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For fans of Caraval and The Greatest Showman a uest for fame and fortune in a stardust powered empire brings debt scandal and danger in spades The Electrical Menagerie one of a kind robotic roadshow is bankrupt Sylvester Carthage illusionist and engineer has the eccentric imagination the Menagerie needs to succeed creatively — but none of the people skills Fast talking Arbrook Huxley meanwhile has all the savvy the Menagerie needs to succeed commercially — but none of the scruples To save their show Carthage Huxley stake everything in a royal talent competition vying for the once in a lifetime chance to perform for the Future Celestial ueen In this stardust and spark powered empire of floating islands and flying trains the Menagerie's bid at fame and fortune means weathering the glamorous and cutthroat world of critics high society and rival magicians — but with real conspiracy lurking beneath tabloid controversy there's at stake in this contest than the prize Behind the glittery haze of flash paper and mirrors every competitor has something to hide and it’s the lies Carthage Huxley tell each other that may cost them everything Dazzles from start to finish In Carthage Huxley Sherlock Watson fans will find another dynamic duo whose ready wit and sizzling banter and inevitable personality clashes never fail to delight You'll be calling for an encore performance Gillian Bronte Adams author of The Songkeeper ChroniclesThe stuff that fandoms are built on Kyle Robert Shultz author of Beaumont Beasley The Celestial Isles is a new series for fans of steampunk science fiction and fairy tales

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    An almost entirely SPOILER FREE REVIEW Without a doubt this one of the best books I’ve read in 2018 I had seen a lot of excitement around The Electrical Menagerie’s release and I am always constrained when reading a hyped book but this book did than not disappoint—it carried all my expectations like the crest of a wave as I was immersed in this beautiful story and world I stayed up far into the wee hours to finish TEM simply because it was impossible to put it down THE CHARACTERS It’s been a while since I’ve read such well crafted characters Every piece of dialogue every scene—it is all constructed with skill and care Reeder has true control over her characters and story and wields her power masterfully CARTHAGE I was overjoyed to find that Sylvester was an older character—age wise—and I was touched by his childlike personality and his incredibly sad back story Carthage is the heart of The Electrical Menagerie—a flawed flinching damaged heart hiding beneath a cloak of glitter and illusion It would have been easy for an author to let showy characters like Huxley or uirky ones like Dominic to steal the show but Carthage remains firmly at the center in all his subtle gentle beauty—and I gasped and had tears in my eyes as his moving character arc was laid bare I could also relate to Sylvester’s physical limitations and pain and I really appreciated Ms Reeder’s inclusion of a character that is heroic because of the tenacity they display in their physical weakness We need of this in fiction and I really appreciated seeing that in TEM HUXLEY What a treat A delightful smooth talking smooth walking smooth operating genteel salesman But far from being a one dimensional charmer Huxley was fully developed with a heavy dose of thoughtfulness uirkiness and practicality and had his own poignant arc developing nicely It was also delightful to find a romance burgeoning for the “sidekick” instead of our main character DOMINIC Oh my heart That dear darling little robot I want to hug his dear head I am a perfect sap for robot characters and I was delighted that this character remains a robot Instead of grasping at humanity Dominic remains unuestionably a machine It coincides with my favorite treatment of robots of all time George Lucas's stipulation that robots ought to possess a personality but no soul And yet there is an incredibly amount of soulfulness in Dominic in his role of observer to the humans around him I simply cannot express my how enad I am with this precious little electrical I suealed I moaned I CRIED Last of all this story is built around a buddy story Oh my goodness people I will jump through hoops to see a good male buddy story and this book provided an utterly satisfying take on that classic relationship THE WORLDBUILDINGDid I mention there are robots? Robots of all kinds? I’m finding difficulty locating the appropriate superlatives to describe the thrill of Reeder’s world building The Celestial Isles the electricals the circus the cities It’s bogglingly interesting and my little steampunk heart was thrilled right down to the ground with how Reeder took steampunk and put an entirely new twist on its settings And I mentioned the robots right? The Menagerie is one of the main backdrops in this captivating world and there