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The true story of the woman who became WWII's most highly decorated spy The year is 1942 and World War II is in full swing Odette Sansom decides to follow in her war hero father’s footsteps by becoming an SOE agent to aid Britain and her beloved homeland France Five failed attempts and one plane crash later she finally lands in occupied France to begin her mission It is here that she meets her commanding officer Captain Peter ChurchillAs they successfully complete mission after mission Peter and Odette fall in love All the while they are being hunted by the cunning German secret police sergeant Hugo Bleicher who finally succeeds in capturing them They are sent to Paris’s Fresnes prison and from there to concentration camps in Germany where they are starved beaten and tortured But in the face of despair they never give up hope their love for each other or the whereabouts of their colleaguesIn Code Name Lise Larry Loftis paints a portrait of true courage patriotism and love—of two incredibly heroic people who endured unimaginable horrors and degradations He seamlessly weaves together the touching romance between Odette and Peter and the thrilling cat and mouse game between them and Sergeant Bleicher

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    I am giving this book my rare 5 star rating To earn that fifth star a book must possess a WOW component and much to my surprise this book delivered This book is a history In fact it is a biography of the WWII exploits of a 30 year old French mother of three young girls married to an Englishman and living in England when WWII starts Feeling the need to do something to aid the cause of the War and help her adopted country this woman goes looking for some sort of work to do in the war effort Because of her flawless command of her native language French she is recruited to become a British agent in occupied France With her husband in the army she accepts this invitation and leaves her children with relatives and goes off to become a secret agent and gets a lot than she bargained forWhile reading this history I couldn't help but believe that it was a truly good WWII spy thriller as this story contains all the elements of an excellent fiction except everything here is true and this woman and her story has impressed me immeasurably I read Unbroken several years ago and was eually impressed with the story of that book's hero This book Code Name Lise is no less an impressive story and the fact that this woman and her story aren't better known is uite sad It is reported that an English movie was made of Lise's story in 1950 and was successful If this movie ever made it to the States I don't know but this is a story of an incredible woman so any big name female actress lamenting the dearth of heroic woman characters well here's a good one for youThe book is a uick read with only 265 pages of text to the story but it also contains a very interesting Appendix and Author's Note that adds uite a bit to the after story The chapters are relatively short and as a bonus the author has included numerous photos of many of the characters on both sides of the conflict as well as photos of sites of action and some of the post war highlights This is really a story that is not to be believed How does a mother leave her children and go off to war? Then go off to war and enter into one of its most dangerous assignments and then suffer the conseuences associated with such an undertaking? A definite WOW in my reading and deserving of that fifth star

