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In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era As First Lady of the United States of America—the first African American to serve in that role—she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history while also establishing herself as a powerful advocate for women and girls in the US and around the world dramatically changing the ways that families pursue healthier and active lives and standing with her husband as he led America through some of its most harrowing moments Along the way she showed us a few dance moves crushed Carpool Karaoke and raised two down to earth daughters under an unforgiving media glare In her memoir a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling Michelle Obama invites readers into her world chronicling the experiences that have shaped her—from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago to her years as an executive balancing the demands of motherhood and work to her time spent at the world’s most famous address With unerring honesty and lively wit she describes her triumphs and her disappointments both public and private telling her full story as she has lived it—in her own words and on her own terms Warm wise and revelatory Becoming is the deeply personal reckoning of a woman of soul and substance who has steadily defied expectations—and whose story inspires us to do the same

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    I didn’t think I could admire and respect former First Lady Michelle Obama any than I already did For eight years she graced our country with her presence her intellect her caring We never had to ask because it is obvious in everything she says and does that she does care Without a doubt she cares than anything about her family but also cares deeply about this country Then I read this book an elouent memoir strikingly honest and as inspiring as I suspected it would be I felt even admiration and respect for her She recounts her time growing up on the South Side of Chicago as she shares the joys of her childhood as well as some of the tough things She was a feisty child driven to do well in school Her story begins “I spent much of my childhood listening to the sound of striving” She speaks lovingly of her roots in this working class family her parents and her brother and grandparents and how their values shaped the adult she would become We witness the grief she experienced over the loss of her father and her continuing admiration and love for her mother who was tenacious in seeking a good education for her children In this memoir she is so open and honest and it feels so intimate Michelle shares her love for her husband and daughters She speaks about the discrimination against the men in her family about being black at Princeton about the attacks on her husband’s citizenship a conspiracy theory primary pushed by the person who unfortunately followed him after his second term We discover who she is in the times she is undergoing a self discovery as she uestions her aspirations as she juggles work and motherhood as Barack’s involvement and aspirations in politics grow It felt so intimate as she shares some personal struggles that they faced ones that I don’t think she ever divulged publicly previous to this The things she chose to focus on as First Lady children and their health assisting military families developing a program for mentoring young women reflect the things that are important to her and the kind of person she is With an intellect such as hers she easily could have taken on larger policy issues but instead focused on children and families bringing people into the White House who would not have had the opportunity to be there if not for her This book is over 400 pages and it never felt long The writing is good and I just kept turning page after page always interested in what she would say next A remarkable story of a remarkable woman

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    I’d been lucky to have parents teachers and mentors who’d fed me with a consistent simple message You matter As an adult I wanted to pass those words to a new generation Look I'm not a happy crier I might cry at songs about leaving and missing someone; I might cry at books where things don't work out; I might cry at movies where someone dies I've just never really understood why people get all choked up over happy inspirational things But Michelle Obama's kindness and empathy changed that This book had me in tears for all the right reasonsThis is not really a book about politics though political experiences obviously do come into it It's a shame that some will dismiss this book because of a difference in political opinion when it is really about a woman's life About growing up poor and black on the South Side of Chicago; about getting married and struggling to maintain that marriage; about motherhood; about being thrown into an amazing and terrifying positionI hate words like inspirational because they've become so overdone and cheesy but I just have to say it Michelle Obama is an inspiration I had the privilege of seeing her speak at The Forum in Inglewood and she is one of the warmest funniest smartest down to earth people I have ever seen in this worldAnd yes I know we present what we want the world to see