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The Fair and Foul courts of the fey folk have long yearned for one to bring them together in peace but hopes are dashed when the fairest prince and the prophecy concerning him are laid to ruin Burdened with shame and sorrow the prince flees to the cold mountains far above the forests and lochs with nothing but animals and goblins for company When a human huntress stumbles upon him in her search for a legendary predator their fates are intertwined But she hides deadly secrets and if he dares to trust her he may risk the doom of both courts to an ancient evilA Retelling of Snow White

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    This was an amazingly dark sweet and beautiful read The writing and characters were magical although Adoh was a magical pain in the aztec😑 Seriously loved this whole story but I kinda wished it was longer and that certain parts didn’t feel uite so rushed Other than that it was an amazing read I was intrigued by the role switch in this Snow White retelling and I wasn’t disappointed because with the plot writing style and amazing characters this short story was on point👌🏻 I’ll definitely be checking out any other work from this author in the future🙃

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    Hello Fair Ones I have some exciting news to share Fairest Son has a new cover This beautiful art was created by Amanda Roberts emrobartist It is the cover for the ebook and for the upcoming hardback edition The paperback will remain as is I wanted to thank all my lovely reviewers of FAIREST SON Your support and interest means the world to me So I’m giving away these FAIREST SON stickersIf you reviewed FAIREST SON on any site Goodreads or other retailers you can receive your free gift All you have to do is follow this link and fill out the form with your review link and address It does not even have to be a positive review lol Now I only have 55 stickers available so this will only be open for the first 55 responses Thank youThis is OPEN INTERNATIONALLYNo this is not a review by the author because you all already know that I love my book SurpriseInstead I'm following the example of some other authors to use this page as a platform to help update you readers on any exciting things that are happening for Fairest Son Thank you so much for readingtaking interest in my book Fair Ones If you've written a review here and take a moment to post it on or any other book shop the faeries will smile upon you and sing your praises or at least I certainly will Namárië

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    Snow White has never been my favorite fairy tale but HSJ Williams has made me a believerThis tale not only infuses intriguing new life into an old tale but is beautifully written with a flowing traditional style that pulled me irreversibly into its too short lengthBut despite being a novella there is SO MUCH packed into this book Williams really knows how to use every word to the max and keeps such a tight focus the story feels twice as long The pacing is perfect There are very few authors that can really portray True and Irresistible Goodness and I believe HSJ Williams is one of them I fell in love with this hero and heroine I loved the bold love Keeva shows almost immediately as she grabs the hand Idris offers to her – my heart flipped over at her determined kindness and courage I am infamously known for my criticism of romance but I shipped these two with all my might from page one It was also a very smart move on the author’s part to keep the dwarves in the background In the narrow confines of a novella trying to focus on seven sidekicks can take up a lot of space and get distracting or overwhelming and it was better to focus on Keeva and Idris On top of amazing characters the setting is moody mysterious and frigid – with an epic mythological Tolkien esue vibe And as a very pertinent side note the artwork and the cover design are also heart stoppingly gorgeousI’m buying a paperback of this as soon as possible as the author sails into my top ten of New Authors to watch I can’t wait to explore of her writings Note There are some beautiful allegories woven into this story but this is definitely not be taken literally as an allegory of Christ and his Church It's of a flavoring not a blow by blow representation There is some creepy content – but the brevity of the tale keeps it from being overwhelming for a sensitive reader There is also a violent torture scene that is uite disturbing but it is mostly cut around However the characters react to it and talk about it once or twice I received a free ARC of Fairest Son in exchange for an honest review All opinions are entirely my own

