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One person knows of the plot against the royal familyand cares enough to try to stop it the servant girl they banishedLeah spends her days scrubbing floors polishing silver and meekly curtsying to nobility Nothing distinguishes her from the other commoners serving at the palace except her red hairAnd her secret friendship with Rafe the Crown Prince of ImperiaBut Leah's safe ordinary world begins to splinter Unexpected feelings for Rafe surface just as his parents announce his betrothal to a foreign princess Then she unearths a plot to overthrow the royal family Her life shatters completely when the ueen banishes her for treasonHarbored by a mysterious group of nuns Leah must secure Rafe's safety before it's too late But her uest reveals a villain far sinister than an ambitious nobleman with his eye on the throneCan a common maidservant summon the courage to fight for her dearest friend?

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    “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3 1I truly believe that all things happen by His hand Reading Common by Laurie Lucking I would say falls into that category Life as of late has been well completely and utterly insane Within a month my husband three kids and I will be moving north into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to a place where we will be starting from scratch A new home a new town a new church a new doctor a new dentist a new place to grocery shop—NO family—NEW FRIENDS—my oh my—panic hyperventilate –you get the picture right? Our little comfortable world has been flung upside down I found myself wandering the house in circles the other day I think I put “reading and writing” in a box somewhere “Who has time to read?” I told myself Well it doesn’t make much sense to uit reading If I can find time to pace I can find time to read right? So I opened my Kindle bought my e book copy of Common and left some of the packing to the kids Boy am I glad that I parked myself on the couch I found this sweet little book to be a pleasant distraction And do you know what really made me happy? I saw and heard the author in it I am uite certain Laurie and I would be fast friends if we were to meetHonestly fairytales and fantasy both aren’t my preferred genres to read—BUT that doesn’t matter here I find the most important aspect of a book is the story and the heart and soul behind it I have never met Laurie but I feel as though I have through her work Her characters were simply darling and sweet and I want to hug them all They were a light in my dim little world of uncertainty “Ma”— the loving and sacrificial mother who would do anything for her daughter—was simplysoothing to me She let nothing get in her way of providing for her little family—not even the pain that years bent over pushing a needle and thread had brought her I found Leah to be encouraging Her steadfast determination to stand by the man that she loved reminded me of my own place in this “fork in the road” I was reminded that I am on the right track to follow my husband and it is my job to support him in all things Leah’s story screamed Philippians 413—that “all things are possible” and can be accomplished with the help of the Lord above I was delighted to see how our own friends and family were mirrored in the nuns of the story who were great helpers to Leah to accomplish her task The books lighter moments helped me forget my heavy ones and I giggled at the boys— goofy Sam and Ned— and their awkward flirting with Leah and her friend Gretchen I felt warm and happy at the evolving relationship between Leah and Rafe I wanted to high five Laurie for creating the scenario to show the younger generation waiting for their spouse that love isn’t a feeling but a choice and it is something that grows from friendship All stories can hold power and teach a message—if you look I found the perfect message for me at a time when I needed it and let me tell ya—God Is GOODCommon will always be known to me as the story that “helped me through” Common The sweet little story that reminded me that the life that my family and I are leaving shouldn’t be mourned over and stressed about This is a joyful time to celebrate the past and the places He took us It’s a time to also rejoice over the NEW places He will take us as a family I’m looking forward to the prizes that lie ahead with my prince at my side and our amazing kids close behind Thanks Laurie for writing your story and sharing your heart Now— to get back to packing Where did my kids put that tape?

