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Ro’s people are starving A curse has overtaken her land blackening the soil wiping out crops and bringing ruin to all She doesn't know what to doThe only people who thrive are the huntsmen brought in by the mysterious Gautier to stem the flow of ravenous creatures looking for foodWhen Ro accidentally kills a wolf an idea begins to form Could she become a huntress? Earn enough livres to feed her family?But her world is shattered when her father promises her to a beast in exchange for his own life If she doesn’t go a curse will fall on her family worse than the one destroying their land But Ro is determined to save her family another wayWill Ro have the courage to seek her own fate instead of the one pressed upon her?

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    I think I need Kill the Beast ASAPRo was an admiring character and greatly loved her courage Plus she's brave and strong The French accent was really fun to read about as she would speak to her family tooAlso can we just say those plot twists Seriously Some things I didn't see coming and can't wait to see how certain gifts unfold in the actual novelA great preuel to what I know will be an action packed novelI have provided an honest review after having received an ARC from the author All thoughts expressed are my own and was not reuired to write a positive review

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    I hate having to give this story such a low rating but honestly it was just so cringy I wanted to like it and the concept intrigued me but it fell drastically short of my hopesHonestly the only thing I really liked about it was how short it was P The writing was boring flat and rather confusing at times Talk about awkward sentence structure winces The characters especially Ro were AWFUL I felt zero emotional connection to them and Ro about drove me crazy LIKE SHE WAS SUPER CONFUSING AND HAD SERIOUS ANGER ISSUES Good grief I couldn't understand or relate to her at all and the decisions she made didn't make any sense?? scratches head She was so moody The rest of her family was no better and the dialogue was wooden and stiff Nothing flowed well at all Not to mention the plot was super cliche and unoriginal Basically I didn't enjoy this at all Shocker right?? I might write a full review at some point but for now I don't feel like ranting xD Not to say this won't appeal to everyone; it just wasn't for me2 stars

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    The concept was interesting Red Riding Hood and BB go well together but I just couldn't take Ro seriously I probably will read the main book it's the most intriguing concept for a BB retelling that I've heard of in a while but I'm really not looking forward to of Ro's inconsistency and bland RPS Rebellious Princess Syndrome

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    This book feels a bit incomplete without the novel it's leading up to so it's hard to review it as its own work May update this review later if I read the actual novel

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    Beast Hunter by Michele Israel Harper is a preuel to the forthcoming hopefully soon novel Kill the BeastAs you can guess from the title it is a retelling of the classic Fairy tale Beauty and the Beast But do I detect flavors of Little Red Ridding Hood too?The Protagonist is not Belle but Rosette who runs away from home rather than meekly submit to her father's ridiculous bargain to trade her to a beast living in an enchanted Castle You need look no farther than the title of the forthcoming full length novel for how Ro's story will ultimately loop back aroundBeast Hunter is an exciting twist on an old story It's also a tease after reading it you will immediately want to dive into Kill the Beast to see what happens next But you can't because it hasn't been published yet So I encourage everyone to read Beast Hunter and then join me in nagging Michele everyday on social media until she finally lets us Kill the Beast

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    When I first heard about The Beast Hunter by Michele Israel Harper I couldn't wait to get my hand on her version of Beauty and the Beast After reading it it is definitely different in a good way The character of Rose is developed nicely with hints of her past and her troubles I see her maturing as this novella progresses She cares about her sister and wants her whole family to survive The plot is different than the Beauty and the Beast story I am familiar with but in a good way In the novella there isn't any hint of a romance yet but there might be in the completed novels Harper has me hooked and I can't wait to get my hands on the completed novels in this series I flew through the novella in a little under an hour It kept my attention If you enjoy fairy tales this might be a good book for you to pick up With plenty of action Harper wet my appetite for the rest of the books I received a complimentary copy of Beast Hunter from Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing but the opinions stated are all my own

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    I love fairytale retellings Beauty and the Beast most of all Beast Hunter gives an excellent and uniue twist to the classic tale I also sensed a few nods to other beloved fairytales as well which I really lovedI became completely wrapped up in this story practically from the first word and once I hit the halfway point I could not put it down It was so engaging The writing was descriptive and really transported me into the story Ro was a great character who's fierce and easy to root forAnyone who has ever enjoyed a fairytale is sure to love Beast Hunter I can't wait for Kill the Beast

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    I was given an e ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Beast Hunter is the preuel novella to the author's upcoming Beauty and the Beast retelling novel Kill the Beast I am very excited to read Kill the Beast after reading Beast Hunter I enjoyed the occasional use of the French language for one It is a beautiful language and the use of it here adds some depth and legitimacy to the story The relationships between the main character Ro and here sisters and brothers are realistic though the change in her relationship with her father half way through seems a bit stark I am very intrigued by the character called Magic and what she has to do with the Beast and the rest of the story And the couple of surprises at the end regarding Ro's father and Ro's favorite sister Cosette have me totally excited to read Kill the Beast Looking forward to its release day And I'll be buying both in paperback form because those covers are gorgeous

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    I loved Ro's courage in hunting beasts to help the common folk keeping them safe and becoming a legendary hunter in the process She is able to become uite powerful and only uses her skills for good Her relationship with her sister Cosette was the sweetest part of the story for me Harper's incredible writing has me eager to read Kill the Beast an intriguing version of Beauty and the Beast my absolute favorite fairy taleI was provided a ecopy by the author with no expectation of a review The comments are my own

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    Honestly I don’t understand why this book got any bad reviews I loved it I can’t wait to read Kill The Beast I’m adding this one to my list of recommendations for my friends I noticed just a couple small places where the expression of a character didn’t seem true to the time period but the story overall was well worth it