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Every night seventeen year old Reeve Lennox finds herself under a nooseBy day she is a lady of Acarsaid's royal house daydreaming of adventure and love But every night in sleep she wanders through a nightmarish city an invisible witness to the screeches of monsters and the screams of their victims Her only consolation is Bran a battle torn young man with a selfless heart and eyes that reflect the stars Yet while Reeve falls deeper into her dreams in truth she is engaged to Arden a mercurial nobleman who has long been cured of his belief in love and breathes fire and flattery like other people breathe airTorn between two lives Reeve struggles to remember what's real until night and day collide with a revelation that threatens all of Acarsaid

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    I AM SCREAMINGHow on this good earth can a book end RIGHT WHERE THIS ONE DID This is cruel and unusual punishment I just wanted to read gorgeous prose about a relatable heroine and her actually really well fleshed out and not annoying love triangle and you do THIS to me?? Along with those plot twists and THAT main romantic interest? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH send help please especially if it's book 2 because I will not live much longer otherwise seriously though the characters are beautifully done down to the four bodyguards and you think you're going to hate or at least dislike the opposing love interest but then oh look he's HUMAN and BROKEN and they're FRIENDS even though he's the way he is and how oN EARTH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO ROOT AGAINST HIM EVEN THOUGH HIS OPPONENT IS FAR MORE MORALLY UPRIGHT it's not fairrrrrrand also this cover is as gorgeous as the writing style i just can't okayis dead

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    So I gotta say this wasn't what I was expecting at all I will fully admit that I was expecting adventure with a dash of romance but what I found was romance with a dash of adventureA very interesting thing about this stories was that it almost seemed like two stories One about Reeve awake and one about her asleep It was somewhat jarring but still really interesting The description was great a little over the top in some areas but it really brought both these world's to lifeReeve as a heroine was annoying She was desperately naive and borderline stupid Honestly I couldn't stand her over emotional ninny Her grudge against her poor brother was stupid she never thought that there would ever be any conseuences for her actions and she ignored the glaring facts that were right before her eyes So many times reading this book I was shaking my head at her However the other characters than made up for her faultsThere is a love triangle of sorts and honestly it is really confusing because I liked both the guys and that doesn't happen for me When love triangles are involvedbecause I am an aggressive shipper I pick my favorite and hate the other forever But with this book I couldn't pick a favoriteBran was a sweetheart and I loved him Though there were some cases where I was wondering what the heckers he was thinking He wasn't as dumb as Reeve but he did get pretty close I probably ship him and Reeve not because of anything against Arden but simply because he's the one I think she is going to end up withArden stole my heart I probably should not have liked him so much because he is a scoundrel but let me say I appreciated his cool head and his ability to be emotionless uite refreshing compared to the emotions of Reece and Bran Also he made me laugh uite often I wish I could ship him with Reeve but I don't like to set myself up for disappointmentHer guards were the best characters not going to lie They had my heart from the startContentSomewhat than I had been expecting There is some language which was surprising since I thought this was a Christian publisher? But then I may have been wrong There are also innuendos There isn't too much violence but the violence there is is described very acutelyNot the story I was expecting but still an entertaining one I looked forward to seeing what happens nextI received a copy of this book from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review All opinions are my own

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    So this was a wild ride and I admit I have mixed feelings But for my first foray into a UUP book it was pretty greatTHINGS TO LOVEthe dreamworld So terrifying A lot of the time bookish nightmares are just let's relive our worst memory and I don't know about you guys butI don't experience that? If I have nightmares they're just WEIRD xD So Mahr's approach to the nightmare world was BRILLIANT I would NOT want to go here ThanksArden I'm not the knight I'm the dragon THIS MAN flails softly sobs He was so precious and I need of him like now He might not be perfect okay fine he's a knave with a dirty mind but I think he has redemption in his future and I can't wait to see that play out in the seuelThe court life was so accurately done and I appreciated that Balls are just a think that happen Reeve doesn't like them but she goes because she does No sneaking off Just goes And the court stuff in generalit felt like they could genuinely be in a palaceTHE TWIST AT THE END Ummmm excuse me I did not see that coming at all and it's AMAZINGI read this book in a day It was so tautly plotted so expertly done that I justI loved Thank you muchly MahrTHINGS I DID NOT LOVEsighs The love triangle for one thing It drove me crazy how Reeve was always salty at Arden for not giving her all his attention and being a player which she KNEW WHEN SHE MET HIM while in the meantime she was running off to kiss another guy behind his back? And genuinely thought she could be with both? LikegirlReeve in general kind of drove me crazy So naive So rash She had some definite growth by the end and I appreciated that She's another one I'd like to see MUCH growth from in the seuelMost of the side characters needed a little bit to flesh them out or a little screentime plzAlso that cliffhanger was CRUEL whispers I didn't actually hate it but I do hate that I don't have book 2 in my hands rn so PLEASE SOMEONE SEND ME THE SECOND FOR MY BIRTHDAAAAAYWaffling between 3 and 4 stars WHERE ARE HALF STARSSSSSSSS Overall an enjoyable ride But a bit frustratingContentSome swearing Most of the words are ones I would call minor d word h e double hockey sticks one usage of bd More of that than I would have wanted but I personally didn't find it too bad just annoying The characters also say Lord a lot which bothered me a little bit Arden is a known womanizer and says some innuendos to Reeve that make her blush There's one scene where a man chases a woman down a dark street and then corners her that made me a little bit nervous but his intentions are to catch her for interrogation although it does not seem that way for most of the scene Some kissing not TOO described but there is a good amount of it An unmarried boy and girl share a bed at one point just for sleeping Reeve is highly over romantic and obsessed with the idea of boysViolence is about average for a fantasy novel blood fighting attack via bird getting knocked out and stuff like that Besides a couple of very bloody sections most of which deal with the aftermath of the injury not the injury itself I didn't find it too bad on this respectwhispers again I need book 2 Buy me book 2 loyal supporters35 stars