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    About this book “One person knows of the plot against the royal family and cares enough to try to stop it the servant girl they banished Leah spends her days scrubbing floors polishing silver and meekly curtsying to nobility Nothing distinguishes her from the other commoners serving at the palace except her red hair And her secret friendship with Rafe the Crown Prince of Imperia But Leah's safe ordinary world begins to splinter Unexpected feelings for Rafe surface just as his parents announce his betrothal to a foreign princess Then she unearths a plot to overthrow the royal family Her life shatters completely when the ueen banishes her for treason Harbored by a mysterious group of nuns Leah must secure Rafe's safety before it's too late But her uest reveals a villain far sinister than an ambitious nobleman with his eye on the throne Can a common maidservant summon the courage to fight for her dearest friend?”Series Book #1 in the “Tales of the Mystics” series Spiritual Content Church going; Prayers prayerspraises of thanks; Talks about Mentions of a God figure named Luminate and trusting Him; ‘H’s are capital when referring to Luminate God; Leah uestions the Luminate when bad things happen; Mentions of prayers praying praises; Mentions of blessings being blessed; Mentions of Mass churcheschapels church going priests a convent nunssisters; Mentions of mystic nuns who get visions from the Luminate; Mentions of the mystic nuns performing miracles; A couple mentions of having faith; A couple mentions of religious vows; A couple mentions of rosary beads; A mention of sins; Note Leah dresses like a nun at one point though she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing where she hasn’t taken the religious vows but is told that the lines of right and wrong get blurry at times; Someone is held under a dark spell; Facing a dark sorcerer his cursesspells with dark and light sparks from the fighter’s hands semi detailed; Mentions of magic a sorcerer cursedemons spells a law against magic; Mentions of darkness dark magic dark forces; Mentions of luck being luckyNegative Content Minor cussing including a ‘stupid’ a ‘wretch’ two ‘idiot’s and three forms of ‘blast’; A couple mentions of curses said not written; Some sarcasm eye rolling; Seeing a death barely above not detailed; Fighting a dark sorcerer semi detailed; Leah does lie uite a bit but does wish she didn’t use so much deceit; Leah also steals letters for trying to prove her innocence; Mentions of a planned assassination treason; Mentions of lies lying; Mentions of gossip rumors; A few mentions of starting a war; A few mentions of deaths from an illness; A few mentions of drinking a tavern; A few mentions of nightmares; A few mentions of traps; A couple mentions of a possible execution; A mention of threatening; A mention of jealousySexual Content two fingers to lips touches two hand kisses barely above not detailed three cheek kisses three almost kisses a not detailed kiss a barely above not detailed kiss two semi detailed kissing scenes with kisses and two detailed kiss; Wanting to be kissed embraced; Touches Embraces Hand holding WarmthShivers Nearness Blushes up to semi detailed; Remembering touches warmth barely above not detailed; Noticing; Mentions of flirting a boy who won’t leave Leah alone; Mentions of jealousy; A couple mentions of seeing a couple kiss barely above not detailed; A couple mentions of a kiss; A few mentions of hand kisses; A mention of a young man who has a reputation of a rake; Love fallingbeing in love the emotions; Note A few mentions of a mother who died in childbirth Leah Wellstone age 15 16 1st person POV of Leah 299 pagesPre Teens One StarNew Teens One StarEarly High School Teens One Star and a half Older High School Teens Two Stars My personal Rating Two StarsA full star can be added for those okay with many kisses and magical elementsI remember first hearing about this book when it was released back in February To be honest I thought it would be just a sweet royalty book with a bit of action in the plot against the royal family I was surprised to see the magic y parts towards the end reminding me of a fantasy than anything else I’m really uite sensitive to the whole demonscursesspells scene so it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea in those regards Leah and Rafe were cute together but I did find them a bit too kissy for my tastes Leah did lie uite a bit throughout the book as well Overall it was an easy and fun read albeit the handful of parts I wasn’t a fan of Those who are okay with magic and fantasy parts might enjoy than I did Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this authorI received this book for free from the Author for this honest review

