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Half a century ago, in my school history lessons, I received a very blinkered history of Spain It consisted almost entirely of the Spanish Armada, Christopher Columbus Discovery of America, the Inquisition, the Battle of Trafalgar, Catherine of Aragon and something about Francis Drake singeing the King of Spain s beard at C diz So, most of it was around the time of Ferdinand and Isabella and, yet, we children learnt nothing of the Moors occupation of Spain, let alone the conquest of Granada Over the years, I have read a number of history books and all appeared to give a one sided view of the Reconquista Washington Irving s Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada is a welcome departure from the norm.Not only, in my opinion, is the book a jolly good read, but it appears to be a comprehensive history of the series of events and military campaigns that led to the expulsion of the Moors after 700 years on the Iberian Peninsula.Washington Irving was something of a hispanophile and yet this book provides the reader with a somewhat balanced account of events At times, he shows sympathy for the Moors so much so, that he calls attention to the barbarity of the Christians and the prejudices and ignorance of the Spanish Court He does this in the guise of Fray Antonio Agapida , a fictitious character who represents the monkish zealots of the period.This is no work of fiction, however, though it reads like one Irving carried out much research during his time in Granada and Seville including visiting the towns and villages that formed the backdrop for the events of this delightful book.Robert BovingtonMarch 2011 Written by Washington Irving, this is a detailed account of the various battles between the Spanish and the Moors, and between the Moors, which saw the Spanish triumph There were so many battles, skirmishes, sieges, that I wondered whether anyone could have been left alive in Granada King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were obviously well ahead of their times who honoured their enemies if they fought well and honourably , rewarded the victors and were able to motivate, feed and sustain the various armies that went into the field. 501 1826 1481 1491 1492 1828 1832. .. First Published In , This Acclaimed Classic Describes The Struggle Of Castilian Sovereigns Ferdinand And Isabella Against The Moors Of The Kingdom Of Granada, Leading To The Conquest In The Story Is Based On The Fragmentary Remains Of Fray Antonio Agapida S Contemporary Chronicles And Other Historical Documents Admiraci n Eso es lo que siento al leer este libro Y sorpresa, una gran sorpresa al descubrir que un norteamericano supiera tanto sobre la historia de Espa a y, adem s, sobre unos hechos tan antiguos, anteriores incluso al descubrimiento de Am rica, y m s a n que fuera capaz de resumirlos, interpretarlos y narrarlos con tanta eficacia, convirti ndolos en materia argumental de una obra narrativa de primer orden Gracias a algunos autores extranjeros como Irving, Borrow, Brenan, Gibson y tantos otros, empiezo a entender un poco este pa s llamado Espa a. A bit on the long side, but very entertaining as a piece of historical fiction Vivid depictions of the Moorish leaders and very evocative descriptions of locations in Andalucia Descriptions of battles very well written Justifiably known as a classic.