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Another strong satisfying novel full of rich storytelling by the author of the favourite THE TEA ROSEAn epic tale of secret love and hidden passions It is 1900 and the dangerous streets of East London are no place for a well bred woman But India Selwyn Jones is headstrong she has trained as one of a new breed a woman doctor and is determined to practice where the need is greatest It is in these grim streets where India meets and saves the life of London's most notorious gangster Sid Malone Hard violent devastatingly attractive Malone is the opposite of India's cool aristocratic fiance though Malone represents all she despises India finds herself unwillingly drawn ever closer to him enticed by his charm intrigued by his hidden mysterious past tHE WINtER ROSE brings the beginning of the turbulent twentieth century vividly to life drawing the reader into its wretched underworld its privileged society and the shadowland between the two where the strict rules of the time blur into secret passions Praise for tHE tEA ROSE 'Most seductive the writing is so fluid you feel the author simply loves telling her story' Frank McCourt 'I loved this vividly researched and wonderfully rumbustious yarn brilliantly told great fun to read' Simon Winchester

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