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    Honey sweet uintessential romantic fantasy with a dash of adventure and a magic cherry on topEven though I write fantasy romantic fantasy isn’t my usual pleasure read Normally my taste is a little adrenaline junkieBut when my friend Laurie told me the premise of her debut novel Common I knew I’d like it regardless And because I enjoy the occasional jaunt outside my normal reading habits I agreed to read an advance copy of her novel for my endorsementI’m so glad I did Leah Wellstone is just a chambermaid but Prince Raphael loves her regardless But when she discovers a plot against the royal family and reports it without proof she’s banished for treason Now she’s the only one who can save Raphael from his new fiancée—if she can get back to him before the assassin does POSITIVES Loveable main character – Leah is adorable sympathetic and very relatable She’s so innocent yet brave and despite her precarious relationship with the prince she always acts with integrity I love characters like this Enchanting prince – Raphael is the perfect prince charming I appreciate that we don’t have to hear how rock hard his abs are all the time but we’re attracted to him because of the way he treats Leah and his desire to right the wrongs in his father’s kingdom At least that means to me than being steamy which let’s be honest he definitely is anywayInnocence and integrity – I love that the story is sueaky clean—it would be safe for middle schoolers in my opinion That’s hard to find in the romance genre nowadays The upstanding nature of the culture also feels realistic for the setting and it endears the characters to me that much Everything just makes sense – This seems like a given but so many books I read nowadays have at least one thing that makes me tilt my head and suint As a writer myself I know how difficult it can be to create a world where everything makes sense In Common everything happens for a reason and every detail is meaningful and it makes my OCD self so happy The Luminate – As a Christian I appreciated and enjoyed the spiritual touches in the storyline can’t say too much for fear of spoilers Normally I’m averse to a heavy spiritual arc in a story because I don’t like to be preached at But in Common it’s very well done not offensive in the least nor would it be to a non Christian I think and essential to the storyline Very well edited – Plot holes? None I stumbled into Typos? Nope Awkward phrasing? None Anything editing related that pulled me out of the story? Nuh uh Seriously whoever edited this book did a flawless job at least in my opinion—and I can be really picky about these things Very well written – The language is immersive and mature yet clean The analogies sucked me into the world like a Dyson on steroids and there was no repetition or any phrasing that made me cringe The author doesn’t feel like a debut Her career is going places NEGATIVES Casual start relaxed pace – Don’t expect adrenaline and magic from the get go; the story has a relaxed pace and takes a little bit of time to ramp up the tension But some things are worth waiting for Even though it has a slower than I normally prefer pace the suspense builds steadily in a realistic enjoyable fashion that works perfectly for this story This is just my personal preference so I don’t count it as a strike against the novel A slow start is perfectly acceptable for a romance and the author does it well The title – There is nothing common about Common Well OK I get that it’s a statement about the main character’s social status in contrast to Prince Raphael But there’s this nagging feeling inside me that such an excellent book shouldn’t be referred to as “common” Maybe I’m weird Just my two cents Common deserves every point on each of its sparkling five stars I truly loved it regardless of the fact that it’s a lot romance heavy than I normally read The book taught me a lesson about expanding my boundaries and that a great story is simply a great story and can be thoroughly enjoyed regardless of whether or not it’s suarely set in your favorite genre I feel silly for ever being so pickyIf you’re looking for a relaxing heartwarming story you can dive into head first I highly recommend that you grab a copy of Common as soon as it’s released in early 2018 Snuggle up with it on the couch some fuzzy socks and chocolate You won’t regret itADULT CONTENT Offensive language Absolutely none Not even replacement curses or exclamations like “Blast” Even the strictest parent would have no problem handing this to their kiddo Sexual content Nothing beyond innocent kisses although they are done in secret The storyline does revolve around a forbidden romance but it’s only uestionable because the king and ueen want their son the crown prince to marry whom they choose obviously someone of higher standing than the main character a chambermaid The language is very mild and the descriptions never go beyond the kiss itself Think Disney level smooches Violence Very mild There is one magic oriented fight scene that results in someone’s death but I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘violent’ and it wasn’t gratuitous at allRecommended for all audiences 8 or really any child young enough to read it Perfectly safe Like The Chronicles of Narnia safe While I feel like it’s meant for teens and adults I’m sure any book loving little girl would love it as well

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    This was a charming medievalfantasy novel about a servant girl who did two forbidden things learn to read and charm the prince and must now complete two impossible tasks save the kingdom and overcome her insecurities Our heroine is relateably shy but also sweet and selfless and hard working All she wants is to mind her own business and steal moments with her childhood best friend the prince Which of course meant everything was going to be upended Like her I wish we had time with the prince but sometimes a girl has to go and become a spy to try and save her prince I loved the uiet way our heroine did what had to be done no matter what and no matter how uncomfortable she was And of course there is the added elements of court intrigue mystic nuns and dark magic that must be stopped or else This tale was hard to put down and left a good feeling even after it was finishedI received a copy of this book from the publisher and the opinions are my ownFirst published on my blog

