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After spending her life in foster care Ava has finally found home But all it takes is a chance encounter with hot nerd Wyatt Wilcox for it to unravelNow things are starting to change First the flashes of memories slowly creeping in Memories of other lives lives that Wyatt is somehow in Then the healing Any cut? GoneBut when Cade and Nick show up claiming to be her brothers things get even weirder They tell her she’s a Phoenix sent to protect the world from monsters—monsters she never knew existed It’s a little hard to accept Especially when they tell her she has to end the life of a Phoenix turned rogue or Cade will dieWith Wyatt’s increasingly suspicious behavior Ava’s determined to figure out what he’s hiding Unless she can discover Wyatt’s secret in time and complete her Phoenix training she’ll lose the life love and family she never thought she could have

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    Phoenix Fire by SD Grimm is the first book in the new young adult Phoenix Cycle romantic fantasy series The story is told from multiple points of view along the way switching as the chapters changeIn the opening we meet Ava who seems to be a teen that has spent her life in foster care but has finally settled with a family Ava has one strange uality about her in that she has these flashes of what feel like memories but the aren’t her ownWhen Ava gets in an argument and takes off she witnesses a horrible accident involving her foster brother At the accident jumping in to help Ava is Wyatt who Ava has seen around but doesn’t really know well After coming home from the hospital Ava notices Wyatt seems to have been injured but when she checks nothing is there Then Ava’s own injuries seem to heal on their own tooNext readers meet Cade and Nick who are actually Ava’s brothers but have been separated from her Nick has his memories of being a light Phoenix but Cade who is Ava’s twin is just regaining his but Nick knows that time is short and they must get to Ava before the dark Phoenix Gwen finds them allNow when starting off reading Phoenix Fire my first thoughts were hm this could be interesting But then I’ll admit as the chapters switch around the point of view it did get a tad confusing in the beginning piecing together the characters and situations What a reader has is one with no knowledge of the Phoenix at all one who is slowly figuring it out one who seems to know something but doesn’t admit to it and one who does know but refuses to let all of us in on the details As I said a bit confusingAs it went on I did get into the story as I learned of the Phoenix and how the rebirths and the battle that they have been fighting The characters kept getting fleshed out along the way to piece their stories together and there were also some other nice side characters that I liked tooBut then I came to another little detail as it went on in that as each have their flashbacks it did seem to get a tad repetitive along the way By the time I had gotten to the end of this one too I wasn’t at all surprised to have it hang a bit up in the air as this is just the opening of a series so there will be much to come I decided when all was said and done to give this opening 35 stars as it is interesting but I’m hoping the next in the series will be a bit focuses on the present now that things are established with the charactersI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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    Phoenix Fire is the start of a new series It's a suspense mystery romance novel It's gritty action packed and uniue This is the first Phoenix novel I've read and the story was very interesting The Phoenix is a fascinating Greek mythological creature The bird is said to live over and over again hence this series is called Phoenix cycle As this book unravels we see how finding your path in life can be tricky even with a do over Ava doesn't know her family She had been in the foster system and has grown a hard outer shell The field family are in the process of offering Ava a forever home but she finds it difficult to trust She doesn't want to be let down She has a foster brother and a best friend Yuki She is settled the best she can be but doesn't rely on anyone She starts to have flashbacks of former life's How is it possible to know someone before you meet them? Wyatt helps Ava in her time of need but he's worse than a Katie Perry song He's always flashing hot and cold Cade and Nick are on a mission to find their sister They need her help Cade is her twin and is also having flashbacks but his memories come with conseuences These two need to gain Ava's trust and help her uncover the truth They are Phoenix's and fight monsters The ultimate monster is on its way and they need to be prepared This book is written from multiple points of views The story slowly unravels and is full of mystery Some of the memories are a little gruesome and Wyatt is mysterious I couldn't work him out This is a romance novel however it's about family and monsters Wyatt's character becomes clear and his reason for being strange but I found his cold spells a bit of a turn off By the end of the book he was one of my least favourite characters Ava has a lot going for her She's a brave heroine