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LuAnn Billett Cannot Remember A Time When She Did Not Feel Different From Others She Always Knew There Was Something Unusual About The Way She Interacted With People, How She Could Sense And Feel Their Emotions Her Life As A Sensitive Child In A Small Town In TheS Was A Struggle, But Her Sensitivity Was Also A Gift Early On, And Almost Systematically, Adversity Began To Strike LuAnn S Life As A Child, The Dark Times Began With Years Of Family Conflict As An Adult She Would Experience The Pain Of Divorce, Her Husband S Opioid Overdose And A High Risk Pregnancy ByShe Would Find Herself A Widowed Single Mother Of Three Premature Babies To Not Only Survive But Thrive, She Had To Embrace Her Gift Not Only Her Power Of Sensitivity, But Stubbornness, Independence, Hope, Love, And Laughter Sensitivity Girl Is The True Story Of One Woman S Journey, The Lessons She Learned, And The Sidekicks And Superheroes She Picked Up Along The Way It Is A Tale Of Triumph Over Tragedy, Of Embracing One S Differences, And Of The Development Of A Super Woman

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    Fantastic book by a fantastic person who has overcome much adversity Thoughtful and beautifully written, Sensitivity Girl, reminds us that sensitivity can be a superpower when harnessed for good.

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    What a beautiful story of pain, loss, love, grit, and courage Sensitivity Girl will keep you turning the pages until your eyes are blurry You do not want to miss this book

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    4.75 stars Is that even a thing 4.75 stars Whatever, it was a really great book When I met LuAnn Billett at the fifth annual Indie Author Expo in September, she described her memoir as sad in some spots, funny in other spots Her description of her book could not have been spot on It wasn t hard at all to get wrapped up in her life story and come to know her super power Honestly when I read about her super power I got a little nervous because I hoped she got the right vibe from me, I really love ya, LuAnn Sensitivity Girl is very high up on my list of the best books I have read this year, taking the place of Penny Marshall s memoir, but only a close second to Hate List This memoir was everything she said it would be I would go into work teary eyed from those sad parts, and still giggling over the silly parts She is so relatable in so many ways The way she describes motherhood is pretty spot on the love for your children is stronger than any pain, ever When describing her Christian faith, but also how she is extremely pro LGBTQ and feminist in the sense that a woman should have a right to choose, I was like, Oh my God, me too Overall, I couldn t rave enough about how real and down to earth and heartbreaking and spirit lifting this book was It was so hard to put down and I truly enjoyed it from beginning to end I hope she plans on writing some I would love, LOVE to read how her current life with her beautiful children and new family dynamic has progressed since she finished writing Sensitivity Girl Fantastic job A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ

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    LuAnn Billett is a beautiful soul from my home town and I m so proud of this book She begins her memoir expertly explaining her sensitivity superpowers to which I couldn t stop saying, me too Reading the ways she takes in the slightest criticism, is incredibly empathic, would make herself smaller than others, but yet still feels like a fierce, strong person just really resonated with me She draws the explanation through her book linking all her experiences to this theme It keeps the voice of the book consistent and the reading easy even as she describes difficult and painful situations Her chapters are well organized and dramatic, the action well paced, the writing clean She is like able and honest and thoughtful I couldn t put this book down She has a hell of a story and you root for her all the way.

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    Before reading this book, I knew the author to be an amazing woman who motivates my child on a daily basis I had no idea that this was her story To say that I am beyond words is an understatement Life has thrown LuAnn a whole bunch of curveballs any one of which would send even the strongest person hiding under the covers The fact that she has emerged from each stronger and resilient should serve as an inspiration to all who read this Thank you for sharing your story