but I truly do think it's genuine I think she is someone who really cares about people especially kids and wants to give them better lives and opportunities She's obviously intelligent but she also doesn't gussy up her words She talks straight with an openness and honesty rarely seen She's been one of the most powerful women in the world she's been a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School she's had her own successful career and yet she has remained throughout that same girl Michelle Robinson from a working class family in ChicagoI don't think there's anyone who wouldn't benefit from reading this bookBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    I understand the hypeI didn't know much about Michelle Obama nor her husband This book absolutely humanized them and show me how much they care about others The contrast with the actual political situation is blatantRecommend

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    i’m so glad that i got the audiobook for this back and finally was able to finish all these months latermichelle obama sharing her experience and dropping nuggets of wisdom into my ear holes for 19 hours straight was just a delightful experience

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    MICHELLE MY HEART this is going to be good

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    I’m so thrilled to add Becoming to my list A powerful surprising and moving book as well as refreshingly candid that I think will be deeply inspirational to many

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    I usually don’t rate memoirs but this is a 105 — I’m writing this with tears streaming down my face I am beyond moved

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    Audiobook read by Michelle ObamaFor the past three days all I wanted to do was listen to Michelle Obama I cried or was teary eyed so many times I lost count THIS BOOK must be ‘especially’ special to her immediate family and closest friendsbut it’s also a great gift to the rest of us Nobody else but Michelle could have written this book it’s so MICHELLE’S STORY She is gifted in her ability to express her own emotions write with tremendous insight and sensitivity and from beginning to end it’s artistically rendered with meticulous attention to details Michelle uestioned herselfwas a very hard worker determined to achieve her goals academically She wanted to do well No matter how great she was doing she still had insecurities doubted herself She uestioned “am I good enough?”MICHELLE IS GOOD ENOUGH We are blessed to have her — simply sharing HERSELF BEING HERSELF SHARING ABOUT HER LIFE HER PARENTS HER THOUGHTS FEELINGS PROJECTS THAT ARE MEANINGFUL TO HERHER MARRIAGE HER DAUGHTERS HER FAMILY FRIENDS BEING A WOMAN BEING BLACK LESSONS SHE HAS LEARNED AND IS STILL WORKING OUT HER WARMTH HER HUMOR HER HONESTY HUMANITY etc etc etc MICHELLE IS A NATURAL LEADER A PRESENCE WE ARE DRAWN TO CAN WE LOVE A PUBLIC FIGURE MUCH MORE? Perhaps but it’s very easy to love Michelle Obama For meIt would be fun just to sit with my friends over drinks and yummy treats for a few hours and all pick this book apart — sharing our favorite parts AS THERE ARE MANY FAVORITE parts I’m happy to host a gathering at my house anytime 😊Michelle has made it clear she is never running for office If you listened to this audiobook for 19 hours every word such as I did I guarantee you won’t doubt her ‘never running’ announcement She will contribute her way Politics is nasty and mean and it’s not the place for her she doesn’t hold back in expressing how she feels about it either I can’t blame her At the same time it was uite beautiful how she totally understands her husbands brilliant mind and vision how Barack was the perfect candidate at the perfect time Oh she would’ve rather had Obama a regular family man but he was the type of man she herself would have wanted for President She grew into becoming comfortable with his runningThey did well overallas husband and wife and as parents while also being in the life of politics living in the white house with security guards everywhere they went Michelle raised two daughters in the White House as normal as she could A frightening story about wild sedated animals will having you saying“What the f#k”? But have no fearthe story ends well Many memories came flooding back around Barack’s campaign and Election Day I was teary eye during much of this part Parts I remembered well other personal circumstances that Michelle had to share about the campaign I knew nothing about Much made me sad and angry Election Day had my nerves stirred all over again only this time I was intimately with the Obama family The beginning of this Audiobookwe find Michelle at homehome alone Not at the White House She was no longer the First Lady Simply a night alone in her own house None of us readers have lived in the White House but she shares a story that most readers will connect with It’s priceless moving and powerful I suggest taking a moment to reflect on your ‘own’ similar experience I’m sure a memory will surface Enjoy it A moment of solitude If you like cheese toast this might be a time to have a slice Michelle spends a long time telling us about her early childhood I uestioned ‘parts’ of this for awhile I wasn’t sure why I needed to know