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The Grauken WakesIt Was The Dormant, Loathsome Instinct Possessed By Every Beast Of Ponath An Innocent Pup Of The Degnan Packstead, Marika Thought It Was Just A Tale To Frighten The Young Then The Grauken Possessed, Cannibalistic Nomads Swept Down From The Far North And The Winter Of Death BeganMarika S Pack Now Has To Fight For Its Life Even If It Means Calling Upon The Treacherous Witchlike Silth Who Can Slay By Mind Alone But Young Marika Has Powers, Too Enormous, Untamed Mental Energies Can Marika Be A Weapon Against Their Foes Or Will She Become Something Far Greater Than The Silth, Something Fearfully Whispered Of Only In Legends Doomstalker

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    Darkwar is the second series I ve read by Cook, and is a beast of a completely different color than The Black Company At the outset it seems standard, if strange, fantasy, but soon enough you will begin some very serious Sci fi elements We re talking space battles here I went in with absolutely no expectations The books were picked or less at random, save for the fact that I had enjoyed Cook in the past What didn t suck The series has some rather unique elements For one, the central race of the series was the non human Meth Mammal, upright, intelligent, all that jazz, but with an alien thought process One has to respect Cook for thinking so far outside the norm, and giving the race as a whole a unique perspective Another element that I found interesting it truly runs the gamut of civilization With no significant time lapses, it starts you with a primitive, hunting and gathering culture, and by the end you re dealing with space battles of epic proportion Not exactly what I expected, but the for the most part it worked.What sucked Sadly, it had some pretty serious flaws working against it First and foremost, the main character is the ultimate Mary Sue Seriously, Westley Crusher has nothing on her If there is a thing that has to be done, she will do it Given, everything and everyone that she loved would likely be ashes and dust by the time she was done, but that she would succeed is never in doubt After the first few times her miraculous magical powers manifested themselves, this was annoying After the first couple books, this was maddening Throughout the series, the character always made the right decision, was always smarter, faster, stronger, ad nauseum Hardly unique in fantasy, but still it pisses me off to see it done to this extent Come on Cook, you re better than that Another thing that sucked The ending I won t ruin it, but to say it was dissatisfying is an understatement You see it coming, you hope you re wrong, but in the endyou re not Yeah, it s as lame as you think it will be Weak.And character development I actually think the main character devolved throughout the series rather than evolving It was pretty painful at times Deep Thoughts Overall, I don t regret reading the series It had it s weakspots and then it had some weakspotsbut there was a thing or two that was cool as well And hell, I ve got lots of free time Final Rating Meh 2 stars.

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    If you like a female protagonist that isn t weak or stupid, you should read this This is not a YA, and people who did NOT rate this a four five star feel like they are missing something This is a story for adults who like to read stories that don t involve a love triangle or a stupid heroine who makes mistakes constantly, yet gets rewarded This is a somewhat dark story, there is betrayal, there is bloodshed.If you want to read twilight look elsewhere If your looking for a GOOD fantasy book, I suggest you grab this book Also, this is not as complex as the black company, it is meant to be well at least I think it was a lighter read then that series Keep in mind that the first book is amazing, the second book feels a bit rushed and the third feels like your skipping major events But honestly it felt okay to me I KNOW people wanted to make this trilogy into a freaking saga, but it just wasn t meant to be.P.s I ve read the series twice now Going to read it again for a third time maybe this year I ll write a longer review then.

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    Interesting Not unpredictable, but also not disappointing The early chapters are a bit confusing, as they cover at least two different time periods unsequentially, and it s not always clear what time it is when a new section starts I will probably get the next book, but I m not in a hurry.

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    I listened to this on audiobook It was a fun and easy story to get through, despite all the Bad Happenings throughout I loved the matriarchal society featured here, and really appreciated how the author didn t explain the main character s species in full detail It left a lot to the imagination, which was a nice change.