and ready for action She has some tough decisions This book was a good start to a series and hopefully the writer can make up for Wyatt's lack of spirit in the next book The story was engaging and there are lots of interesting personalities 4 stars out of 5I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I reuested this book on NetGalley I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my ownActual rating 335I am not going to lie I had a hard time reading this book at some point but I am glad that I didn't give it up because in the end it was very enjoyable I am going to tackle writing style characters and plot in this reviewWriting styleIn the beginning I found the writing rather mediocre and simple sometimes unnecessarily using complicates words to make it interesting The author kept describing every little detail of the houses or the neighborhood which personally I didn't find relevant to the book But as the book went on the writing improved becoming rather poetic at some point and that kept me captivated There were parts like a kissing scene between Yuki and Cade where the style and the all scene were a little cringe so the writer needs to work on this kind of scenes Another thing that i found rather annoying was the fact that in the first half of the book the author kept us in the dark with all the Phoenix business and didn't give us enough details to make sense of things and I thing that she should have laid a solid background regarding this matter An example of such things would be the powers their family history the story about GwenSometimes while describing an action it felt a little rush and sloppy the author losing herself in too many details which made it hard for me to understand what was happeningPlotTo be honest I found the concept of the book very uniue because I have never read a book about this before The two types of Phoenix power the Dark and Light Phoenix are very interesting concepts I like how the author alternated the action giving the main characters memories of their past lives But i felt like the book was rather slow paced until the last 200 pages when all the action took place even so those pages were full of very good plot twists which to be honest really took me by surprise that in the end it didn't matter A thing that i found unpleasing it was the sometimes it felt like the book was love centered most of the times and it didn't let the action develop in the way that it should have I didn't know why the author felt like pairing all the three main characters with somebody from the first book when only 2 pairs were relevant to the actionCharactersAva I found Ava a very annoying character and I didn't like her She kept going on and on with this not wanting to get close to people thing to such an extent that it was bothersome There were times when I thought that she was not mature enough and doesn't know how to set her priorities right Ava was a little obsessed with Wyatt and she would rather trust him than her brother which is a stupid thing to do Despite all this she is a loyal person and would do anything for the people that she loves and cares about There were times were she appeared a little bipolar and she clearly cannot control her emotions very wellNick I think Nick was my favorite character of them all He is the perfect older brother that would do anything to protect his family He is so caring and he clearly loves Ava and Cade no matter what In my opinion he was the most balanced characters of them all and he deserves so much better so I am hoping that in the second book things are going to be go well for himCade Cade was my second favorite character and I loved his dynamic with Nick He is funny and such a nice guy and there were times when I really felt bad for him I didn't see why the writer had to put him through so much pain and make him suffer by giving him so many memories moments There were times when I didn't like him that much because he thought that he wasn't important enough and he was important just because he had to protect AvaWyatt Wyatt is Ava's love interest and a very sweet guy He really tries to overcome his dark side despite him being controlled by the villain It is very obvious that he loves Ava and would do anything for her Yuki Yuki is the supportive friend that is by Ava's side every time she needs her and Cade's love interest She is a very strong girl and she doesn't let her health condition define her She can be sassy and sensitive at the same time I liked the fact that her relationship with Cade was a slowburn one and not instant love Gwen Gwen is the villain of the book and I found her a well structured oneShe really gave them a really hard time and she is full of surprises I would like to know about her than it was presented in the book All of this being said I really enjoyed the book and I am really looking forward to reading the second one and I definitely recommend you to give it a shot when it comes out

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    Loved this book It was a gripping page turner that transports readers through time as its mystery unfolds Grimm’s Phoenix Fire is unlike anything I’ve ever read Beautiful romantic and absolutely fascinating this is storytelling that readers won’t soon forget Sign me up for book two I’m hooked