were several show stopping moments featuring the Menagerie and I kept wondering each time how Reeder would top the previous act but each magical performance was airy joyous and full of wonder And did I mention there are robots?One especial world building highlight for me was the isle that was based on the Deep South—I wouldn’t have thought of using the South as a cultural basis for one of the Isles and I thought that was really clever THE STORYRollicking thoughtful heartfelt thrilling introspective gentle and breezy – it’s all here fine details etched against a background of spectacle The plot kept developing in ways I didn’t expect and held my attention for every page There was one point involving Dominic that had me shrieking and moaning that I can’t relate here because of spoilers STYLEClear and smooth and unlike many female authors who can be over emotional written with subtlety and restraint She writes male characters and their banter with refreshing straightforwardness and her background in show business also stamps the book with a tough realism as technical detail sprinkle the pages UIBBLESThe only character I didn’t care for was Andromeda She honestly felt like a character I’ve seen a lot and was a tad annoying The finale felt a little rushed After such an incredible build up I expected a bit spectacle for the final action seuence and a bit development for the surprise character at the end SUMMARIZATION So many authors specifically Christian ones are hampered by forcing morals into their stories when the stories themselves are not as strong as they could be—like focusing on the paint when there is structural damage Conseuently the moral itself falls flat But Reeder rises above that pitfall Her faith seeps through the story’s exceptional craftsmanship There is nothing sloppy here; it bears the mark of a dedicated artisan The plot and the arcs resonate with truth without Reeder having to over enunciate the lessons or her faith Nothing is bludgeoned nothing is marred “The world does not need Christian literature What it needs is Christians writing good literature” CS Lewis“We needn’t all write patently moral or theological work Indeed work whose Christianity is latent may do uite as much good and may reach some whom the obvious religious work would scare away The first business of a story is to be a good story When Our Lord made a wheel in the carpenter shop depend upon it It was first and foremost a good wheel A good story which will give innocent pleasure is a good thing just like cooking a good nourishing meal” CS LewisI was nourished by The Electrical Menagerie I have read an abundance of books this year but the stellar have been few and far between and that search for the exceptional was satisfied in TEM First and foremost it is a good wheel – as attractive as a warm fire as flavorful as a nourishing soup – and I enjoyed every single bite Reeder has touched upon the key that every author should know – that an author’s primary goal is to entertain and Reeder does than entertain—she enchants

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    Update 2020 I have read this book three times now and it’s still just as magical as ever I will never get tired of Carthage and Huxley——————— I received a free advance review copy of The Electrical Menagerie therefore all of the following opinions are my own This book is absolutely magical in every way This is the kind of book that swallows you up so thoroughly you can’t stop thinking about it even when you’re not reading It’s heartfelt imaginative and filled with characters that I connected with from the very beginning I knew after reading Arbrook Huxley and the Star Crossed Lovers that I was in for a treat but The Electrical Menagerie delivered—and then someSylvester Carthage This man is one of the most complex and well developed characters I’ve seen in a while There were a lot of times while reading his POV that I had to sit back and think “Wow That’s exactly what that feels like” Even feelings I’d never consciously thought about Reeder enabled me to connect with him from page one and my sister will be the first to tell you that I got than a little animated while telling her about him He was strong in an extremely understated way—without even knowing it himself—and grew tremendously throughout the course of the bookArbrook Huxley Huxley provided an effective foil for Carthage who was a very morally upright character Although he was a good person over all Huxley was not averse to using underhand means to achieve desired ends from time to time He’s also rather foulmouthed in a made up way something that drives Carthage nuts—but over the course of the story Huxley grew a lot and learned to appreciate his uiet business partner They both had something to teach the other and I love thatAs for the world itself I was constantly blown away by how well thought out it was I never had to scramble for a mental image because Reeder always painted the picture in