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Merleau Ponty's Developmental Ontology shows how the philosophy of Maurice Merleau Ponty from its very beginnings seeks to find sense or meaning within nature and how this uest calls for and develops into a radically new ontology  David Morris first gives an illuminating analysis of sense showing how it reuires understanding nature as engendering new norms He then presents innovative studies of Merleau Ponty's The Structure of Behavior and Phenomenology of Perception revealing how these early works are oriented by the problem of sense and already lead to difficulties about nature temporality and ontology that preoccupy Merleau Ponty's later work Morris shows how resolving these difficulties reuires seeking sense through its appearance in nature prior to experience—ultimately leading to radically new concepts of nature time and philosophy Merleau Ponty's Developmental Ontology makes key issues in Merleau Ponty's philosophy clear and accessible to a broad audience while also advancing original philosophical conclusions  

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    This is the best book I have read thus far for developing Merleau Ponty's wild being into a mature philosophy of nature It reveals a dynamic relational processual view of how meaning arises in being space and timeI am surprised there have not been reviews by people with greater understanding of these themes than I have Maybe I am missing something