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Lady Selene is the heir to the Great House of Ravenwood and the secret family gift of dreamwalking As a dreamwalker she can enter a person's dreams and manipulate their greatest fears or desires For the last hundred years the Ravenwood women have used their gift of dreaming for hire to gather information or to assassinateAs she discovers her family's dark secret Selene is torn between upholding her family's legacy a legacy that supports her people or seeking the true reason behind her family's giftHer dilemma comes to a head when she is tasked with assassinating the one man who can bring peace to the nations but who will also bring about the downfall of her own houseOne path holds glory and power and will solidify her position as Lady of Ravenwood The other path holds shame and execution Which will she choose? And is she willing to pay the price for the path chosen?

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    Fantasy readers be of good cheer Another phenomenal fantasy novel has hit the Christian fiction market Mark of the Raven by Morgan L Busse was an engrossing read that kept me turning pages I've been captured by this world and these characters and am dying to see how this intriguing story continues Book Two in THE RAVENWOOD SAGA can't come soon enoughMorgan L Busse does an exceptional job with world building in this new series of hers I was fascinated by all the different Houses and their histories Their gifts cultures and landscapes The House with a How to Train Your Dragon flavor was especially epic grins And so many great characters Despite the dark destiny of dreamwalking that calls her I definitely loved Lady Selene and was rooting for her throughout this intense exciting book I also really enjoyed Damien's character And so many others Each one lends wonderfully to the story Mark of the Raven is a dark tangled tale of kingdoms clashing danger drama and secrets But it is also sprinkled through with hope and heroic characters who exude kindness courage and goodwill It was interesting learning of each of the House's gifts and heart wrenching watching Selene living out her own gift This battle between light and darkness is breathtaking Though hard I loved Damien's story and Selene's journey I loved how this book ended I'm absolutely hooked Give me of this strong faithful hero and wounded ice cold sword wielding lady I can't wait to see how the light illuminates their souls and changes their kingdom I received a copy of Mark of the Raven from the authorBethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review

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    45 starsA little slow for the first half but the description was beautiful and the world immersiveAnd that endingWellOh my

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    Some books are amazing others spellbinding and just a rare few are perfect Mark of the Raven is all those things and In a fast paced plot Busse tells a story of gifted nobles houses treacherous plots family secrets and murders at midnight I love dual POVs and Selene and Damien became instant favorites I mean it takes talent to make me cheer and ship a twosome who might become a onesome if one party follows through with their mission off RIPing the other But there's something else that has me reaching for this book again and again something uniue Sure the story is exciting the characters engaging and the stakes are high But we've all read that formula before Mark of the Raven stands a rare breed with another layer and level beyond plot and drama This is a story with soul one that reaches into the raw vulnerable places of the human makeup Busse doesn't shy away from hard uestions kicks to the conscience and a deep laying bare of the desperate search and need we all have for something Other Matthew 416 The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up I look forward to from this series like seriously I need the next book now cue pacing

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    As I mentioned in my updates This felt very very much like Strange the Dreamer However I felt that Strange was better executed As a result of that and the fact that I had a few uibbles and inconveniences I'm docking a star from this one However the plot was twisty and turny the story did things I was NOT expecting and the characters while nothing particularly uniue still grew in very enjoyable ways to watch The ending knocked my socks off and I can't WAIT for book 2

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    I am struggling for words right now I'm serious This book was F I R E In all of its burning brilliance Content Language na Romance a male and female seemed to be 'drawn' to each other and couldn't stop thinking about each other but this was not in a romantic way You'll see when you read it ; Violence please use caution if you are a sensitive reader This book features something called 'dreamkilling' A dreamwalker enters someone's dream and clears throat kills them While this is not graphic there are potentially disturbing details for younger sensitive readers However this didn't really bother me There is also some angry yelling swords being pointed at people and a character dreams of nearly drowning but very minor besides the dreamkilling BloodGore naStill Shaking takes deep breath First off let's take a sec to admire the L O V E L Y cover featuring my favorite character Selene MAN those swords look sHaRp Lady Selene man oh man the details about her were so cool I mean come on hair with a BLUE TINT to it? I want hair like hers Her character captured me from the start and I feel for her so much after reaching the end of the book ARGH I can't say much without spoiling it But let's just say she's been through a lot but I'm hoping Damien can bring her out of her shell in book 2 Lord Damien I have to admit I'm still at a loss for words for this guy LIke Selene he's been through so much as you'll find out yet is still fighting on His personality and how he wants to protect Selene well it won me over P I need Damien and his entourage ASAP XDThe only issue I had was with the LACK OF ROMANCE This book was so full of tension that it needed something to ease it up a bit At least towards the end maybe a noticable attraction and a kiss? I did enjoy the scenes where they were together thoughOverall this book did NOT disappoint Only downfall is that I now have to wait for book 2 to come out XDFive stars because this book and that lovely cover deserve no less reccomended for ages 13 for violence mentioned aboveBravo Mrs Busse applauds You oughta be proud ;