glowing colors And unlike Tolkien did not spend five pages lecturing on the state of the hills from all four points of the compass The murder mystery side of the story had me constantly guessing but there were enough personal battles to keep me engaged in that direction as well I believed in Carthage and Huxley from the very beginning even if they didn’t always believe in each other Also can I just say that Reeder got me attached to a robot? I mean really The poor guy deserved betterAnd now we come to the part of the review where I gripe at nitpicky things—except—I have nothing to gripe about Maybe some of the tricks could have been explained a little better and perhaps the first show in the book could have been elaborated on just a tad bit but other than that I have nothing All of the plot points were wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end and nothing was left hanging As for a content warning there is uite a bit of drinking and one character ends up rather drunk but that only makes him incredibly sarcastic Huxley’s habit of cursing doesn’t even count against the book because every oath was made upIn closing I feel extremely privileged to have been able to enter the realm of The Electrical Menagerie Thank you Reeder for providing me with an ARC of this marvelous book I am looking forward to seeing of Carthage and Huxley in the future

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    A brilliant electric engaging deep heartwarming powerful and character driven novel I immensely enjoyed nearly every moment and detail of The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie E Reeder It’s bright and warm and joyful yet sometimes gritty and raw and dark and it’s an entertaining adventure that has surprising depth of theme and heart The Electrical Menagerie is primarily fascinating steampunk with a dash of sci fi a healthy dose of real feeling fantasy and a rich background that reminds me of Sherlock Holmes style Victorian Britain while also being totally its own I wouldn’t have thought I would enjoy steampunk and this is the first time I’ve ever read steampunk fiction but I absolutely loved the book including the steampunk elementI loved so many aspects of this stellar and exemplary book The characters and relationships are vivid and real the setting and worldbuilding is imaginative and totally uniue the writing style is potent and powerful the themes are poignantly gorgeous and meaningful and the plot is riveting twisty well paced and skillfully woven The story and each of its words are expertly crafted packing an electrifying punch I enjoyed the fact that it’s an adventure story and that it’s focused on a male friendship an awesome duo of men at that But it also has strong female characters in a prominent role which I appreciate The Electrical Menagerie immediately made it into the ranks of my all time favorite books and my top five favorites of this year It kept me up much too late at night and I tore through it at record speed a fraction of the time it usually takes me to read a book of this lengthThe characters of The Electrical Menagerie especially the protagonist Carthage were by far my favorite part of the book I loved the characters’ personalities and character arcs again Carthage in particular Several of the characters were lifelike and well developed so that they leaped off the page in energetic and fascinating detail Huxley was my other favorite I found his high strung intense personality boyish wildness and hidden struggles endearing Most of the other characters weren't as compelling as the two main guys but that duo made the entire bookBut my favorite aspect of the book was without a doubt the protagonist I deeply deeply identified with Carthage because of what he goes through and because of his past That isn’t usually true for a character that much older than me And I loved him as a person even without that He has a sweet innocent childlike spirit wonder and imagination But he’s also a strong mature man with unwavering and noble character and ideals He succeeds in embodying the best aspects of childhood and manhood He has a soaring ability to dream sparkling dreams chase them and succeed in capturing them while also being honest humble and down to earth And I love that he’s compassionate and kind that’s one of the most important things But underneath he’s insecure hurting and struggling while all the while keeping it locked away deep inside behind a confident exterior My heart went out to him from the first page and I spent the whole book wanting to protect and comfort him and keep him safe while also knowing that with his strong independent manly personality he’d hate that I loved Carthage’s characterization and character development so much and I loved watching him grow He felt so so real to me like someone I know intimately like a beloved friend but in an even deeper way than that because his skillfully written narration conveyed all his thoughts and feelings in a