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If You re Male, You ll Probably See Some of Yourself in Raff LincolnRafferty Lincoln Loves is a fanciful, young adult book about four teenagers who scarcely knew each other at school, but who bond to care for a horse they find The main character, Rafferty Raff Lincoln cares nothing about horses, but he s idolized Liberty Ashburn for years So, when she becomes involved, so does he Much of the rest of the story is Raff trying to catch her eye, with than one of his hapless attempts making me laugh aloud like seeing if he can impress her with how fast he can ride his bike Other actions, however, made me cringe at his impulsiveness and ineptitude Liberty, on the other hand, is not easily swayed As the most popular girl in school, she wants everyone s adoration, including Raff s, but nothing It might hurt her image.The author sprinkles in several serious topics the price of popularity as I mentioned , the effect of confidences betrayed, bullying, and even child abuse At such times, one or of the figures would come out of character and speak with wisdom beyond their years, making the story feel a bit artificial at that point But it is mostly light and humorous until it gives way to a rather dramatic ending that will stay with you for a while.It s difficult to say who is the appropriate audience for this book The synopsis says, older young adults, which is probably due to the language Liberty s use of profanity helps sell her image as the queen bee and Rafferty s helps convey the heat of the moment But while the language says older, much of the action seems aimed at the younger end of the scale, like suggesting graffiti that says, Rafferty Lincoln Loves would teach him a lesson Would young adults say anything to that beyond, whatever And several of Raff s inner thoughts hardly seemed like they came from the mind of a sixteen year old boy, e.g., She smelt of summer flowers and linen, probably just her washing powder fragrance Heavenly Finally, not to be overlooked the proceeds from the book go to the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre, a very worthy cause So, you can feel good about your purchase, as you chuckle about Raff s misfortunes and watch him grow as the pages turn. The following review is from my 15 year old daughter I have also read this wonderful book and will add my thoughts after hers I loved this book and it actually made me cry at the end I liked how lots of normal teenage stuff went on among the unlikely friends in this book, such as trying to fit in, trying to get a girlfriend, bullying, drama at home etc, and that this was interwoven with the main storyline of the missing race horse I was really rooting for all the characters and really want to read YA books by this author I read this book after my daughter and she described it as a must read and one of her favourite books this year I also enjoyed how the normal trials and tribulations of teenage life were entwined with the main drama of the missing race horse Rafferty is a normal teenage boy who is slightly obsessed with the ultra popular Liberty Ashburn When he comes across a missing racehorse, he sees this as a chance to get into horse loving Liberty s good books Along with her younger brother Will, and Dexter, the scruffy outcast who is bullied at school, the unlikely friends secure a hiding place for Minty the horse and spend one long summer caring for him, falling in love with him and trying to hide their secret I really liked all the characters, none of whom were perfect, but all of whom were memorable And as my daughter mentioned, a truly emotional ending, so be warned This is the second book I have read by Emily Williams and I can t wait to see what she comes up with next I grew up in Belgium where horse riding is an extremely popular sport Many of my school friends would spend their afternoons and weekends tending to their horses or explore the beautiful woods we have in the country to enjoy a ride I never did because I was crazy about ballet, so as such I cannot share the passion thousands of people have for these beautiful and graceful animals However, one of my new year s resolutions for 2018 was to venture into different literary genres So this YA novel piqued my interest because of the central theme that managed to remind me of my childhood and the many tales my friends shared with me about their riding passion and also because it had a serious undertone as well I think the author did an amazing job in combining the fact that it isn t easy to get through your teenage years and how a passion can keep you focused with the delicate yet timely theme of abuse I hope the YA readers will pick this book up and talk about it after What can each of us really do to help someone we can sense is in need Who should we turn to What would we do if it happened to us I m very pleased to have read and reviewed the book as one of my new year challenges It was entertaining, moving and at times sad but well worth the read Last year, I read Emily Williams debut novel, Letters to Eloise and it became one of my best reads of 2017 She contacted me a couple of weeks ago, asking whether I could read her new novel that s coming out on February 14th 2018 and I jumped at the chance I was so excited that I emailed her back straight away saying yes , and as soon as Williams had sent me the book, I started to read Rafferty Lincoln doesn t like horses Not one bit But when the popular high school girl of his dreams, Liberty Ashburn pulls him into a world of lead ropes and horse brushes, who is he to say no Except this isn t any old horse This is the missing racehorse, Profit s Red Ridge The horse Rafferty and three of his friends are hiding from the world And Liberty Ashburn isn t just any ordinary high school girl How far will Rafferty go to win her over The first thing that I m going to say about this book is that it s not as good as Letter to Eloise BUT it s still a very very good novel Rafferty Lincoln Loves is aimed at a young