sooooo many details But during a break from listening to the audiobook is when I did some serious reflecting My feelings changed from feeling a little impatient as in “how much do I need about the family games you played in the evening or details about kids in the neighborhood and every description of your house your aunt Robbie’s personality your grandpas carpentry skills etc how much of this Michelle?”But thenduring my break my first cry I understood my own and impatience The light went off for me of why this portion of the book was valuable to me and also triggering Michelle taught me things in this book about being black — really being black — not just a woman and black — but what she went through all her life as a very hard working BLACK women WHO ALWAYS HAD TO KEEP REACHING achievement oriented her goals were important to her Being one of the few blacks within mostly a white environment for soooo many years was a constant pressure Her years at Princeton really shows what she went throughI learned something else from Michelle tooThings about her ‘family’ her parents the tight knit ways they all were with one another her incredible love for he older brother and even though Michelle was black and lived on the south side of Chicago she had things that I never had my childhood She had two parents who were deeply dedicated to her and her brother Craig Her parents gave up so much of their own lives to provide everything for their children I literally fell apart with gushing tears during my break I didn’t have a childhood anything close to hers When I returned to listening to the Audiobook— Michelle was still talking about how wonderful her mom was and dad were their family car the Buick family time togetherSO MUCH FAMILY TIME HAPPY MEMORIESsomething shifted in me I didn’t want rush her childhood any longer I wanted to try to imagine the type SHE HAD Once I stopped fighting my uncomfortableness I was transforming through ‘her’ family When Michelle hit her teenage years I was a little envious I wanted to be girlfriends with her I liked her Hanging out at her house after school meeting her mom and those gracious sandwiches her mom prepared for Michelle and her girlfriends was just cozy wonderful I was reminded how much I loved my close friends Renee Lisi and Barbara Great girlfriends during the teen years makes life so much tolerable and ‘fun’ I wanted to be friends with Michellefeel safe in her homecherished her mom and dad too It was impossible not to fall in love with not only Michelle but her parents brother Craig Susan Michelle’s best friend in college and her daughters Malia and Sasha My affinity was also warm for people who supported their family in the White House Also for Michelle’s female colleagues from her work at City Hall in Chicagoand of course Barack Obama Barack gets ‘guy of the year’ award the night he asked Michelle to marry her GREAT STORYLet’s face it Barack Michelle are adorable Bright have dignity are graciousThey undeniably love each another They had challenges but as a committed couple they practiced learn and got better over time figuring out what empowered their relationship and what didn’t They were not too proud to attend therapy for support and Michelle was not too proud to share with the world to read They looked for solutions rather than attacked found fault and blamed Barack and Michelle are grounded in love willing to support each individually as whole separate beings They are also emotionally connected in matters of the heart They may have had a challenging relationship logistics alone but a healthy love relationship based on respect and trust Yep they are a couple much like Paul and I ❤️Michelle and Barack’s wedding with their ‘wedding song’ by Stevie Wonder“You and I Can Conuer The World”was such a beautiful part of this story MY GODat one point I said to myself “they really are a fairy tale couple”lolI usually ever even ‘think’ like thatbut their wedding did feel beautifulsurrounded by many people who loved them both The only thing that would have made the wedding scene better would have been If on the Audiobookthey played Stevie Wonder singing the song It’s soooo beautiful Sing 🎤 along”You and I Can Conuer The World” Who knows what “Willy Worm” is? Michelle mentioned she was rushing off to Willy Worm class with Sasha when she was a toddlerand I said “what the heck is that?” look it upit’s cute Might drive adults nuts though 🐛I loved hearing about Michelle’s high school AND college yearsYet I felt angry ‘with’ her that years later during the Barack Obama campaign somebody dug up an old paper that Michelle wrote when she was at Princeton as a young college student and wrote nasty things saying she was a black radical So much UGLY news of pure crappy political lies were being spread about her during the campaignFox News talked about her militant anger and she was accused of calling white people whities Total lies outlandish hurtful lies that exhaustive Michelle And who could blame? All the while Michelle was trying to be positive and supportive Michelle has contributed to other potential first ladies by writing this book Michelle was active than many spouses of candidates in campaigning for their husbands But in the future we will see of this For over a year Michelle had zero support from the Obama campaign team Nobody