sharply powerful yet understated wayI identified with Carthage so deeply that this book made me cry not once but twice within a single chapter only the second chapter of the book And throughout the first chapter I was overwhelmed by wave after wave of emotion as I experienced the brilliantly written sweetly heartbreaking scene and discovered the story and main character for the first time My heart broke for him from the first and I longed for him to find healing and peace What he’s been through reminds me of what I have been through And the second time I cried I sobbed for myself as well as him It’s rare that I cry actual tears in a book it has to move me very deeply and take me completely by surprise so I don’t usually cry real tears even though I emote But this book made me freely and uncontrollably weepbawlsob with tears streaming down my face The good kind of tears the healing freeing kind Because not only did Carthage’s pain remind me of my own his story and narration also conveyed a vital healing truth I desperately needed to hear at the time I read the book in a way that couldn’t have broke through to me if I had heard it from another source than this vivid powerfully written novel Carthage’s themes and character development his struggles and his journey were deep and poignant and I loved every part of him and his storyOn a lighter note this book made me laugh uite often as well as making me cry I chuckled or grinned at the wit and humor at the entertaining interactions mishaps characters and banter Huxley was particularly hilarious from his first page but so was Carthage and their relationship was best of allThe writing style was sharp and skillful with an incredible and explosive impact Each sentence was powerful and meaningful I loved it so much The author chose her words so perfectly and her style is clear crisp and concise never wasting a word That said almost my only complaint about this book an miniscule one for the sake of objectivity was that in spite of the overall clarity the occasional sentence lacked clarity because of the author’s concise style I’m all for making every word count and omitting any that are unnecessary and the author does it incredibly well But I think clarity is very important and it’s important not to lose it Again that was an incredibly minor complaint that did not detract from my enjoyment in the least and only a few sentences in the entire book had that problem I applaud Ms Reeder’s stellar writing and the whole time I was reading I was noticing wonderful sentences and basking in the joy of reading such a powerfully and skillfully written bookPractically the only other thing that I found lacking was that the climax wasn’t nearly as spectacular or exciting as the rest of the book The entire book was spent reeling from perfectly timed punches and recovery with and amazing events And there were some pretty exciting things that happened in the climax but it didn’t uite match the build up of the rest However I was so captivated that I barely noticed that and it didn’t keep me from enjoying the climax and everything else cause the characters are what I care about the most Practically the only other thing that I found lacking was that the climax wasn’t nearly as spectacular or exciting as the rest of the book The entire book was spent reeling from perfectly timed punches and recovery with and amazing events And there were some pretty exciting things that happened in the climax but it didn’t uite match the build up of the rest However I was so captivated that I barely noticed that and it didn’t keep me from enjoying the climax and everything else cause the characters are what I care about the most I’m so so glad I read this book I almost didn’t When I first heard about The Electrical Menagerie I thought it looked like a great book but not one I’d enjoy I refused to read it even when a dear friend raved about it and told me I might love it But she pestered me so much and I trust her so much that I finally heeded her and agreed to read it I still wasn’t sure if I’d like it but I thought there was a chance I would But everything I kept hearing after that made me and excited to read The Electrical Menagerie until I was nearly certain I’d love it so much that it was at the top of my list of books to read and buy I’m so glad I read it and that I invested in a gorgeous paperback Just look at that stellar blue and gold cover of the edition I own and the elephantI had very high expectations but this book blew all of them away and was completely unexpected and wonderful My friend was right I did love it Far and in deeper and personal ways than I ever could have guessed I’m so so grateful to her for urging me to read it because it’s a new favorite I’ve already passed on the favor by recommending it ardently to other friends My younger brother read and adored it already and even my little sister to young to read it yet was exhilarated by the cover and the first hint of a premise and she’s