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    This is a powerful haunting narrative It is excellent If there is one book you promise to read before the year is out then this should be it I have cried I have felt pain and I have admired Odette Sansom She is a heroine a legend and one to be forever rememberedIf it wasn’t for the Preface that explains all content in this book is fact I would not have been able to believe it Yet based on records interviews and accounts we are provided with a raw narrative of how Odette Sansom a mother of three girls comes to be a spy in the Second World War The moments within this novel are captivating and Loftis’s excellent style of writing made it feel like I was reading a piece of fiction There are cliffhangers at the end of chapters and the portrayal of Odette and Peter in particular made it feel like you were there with them during their ordealsCan you imagine leaving your three daughters and heading into a war zone? This is exactly what Odette does I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache and emptiness she must have felt especially during the darker times A mother turned spy Odette became a fighting force that made her male counterparts pale in comparison Towards the closing of the book Odette admitted that leaving her children had broken her heart so any pain she felt afterwards was nothing resembling this separation Her determined nature and bravery had me compelled throughout the narrative and I could not believe how she was able to survive everything she had enduredThis is a harrowing emotional account and I felt massively affected by it Sharing Odette’s experience of the Second World War I learned a lot about this period of time and this made the book even fascinating The second half of the novel is a lot darker than the first and I actually found it difficult to read I was often putting the book down to pursue lighter less intense activities because of the overwhelming impact that the narrative was havingOdette is definitely a woman to be admired The things that she had to endure were unbelievable and the horrors described encouraged me to put things in to perspective I may have felt that I was having a “bad day” and life was against me but actually they were all mere inconveniences The suffering that occurred during the war made me feel grateful that I have my freedom my family and my health These are the most important things in life; this narrative has taught me to count my blessings oftenI am hoping that from my review you can tell what a massive impact this book has had on me Despite being non fiction I really enjoyed reading it and believe Odette’s story should continue to be shared forever It certainly is going to be “up there” with one of my top books of the year I hope you are able to come across this story and learn about the sacrifices that Odette and so many others made during the warWith thanks to Mirror Books for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    The biography of Odette Sansom Churchill 1912 1995 is absolutely amazing Odette was a French woman married to an Englishman She left her husband and three children to return to occupied France as a spy for the SOE Special Operation Executive Program a British spy agency The book is well written and researched The conversations are taken verbatim from the records The book is well documented After the war Odette married Peter Churchill 1909 1972 He served in occupied France with her during the War Loftis describes Odette’s ordeal as a prisoner in grisly detail Therefore the reader should be aware of the violence before reading it Overall this is an exciting and interesting biographyI read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book is nine hours and fifty nine minutes Kate Reading does an excellent job narrating the book Reading is an actress and voice artist She has been nominated three times for the Audie Award and won it once She also has been awarded three Earphone Awards

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    Not too often but once in a while a true story is so intense thrilling and adventurous that reading it you just might think you're reading fiction Filled with espionage war romance torture imprisonment and desperation Odette's story is inspiring and fascinating Leaving three young children behind while her husband is on the front lines Odette volunteered to go behind enemy lines in Occupied France and work on behalf of the resistance At first reluctant to become a spy and thinking she'd never make it out of training school she became the most decorated woman in WW2 Britain Steadfast determined sure of herself even after capture by the Germans and sent to the infamous prison camp Ravensbruck a world beyond the walls of hell Tortured to confess her compatriots' names Condemned to death for her role Starved denied medical treatment locked in a cage and yet still Tenacious still steadfast What an amazing story that could well have been fiction if it weren't trueMany thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review

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    This is an incredible story of war intrigue love and a whole lot of courage It is the story of Odette Sansom whose moral code would not allow her to sit back and do nothing as the Nazi made their march on Europe At great personal expense she left her family and her life to act as a courier for the British SOE Special Organization Executive whose function was to cause as much difficulty as they could for the Nazi through acts of sabotage The strength and courage this woman had in the face of the Nazis was astounding and inspiring Throughout her work and capture what was most striking was her absolute fearlessness and absolute refusal to compromise the people she worked with no matter how the Nazi’s tried to break her “Code Name Lise” shows us the strength of the human spirit when motivated by love and an uncompromising moral code that calls for action At the end of the story the author addresses some of the historical controversies surrounding Odette Sansome and the role she played with the SOE For me this added a depth to the book which I really appreciate It is not an easy story or an uncomplicated one It is one however I absolutely recommend I was privileged to receive a free copy of this book from NetGalley and the Publisher Gallery Threshold Pocket Books in exchange for an honest review

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    Code Name Lise may be a non fiction espionage epic that will likely be categorised alongside all the rest but don't make the mistake in thinking that this is merely your average read This extraordinary woman contributed significantly to the Allied effort and was willing to pay with her life to do so; she would've been acutely aware that there would be Germans chasing her which often than not if caught would result in her death It reads very much like a fictional espionage thriller but with the notable exception that every word is true I tend to view spies as experiencing the same danger as the forces involved in the fighting and had this incredible group of people not have sacrificed as much as they did and the Axis powers had triumphed our way of life would likely be completely differentOdette Sansom was a British secret agent awarded the George Cross for her work in Occupied France as part of the Special Operations Executive SOE This book charts all of her exploits and near misses and her falling in love with her commander who are both later captured by the Germans but miraculously go on to survive and become husband and wife If you enjoy history World War II accounts espionage non fiction or even thrillers then this is well worth your time Even those who aren't avid readers of military history will find a well told impeccably researched tale with so many twists and surprises to keep the pickiest reader enthralled An awe inspiring account of a heroine to which we all owe a debt of gratitude Many thanks to Mirror Books for an ARC

