desert Shack Waiting For Inspiration He Was The First Man To See A Martianbut He Wasn T The Last It Was Estimated That A Billion Of Them Had Arrived, One To Every Three Human Beings On Earth Obnoxious Green Creatures Who Could Be Seen And Heard, But Not Harmed And Who Probed Private Sex Lives As Shamelessly As They Probed Government SecretsNo One Knew Why They Had Come No One Knew How To Make Them Go Away Except, Perhaps, Luke Devereaux Unfortunately Devereaux Was Going Slightly Bananas, So It Wouldn T Be EasyBut For A Science Fiction Writer Nothing Was Impossible Divertida y disparatada historia que seguro que har pasar un buen rato a cualquier lector de Ciencia Ficci n y o humor que quiera apartarse unos d as de historias profundas y complicadas.Aunque si escarbas, el texto tiene cositas interesantes. A pesar de que esta historia ya tiene algunos a itos me ha dejado fascinado La elegancia con la que entremezcla Brown el surrealismo y el humor es maravillosa Me he re do mucho y sin muchas pretensiones he disfrutado como un ni o Solo puedo decir una ltima cosa Marciano plasta vete a casa What if little telepathic, ubiquitous pricks were prying into each of your secrets and made fun to disclose them to anybody Here we go.Matching Soundtrack Weidorje Elohim s Voyage