already dying to read it when she’s old enoughI’m so glad I knew nearly nothing about this book when I started reading it that allowed me to discover the story for myself as the author and characters skillfully revealed it to me as I watched in wide eyed joyous wonder I knew that it was something about a steampunk circus but I didn’t know anything else and I loved everything about it So I won’t spoil any other details for anyone else besides vague discussion of the characters This was my first time reading anything remotely steampunk and I thought I wouldn’t like that aspect but I adored even that and it fascinated and delighted me This book was a fantastic introduction to the genre and it had just the right amount of steampunk without overwhelming me with robots I care nothing about though it had view spoilerone robot I did care about hide spoiler

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    The Electrical Menagerie by Mollie E Reeder and narrated by Travis Baldree is an audible book I reuested and the review is voluntary This was a fresh change from what I had been reading I love steampunk and this was excellent Adding in a circus feel the steampunk and then murder and it took this novel over the 'big top' Loved the characters especially one of the electricals Plot and twists kept the story rolling With Travis Baldree as narrator is was bound to be good Excellent voices and emotions Great job

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    Edit I finally saw The Greatest Showman and if you love that movie you NEED to read The Electrical Menagerie because The Electrical Menagerie is even better 3Also posted on my book blog 10 Reasons You Should Read The Electrical Menagerie 1 What did I just read? deep breath I LOVED THIS BOOK It was absolutely delightful and I have a book hangover—how will anything ever be this good again? AAHH collapses and wails and longs for a seuel I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like this but it was INCREDIBLE and just so much fun D2 The humor It’s an utterly hilarious book and I LOVE that so much The humorsnarkdialog absolutely made my day and I keep wanting to uote it XD3 Arbrook Huxley and Sylvester Carthage y’all THESE TWO 3 You know how there are dynamic duos who are just the best especially together? And you take their last names and suish ’em together into something iconic Holmes and Watson Spellsmith and Carver Beaumont and Beasley Well Carthage and Huxley are next on my list I just love them and their friendship not friendship whatever it is Carthage is a slightly older man who’s a genius at making mechanical things and devising illusions to enchant a crowd but he’s also got the heart of a child and is intensely introverted I kind of related to that and he was so REAL I love him Then you have Huxley who is well he’s Huxley Young and dashing and energetic he’s the smooth talking and charismatic co manager and he's so funny especially when paired with Carthage XD They’re my favorite thing about this book ^^ But both have a lot to learn and are hiding secrets and nothing's going to work out until they learn to trust each other4 Welcome to the steampunk ish absolutely delightful original world of the Celestial Isles in which there are a string of “isles” floating above an ether sea with sky trains traveling between them There are “electricals” basically like robots and I love the trains and the 1800s esue feel I feel like it’s such an enchanting world that it’s kind of like the best fantasy but at the same time it’s sci fisteampunk ish since there isn’t really anything “fantasy” or “magical” about it? Things are powered by electricity or stardust and just—everything’s so uniue I love it It feels utterly magical without being real fantasy at all and I can’t really describe it but I’m in love with the world P5 The Electrical Menagerie their show is taking part in what is essentially a circus type competition to put on the best show Which means there’s a lot of imaginative gorgeous acts going on and I loved seeing what would happen next But there’s also a murder mystery and sabotage going on and WHO IS BEHIND IT ALL? O Because all Carthage and Huxley need on top of the competition is secret plots and danger right? ;6 There are plot twists too and the book took a totally unexpected turn and just—whoa It’s very edge of your seat The adventure’s exciting and you know it’s awesome when on top of trying to win a competition there’s also a deep plot and a princess in danger and lots of potential for betrayal and ALL the excitement I read the whole book in a day because I couldn’t stop reading D7 Aside from the wonderfulness that is Carthage and Huxley themselves the other characters are fascinating too I especially love Dominic the electrical butler AAAHH I love him so much feelz His last speech in the book though It was just so touching and true GAH8 This book made me laugh over and over—and yes it made me cry too Like I don’t know how it