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    Ava just wants to belong to a family to be with a group of people who love her But moving from foster home to foster home has meant Ava has trust issues and has decided she gets by just fine on her own leading her to sometimes not be in control of her own mouth Ava is one of the first person POVs this story is told from and we know that deep down she is caring and regrets pushing those people away who she could love This theme of learning to let people in is one which continues throughout the story and provides a good basis for character development on Ava’s partThe other POVs which Phoenix Fire is told from are her brothers Cade and Nick Nick is the eldest of the trio and also one of the Phoenixes whom retrieves their memories the fastest – this retrieval of memory allows them to unlock their powersI particularly enjoyed the premise for this book; it had a similar feel to Cassie Clare’s Shadowhunter books with monster hunters protecting the human realm and also contained glimpses of typical “monsters” such as werewolves and vampires So if you are a fan of those I definitely recommend you try Phoenix FireI also enjoyed the writing style; in some places the storyline overall seemed a little rushed – we didn’t really see much of the trios day to day lives but it was easy to follow and provided good background to character stories and situations This was done through the use of memories; unfortunately something which sometimes confused the story – if a character started their chapter in a memory or almost immediately fell into a memory and you’d go back and forth and between memories of different cycles but ultimately it was just something the reader has to get used to Those memory elements provide crucial information to the story and they are necessary just some indication or heading might’ve made it easier to followThe storyline overall is gripping and action packed and contrasts this with romantic storylines to balance out the book making it suitable for a number of reader groups The book itself is a great into to the series but ends on a cliff hanger One thing I like is when a first in series can stand on its own but luckily this book held my interest brilliantly and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Phoenix Cycle #2 to find out what happened The fact this book ends on a cliff hanger doesn’t mean that uestions are left unanswered however the author does a really great job of wrapping it up and tying lose ends before inserting a little teaser into the book to take us onto the next stage in the uestIn terms of character development; this story is primarily one of trust and cooperation Ava Cade and Nick know that despite sins in their past which evidently they will all remember eventually in order to once and for all defeat Gwen they need to not only work together but harness all the help on offer to them regardless of past occurrences In that regard I particularly enjoyed Ava’s character development going from a moody teenager who pushes everyone away to a much mature individual who sees a bigger picture Cade – in my opinion – didn’t have a huge amount of development but as there are books to come I expect this will be of a focus in later instalments Cade’s development in this book had of a feel of just learning how to interact in general similarly with Nick – though I think Nick’s job of trusting those who had betrayed his family previously or just not being on constant guard to protect his younger siblings was of a challenge for him personallyOverall I’m awarding this book 45 A really enjoyable and easy read with lots of action and a busy plot I found myself a little confused and overwhelmed at the time jump element but being crucial to the story I stuck with them and got used to them eventually I really liked the characters; all of the protagonists being likable in general; even the secondary characters for the main part I would recommend this to any Shadowhunter fans or readers who generally enjoy an action packed fantasy with romantic storylines

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    That cover though

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    Rating 355This is the first in a new YA series told from the points of view of a variety of characters This actually proved somewhat confusing at times for me but then I’m by no means still a young adult The story is centred on Ava a teen who has been moved from one foster home to another and initially has no knowledge of her past However she keeps having flashback to events that she has experienced memories of things that occurred to her in previous lives She’s not the only one regaining her memories So is her twin brother Cadewho she doesn’t immediately recognise as in this life they’ve grown up separated There’s another brother Nick who is older than the twins and has memories of events leading to the current situation Wyatt is another teen character with a significant role to play with these three There are so many secrets to be revealed dangers to be overcome and so much The pace is inconsistent but I did enjoy the continual character development and suspect that future books in the series will be much engaging as there will be less need for the background information to be shared sometimes repeatedly from different points of view It is an intriguing start to a new series filled with mystery and suspense I reuested and received a copy of this novel via NetGalley This is my honest review after choosing to read it