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    collapses in a puddle of feels My expectations have been blown out the window I can't even right now 😍 THIS THIS IS WHAT A MASTERPIECE IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE 😍 Reading this book brings to mind all the great authors in history This story this author captures those same magnificent feelings and my heart I'm a really big fan of HSJ Williams xD Setting A world of Fey The Fair and the Foul Beautiful forests and dark landscapes Depressing lakes and slimy waters Bitter mountains wild parties and fierce battles Plot Expect the unexpected I've read a lot of fantasy in my short time on earth I can predict so many plot twists cuz cliche that's it's not funny any But this book THIS BOOK was a rollercoaster of emotions and surprises Don't get me wrong every book has cliches but this Miss Williams told it all a new way She changed its glamour 😍Message Forgiveness Is about to sueal my head off THISSSSSSSSSS Description Gahhhhh I can't even The word pictures the stunning beauty of this world the allegories sends 1 billion hearts and stars to HSJ Williams Everything was brilliant and easy to picture It played out like a movie with hardly a bump Romance So Cute I mean this is a gender swapped fairytale retelling so you just KNOW it's going to be CUTE But put that with HSJ William's author voice and you get KA BOOM the most epic fairytale retelling of all time It was clean and beautiful and pure and refreshing No sickening drama Content So it's violent very violent? But William's tells it with such grace that even though the scene is painful you know everything is going to be okay Very few violent scenes Minor kiss and touch Dark spell and a Lord of the Dead if that sort of thing is disturbing to you Really clean Characters flails collapses in another puddle of feels They were so amazing I don't know how it's possible to love fake people so much I could just fEeL everything The hurt the betrayal the fear the love the kindness Etc And the dialogue was epic Keeva The Huntress The girl Lost in the dark She doesn't realize all she wants is a friend All she wants is someone to love her and be kind to her But she's strong She tough She's survived horrors beyond imagining So she can survive without a friend too right?Idris The Prince The boy Hiding from his people The people he's supposed to save The people he can no longer see He doesn't realize his presence is all they need His voice is what they long for His smile is what they dream about But he's waited this long and it might be too late Overall This glorious bundle of High FantasyClean Romance is beyond words Read it eyes you suspiciously Beware the sidhe's wrath

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    Fairest Son is a gender bent retelling of Snow White I don't know about you but I was instantly intrigued by that twist alone But it gets even better This little tale draws from Irish mythology including Seelie and Unseelie courts the sidh and a lot that would be too spoilery to mentionHere's another thing you should know I read Fairest Son in one sitting The plan was to read three or four chapters and then move on to writing a blog post But I kept scrolling and scrolling until I lost track of time and read the story right to the end I stopped once for a cookie break Those are importantWONDERFUL THINGS1 Unexpected twistsNo spoilers here but this story deftly twists and weaves the Snow White we all know into a fresh new tale a tale that stands strongly on its own yet sends little winks and nods to its source materials at all the right moments Every aha was a delight2 Wild feyDisney's Tinkerbell is nice and all but the kind of fairies that really enchant me are those that tend toward the wilder side A little darker a little capricious and untamed a little truer to the fairy tales of old The Seelie and Unseelie courts here were populated by just that sort of fairy aka sidh which made me happy3 Perfect pacingNovellas are tricky when it comes to pacing Longer than short stories they must have a strong enough plot to merit about 20000 30000 words; but shorter than novels they don't have the space to delve into the characters or the world uite as deeply as a 400 page tome Yet Williams crafted a story that sucked me in uickly settled me into the world comfortably and made me fall in love with the characters in very short order I didn't feel that anything was lacking or terribly rushed But now the problem is I want 4 Lovable charactersLike I said I fell in love most strongly with Prince Idris He is a gentle soul yet strong Deeply hurt and disfigured yet trusting His mirthful disposition was a ray of sunlight in a snowy landscape Calling him a precious bean or soft cinnamon roll as is the practice of many fangirls when talking about this type of character just isn't good enough for dear IdrisOur main character the reserved and secretive huntress Keeva formed the perfect complement to him Capable and cunning she held her own without being an emotionless strong heroine And guys I ship these two so hardThe band of seven goblins cleverly named by personality were a lot of fun too They paralleled Disney's dwarves somewhat and were surprisingly easy to keep track of which is no small feat when there are seven of them running around5 Pretty proseI'm a sucker for lovely narrative It's no substitute for a good story of course but it's the delicious icing on the cake And Williams achieved a style of prose that harkens back to the time of fairy tales with an omniscient style and a whimsical voice that reminded me at times of Anne Elisabeth Stengl6 Stirring themesTHIS IS THE REASON I'M GIVING IT FIVE STARS I can't tell you how or why or what happened without giving away the ending but Fairest Son had me grinning widening my eyes clutching my heart and then at last smiling softly with satisfaction all because of its beautiful themes Though unexpected they arose naturally from the story and put a twist on love and redemption that I didn't see comingNOT SO WONDERFUL THINGS1 A few typosJust a small handful really and perhaps a phrase or two that could have been smoothed out Very very minor details I loved the story too much to care2 It wasn't long enoughOkay so that's not really a negative because it is a novella and Williams did do a fantastic job of fleshing everything out within her space limits But I enjoyed my time in these pages and want IN CONCLUSION Fairest Son is a beautiful moving tale of a disfigured fairy prince and the huntress who finds him in the woods It is a story of recognizing the foul among the fair and uncovering the fair among the foul It balanced elements of Snow White within a rich world drawn from Irish myth written with both humor and heart It's definitely worth a buy and I hope to get it in paperback as soon as I can Partly because there are two gorgeous illustrations inside that need to be petted admired on the pageI hope Williams goes on to write full length novels too because I would gladly spend time under her enchanting spell Five stars from me I received a free ebook copy of Fairest Son in exchange for an honest review All opinions are entirely my ownReview originally posted on my blog here