supported her She wasn’t getting any speech writing experts Apparently while Michelle was campaigning traveling from state to state not with Obama everything was going great until all of a sudden it wasn’t Things turned ugly and hurtful fast This part of the book gives useful information that others can learn from Any future wife of a candidate running for President in the future could get an awful lot of value out of reading this portion of the shelves memoir I’m sorry Michelle paid a painful pricebut she paved the way of possibilities to help ‘both sides’ of wives of running candidates in the future It’s hard to finish this book without any tears I totally love both Michelle and Barack So many of us are heartbroken with where our country is nowThis book comes at a good time It’s a great holiday gift A cute momentMichelle learned early in childhood that she could discuss things with her parents Her parents would listen to her ideasEven debating was allowed She was little She asked her mother one day “why do we eat eggs in the morning?”That led to a discussion about the value of protein So Michelle thought about it and did a little research and realize that peanut butter had protein She likes Peanut butter but she didn’t like eggs So she was able to negotiate For the next nine years she had a thick peanut butter sandwich every morning for breakfast and never ate an egg again Years later a college counselor was the opposite of listening to Michelle The woman didn’t value who she was a MERIT SCHOLAR top 10% of her graduating class she told Michelle she wouldn’t be “ Princeton material” Michelle will slowly getting stronger and believing in herself but was definitely vulnerable and sensitive to a feeling inside of not being good enough But that day she decided she was going to at least apply to Princeton she went and got her recommendation letter from a great neighbor who also worked at the school She never talk to that counselor againIn other words she wasn’t the woman she celebrated with when she was acceptedMichelle Robinson Obama is helping breakdown those prejudices just by speaking out her voice is powerful she’s than good enough She’s A GIFT TO OUR COUNTRYa woman who continues to be true to herself making a difference being who she isjust keep her sharing

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    Your story is what you have what you will always have It is something to own Michelle Obama First Lady of the United States uickly became one of the most iconic women of the White House In this memoir she reflects on what her life was like as she was raised on the South Side of Chicago and her roots in her working class family Do we settle for the world as it is or do we work for the world as it should be? We learn about her college life and her career as a lawyer Along the way we experience the grief she felt when she lost her father too soon It hurts to live after someone has died It just does It can hurt to walk down a hallway or open the fridgeYou look at something you’d otherwise find beautiful—a purple sky at sunset or a playground full of kids—and it only somehow deepens the loss Grief is so lonely this way And we get to follow along as she met Barrack Obama a junior lawyer and what it was like dating and eventually marrying the future presidentAnd from there we learn what the White House is like from the gardens to the galas Michelle Obama walks through every aspect of juggling work motherhood and being the First Lady Time as far as my father was concerned was a gift you gave to other people Oh my gosh People This was perfect This absolutely gorgeous book had me hooked from the very start It was beautiful it was poignant it made me cry in public it had everything I could've wanted in a memoir and When she talked about her love for her father and how painful that loss was I couldn't stop the flow of tears It truly got to me in the best way possibleAlso learning about the rest of her family her brother parents and grandparents really helped me understand what her childhood was like and how it shaped her into the wonderful woman she is today I was surprised about what she all accomplished when in the White House and I'm really shaking my head at how I missed knowing this earlier We were so lucky and blessed to have this woman in our White House I honestly cannot recommend this enough At fifty four I am still in progress and I hope that I always will be YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads

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    Just to be up front I voted for Barack in both 2008 and 2012 I’m male not white a naturally born citizen who generally vote Democrat Since this book was written by a somewhat polarizing person I thought being upfront on who I am made sense in todays world of identity politics Also I borrowed my friends EPUB and read it on his computer which is why it doesn’t say “verified purchaser” next to my name and the references I have below is from that EPUBI generally respect Michelle Obama and her accomplishments but there are a few things that bother me about her and this bookOne I got the vibe that she has some resentment towards white people particularly white men Sometimes she brings up race in a context that makes sense like when she is talking about how one issue effects black