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    OH MY GOODNESS WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO READ THIS BOOK?Ahem This book was exceptionally well done Beautifully written Compelling Fast paced where in I read 100 pages easily the same night I started it and could have kept going if I wanted to Correction I DID want to but I was already super tired in the moment Reeve is an excellent heroine to cheer for She seemed so relatable and absolutely loved her And I absolutely love her with Bran #TeamBranAllTheWayI can't say there is ever a dull spot The author had me going from YOU MUST FIX THIS AUTHOR to happily sighing and smiling which also happen to involve me telling all the things to my husband later The story world is SO tense filled Yeah definitely never a dull moment their either and can't say I'll look at falcons the same nervous laughterNow don't mind me as I totally devour the second bookOh Wait one thing I was very pleasantly surprised how clean this story is romantically especially considering we have a slight love triangle I said slight and well done author for leaving me uestioning my #TeamBran side a little bit However even our fellow dragon can't take me away from our selfless young manRight? There was no hanky panky going on but I sure did get mad about that ring in the dreamworld LOLTotally recommend this fantastic story to YA readers who love fast paced stories with swoon worthy heroes and a deadly story world that leaves you thankful your dreams aren't real

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    This book was phenomenal Of course it had to be based off an Edgar Allen Poe poem but still it is absolutely breathtaking First the characters Our heroine is not only completely human but also actually intelligent and considerate She's very refreshing by not being either stick it to you tough or too stupid to live And both the boys in her lives are such deep well rounded characters themselves between the sweet dream boy you can't help but root for and the charming noble you know you should run the opposite direction from but kind of root for anyway Then there are the two worlds One bright and almost ideal and the other one dark and creepy And the way our protagonist gets tossed between them is incredible and any and all confusion Reeve faces is completely understandable because when one is in one world with one of the boys one doesn't want to go to the other until Reeve finds herself there anywayThe writing itself is rather mesmerizing just as the secrets behind these worlds and their connection are alluring I cannot wait to begin the seuelI received a copy of this book from the publisher and my opinions are my own

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    I haven't read a book this good in a long time Reeve and Bran drew me in and kept me up waaay past my bedtime And like another reviewer mentioned there better be a seuel released pretty uicklyI received a copy of this book from the publisher

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    Second read still epic and I still love Arden for just existing and liking Reeve this time AHHH It did not end like that Review to come after I process reading this book in about a 12 hour time span that included sleeping and going to work lolActual Review So a solid week later I'm still kind of processing lol I really loved this book The concept is a super fun one Reeve lives in one world but as soon as she falls asleep she find herself in a different really dark and scary world with people eating falcons flying around I had a hard time figuring out which world I liked better because super intriguing things went on in both I enjoyed her character although she's a tad bit ditzy?? But maybe that comes from literally never leaving the castle her whole life I loved all her guards Other characters she kind of accidentally gets engaged to Arden who's set up as dangerous playah But I'm really intrigued by his character and am interested to see how he develops I enjoyed his and Reeve's interactions though so I'm kind of borderline rooting for him Although Bran is kind of awesome as well soHe's the not very broody guy from the dreamworld that ends being pretty adorable And Reeves' brother Florian their kind of broken relationship makes me really sad and I'm really rooting for them to have to work together Plot tension So much tension I seriously stayed up till like 2 in the morning reading and then snuck it to work the next morning to read on my breaks to finish it And was left like WHAT? NOOO Some seriously plot twisty things happen in the last like 10% and then you're desperately left wishing for the next book before this book even releases and then what are you supposed to do with your life but stare at the ceiling and wonder what is life? So yeah loved it The writing style was great and super easy to read and completely sucked me in Great fleshed out characters and all around epicness Definitely recommended I received an eARC from the publisher for review purposes All opinions are my own

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    This is an enjoyable read to be sure and a fascinating concept Of course I love the whole visits another world in dreams thing and wish there were good books that fit that category The characters were fun and colorful even if Reeve has slightly less common sense than I typically like my heroines to have I am a little frustrated with certain aspects of the storyline but that might just be because I was expecting the book to be primarily an adventure novel and instead found mostly romance Enjoyable romance to be sure But still romance So yeah be aware of that Even with that caveat I'm still looking forward to the next book

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    Happy sigh All That We See or Seem was one of those addicting books I could not put down The writing is so gorgeous I just wanted to stay immersed in it all day and I was completely drawn into Reeve's dilemma as she navigates the challenges of her waking and dream worlds And the romance Arden was a fun intriguing character but Bran was really the one who made me swoon as he slowly proved himself to be everything Reeve had dreamed of and The ending explained so much but opened up so many new uestionsI need the next book But seriously if you're looking for beautifully written fantasy with a large dose of romance add this one to your list Just plan to lose some sleep in the process