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He’s taken her as his prisoner But she’s holding his heart captive In gaining their freedom will they lose what matters most? When Lady Olivia’s castle is besieged she and her sister are taken captive and held for ransom by her father’s enemy Lord Pitt Loyalty to family means everything to Olivia She’ll save her sister at any cost and do whatever her father asks—even if that means obeying his order to steal a sacred relic from her captor As Lord Pitt’s commander Sir Aldric is in charge of the beautiful but feisty new prisoner He has his hands full attempting to keep Lady Olivia out of trouble When Lord Pitt throws her in the dungeon and threatens to hang her for stealing Aldric conceives a plot to save Olivia’s life—betrothal to him Can Olivia give up the prestigious match her father has arranged with a wealthy maruess in order to marry a lowly knight like Aldric? And can Aldric move beyond his past mistakes to embrace love again? When loyalties are tested they’re thrust into danger that could cost them their love and their lives

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    So where to even begin? Honestly I loved this book so much I loved this whole series really and I was so sad to think that the last book would have been the last in the series So of course I asked for another one I wasn't sure anything would come of it but then she DID IT Jody Hedlund wrote another I was ecstatic I sort of felt like she wrote this book for me even though she said she had multiple people asking for another bookNow without further ado let's drool at that cover for the next century because it's just GORGEOUSAnd the story inside is just as goodFirst things first Sir Aldric is Sir Bennet's brother which can I just say any member of that family is welcome here I thought Bennet would be a little bit boring but he completely proved me wrong in For Love and Honor and so I was super excited when I learned that this would be about his brother I couldn't remember exactly what happened to Aldric in the last book but Hedlund uickly cleared that up and I could thoroughly enjoy him as a character Colin is still my favorite hero but these guys keep threatening the walls of my heart constructed specifically for himOlivia is an awesome character She's feisty and relentless and lives up to her red hair But she's also soft and caring And smart And man she and Sabine are duking it out as to who should be my favorite heroine in this seriesWhat's not to like about knights and castles and sieges and probably not torture though it's in there too but did I mention knights and castles and sieges and battles and flails I can't evenThis book can be read as a stand alone though I wouldn't recommend it because the other books are just way too awesome to miss out onOn a whole five out of five stars I totally recommend this book seriously go read it and if you haven't read the other books in this series then read them too I mean itI still want another book even after this one you're not off the hook HedlundI received a free copy of this book from the author all opinions however are my own

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    Jody Hedlund OWNS Historical Romance for me This whole series has been breathtaking and the characters are ones who are timeless Aldric and Olivia are characters brought together in unusual circumstances but find that love true love is worth fighting forregardless of station Thank you Mrs Hedlund for writing and sharing your gift with all

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    “A Loyal Heart” by Jody Hedlund is a book I could not put down This is the fourth book in the “An Uncertain Choice” series I have read and loved all of the books in this series but one can definitely read this book as a standalone This book may just be my favorite one out of the seriesWhat makes this book so great? Well first of all it includes knights and a kick butt heroine during the medieval time period Ms Hedlund has awesome characters that young and old alike can relate to Lady Olivia our heroine is a warrior; isn’t afraid to fight; and is feisty stubborn and proud Olivia grew up practicing sword drills and fighting maneuvers instead of sitting around doing needlework She is no damsel in distress While our hero is imprisoned Olivia must risk her life to save those she loves I love that Olivia struggles with true fear when faced with possibly being executed In her fear she turns to Christ and prays than she ever has She also struggles with trying to earn her father’s approval and learning about seeking God’s approval first and foremostOur hero Sir Aldric is noble chivalrous and kind I think many readers will find him swoon worthy I love how he tries to be above reproach physically and even has a chaperone with himself and Olivia in certain situations where they might be tempted Sir Aldric and Lady Olivia have some great bantering scenes I especially like the scene where the two banter while dancing reminding me a lot of the famous “Pride and Prejudice” dancing sceneThis is a book I’d feel comfortable giving to a pre teen or teen It has action adventure romance and great values Ms Hedlund deals with the issue of loyalty and how we need to be loyal to God and His ways first instead of just trying to please men Our characters also learn about becoming stronger through their failures and that one’s past doesn’t define them I highly recommend this bookContent This is a clean read with a PG rating for some minor content Some examples of the content are a man has a past of drinking and gambling someone has tried to commit suicide in their past they also drank and gambled; there’s a situation where a man is taking a bath and a woman unknowingly enters the room when she realizes he’s there she doesn’t see anything and nothing improper happens; characters drink ale with a meal; some violence; a character is asked if they’ve been defiled by the enemy; some tortureRating I give this book 5 starsGenre Christian fiction; Historical fiction; Romance; Young Adult; MedievalI want to thank Jody Hedlund Celebrate Lit and Northern Lights for the complimentary copy of this book for review I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I express in this review are my own This is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s CFR 16 Part 255