made me care that much but— sniffles THE FEELS But I think I’m okay Really I don’t know why I cared so much but gaah It was still beautiful though 9 It taught me things about myself and life and deep things and—wow Yes I often find bits of unexpected truth in the most unlikely places and I didn’t expect to find such soul touching things in this super fun swashbuckling snarky story of two unlikely friends and their illusion show but IT WAS THERE It’s deep and touching even in the midst of the fun and don’t you just love that? When a story is fun AND feelsy AND has depth AND it will just sweep you along in an utterly rollicking adventure? UGH so good hugs book It’s a clean read too and just so delightful10 Just—just—there is no way I can properly describe this book and how much I liked it so I’m going to stop trying and just point you in the direction of the book itself points imperiously toward it GO READ IT PLEASE AND THANK YOU AND YOU’RE WELCOME You can thank me later I need adventures of Carthage and Huxley ASAP and YOU my friend need to go read this one immediately Ladies and gentlemen that is all I have to say on this subject Thank you and good night bows I won an ARC ebook in a giveaway thanks and wasn’t reuired to write a review These opinions are my ownSome Favorite uotes I could uote the whole thing plus most of my favorites are spoilers but here are some excellent non spoiler y ones“Are you still alive?” Dominic asked him finally“Am I alive?” Huxley turned to him “Yes I’m alive Why would you ask that?”“You were uncharacteristically motionless and uiet I thought you might be dead” Huxley blew air through his teeth “Did I make a terrible mistake Dominic?”“The probability is high But you’d have to be specific”“Thanks a lot”“You’re welcome” Dominic said without a trace of irony“You look like you’ve been run over by a train” she said “Oh” he said and scrambled to rake his fingers through his hair and fix the tuck of his shirt “No no” She bit her lip “The look on your face”He drank from a silver flask which he held out to CarthageCarthage gave him a disapproving look While at work? “It’s coffee” said Huxley “Stars you’re worse than the nuns at boarding academy” Relenting Carthage took the flask He drank a swig and nearly choked“What’s wrong?”“It’s cold” “Well it’s been in my coat since this morning” Carthage wanted to spit the lingering traces out of his mouth but that would have been improper He swallowed his own grimace “Don’t offer me anything that’s been in your coat since morning ever again”“You’re very talented and I especially admire how collected you are in a crisis Except for that time you broke a teacup on the floor That wasn’t very collected”“Huxley what’s wrong with you?”“I was spiked with a truth serum which seems to have drastically lowered my inhibitions” Huxley raised a confident hand “But it’s alright I think it’s wearing off”“I’m uite certain it’s not” said CarthageHuxley’s hand darted out finger aimed at a scallop of frosting Carthage slapped the hand away “What are you doing?” he hissed“I’m so hungry” Huxley said“You can’t steal food from the table of the Future ueen” “It’s not stealing” Huxley hissed back “My tax dollars paid for that cake” “If only my mother could see me now” he said aloud “If my mother could see me now” said Huxley “I’d be legally disowned”Secondly the swarms of biting insects that came out in the early evening Huxley called them mosuitoes and seemed unconcerned by them even though they could bite you through your clothes and suck the blood out of your body which seemed to Carthage like something to be concerned about

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    VIDEO REVIEW HERE absolutely thrilling storyI knew going in that this book was going to be phenomenal because I had seen glowing reviews and massive fangirling Yet I don't think this even fully prepared me for the magical journey and lovable charactersTruly The Electrical Menagerie was everything and I didn't know I needed it until I read it to be honest Carthage and Huxley have I guess what would be called a bromance and uite sure the author had me stuffing my face with popcorn as I watched the drama unfold When I first started I was reading at my dinner table during a Hurricane turned Tropical Storm but somewhere in that time I wasn't home I was watching Carthage perform next to a young girl who was just as swept into this magical display as I was And the amazing part is that it wasn't just the scenes of performances No it was scenes where you were sobbing while eating that popcorn I mentioned because restoration of dreams you didn't realize are blooming and unfolding in such a powerful way you can't help but smile a teary smileI very much want of these characters One moment I was saying how relatable Carthage was only to the next moment say how relatable Huxley was Can I please just have tea with both? Oh and with Dominic too?Thank you Miss Reeder for bringing us readers such an imaginative tale that teleports into a new world and reminds us to not give up on our dreams A must read this 2018 year