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    I ADORED this story HSJ Williams has a beautiful mystical style of writing that captures my heart right from the first page Her storytelling is exuisiteThe characters in this story are so uniue and stunningly written They've got heart and soul and are so so deep and complex it takes my breath away I fell in love with Prince Idris the instant he appeared on the page And Keeva is so refreshing and unexpected and her story is achingly beautifulThis is a nice short read but no less powerful for that It kept me turning from the first page and I was so drawn into the world of magic and beauty This whole story is so vibrant and absolutely bursting with magical fantasy and gorgeous charactersThe heart of the story is so simple so sweet and so beautifulI can't recommend this enough to lovers of magic and fantasy and beautiful storytelling

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    That WAS BEAUTIFULAn excellent fairytale retelling ☆▽☆Fresh yet classicThe writing was descriptive without being too flowery The characters were jumping off the page The setting was fantastic literally hahaI wanna make fanart for this nowasldjsfksla

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    You'd think I'd get tired of Snow White retellings at some point especially since Snow White has never been my favorite fairy tale Buuuut you'd apparently be wrongThis gender bent Snow White retelling absolutely took my breath away with its beauty Both main characters were compelling and their arcs wove together perfectly Even though I've read than two dozen Snow White retellings over the past two years this one still managed to surprise me with a few of its twists and turns possibly because the elements of the retelling were so subtly woven throughout the story that I actually forgot I was reading a retelling at all Even though it was not a full length novel this little novella makes it onto this year's list without any difficulty at all It was breathtaking The writing style itself is lovely The author wields words like an artist's brush and paints you a picture of this story that you can't help but stare at in aweI look forward to stories from this author

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    Williams has done something few people manage to do she has created a story that is entirely fresh entirely epic in its proportions and beautiful in its messages And she's done something else on top of that she has perfectly incorporated the elements of a fairy tale so clearly that you can tell which tale it is but so subtly that it does not distract from the storyI'm giving it four stars because it took me a few chapters to click with it and because I WISH IT HAD BEEN LONGER DAGNABBIT But the plot twists the beautiful descriptions the story itself the charactersbeautiful I adored itI can't wait to read Moonscript by this author She is going places

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    Breathtaking In beauty yes but also in plot Twice twists caught me utterly by surprise I'm sure the death of cells in my poor sleep deprived brain made it easier for this story to surprise me but nevermind that I don't think I'd have foreseen the twists anywayThe characters are perfect — one of them almost literally so but in an inspiring way rather than an annoying one I appreciate fictional characters who are actually worth admiring when the author doesn't sacrifice believability for unattainable goodness The symbolism is uniue and also perfect It reminds me of Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl but unlike Heartless it's not a complete allegory where each fragment of story can be interpreted in a way that harmonizes with every other piece In that respect it's like The Lord of the Rings than The Chronicles of NarniaThe setting reminds me vividly of several other books Echo North Huntedand Spinning Silver It's cold and dark and Faery like but not overwhelmingly so Joy and light are never absentPerfect reading for a winter evening but chilly fall mornings are apparently fine too even if you're in the midst of discovering an unpleasant allergy45 out of 5 stars