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    A Loyal Heart is the fourth and final? book in Jody Hedlund’s medieval young adult series and out of the bunch it is also my favorite I found the plot to be the most realistic and the characters to be the most relatable Olivia’s character arc drew me in She is a strong character both physically and mentally but it never seemed out of context for the time – as in she isn’t suddenly stronger and faster than knights who were larger and trained than she was She has a lot of pride but not too much to come across as aggravating or unrealistic She may believe a little too long in someone she shouldn’t have but under certain circumstances I think many have believe something of someone because the alternative is just too heartbreakingI also like that the reader gets to experience the story from the point of view of both characters This kept this story suspenseful but also allowed for getting to know both of them throughout the course of the story Aldric was a somewhat shadowy tragic figure in the previous book so it was good to learn about him Both Olivia and Aldric show tremendous loyalty to both family and brothers in arms even at great personal cost and I admired that about themThis book is very much a romance but I found it all to be sweet and with good boundaries for younger readers Though it’s never a surprise to me when the characters realize they’re in love it’s fun getting to that point with them In addition a clear faith element is woven in nicely throughout the story Both characters experience growth and change as individuals which is always refreshingOverall this is a winsome charming story with both romance and action to keep the pages turningI received an advanced complimentary electronic copy of this novel which I chose to review This review is my honest opinion

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    Again Jody Hedlund has captured meHow can she come up with books this good? This fifth book in her series An Uncertain Choice is as captivating as the first four Her way of writing is uniue The characters start off knowing they shouldn't or can't love each other then come to find out they do in devastating situations where one or the other is about to die This book like the first four made me not want to stop reading until I finished it Lady Olivia Believes Loyalty to her family is important because her father taught her so So on a uest to be loyal to her father she must go against her instincts of honor and disobey a man she is coming to love But once she realizes that she could be putting him or her sister in danger Olivia must decide what is most important Should she be loyal to family or love?Sir Aldric Is struggling with past decisions After harming his former wife and causing her to die Aldric beliefs love is behind him and does not wish to try again And dealing with Olivia is a challenge especially when she is determined to escape Aldric knows her father sent Olivia after something but what? And can he figure it out in enough time to save her? As always for Jody Hedlund this story ended suspensefuly I enjoyed it very much and now I want to re read the entire series A very very good book I would suggest to any young Christian girl who loves romance It is a beautiful story and a great read It does get a little intimate at times but not so much it's horrifying Comment if you want to hear my deepest feelings about the book Cause wellTHIS JUST DOESN'T EXPLAIN HOW GOOD IT IS

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    This was a wonderful addition to Jody Hedlund's medieval YA series This is one of my favorites out of the whole series The plot was clever the characters spot on and the setting of knights and castles as rich and vivid as ever This is a fun weekend read that I would suggest to any fans of historical romance

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    After reading the book previous to this one in the series – For Love and Honor – I was drawn to Aldric Sir Bennet’s brother and was hoping that someday Jody Hedlund would give us his story And what a fabulous story it isOlivia and Aldric are fabulously drawn characters and the alternating first person POV between them allows us to know them personally over the course of the story Aldric has made many mistakes while you don’t have to read For Love and Honor before this one it really does help to establish his character but he is trying to learn from them and not be defined by them Despite his past flaws he is now a man of integrity always has been when it counts and the care he takes with Olivia and Isabelle warms the heart For her own part Olivia is a strong heroine with a fierce spirit in the best way and loyal to a fault She feels deeply for those she cares about and while her loyalty is sometimes misplaced it’s her strength of heart which best serves herThe romance in A Loyal Heart is sweet and innocent but not without its share of sizzle The passion however is tempered with respect – for God and for each other – and their electric chemistry is made all the better for it So are their swoonilicious kisses and a bath scene that retains its honorability while also causing readers to break out their swooning fansBottom Line A Loyal Heart continues Hedlund’s top notch YA series with fierce adventure tender romance and a meaningful message Through the riveting story even from the medieval setting it tackles issues that YA readers face in today’s world and its message of loyalty purity and right vs wrong is organic to the story All the characters in the ‘An Uncertain Choice’ series are fantastic and vividly drawn – and Aldric and Olivia are no exceptions Is it too much to hope for books in the series? Isabelle and Charlie both need their own stories after all I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower

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    I own all of this authors YA books in PB but THIS one really stands out to me as a favorite I read this in one sitting and so enjoyed it It reminds me of a movie that tries to prove chivalry isn’t dead The men in the book treat women with respect no matter what the circumstances The main female lead is strong and I really liked her character and personality Things like morals chaperones proper actions were all a terrific part of this YA read My daughter isn’t uite old enough to enjoy this read but I so look forward to the day when I will have this seriesand especially this bookfor her to readThe story itself is so compelling The characters are phenomenally done in first person which is terrific Faith love and hope are all parts of this read bringing the reader a very well done story I can’t wait to purchase this in paperback to add to my forever shelvesI received this book from the author All opinions are my own

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    This story is absolutely fantastic I also just adore the breathtaking cover A Loyal Heart is the fourth book in the An Uncertain Choice series however it can be read as a stand alone novelThe two main characters Olivia and Aldric are up there with some of my favorites of all time They are both so brave and valiant Aldric reveals his true and honorable nature in the way he treats Lady Olivia He also demands that the other knights behave respectably toward the two sisters who are their prisoners Olivia is strong and kind She puts others before herself in almost everything especially her sister IsabelleI enjoyed the wonderful romantic tension that built throughout the story Olivia and Aldric definitely belonged together Their interactions with each other kept me riveted to the page A Loyal Heart was a thrilling medieval tale packed with romance and danger I loved it from start to finishI received a complimentary copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my ownYou can read this review on my blog

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    A Loyal Heart is the fourth installment from Jody Hedlund’s series An Uncertain Choice I have enjoyed this series but this one is by far my favorite to date This is a young adult historical romance that should not be missed It is a delightful page turner full of intrigue adventure and action I was captivated with the story throughout I give A Loyal Heart 5 plus stars and I highly recommend it Well done Jody Hedlund we doneI received this book from the author but was not reuired to write a review This review is 100% my own honest opinion