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Impetuous And Headstrong Is Tara, Princess Of Helium And Daughter Of John Carter Tara Meets Prince Gahan Of Gathol, And Is Initially Unimpressed, Viewing Him As Something Of A Popinjay Later She Takes Her Flier Into A Storm And Loses Control Of The Craft, And The Storm Carries Her To An Unfamiliar Region Of Barsoom After Landing And Fleeing From A Pack Of Ferocious Banths Martian Lions , She Is Captured By The Horrific Kaldanes, Who Resemble Large Heads With Small, Crab Like Legs The Kaldanes Have Bred A Symbiotic Race Of Headless Human Like Creatures Called Rykors, Which They Can Attach Themselves To And Ride Like A Horse While Imprisoned, Tara Manages To Win Over One Of The Kaldanes, Ghek, With Her Lovely Singing VoiceFifth Of His Barsoom Series Burroughs Began Writing It In January And The Finished Story Was First Published In Argosy All Story Weekly As A Six Part Serial In The Issues For February And And March And , It Was Later Published As A Complete Novel By A C McClurg In November A Daughter, He Replied, Only A Little Younger Than Carthoris, And, Barring One, The Fairest Thing That Ever Breathed The Thin Air Of Dying Mars Only Dejah Thoris, Her Mother, Could Be Beautiful Than Tara Of Helium For A Moment He Fingered The Chessmen Idly We Have A Game On Mars Similar To Chess, He Said, Very Similar And There Is A Race There That Plays It Grimly With Men And Naked Swords We Call The Game Jetan It Is Played On A Board Like Yours, Except That There Are A Hundred Squares And We Use Twenty Pieces On Each Side I Never See It Played Without Thinking Of Tara Of Helium And What Befell Her Among The Chessmen Of Barsoom Would You Like To Hear Her Story I Said That I Would And So He Told It To Me, And Now I Shall Try To Re Tell It For You As Nearly In The Words Of The Warlord Of Mars As I Can Recall Them, But In The Third Person If There Be Inconsistencies And Errors, Let The Blame Fall Not Upon John Carter, But Rather Upon My Faulty Memory, Where It Belongs It Is A Strange Tale And Utterly Barsoomian

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    3.5 to 4 stars I will round up here to an official 4 star rating.Another classic sci fi tale that brings forth black and white images from early sci fi films of bold, muscular heroes, space damsels in distress, and bizarre grotesque alien creatures When the space craft are flying, you might even be able to envision the cord that it is hanging from.But, seriously, it definitely has that feel and if you have enjoyed the other books in the John Carter Barsoom series, then you should enjoy this one no less.I will say that I think I like it for the atmosphere described above and the characters than anything else The story is okay, but sort of forgettable It is the individual scenes, unusual relationships, and somewhat cheesy dialogue that keep me interested It is almost like going to a sci fi museum where nothing has been updated since the 40s Sometimes you think it is so bad, but you realize it is so good

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    My Grandfather owned a copy of this book he offered it to me to read when I was home sick with measles over 50 years ago It was my introduction to that mystifying magical world of Science Fiction Thus began my lifelong love of all things other worlds written, filmed, on TV Amazing author, story grandfather

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    One of my two favorite Barsoom books outside of the initial trilogy The other being A Fighting Man of Mars Again it s in third person, allowing for different points of view This time, though, we get a proper John Carter prologue intro explaining how ERB obtained the manuscript Very similar to Thuvia, Maid of Mars in structure lone warrior goes off after missing princess, encounters lost cities and perils and SPOILER gets the girl in the end but there just seems to be a spark here that was missing in Thuvia the cities are loster and the perils are perilous Rykers and kaldanes and jetan, oh, my

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    Depending on my mood, this is either my favorite or second favorite of the Barsoom books As with my other favorite, A Fighting Man of Mars , the hero of the story isn t that veritable demigod Virginian, John Carter, but a native Martian in this case Gahan the Jed or King of Gathol a small but very prosperous city state The story concerns Gahan s attempts to woo the young daughter of John Carter, Tara, who rebuffs Gahan because he does not seem to her to be modest, rugged, and martial enough in his bearing Naturally, Gahan very quickly finds opportunity to prove his manly virtues, when Tara finds herself in mortal danger and far from any other aid The long series of adventures that ensue reveal hidden kingdoms, lost races, and ultimately culminate in a stunning game of living chess This is Barsoom at its best predictable in outline but delightful in its twists and execution Chessmen is one of the longer Barsoom stories and it benefits from the length, but it s still easily consumed in a long afternoon It is excellent reading material if you have the flu or otherwise must stay in bed or can And I doubt that there is anyone out there who first read this story as a boy and didn t build a Martian chess set of some sort.Anyone care for a game of Jetan