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    The Electrical Menagerie is difficult to classify in an awesome way It doesn't fit perfectly into the sci fi or fantasy genres but instead bridges the two It's set in a rich and captivating universe with many steampunk elements though steampunk is too simplistic a term to fully describe it It's a realm of flat islands floating in space stars that orbit the earth and mechanical wonders that border on the magical All that was enough to suck me in right from the outset but even the most fascinating fictional universes aren't enough to make a story work if the characters aren't engaging enough Fortunately The Electrical Menagerie does not have this problemAt the center of the tale are showmaninventor Sylvester Carthage and his manager Arbrook Huxley There's a refreshingly uniue friendship between them Though Carthage is a child at heart hungry for wonder and adventure but occasionally hampered by social anxiety he's the older member of the duo middle aged to be precise Huxley is in his twenties but he has a gruff practical nature Both characters are fleshed out in detail right from the start and their fun freuently hilarious dynamic makes the book a joy to read There's a lot of laugh out loud Pratchett esue humor in between the suspenseful momentsThe peripheral characters are excellent as welland here's where I'm forced to become vague because there's a truly brilliant mystery woven into this story that should definitely not be spoiled I don't think I can say much about the supporting cast without letting details slip Suffice it to say that all the characterization is excellent and that Ms Reeder has a uniue talent for nailing a mystery I usually guess the solution to such storylines well before the end but the truth behind the accidents plaguing the contest Carthage and Huxley enter took me completely by surprise At the same time however it made perfect sense and set up a conclusion that was both thrilling and satisfying The ending leaves plenty of room for future stories but it's not a cliffhanger The book feels like a complete stand alone story At the same time however you'll be eager to read of the adventures of Carthage and Huxley once you've finished Fortunately are on the waySo going down the list amazing storyworld delightful characters and mind blowing mystery Are you excited yet?The Electrical Menagerie is one of the most enjoyable books I've read in a long time Mollie Reeder is definitely an author to keep on your radar She's created the kind of universe and characters that fandoms are built on Don't miss out you owe it to yourself to get in on The Celestial Isles

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    Finally read this It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon and it very much lived up to the hype ; I think the coolest part for me was all the electricals and illusions Some part of me is very fascinated with magic tricks and illusions though I just want to be impressed and not so much figure out how they work Carthage would have a very willing audience in me lol But Huxley is still my fave I think it's because I read the preuel novella first and found him to be adorkably charming What can I say? Super fun book with engaging characters and premise Looking forward to of their shenanigans

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    What an absolutely gorgeous story

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    I was so excited when this book released on audiobook It has been on my TBR for a while but I don't have a lot of time to sit down and read books these days So when it became available on audiobook I immediately purchased it and started listening a few days later The narrator did a really good job At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like him but then I got used to his voice and couldn't stop listening After hearing so much about this book and so much fangirling I went into this book kind of cautiously afraid it wouldn't live up to the hype The beginning starts fairly slow and mild It focuses on a steampunkelectrical circus show that is on the brink of disaster They enter a contest as a last ditch effort to save their show The contest part of the book was interesting A lot of set up and build up and some mysteries and dangers But it wasn't until about halfway through the book when it really took off for me and things really became heart pounding The steampunkelectrical invention part of the book was my favorite It was so inventive and fun and that was where the real wonder of the book came from I liked how this book could function as a standalone The main storyline is wrapped up so don't hold off on reading this book because you don't want a cliffhanger ending I enjoyed this book and I'm really excited to see what the author has for other books in this series