people than white people or talking about history Other times she’ll mention someone is white for no reason at all Here are a few examples Pg1 paragraph 72 of the preface “working class black student in a fancy mostly white college” Pg 17 chapter 2 “I liked my teacher a diminutive white lady” Why does her being white matter? Pg 20 chapter 2 “My friends included a girl named Rachel whose mother was white and had a British accent” Why did she only describe that friend with a white mother and not the race of the rest? Pg44 chapter 4 “Mr Martinez and then Mr Bennet both gentle and good hud African American men” Ok did it matter that were black in this context? Pg 71 “mostly white students” Context? History? Why did this matter? Pg 74 “one of the few nonwhite” Pg 74 “my two white roommates in Pyne Hall were both perfectly nice” Again who cares if they were white? Pg 75 “Cznery was a smart and beautiful black woman” Why not just say beautiful? Why does black matter? It didn’t matter in her description in any historic or meaningful way Pg 120 “Now that I was at Sidley and on the other side of the recruiting experience my goal was to bring in law students who were not just smart and hard driving but also something other than male and white” I get it you want to make the place diverse Sure But the way she said “other than make and white” got a lot under my skin remember I’m not white Pg 148 “He was a black brainy superhero He clashed regularly and fearlessly with the mostly white old guard members of the city council and was viewed as something of a walking legend” Ok those white people again Pg 148 “In a move many African Americans saw as a swift and demoralizing return to the old white ways of Chicago politics voters went on to elect Richard M Daley the son of a previous mayor Richard J Daley who was broadly considered the godfather of Chicago’s famous cronyism” The old white guard? You mean just corrupt politicians right? Pg 205 “Our counselor—DrWoodchurch let’s call him—was a soft spoken white man who’d gone to good school and always wore khakis” Michelle what the hell? Who cares if your counselor was white Pg 208 “The nervousness of white people” Sigh Pg 218 “Its whiteness and maleness” SighI get it She was in the minority most of the time being black and a woman and when she puts things into historical or social context it makes sense pointing these things out as it represents systematic problems in our society when it comes to race But other times she brings up race for no real reason Never in her book did she directly talk about an incident where she was the direct receipt of discrimination that I read In a lot of ways she seemed pretty lucky to not be a victim of some kind of racism in her life If she did she never really talked about it in her book so I’m wondering why she brings up race needlessly Especially in a somewhat resentful way Technically she is a baby boomer so perhaps she is a product of her time? I’m not black and I was born in the 80’s and not the 60’s so perhaps I never had to see the things she saw Still I don’t like her subtle resentment towards white people I hope I’m wrong about her when it comes to thisTwo Michelle paints Barack as a super hero I'm not joking Every way she describes is literally perfect from being easy going and brainy to being a huge reader to memorizing everything to never being angry or upset or taking things seriously I get it Barack is cool smart and an overall good guy But come on he must have some flaw outside him smoking Something that he did wrong something that he truly messed up The only thing I remember her saying about him was that he wasn't always on time and one time he blew a book deal or missed the deadline or something because he was busy with something else I'm pretty sure Michelle and her husband agreed to paint him in the most perfect light ever to protect his presidency which makes me think she is being dishonest about her experience with him Did Barack have a hand in writing this? Was Michelle censored in a way? Here are some examples of Michelle describing Barack as nothing less than perfect Pg 96 “What struck me was how assured he seemed of his own direction in life He was oddly free from doubt” “Instead lived like a sixteenth century mountain hermit reading lofty works of literature and philosophy” pg 97 “Barack was serious without being self serious He was breezy in his manner but powerful in his mind It was a strange stirring combination” Pg 97 “I found myself admiring Barack for both his self assuredness and his earnest demeanor He was refreshing unconventional and weirdly elegant” Pg 97 “Barack bore no resemblance to the typical eager beaver summer associate as I myself had been two years earlier at Sidley networking furiously and anxiously wondering whether a golden ticket job offer was coming He sauntered around with calm detachment which seemed only to increase his appeal” Pg 99 “There was no arguing with the fact that even with his challenged sense of style Barack was a catch He was good looking poised and successful He was athletic interesting and kind” Pg99 “He was modest and lived modestly yet knew the richness of his own mind and the world of privilege that would open up to him as a result He took it all seriously I could tell He could be lighthearted and jokey but he never strayed