adult audience whereas Letters to Eloise was aimed at a adult audience However, the one thing that is similar between both novels is that Williams really knows how to punch your gut with emotions As LTE, this novel really played with emotions when it came to the characters, especially Rafferty and Liberty At first, I loved them, then I hated them, then loved them again It was a see saw of emotions All of the characters with RLL were deeply flawed which made me connect with them on a huge level I hate it when YA characters don t have any flaws because c mon, there is not one single individual on this entire planet that does not have any flaws Rafferty and Liberty messed up A LOT And at times, Rafferty and Lincoln could just be plain horrible with how they treat each other, especially when they start rumours about each other and spread them around the school I really really hated them for that, but at the end of the day, even though it s horrible to admit, that DOES happen in reality in high school Which is a shame but Williams knows how to capture the reality of young adulthood in her novels.I also loved that the underlying storyline of this book was about horses Now, I m not a big fan of horses, but I can appreciate them and it was a different plot to read about than normal YA novels Sure, RLL still had the same YA themes running throughout coming of age, realising who you are as a person, working through personal troubles , but no matter how little or well the characters got on with each other, they always pulled together to look after Minty, the horse.One of my favourite characters in this book was Dexter I loved how sweet he was with Minty, I loved how he would always try and sort out any crinkles in the friendship group and be sometimes be the mediator in arguments, and I just loved how brave he was It was so sad to see him go through all of the trouble at high school and my heart just bled for him He was such an innocent human being that I wanted to give a massive hug and just protect from the cruelty of the world Alas, that s not possible Also, it wasn t clearly stated in the novel, but I had the feeling that there were some feelings between Will and Dexter I don t know if anyone else got this impression, but it was definitely there for me when I read it.Overall, this was a fantastic second novel from Williams Even though I had a bit of a hit and miss relationship with Rafferty and Liberty, I still enjoyed reading their story Williams just proves that she is an incredible writer that can seam together different characters lives and teenage problems brilliantly Her writing keeps improving and I cannot wait to read of her work If you love YA, then you NEED to give Raffety Lincoln Loves a read An intense, powerful, moving read.The four main protagonists, all teenagers of slightly different ages and in different social strata at school, are wonderfully realized Drawn together by their discovery of a missing racehorse, whom they choose to hide and care for themselves, the four very disparate characters work together out of school in secret, while at school they remain strangers.The complexities of the social pecking order at high school are cleverly and authentically drawn Rafferty has a painfully one sided relationship with top notch bitch and mean girl Liberty he exposes himself on than one occasion Despite the fact we see her insecurities, and understand where her cruelty is coming from, still she is not a sympathetic character.Dexter, the physically abused outcast at the bottom of the social order, has great horsemanship skills and finds the love he needs in his attachment and care for their illegally acquired horse He is a deeply affecting character with his humour, and resilience, and ability to be true to himself against all adversity, the reader s heart goes out to him Rafferty acknowledges, too late, that he is so bound up with his own relatively trivial but emotionally overwhelming problems does Liberty like me that he chose to ignore Dexter s far serious problems, which it would have been social suicide to confront, anyway.This is a book that deals with big issues, like child abuse and bullying, and deals with them powerfully through character And despite the darkness and the emotionally shattering ending, this is still a story that is hopeful at heart People can change people can learn, and get better There is even a slight lack of closure, which gives hope that the worst outcome is not necessarily a foregone conclusion, and I liked that.Highly, highly recommended. I spent a few pleasant afternoons enjoying Rafferty Lincoln Loves This was a true coming of age story Rafferty and his friends navigated the usual high school challenges, but had to tackle some heavier issues, as well The characters were realistic and relatable, and I found myself completely invested in their lives I was rooting for Rafferty all the way Rafferty Lincoln Loves is the kind of book that stays with you after you ve read it The author did a great job of showing that the choices we make can have lasting, and at times, devastating, consequences Yes, there were heavy issues, but the story was balanced with plenty of funny moments, too.This is the first book that I ve read by Emily Williams I m going to pick up her debut novel, Letters to Eloise, as well. Take four disparate teenagers Rafferty out to improve his popularity with girls and going about it in all the wrong ways Liberty Queen Bee at school and the object of Rafferty s desire Will Liberty s amiable younger brother Dexter bullied at school, with a shadowy home life, but an expert horseman.Let them find a horse a beautiful bay gelding that they name Minty and put in a disused field by a canal.Not only must they learn how to keep a horse, they have to keep a secret too as they suspect it is a famous racehorse that has been reported missing across every national and local news outlet Bound by their secret and their growing affection for Minty, these four non friends spend their evenings, weekends and summer