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    Loved it as much as I hoped I would The plot was great the characters compelling and the worldbuilding pretty easy to follow I can't wait for the next bookOkay so don't read the next bit if you haven't read the bookview spoiler Okay so I loved Selene and Damien but the character who REALLY took my interest was Selene's dad I mean WHAT The uiet unloved unappreciated consort husband to a powerful and evil ueenbut even though he seems submissive he is secretly super cool and smart and cunning because he CHOSE this unhappy union with the hopes of saving people and his kids because if this evil ueen is going to have kids they might as well be his kids and loved by at least one parent And it is SUCH an unusual role for a man in a book and I am torn between screaming in horror at him and slow clapping in respect All I want is for him to have a better future where he does NOT die Thank you hide spoiler

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    So when is the next book going to be published? This one wasn’t exactly a cliffhanger but it definitely left me longing to read #2

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    I had seen Morgan L Busse’s books around for several years but had not yet gotten around to trying to read one partially because it sounded like her style might lean toward being a little darker than what I normally gravitate towards I decided I might give “Mark of the Raven” a chance when I entered a giveaway for it last year while following a “Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt” that happens across several author’s blogs every year The synopsis which at the time I glanced at briefly than I should have sounded interesting enough and it was one of the few fantasy works on the scavenger hunt that year so I thought to myself “Why not enter? It’s a chance at a free book and what are the chances I’ll win anyway?” Ha Hahahaha This would now be the SECOND time I’ve entered a giveaway for a book I was only vaguely interested in thought I had little chance of winning and then won anyway By the time I got the email saying I’d won I’d forgotten what Mark of the Raven was about and also realized I’d never done the usual research on it that I do when deciding if a book will be right for me or not so I went to Goodreads to check out the synopsis again and read my friend’s reviews See at one point I’d looked at getting Busse’s “Follower of the Word” series but found that a friend with tastes similar to mine had found the violence sometimes gorier than she prefers Gory violence can cause me feelings of anxiety so I made the choice to skip that series Had it turned out that Mark of the Raven had similar violence I guess I would have just given the book to someone else once I received it Thankfully though a GR friend was able to give me a heads up about the content and I decided it would be something I could read Overall I enjoyed this book far than I thought I would It is darker than what I normally gravitate towards enough so that had I been in a place emotionally where I was already experiencing anxious feelings about something unrelated to the book or possibly had an illness such as a stomach virus that made me sensitive because I already didn’t feel well I might have needed to put this book off for a better time because the concept of characters using people’s nightmares to assassinate them in their sleep combined with the fact that we see some of those people’s nightmares and the fact that Selene is struggling with the lack of morality of the actions her mother is pressuring her to take causes a heavy feeling to hang over much of the book However I’ve been in a good place emotionally lately and was able to handle it I also felt that the author handled the darkness with enough sensitivity and restraint that while you did feel the heaviness of it you also saw the glimmer of hope in the distance This was even truer in the second half of the book when things lightened up a bit because it stopped focusing solely on Selene’s training and Ravenwood house’s issues and started weaving in of what was going on in the world at large as well as brining in a second character Damien who was a much positive person By positive I mean he had good solid morals and was an overall kind and decent human being whom I liked reading about and cheering forThe Christian elements were lovely as well I really liked what is being done with The Light and the concept of people being given “gifts” that they must choose to use for selfish purposes or to serve The Light On the same topic I especially liked Selene’s character arc of going from feeling she and the Ravenwood house in general has no hope for a better future to realizing she does indeed have hope and running towards that hope with arms outstretched even though it’s not the easiest or safest choice she could make I don’t feel like I can talk much about what I liked about the happenings of the story itself after the halfway point because that starts getting into spoiler territory but I can at least say that I really liked the complex character dynamics especially between members of different houses Plus I liked the political intrigue and GAAAAAH THE ENDING flails Ladies and gentlemen THIS is how you wrap up the first book in a series in a way that is satisfying but also exciting and lets the reader know there’s to come without necessarily using a major cliffhanger That last line flailing I may need to get the next book like NOWThe reasons I am giving this book 4 stars instead of 5 is for one thing it’s the first book in a trilogy and I do hope the second and third book will be even better Second because this is the first time I’ve read a book by Busse I don’t have the same level of trust in her that I have in authors I’m familiar with so I hesitate to give out my top rating just yet Third as stated earlier it was darker than things I typically read and enjoy to the fullest And fourth there were some in my opinion minor technical issues with the writing that made my inner editor turn on from time to time It wasn’t anything too bad freuent or even distracting mostly just some unnecessary repetitions of information we already knew For example while I love that Busse was able to describe the characters in a way that gave each one a very uniue vivid image in my mind there was a time or two when she then described the same character AGAIN in the same amount of detail using the same terms a second time almost as if she’d forgotten that she already described the character or in other cases already gave the reader a certain piece of information Content Advisory for those who want to knowAs stated in the review the things the main character Selene is being asked to do during her dream walking training could be disturbing to some readers People like Selene who have the dream walking gift are sometimes paid by others to go inside various people's dreams and find their fears guilts and darkest secrets Sometimes dream walkers are also asked to use the fear or guilt to create a nightmare that scares the dreaming person so badly they die of heart failure in their sleep Selene struggles with the obvious lack of morality behind this legacy of murder while also feeling forced by her mother and her circumstances to harden herself and participate in it anyway It should be noted that no one is ever murdered on the page and Selene view spoiler never commits murder at all hide spoiler

