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Lift Eat Sleep Repeat Qualifying to compete on a national level is all that’s on power lifter Dagen Rourke’s mind After an injury sidelined him the previous year his only goal has been to overcome the physical challenges and mental demons to get back in the game Falling into bed with the new artist at his brother’s tattoo shop was never part of his training schedule Now he has to find a balance between the time he wants to give Ollie and the brutal training for what could be the most important competition of his life Run Tattoo Doze Keep going Oliver Vos jumps at the chance to work at Vidar Rourke’s award winning tattoo shop Open Wounds Getting out from under a nasty mentor and making it on his own is all Ollie has dreamed of for years Unbeknownst to him the room Vidar offers to rent him until he’s back on his feet would have him sharing space with tempting gentle giant Dagen Living together is an adjustment and when the heat between them morphs into something will old insecurities and new tests drag them apart? Or will they find a way to carry the weight of their burdenstogether? Carry and Drag is the introductory novella to the contemporary MM romance series Open Wounds This book contains mature content meant for adult readers

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    Solid 4 star read for me I know when I read novellas chances are I'm going to be left wanting This case is no different However I'm hoping to get of Dagen and Ollie in the coming books It's obvious these two care deeply for one another but I need a declaration of love I want to read about their plans as a couple Ollie is still in need of some emotional healing and what are Dagen's career goals now? Overall I'm impressed I think this is a strong start to a great series It was well written and even with the many characters introduced I never felt overwhelmed I even got attached to them and look forward to each of their stories

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    35 stars rounded up because frankly I don't tend to expect much from novellas by new to me authors And frankly I was pleasantly surprised here Carry and Drag may be a novella but it is a well written one with an engaging premise and well crafted charactersGifted tattoo artist Ollie needs a fresh start He gets one in the form of a new job and a new roommate Dagen An aspiring strongman who epitomizes “gentle giant” Dagen wants Ollie More than that he wants to care for Ollie Ollie doesn’t think that he wants that That he can’t want that But his walls begin to crumble in Dagen's soft and steadfast presenceTheir relationship is a sweet slow burn from roommates to friends to lovers Given Ollie's past it had the potential to devolve into angstcom Instead they trusted and communicated with one another The novella occasionally suffered from series opener syndrome with new characters introduced and new relationships teased It wasn’t always easy to keep things straight There is a muted suspense element that flirts with melodramatic but doesn't cross the line The editing could have been tighter and the pacing wasn't always on point But since this appears to be one of Frost's first published works I anticipate that she will improve upon these issuesThe ending is a HFN which I can live with since we will surely see of Ollie and Dagen and their inevitable HEA right? 😉 In the meantime I look forward to additional stories I would l o v e a story for Kayla seeing as female fighters are all too rare as romance novel heroines and I would like to learn about Harbor and yes I am still wrapping my brain around some of these names To be honest I wasn't feeling Vidar and Niko it seemed forced and Niko was too young And if we learn that view spoilerMagnus left Rory to do porn he is CANCELLED and Rory needs to take a cue from T Swift and never ever get back together with him Hrrmph I'm clearly TeamRory already hide spoiler

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    I first saw this book in another author's fb group It looked like something I'd be interested in and I'm always willing to give new authors a try Some of my friends read it and said It's definitely a Barb book SeeI love me some gentle giants Guys who are big and could wreck havoc just with their hands They are sweet and gentle and aware of their size and how they come across to others But they are than willing to do anything to protect what's theirs Dagen was just the type of hero I love He was sweet and cautious with Ollie giving him time to adjust and going slow with him What did he want from Ollie? His breath caught in his chest when a single word flashed unbidden through his mind Everything There's an instance connection between the two but it takes time because Ollie is scared Running from an abusive situation he's not ready to try a relationship really no kind of relationship But he can't resist Dagen Because Dagen is slowly becoming something “You keep doing that” Ollie said with a little shake of his head “What?” “Saying my name like it’s something else Something I don’t know like it means than it does” And even though I didn't understand half of the weight lifting stuff and maybe it bored me just a wee bit this is still a great start to a new series and I'm looking forward to all the brothers' stories Plus I want of Dagen and Ollie They are HFN but they need a good HEA “Dagen?” Ollie’s voice was quiet and rough“Why do you take care of me?”“Because I care about you And everyone needs someone to take care of them sometimes”“I’m glad my someone is you”

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    Series Reread August 2019 book 4 out soonStill sweet Re read September 2018Still just as sweet as the first read but still wish there was time spent with the two MC together Now on to the sequel Original review I really enjoyed this and wish it was longer A good introduction to a new series Although the sex initially kind of came out of nowhere I really liked Dagen the sensitive power lifter As well as the rag tag bunch of men that make up his family Look forward to the next one

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    Not bad at all for the start of this series I liked these characters and really enjoyed the family vibe love it when a group of people band together and show acceptance compassion and love

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    This was a decent read and a great start to a series I'm definitely interested in all the side characters and want to know their stories especially Niko and Vidar and Magnus and RoryI just wished there was a little of everything More emotion and depth Ollie and Dagen just happen and apart from finding each other attractive I don't know WHY they fall for each other Just that they doThat being said it was a great and quick read and I think it's a debut novelnovella? Could be wrong but for a debut it's really impressive

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    45 StarsDagen isn’t thrilled when he learns he’s getting a new roommate until he lays eyes on Ollie Not only is the guy gorgeous but Dagen finds himself drawn to him emotionally as well Ollie is running from the abusive relationship he’s found himself in for the last couple of years He’s told himself he won’t let himself trust again but there is just something about Dagen that makes him want to let his guard down Ollie’s story is heartbreaking and I just wanted to cuddle him I absolutely adored both him and Dagen Dagen and Ollie were both lovable characters who fit together perfectly I loved that Dagen took his time and gave Ollie the space he needed He never rushed him and I adored watching Ollie let his guard down and begin to trust Dagen and let him in Although the story is maybe a bit instalovish with the time frame the story takes place over the progression of Dagen and Ollie’s relationship felt natural and was never rushed They had amazing chemistry and the sexual tension was almost visible in the air it was so thick I not only loved Ollie and Dagen but I absolutely adored Dagen’s family and I’m excited and looking forward to following the series and seeing each of these brothers get their happy ending The story was well written and flowed well The author's writing drew me in the style was comfortable and easy to read This was a very enjoyable read and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the next installment Highly recommendablecopy provided by authorpublisher for my reading pleasure a review was not a requirement

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    I really liked this a great new series to start I only wished it was longer I wanted of their developing relationship

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    I enjoyed this beginning of what looks to be a great seriesUsually I shy away from books with less than 200 pageswhich is apparently this writer's bread and butter but for some reason I'm just loving these books by her regardless of their length The author manages to compact great story telling and great characterisation into these pages that by the end you'll feel satisfied with the conclusionThis book had low angst lots of heart an appropriate stem level and a bit of drama near the end but ultimately it had lots of feels which I loved I thoroughly enjoyed itTo be perfectly honest although I loved the book I wouldn't have minded one chapter with the MCs just loving on themselves They certainly had great chemistryI will be continuing with this series and already have Habor's book lined up