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    Wow what a thought provoking book It was a true story of a women in WW2 who decided to become an agent and was sent over to France to help stop the German armyIt was sad and very chilling what this poor woman went through and at times I just had to stop reading for awhile just to take in what I’d just readThe descriptions are graphic and made me shudder but it had to be toldBooks like this are so important and people should read them to understand what that generation went through and some survived

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    I received a free copy thanks to GoodreadsThis biography is interesting to discover Odette Sansom's life during WWII However since it is not the first biography without reading the previous ones it is hard to evaluate its own valueIndeed the most interesting part of the book is the last one the chapter talking about the controversy after the war when different stakeholders published their memoirs and other tried to diminish them Since this fact checking portion clearly presents different arguments and points of view it is a good conclusionSeveral technical flaws in the uncorrected proof that I received made it difficult to read sometimes misplaced words incorrect translation from English to French lack of information for few pictures confusion between real names and aliases especially Robert etc Hopefully they will all be corrected for the official releaseOverall it seems that the author could not choose between different genresIt is half a romance novel because there is uite a high dose of chaste feelings between Odette and Peter her commanding officer and it is not a thorough biography because of the lack of supporting documents like letters official records pictures maps if you are not familiar with the geography of Southern France you need to find a map to better understand Odette's endeavors or other elements that an historian would use to support illustrate and better explain the context And some important uestions remain for instance about the relationship between Odette and her daughters how did they feel when they finally reunited with their mom after the war ? Joy ? Resentment ? How did her mom try to explain her choices and re build a family bond ? And what does she do during 40 years after the war ?It is not a breathtaking action novel because of the too few details about Odette's accomplishments in her Resistance circuits Also too many chapters end with phony cliffhangers above all the preface or the chapter almost at the end when an SS officer gets close to the car where Odette is watching documents Some situations also look absurd and make the reader step back from the story to try to understand how a person described as a deeply sick skeleton due to starvation and physical and psychological torture can still walk and prefer to do some unnecessary things Additionally when she is rescued nobody seems to feel that the right decision would be to take her to an hospital This happens in the previously mentioned situation and again in London when they keep Odette waiting in the SOE headuarters until Peter's returnAnd it would have been useful to get insight from the main characters with psychological developments about their feelings their decision making process and how they dealt with the conseuences of their actionsOne of the good points that I'd like to highlight from this book is the explanation of the internal rivalries between MI6 and SOE in England and between Abwerh and SS in Germany That gives credibility to the story especially when it deals with the German spy chaser Monsieur JeanAt the end despite the writing which could be improved you get Odette's portrait focused on the WWII period and a lot of uestions to open discussion about heroism How do you take bold decisions ? Does a hero have to crave adrenaline and love the thrill ? How do you balance personal and collective interests ? Which values are important ? What is worth the risk ?

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    Riveting account of a spy's dangerous especially if captured life in WW II France Some of the prison scenes with the Gestapo captors are a little graphic The account is fast paced and well told

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    Odette Sansom grew up in France where she was the daughter of a heroic World War I veteran After marrying a British man she moved to England When the second World War began Odette felt that she should contribute in some way to Britain’s fight against the NazisShe enlisted in Special Operations where she was trained as a spy Because she was fluent in French she was sent back to France where she worked in a large spy network She was betrayed and then arrested by the Gestapo Odette endured brutal torture and over fourteen interrogations Author Larry Loftis reveals that Odette was the most highly decorated spy and woman of World War II Code Name Lise is an unforgettable story of love endurance courage sacrifice and survival under unimaginable circumstances