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    Aaah that was so cool Now where’s the next book?I love a good epic fantasy and this one was awesome The world was so rich and the characters were fantastic The plot was a slow burn kind of one full of mystery and politics but enough spice of danger and adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat—the rest of it did that actually as wellI love anything involving dreams in fiction so I was really excited to try this one Like Inception in a fantasy world P The Dreamwalking was a cool aspect to the book I particularly liked the soul aspect of it I think I thought there would be time spent in the actual dreamscapes but at the same time I don’t really mind because the rest of the book was so cool tooI was so intrigued by this setting and loved the world building The idea of the seven nations and the Great Houses and their secrets and gifts was so intriguing The political intrigue aspect of it was interesting instead of boring It made me think a little of Jill Williamson’s fantasy which is high praise from me ; I was pulled into this story and loved visiting these mountains castles secret passages and seaside—and the different Houses were really neat Everything had a distinct feeling and vibrant color to it and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it I can’t wait to return to this world and find out what happens next as well as learn about the gifts—and spend time with these charactersThe characters were all well drawn and I loved them ^^ Selene was an interesting heroine and I felt bad for her and was always curious what she’d do next I can’t wait to see where her story goes from here No spoilers but it should be interesting ; Damien was my absolute favorite I loved how the story alternated between his point of view and Selene’s It was so neat getting to see each of them from the other’s perspective But yes Damien was a high point of the book—I loved his passion for helping people and how he had such a good heart and tried so hard and he was just awesome DI loved many of the side characters too Selene’s father was so great Taegis Damien’s mentor who I also loved Lady Bryren Man I LOVED her and the other wyvern riders and hope we’ll see of them And I don’t love them but the villains stood out too Lady Ragna was sooo chillingThe atmosphere of the book was just really neat—with the rich colors the harsh beauty of the mountains the shadows and mysteries of Rook Castle the autumnal feel the meetings and gala and dances the passages and secrets and all shot through with so many uestions and interesting thoughts a thread of faith in a uniue way and the many varied people and cultures inhabiting this world It took me a little while to get invested in the story maybe until meeting Damien? but once I got into it I lived and breathed it and now I’m sad it’s over There were some pretty neat twists at the end which make me super curious to read the next book I NEED ITMARK OF THE RAVEN was gorgeous and a little ominous and I was so intrigued the whole time and I’m attached to these characters It’s a touch scary a few times but is a basically clean read which I think older teens and adults alike would enjoy and I highly recommend it to fantasy fans My thanks to Bethany House Publishers for the complimentary copy of MARK OF THE RAVEN I was not reuired to write a positive review These opinions are entirely my ownReview originally posted HERE