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    Check out my Valentine giveaway for a signed paperback copy of this book 214 220 thoughts on Common and why should read it1 The worldsetting You feel like you’re home At first I thought it might be a Kingdom Adventure book until fantasy elements showed up later in the story But I just loved the cozy fantasy kingdom setting and it felt so — I don’t know I felt so at home and I just want to hug this book ❤ It made me think a little of books by Gail Carson Levine2 Leah — She tells the story which is a fact I keep forgetting I don’t always love first person but the ones I most enjoy are the ones where I’m so sucked in that I forget and I just loved this red haired servant girl She has this sort of I don’t know uiet strength She’s lovely3 Rafe — You have to love the prince character Rafe is so absolutely sweet and I love him He also feels sort of stuck in all these political schemes and wishes he could just stay in the closet he and Leah meet in and just read with her forever Rafe is just SO PRECIOUS And kind of epic too4 The nuns — They’re uite unexpected but such neat characters I loved how distinct they all were each with their own personalities and temperaments and they were unexpectedly lovable side characters You’ll have to read it to see how they join in on the plot but it’s really cool 😉5 The plot a mix of secrets and court intrigue and politics and plots mixed with uiet character moments and journeys with a smidge of magic and the barest hint of an almost Cinderella tale and all wrapped up in an absolutely precious romance thread Leah and Rafe are just SO ADORABLE okay? I adore them But I also loved reading about Leah’s adventures 😀 This book stands alone but I’m still so looking forward to the seuelRead as the Fellowship of Fantasy book of the month May 2018

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    45 stars c o m m o nThis book came at the perfect time for me Pretty sure that was a God moment y'all ✌️ I'm so thankful for Common although the story is anything BUT common 😉 and I can't wait for the next volume in Tales of the Mystics ^ ^

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    Prince Charming’s not the only one who can save the day as Leah so handily proves in CommonFirst and foremost let me say that I loved Leah in this sweet romance She wants to do the right thing and has great courage in doing so – even when afraid or uncertain Her struggles to trust the Luminate God are presented authentically as is the culmination of that journey I also loved how the author crafted the Mystics and their uniue relationship with the Luminate incorporating some elements of fantasy while at the same time painting a tender picture of our own relationship with God how He speaks to our heartsAnd then of course there’s Rafe The swoony prince who also happens to be commoner Leah’s childhood friend a friendship that has deepened over the years to something that catches both of them unaware He’s in a tricky position – with parents who seem to barely tolerate him and don’t seem to be acting in his best interests and a kingdom who depends on him to put its needs first even over his own heart When he realizes he’s fallen in love with Leah the swoon factor increases exponentially as do the kissesBottom Line What a delightful story The tender message and layered plot accompany endearing characters the nuns you’ll hope to visit with again soon The medieval setting adds a wonderful element of fantasy and adventure too Common is a perfect choice for fans of fairy tales and medieval romanceI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower

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    Oh my I was completely swept away by Laurie Lucking's debut novel With a gentle start guiding us into the lives of her captivating characters we become acuainted with the land called Imperia where young Leah works as a servant in the palace But Leah has a secret Her friendship with the Crown Prince Rafe is one of the few things she holds dear She simply didn’t realize how dear he was to her until shortly after her birthday Now with something than friendship blooming between them Leah’s heart and dreams are shattered when Rafe’s betrothal to a princess from another land is announcedMy emotions were whirled up in a tornado over and over as I journeyed through this beautiful tale of love and courage We walk with Leah down castle corridors hide with her in a closet with a handsome prince and travel with her to distant lands We experience Leah’s desires and fears; her hopes and dreams And when everything seems to be falling apart? Oh my poor poor heartI loved every bit of this story The sweet romance heart pounding adventure and the gentle lessons weaved throughout about God’s love for us all comes together in the best fantasy romance I’ve read in uite some timeI was given a free ARC of COMMON for my honest review

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    A very sweet fantasy romance one sure to please all young readers who love a good royal story Looking forward to learning about those sassy mystics in the next installment

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    Common by Laurie Lucking is a fun filled story filled with a fascinating heroine I really enjoyed how Lucking made the heroine be the strong character in the story Instead of feeling down when an unexpected thing happened to her she jumped right into action to prevent horrors from happening I admire her bravery and her love for helping others I really liked that Lucking really didn't give Rafe a chance to talk His actions proved he loved her which is stronger than words in my opinion The plot kept my attention and I flew through the story Before I knew it the story was over I enjoyed it It was different than any other story I have ever read and I really can't wait for the second installment I just hope Leah and Rafe make appearances too I recommend this book to fans of Melanie Dickerson I believe they would enjoy this book I received a complimentary copy of Common by Laurie Lucking from Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing but the opinions stated are all my own