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    I thought that Cook s Black Company series was entertaining enough, so I picked up this trilogy when I came across itI have to start with a complaint, though Not only is the cover art on this book just terrible, from an artistic aesthetic standpoint, but it s pretty obvious that the book didn t get read by the artist, and there was a severe lack of communication going on ALL of the characters in this book are wolflike aliens they live in a matriarchal pack structure, are described as having long muzzles, paws, and fur They whine, howl, and twitch their ears So why are all of the characters in the cover art distinctly human Well, I guess they have kinda funny looking eyes and big ears But still Argh Anyway.Marika is an adolescent living in a remote packstead From youth, she s had unusual mental powers, which cause some of the elders to be hostile toward her But in one dire winter, her home is invaded and destroyed Her only path may be to join the silth feared and respected sorceresses who are supposed to protect the people but who, obviously, have been failing, and have generated resentment Marika discovers there may be a lot to her world than her rural upbringing allowed her to know but even among the silth, there are those with an inexplicable hostility toward her myths and legends of the Doomstalker may be to blame.Although the story has many original and unique details, this is still well trodden ground, as far as the plot goes It s also one of those stories where the trilogy is really all one book randomly divided into three parts for marketing Entertaining, so far, but not exceptional.

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    Doomstalker is very much part one of a trilogy and I don t think I m giving too much away when I suggest you should have book 2 in the series, WarlockWarlock, on hand when you finish this first novel Find the omnibus version if you can these books deserve to be read together The ending seems sudden, but not disappointing With that in mind, this is a quick and entertaining read Cook focuses mostly on plot and setting describing a fascinating milieu The characters are solid, although a few seem a little shallow that s fine, as it keeps the attention where it belongs, on the central characters Other reviewers have pointed out that the cover art is a little misleading and that is probably fair, although it didn t spoil the story for me It probably reinforced some readers sense that this was in the fantasy genre rather than sci fi, since the early chapters focus on a low tech population Only later do we start to see hints of higher technology.Pacing is light and brisk, about the same as Cook s Garrett, PI series, but without so much humor and tongue in cheek wordplay Readers coming to this book from other Glen Cook series, such as his Instrumentalities of the Night, Dread Empire, or Black Company books may find the all canine cast of characters a bit surprising, but it makes for an interesting culture.

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    2 stars Firstly DON T think The Black Company also written by Glen Cook, arguably one of the greatest epic fantasy series ever written It s not anywhere near this level This book is pretty bland so bland when I first tried to read it years ago in print I put it down A friend had it on tape so thought I would tough it out this time It s still bland and perfect for audiobooks It s a basic fantasy tale, very, very slow but enough to hold your interest but not rapt attention Missing chunks will do you no harm So perfect for when listening doing house chores, driving or out shopping It s one of those mindless rubbish books we take a guilty pleasure in every now and again It will be some time before I listen to the second, I know it will be at least 12 months, the story is just ok so much out there that is good or waiting to be discovered.

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    You know a series is good when it leaves you bereft at its ending This series did that to me Glen Cook reached out with his art and touched me, apparently, deeply This series and the Black Company are, so far that I ve read, his best, although both are very different styles of book This one starts out light and gets deeper and deeper and deeper By the end your mind is awhirl, amazed, and to be frank, a bit awed.Its been a month and I still feel pangs when I think about this work It isn t perfect and has its flaws, but they were easy enough to forgive for a great story and this unforgettable achievement by Mr Cook I will always remember and be glad I had it.

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    This is not really separate book The whole trilogy is whole book that was for some reason broken into three books General setting was very appealing to me, matriarchal society, nice mix of magic and tech, everything looks very good Unfortunately most characters are really obvious, you could tell who they right away there were no serious character twists in this part But I can give a credit to how the world unfolds So what do we have here The very average character progression, relationships development is quite predictable, quite interesting and unusual setting of tech and magic I ll try the second book.

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    ok, this is another i didn t actually make it throughonly one chapter this time, but could already tell it wasn t going to keep my interest i love glen cook s Black Company books, but this one is not of that level it s one of those fantasy books in which the author feels the need to create an entire new world and name things funny names when really everything is remarkably familiarjust seemed dumb to memaybe i would ve enjoyed it 15 20 years ago