far from a larger sense of obligation He was on some sort of uest though he didn’t yet know where it would lead” Pg 101 “Barack had a smile that seemed to stretch the whole width of his face He was a deadly combination of smooth and reasonable” Pg 103 “He had an easy rapport with everyone at the firm He addressed all the secretaries by name and got along with everyone—from the older stuffier lawyers to the ambitious young bucks who were now playing basketball He’s a good person I thought to myself watching him pass the ball to another lawyer” Pg 105 “Having sat through scores of high school and college games I recognized a good player when I saw one and Barack uickly passed the test He played an athletic artful form of basketball his lanky body moving uickly showing power I hadn’t before noticed He was swift and graceful even in his Hawaiian footwear I stood there pretending to listen to what somebody’s perfectly nice wife was saying to me but my eyes stayed fixed on Barack I was struck for the first time by the spectacle of him—this strange mix of everything man” Pg 105 “Barack intrigued me He was not like anyone I’d dated before mainly because he seemed so secure He was openly affectionate He told me I was beautiful He made me feel good To me he was sort of like a unicorn—unusual to the point of seeming almost unreal He never talked about material things like buying a house or a car or even new shoes His money went largely toward books which to him were like sacred objects providing ballast for his mind He read late into the night often long after I’d fallen asleep plowing through history and biographies and Toni Morrison too He read several newspapers daily cover to cover He kept tabs on the latest book reviews the American League standings and what the South Side aldermen were up to He could speak with eual passion about the Polish elections and which movies Roger Ebert had panned and why” Pg 111 “This I was learning was how Barack’s mind worked He got himself fixated on big and abstract issues fueled by some crazy sense that he might be able to do something about them It was new to me I have to say Until now I’d hung around with good people who cared about important enough things but who were focused primarily on building their careers and providing for their families Barack was just different He was dialed into the day to day demands of his life but at the same time especially at night his thoughts seemed to roam a much wider plane” Pg 112 “I was gripped all over again by a sense of how special he was” Pg117 “And now in Hawaii I could see his character reflected in other small ways His long lasting friendships with his high school buddies showed his consistency in relationships In his devotion to his strong willed mother I saw a deep respect for women and their independence Without needing to discuss it outright I knew he could handle a partner who had her own passions and voice” Pg 123 “All this inborn confidence was admirable of course but honestly try living with it For me coexisting with Barack’s strong sense of purpose—sleeping in the same bed with it sitting at the breakfast table with it—was something to which I had to adjust not because he flaunted it exactly but because it was so alive In the presence of his certainty his notion that he could make some sort of difference in the world I couldn’t help but feel a little bit lost by comparison His sense of purpose seemed like an unwitting challenge to my own” Pg131 For better or worse I’d fallen in love with a man with a vision who was optimistic without being naive undaunted by conflict and intrigued by how complicated the world was He was strangely unintimidated by how much work there was to be done He was dreading the thought of leaving me and the girls for long stretches he said but he also kept reminding me of how secure our love was “We can handle this right?” he said holding my hand one night as we sat in his upstairs study and finally began to really talk about it “We’re strong and we’re smart and so are our kids We’ll be just fine We can afford this” Pg224I’ll stop uoting the book at this point There are other examples on pages 115 123 152 153 180 184 192 261 265 and 322 There are probably others that I missed Why does this annoy me you may ask? Because it sounds made up Insincere As if I was reading his resume or something his press secretary came up with Is Barack even human or does he just possess every positive characteristic known to mankind with none of the baggage? Don’t get me wrong I liked him from the get go since 2004 and his background is impressive president of the Harvard Law Review specifically But the way Michelle describes him just seems so made up and one sided it makes me uestion the rest of the bookHere are some highlights about Michelle that I learned from the book for whoever is interested She told people she wanted to become a pediatrician when she was a kid because she loved being around kids and it was a pleasing answer to adults She describes this later as always doing the correct thing Her dad had MS Multiple Sclerosis a progressive disease that made him disabled and eventually killed him at 55 This hurt Michelle than anything else to see her dad disabled and defeated She had a very tight family and talked about anything including her first period at the