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    The Chessmen of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs 5th John Carter novel out of 11, first appeared in serial form in the magazine Argosy All Story Weekly from February to April 1922 It is easily the best of the Carter lot to this point the most detailed, the most imaginative, and the best written Carter himself only appears at the beginning and end of the tale Instead, our action heroes are his daughter, Tara, who gets lost in a rare Barsoomian storm while joyriding in her flier and blown halfway across the surface of the planet, and the Gatholian jed Gahan, who goes in search of her In the first half of this novel, Tara and Gahan wind up in the clutches of the kaldanes bodiless brains who live in a symbiotic relationship with their headless rykors One of these brains, Ghek, befriends the couple and tags along with them for the remainder of their odyssey Ghek is a wonderful character, touching and fascinating and amusing all at once In one passage, Ghek gives us some very interesting philosophy regarding the relationship between mind and body In the second half of the book, the trio is captured by the hordes of Manator, and Gahan winds up fighting for Tara in a game of Martian chess, or jetan, a game in which real men are used in lieu of pieces and fight to the death for possession of squares The jetan sequence is extremely exciting and detailed, and a knowledge of chess is not necessary for full enjoyment One need not be a chess buff to appreciate the detailed moves that Burroughs gives us Chessmen is, as I mentioned, very well written for a Burroughs novel even, dare I say it, poetically written in spots The action is relentless, the standard of imagination very high, and the denouement extremely satisfying It is a near masterpiece Why only near Well, as is usual with these books, there are some problems.As in the previous Carter novels, these problems take the form of inconsistencies and implausibilities At the book s beginning, Burroughs, who has just been told this tale by Carter himself, writes that if there be inconsistencies and errors, let the blame fall not upon John Carter, but rather upon my faulty memory, where it belongs He is excusing himself in advance for any mistakes that he might make, and well he should, because there are many such in this book I, however, cannot excuse an author for laziness and sloppy writing Saying excuse me doesn t make for good writing Just what am I referring to here Let s see.Tara, in several spots in the book, refers to Tardos Mors as her grandfather, when in actuality he is her great grandfather The Martian word sofad is said to be a foot but in the previous book, Thuvia, Maid of Mars, an ad was said to be a foot Tara, in one scene, smites Ghek on the back of the head Gahan is watching this fight from a distance, and sees her hit Ghek in the face In the game of jetan, the thoat pieces are said to wear three feathers but in the Rules for Jetan at the book s end, they are said to wear two This book is based on events told to John Carter, conceivably by Tara, Gahan and or Ghek, and yet scenes are described in which none of those characters appear thus, they could have had no knowledge of these events described This, I feel, is a basic problem with the book s structure Besides these inconsistencies, there are some things that are a bit hard to swallow For instance, that Gahan could fall 3,000 feet from a flier in the middle of a cyclone and, freakishly, survive It s also hard to believe that Tara does not recognize Gahan when he comes to her rescue, and fails to remember where they have met, until the very end of the book In addition, I feel that the character of Ghek is underutilized in the book s second half It might have been nice to see the old boy loosening up a bit, as he got in touch with his emotions, Spockstyle Anyway, all quibbles aside, Chessmen is a wonderful piece of fantasy, one that had me tearing through the pages as quickly as I possibly could It is an exceptionally fine entry in the John Carter series.

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    With the fifth book in the Barsoom series, much like Burroughs ability to recycle his stories, I thought I could just repost my review of book four Thuvia, Maid of Mars as it pretty much still applies to this novel too Burroughs again recycles his damsel in distress of course she s gorgeous , his introduction of two new species of Barsoomians surprisingly close to Helium to have gone unnoticed , the courageous rescue by a spurned suitor It could, again, so easily be the same novel with only the names changed this one is, after all, about John Carter s daughter Tara rather than his son from the previous novel.But, while it still is derivative and repetitive, it s a lot fun than the previous novel Burroughs seems comfortable with this non John Carter novel format although he still manages to sneak him in as a soft of removed narrator Tara, as a Carter herself, gets to be a little feisty than Thuvia was allowed to be Although she gets herself into plenty of scrapes, she s not waiting to be rescued necessarily and is happy to give orders when her would be rescuer does turn up I enjoyed the rather silly twist where she fails to recognise her rescuer as the man she d spurned only a few days before sort of like the Superman Clark Kent glasses once Gahan takes off his platinum straps he is unrecognisable.The new races are something of a break from the norm too The Barsoomians of Manator aren t so unique, but their ritualised games of chess to the death are certainly interesting But the Kaldane are the interesting idea A race of Barsoomians who have advanced their intellect to such a level that they are devoid of emotion and have developed physically to mere brains with little spider leg appendages to be able to scuttle about a bit On top of that they ve developed a sort of symbiotic relationship with another sub species who are bodies with no heads They have no intellect of their own and graze randomly until paired with a Keldane who acts as their head and brain The Keldane are, of course, pretty much universally evil dudes those damned intellectuals until one of them is able to reconnect with his emotions.

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    I give up Burrough s Barsoom series has devolved into a Captain Bill s Whiz Bang stories of the simple sensationalism, appropriate at best for adolescent boys.Even though I have several editions in my Nook, I doubt if I ll read them soon.A waste of time and electrons at least the trees were spared.

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    Sadly a huge pain in the arse compared to the earlier books Tara of Helium is just a whining bunt and the throwing out of random names and places gets old really quick Just not an interesting enough plot to carry through the flaws

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    A pretty darn good one in the Mars series I felt Thuvia, Maid of Mars was a little lacking, but this one makes up for that This one, again, does not focus on John Carter, but rather his daughter Tara, which he suddenly has She gets captured by the Kaldanes, which are spider like creatures and can attach themselves to these headless human bodies, called rykors, and control them for their own use She also gets captured by the Manatorians, which are the chess players but they play using real people on a life size board It s good stuff.

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    On our trip to Mars this time, we find lost and forgotten cities, one of which is inhabited by some of the most disturbing creatures ever to be described on paper Along with great Burroughs style adventure, and classic characters Well played Mr Burroughs, well played.