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White House Executive Chef Ollie Paras Has To Put Her Own Interests On The Back Burner When A Kindly Electrician Is Electrocuted To Death, And The First Lady S Nephew Dies In An Apparent Suicide Less Than Hours After Cleaning Shrimp With Ollie Ollie Suspects Something Fishy Is Going On She Ll Have To Watch Her Back And Find A Killer Unlikely To Be Pardoned

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    . Introducing White House Assistant Chef Olivia Paras, who is rising and sleuthing to the top This was a very interesting and informative tale of the life of the White House kitchen staff As always the main focus is on Olivia Paras, who demonstrates the ability to keep her wit and uses whatever is available to protect herself and others from danger It captivates and compels readers to jump in and enjoy the strenuous experiences first hand White House executive chef Ollie Paras has to put her own interests on the back burner when a kindly electrician is electrocuted to death, and the First Lady s nephew dies in an apparent suicide less than 24 hours after cleaning shrimp with Ollie Ollie suspects something fishy is going on She ll have to watch her back and find a killer unlikely to be pardoned Julie Hyzy did an incredible job in drawing the reader into the story and compelling them to stay focused as long as possible as they rode on her roller coaster adventure of a lifetime This was a cozy mystery that didn t seem to be formulaic at all This heroine is observant, inquisitivve, and determined when puzzled by something SueR This book was heart pounding almost from the beginning to the very end I m sure glad we have those brave men and women protecting the White House and those who reside and work there and all those who protect us and our freedom daily Sue, I could not have said this any better myself I would recommend this choice to anyone interested in a clean and wholesome cozy mystery and or the life of service in the White House I look forward to reading from this author.

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    Wonderful story Highly recommend it

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    Olivia Paras, aka Ollie, has finally gotten the promotion she was vying for From Assistant Chef, she s now the Executive Chef of the White House.In this second book, Ollie is settling in her new role It s Christmas time in and the entire White House is preparing for the holidays But things can never be calm at the White House, can it While in a meeting with the First Lady, Mrs Campbell, and her nephew, Sean Baxter, an incendiary device is found on the property Ollie is forced into a safety bunker with both of them, and the ever curious Ollie can t help but overhear a discussion between them The discussion revolves around Zendy Industries, of which Mrs Campbell is a part owner The other parties are interested in selling and changing the original vision of the company but neither is she interested, nor does Sean encourage her to do so.The trio are eventually released, since it was a prank scare and Ollie goes about planning the meticulous menus of the various events planned The prank beefs up the already tight security at the White House, and now all staff are forced to attend security training Unfortunately, while checking up on a power fault, the White House chief electrician, Gene, is electrocuted and dies Ollie tries to find out the cause, but she doesn t get any support or help from the other electricians Before things can settle down, Sean Baxter is found dead having apparently committed suicide.As Ollie inadvertently gets drawn into the Zendy scam, she becomes Mrs Campbell s support throughout her grief Between juggling her duties in the kitchen, and trying to unveil the truth behind the Zendy scam Ollie continues to find herself in risky situations What will happen to Zendy Industries Will Ollie be able to solve the mystery of Sean and Gene s death Amidst all this, will she be able to successfully deliver the mega lunch, replete with the awesome gingerbread rendering of the White House I m addicted to this series Fast paced and breezy in addition to the thrilling storyline, the White House s preparation for the holidays was very interesting.If you haven t read one of this series yet, pick it up now You won t regret it.

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    Book 2 was just as wonderful as Book 1 Ollie has gotten herself into a new bind, bombs I was waiting at every turn to figure out when a new one would come up It set me, personally, on the lookout I loved the new character Gav, he is great This story started out by breaking my heart and ended with me picking up Book 3.

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    So far I ve very much enjoyed this cozy mystery series Ollie is a pleasing character, with interest in her surroundings, a discerning eye to notice the details, and excellent skills in the kitchen to make her an executive chef at the White House It s interesting to get behind the scenes a little, seeing how the president s family lives as well as how the Secret Service operates The meals prepared and the events hosted are fascinating to read about and imagine with delicious sounding recipes included at the back of the book I would rate this 4.5 stars, but because I liked the story and the believableness of Ollie s investigations and her involvement in the crimes, I m rounding it up to a 5 star read Even other characters in the book commented on Ollie s always being involved in some sort of crime scene, and this was explained to my satisfaction, making the story seem even believable I will definitely be reading in this series.

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    I ve been enjoying this series so far The protagonist, Ollie Paras, is likable, competent, and most importantly, relatable despite her position as a chef working for the First Family The culprit struck me as somewhat obvious this time around, but the pace and tension was well handled and it was an enjoyable read overall.

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    A good, exciting book from start to finish It made me want to go see the White House all decorated for Christmas I think I was suspicious of several characters before Ollie was but not the brains behind everything Lots of good sounding recipes at the end.

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    Local Author I was motivated by the chance to meet the author at the book store around the corner from my house the store specializes in mystery and history which aren t my usual suspects but I like to support the local small stuff when I it makes sense It was enjoyable, though pretty light Airplane book for sure I pretty much figured out the entire mystery but I am not sure if that is because of the writing or because I always figure out where the plot is going before it gets there The curse of reading far too many books What I absolutely loved about the book Intelligent, successful woman character not drawn at all sentimental no distracting pointless love story Not too much explaining away of the mystery she knew when it was obvious what was going on and just let it happen The setting is refreshing and fun Whitehouse Kitchen I think food as a substantial part of any book will always get me because I am a food whore I look forward to trying the recipes in the back blue cheese sticks sound amazing All in all, fun time.

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    Having been a fan of the tv show 24, Hail to the Chef has had me on pins and needles ever since the first accident happened The further into the book I got, the suspicious I became of almost every one involved This offering from Julie Hyzy gives us insight to the preparation of the White House during the holiday season and how busy all those who work there are It also shows what deceit there can be when money and a desire to become powerful there can be, even between life long friends The further into the book I got, the tighter my nerves got and by the end, if my coffee cup had been Styrofoam, I would have been wearing my coffee This book was heart pounding almost from the beginning to the very end I m sure glad we have those brave men and women protecting the White House and those who reside and work there and all those who protect us and our freedom daily Thanks Julie for another great read I m looking forward, as soon as my nerves settle down, to reading the next one in the series.

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    The second in a series of cozy mysteries featuring White House Executive Chef Ollie Paras begins at Thanksgiving and takes the reader through preparations to decorate the White House for Christmas But the discovery of a fake bomb hidden in the building complex puts everyone on edge Clearly it was planted by an insider, for who else would have access Was this someone s idea of a practical joke Or is someone seriously trying to harm the President This was fairly entertaining, but I guess what was going on FAR ahead of Ollie, and even, apparently, the Secret Service Agent in Charge I didn t even have the benefit of an intense one on one hours long training session with said AiC, the way Ollie did, to get the message Yet time and again Ollie ignored the warning signs that I felt were as obvious as the largest Las Vegas neon sign Oh well all s well that ends well It s a cozy mystery and I read this genre for the escape from reality And this certainly fills that bill.