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    I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review25 stars After spending her life in foster care Ava has finally found home But all it takes is a chance encounter with hot nerd Wyatt Wilcox for it to unravelNow things are starting to change First the flashes of memories slowly creeping in Memories of other lives lives that Wyatt is somehow in Then the healing Any cut? GoneBut when Cade and Nick show up claiming to be her brothers things get even weirder They tell her she’s a Phoenix sent to protect the world from monsters—monsters she never knew existed It’s a little hard to accept Especially when they tell her she has to end the life of a Phoenix turned rogue or Cade will dieWith Wyatt’s increasingly suspicious behavior Ava’s determined to figure out what he’s hiding Unless she can discover Wyatt’s secret in time and complete her Phoenix training she’ll lose the life love and family she never thought she could haveHonestly this book was nothing special I was really excited for a book about Phoenix's and the cover for this one is so beautiful I was beyond excited to receive a copy of it Then I started reading it Right off the bat I found Ava to be immature constantly going on about how she doesn't trust anyone including her foster family who was nothing but nice to her Various scenes throughout the book had me so frustrated with her which is never something I am looking for in a character When I read a book I want to be able to relate to the people I'm reading about at the very least I want to be able to feel for them and cheer them on In Phoenix Fire every time Ava was the focus I became so annoyed and infuriated with her Simple decisions were made so confusing and I found it dragged on unnecessarily Aside from the unlikable main character I didn't really understand what I was reading about until about 20 30% in The fact that the perspective in this book changed between three separate characters didn't help the matters In fact it made it confusing I'm not one to bash multiple perspectives some times I actually enjoy knowing what other characters are thinking but in a fantasy read that already has me confused by one character I didn't think it worked very well There was definitely some insta love in this book as well and as someone who prefers slow burning love stories it really added on to the list of things wrong with this bookAll that being said I will give this book the benefit of keeping me wanting to read There was some investment on my part despite the lack of connection with any of the characters I did enjoy reading Phoenix Fire and I bounced back and forth between 2 35 stars on multiple points throughout Overall I decided to be a little critical because in the end my expectations were a lot higher than what I got I do encourage others to read this though because this is just my opinion and it is likely that I will give the next book in the series a shot Sometimes seuels end up being better

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    A special thank you goes out to Entangled teen publishing for allowing me to read this early All thoughts and opinions are my ownI honestly never thought I would love the supernatural that wasn’t about demons or demonic possession Sure I’ve watched Supernatural and I love that show But that is about the bond of brotherhood between Sam and DeanBut then I find SD Grimm thanks to Entangled Teen She has made me fall in love with the supernatural with her first to me book Summoner and then this book shows up And that has sealed the deal on Grimm’s writingThis book is all about Phoenixes No Not Dumbledore’s bird Fawkes but people if you will that protect humans from all the nasty things in the dark They are reborn like Phoenixes normally are and like everything in the supernatural world there are Light and Dark Phoenixes I’m not going to get into the lore because I want you all to learn about it when you read this bookThere are 3 three POVs Ava Cade and Nick All three of them were amazing in their own way I want to gush about them but I don’t want to spoil anything But let’s just say Ava is my favorite for many different reasonsI think where this book really shines is the world building We get a lot of information and most of it is spread over the course of the book as the MC’s Ava and Cade learn it It’s a little info dumpy at times which I do love as long as it’s not too much in some parts hence the star knocked off But it’s very strong for a first book of a series The world of the Phoenix is so cool I would love to know about itOverall I really enjoyed this book I’m sold on anything SD Grimm’s supernatural books and I hope you all check out this book if you are looking for your next supernatural book

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    What would you do if you lived over and over again? As a Phoenix Ava gets to do just that Adopted and living with a bit of a chip on her shoulder Ava is shocked to experience memoirs that tell the story of someone else’s life Or is it her life? Cade faces paralyzing headaches when he remembers though his brother Nick is there to help him When circumstances and so much bring them together Ava faces a life she never dreamed of and a task that seems impossible Wyatt is just one such complication or is he than that? I enjoyed the concept of this book in the creativity of using Phoenix’s something I haven’t personally read about aside from in Harry Potter of course I found that keeping the memories as well as the current events straight was a little challenging There’s a lot going on in this book something I really appreciated but it was also rather complex One thing I will note is the fact that I didn’t really believe the villain as much as I would have liked to She was evil but I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted to know of why she was so terrible In that respect she fell flat for meIf you enjoy urban fantasy and a complex plot filled with twists and turns you may really enjoy this book I do believe it’s a trilogy but this first book doesn’t leave you ok too much of a cliffhanger which I appreciated My rating 35