dinner table Her brother was smart cool and protective of her and she looked up to him Her mom is an overwhelmingly positive force in her life She smoked some pot in high school and was friends with Jessie Jacksons daughter She failed the bar exam the first time around She very much dislikes politics She had a minor amount of marriage counseling with Barack nothing serious though from what I could tell She had problems bearing children and had to use intro vivo fertilization with Malia but not Sasha Her kids are her top priority in life especially when she was in the white house She tries to remain hopeful and never cynical though I don’t know if she is always successful She graduated from Princeton then Harvard Law and started her career as a high powered lawyer however she never felt fulfillment from her job as a lawyer despite the moneyMichelle is a pretty hardworking lady somewhat of an overachiever with a tight schedule that she sticks too I remember her mentioning she got up at 5am worked out took her kids to school then went to work then picked them up from school this was before she first lady Her academic background is very impressive as she graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law I found her mothers reaction to her not being fulfilled by her work as lawyer despite the money and prestige hilarious It is almost something a millennial would say not a baby boomer First world problems Growing up lower middle class her mother was annoyed But you can’t really blame Michelle either Her work did sound boring and unfulfilling She wasn’t making the positive impact she wanted too Michelle is deeply committed to her children I’d argue that Malia and Sasha are the most important things to her and is her top priority especially while she was first lady She talked about them often in her book Motherhood suites her well If I were to describes Michelle’s life in one word is would be “busy” and one word to describe Michelle herself would be “workaholic” She is obviously a likable person and likes many people in returnBottom LineTo be blunt I'm not sure why this book is getting 93% 5 stars I just finished the book and I can't say I was particularly blown away like the ratings suggest Michelle simply talked about her life meeting Barack and her perspective of life in the white house which sounded boring from the way she describes it She met many heads of states worked hard spreading her message about good nutrition and empowering women but again nothing interesting or fun Towards the end of the book I was pretty much skimming through the words since I lost interest in what she was saying I probably went 20 pages before I realized it and had to go back and reread I got some insight to who Michelle was but in the end of the day I just thought to myself who cares? Shrug I just didn't see anything particularly special or interesting about this book that would make me really recommend it to anyone The only reason I even finished the book was simply to say “yeah I read that book” That being said it isn’t a bad book either It was well written easy to follow and very detailed orientated She mentioned many people’s name that she met over her life and how they influenced her She remembered specific places when she went there details about those places and her experience there I would recommend this book to anyone who had a special fascination with Michelle or first ladies in general The book is fine 3 out of 5 stars As a final note I felt it was important that I wrote this review for two reasons One I depend on reviews to be fair objective and honest When I see a book get 500 reviews in 2 weeks with a near 95% of reviews being 5 stars on I knew something wasn’t right 95% of people saying your book was 5 stars would mean this book should win the Pulitzer award That means this book is amazing a breakthrough something that every person must read or they’ll miss out on a life experience What if a truly amazing book is written one day? Something that is considered a classic? Something that blows the mind of society? What reviews does that book get? 99% instead of 95%? Seems stupid to me Two I wanted a review that judged the book than the author Michelle is a classy lady no doubt but her book really isn’t that good I didn’t want reviews to turn into a popularity contest where men rate this book highly women another book liberals another books conservatives yet another book democrats this book republicans that book Identity politics really annoys me I hate that I had to preface this review with my “identity” but I had to otherwise I just would’ve been called an angry conservative republican white man I think we should judge a book on the book alone and not the “identity” of the author Of course considering the popularity of this author and the fact that this was a memoir it couldn’t be completely avoided Hopefully my bias is at a minimumSo anyway like I said book was fine Not bad not great C or perhaps a B depending on how much you are interested in Mrs Obama Oh by the way this book has nothing to do with Trump She rarely mentioned him or his politics outside the whole “grab them by the pussy” remark Trump made a while back So if anyone thinks this book is some attack on Trump or Republicans I can tell you it isn’t Any review that says it is is obviously made up