together by the canal But pressures in their school and home lives can t be ignored forever They realise that nothing can stay the same.Good characterization and well described scenes of horse riding and horse care Even the dangers of ragwort got a mention which was my first thought when the teens put the horse in an abandoned field Ideal for horsey readers or anyone who enjoys stories about relationships Suitable for mid teens Contains swearing and some sexual references. A Coming of Age Tale That Touches The SoulNone of you realise the consequences of your gossiping Not one of you Rafferty Lincoln is in his last year of school He s going through all the social anxiety any lad his age runs through and on top of that he has bad relations with his step father The lust of his life is the unobtainable Liberty Ashburn But then he finds Minty and the horse mad Liberty is hooked Together with Wilbur, Liberty s brother and the odd kid Dexter, who is the school victim, Rafferty sets about keeping the horse a secret A secret that takes over their livesThere are times I could wish for a louder voice to tell the world about a book This is one such time for this is a powerful book It touches on the darkest side of childhood and teenage the wanton, thoughtless, cruelty to peers the vulnerability and loneliness the misery of being victims of family disagreements or worse But it is not a dark book It is buoyant and hopeful, with humour and friendship Above all it is real No adult can read this and not be taken back to their days at school and any teen reading it is going to recognise themselves in this story And that is no accident, it has been masterfully crafted by a brilliant author to be that wayBloody Dexter, I mumbled loudly, turning to flash a sweet smile back at him You wait, I ll be a horse whisperer before you know it The strongest point in this book has to be the characters They are all so real, with the complexities of good intentions and thoughtlessness, kindness and selfishness, courage and cowardice the paradox of being human and so in the exaggerated landscape of teenage where individuals are still trying to navigate their sense of self between the shoals of those extremes The pace is perfect, rising and falling with the mini crises, like waves running up a beach, until the final tsunami sweeps the story away.The story itself is made believable, although objectively it is unlikely that a group of teens could find a place deserted enough to hide a horse and have no one notice for months on end But the author makes it possible The ending is bleak but not without hope There is no final confirmation and the reader is left with the feeling that perhaps the ultimate verdict is not as absolute as even the characters seem to believe I liked thatLooking back, I always wondered who saw whom first Did the horse already know I was approaching from the rhythmic whirring of my wheels as I free glided down the hill, or did I see the horse first, grazing on the grass verge down the dip in the narrow country lane If I were to find fault with this book at all it would be in the amount of foreshadowing There is a lot too much of blatant foreshadowing rather than subtle and towards the end of the book rather than ramping up tension it becomes of a spoiler The events that unfold there would be powerful, in my opinion, if they were not flagged up by the author and came to the reader as of a surprise In anticipating them, the impact is diminished There are a few too many if only I d known type comments, so the events come to seem inevitable than avoidable, when the truth is they were totally avoidable But that is a very small fault in what is a truly masterful piece of writing.I loved this book If I had to say who I recommend should read it, that is easy everyone should. Having loved Letters to Eloise, I was really looking forward to reading Rafferty Lincoln Loves I have to say, I wasn t disappointed and this was yet another great book by this author.This is an endearing and at times emotional coming of age tale about how the discovery of a missing racehorse leads to the unlikely friendship between a few youngsters A large part of this story is light hearted with horse adventures, mischief and young love, but there is a heavier side to the story that covers bullying and darker secrets of domestic abuse.I loved the human characters and Minty the horse Despite the heavier topics within the story, Rafferty Lincoln Loveswas an overall fun feel good story, although the epilogue did manage to have me crying proper tears Rafferty Lincoln Loveshas been written for charity and the proceeds from this book are being donated to The British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre, which is dedicated to ex racehorse welfare, retraining, rehoming and protection for life.I would say this book is ideal for oldish teens, young adults and old souls that are still young at heart If you have a love of horses that helps too To be honest, I would probably have enjoyed reading this during my early teens, but I was old for my years, into horror films as a child and therefore exposed to rather adult themes from a very early age, so it all depends on the maturity of the teenager wishing to read this To give you an idea, there s swearing, reference to sex, bullying at school and domestic violence at home This is definitely a book I recommend, especially if you enjoy young adult fiction and have an appreciation of horses.My review is also available on my blog here Rafferty Lincoln Doesn T Like Horses Not One Bit But When The Popular High School Girl Of His Dreams, Liberty Ashburn Pulls Him Into A World Of Lead Ropes And Horse Brushes, Who Is He To Say No Except This Isn T Any Old Horse This Is The Missing Racehorse, Profit S Red Ridge The Horse Rafferty And Three Of His Friends Are Hiding From The World And Liberty Ashburn Isn T Just Any Ordinary High School Girl How Far Will Rafferty Go To Win Her Over An Intense, Witty And Powerful Coming Of Age Story With Startling Consequences