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Thomas Fawkes is turning to stone and the only cure to the Stone Plague is to join his father’s plot to assassinate the king of EnglandSilent wars leave the most carnage The wars that are never declared but are carried out in dark alleys with masks and hidden knives Wars where color power alters the natural rhythm of 17th century London And when the king calls for peace no one listens until he finally calls for deathBut what if death finds him first?Keepers think the Igniters caused the plague Igniters think the Keepers did But all Thomas knows is that the Stone Plague infecting his eye is spreading And if he doesn’t do something soon he’ll be a lifeless statue So when his Keeper father Guy Fawkes invites him to join the Gunpowder Plot—claiming it will put an end to the plague—Thomas is inThe plan use 36 barrels of gunpowder to blow up the Igniter KingThe problem Doing so will destroy the family of the girl Thomas loves But backing out of the plot will send his father and the other plotters to the gallows To save one Thomas will lose the otherNo matter Thomas’s choice one thing is clear once the decision is made and the color masks have been put on there’s no turning back

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    AREYOUREADY?Okay can we take a minute to talk about how Goodreads has a read to read and currently reading optionbut what about wrote? Because just clicking I read this book doesn't really capture what me and this book truly went throughadded laterPer reuest from several readers I have included a content guide belowPARENTS'CONTENT GUIDEThis book is recommended for readers ages 14 and up PROFANITY None SEXUAL CONTENT brief kissing VIOLENCE sword fights people turning to stone due to a magical plague mention of drawn and uartering At one point a man strikes a woman with his hand She strikes him backClick on spoiler to read about scene detailsview spoiler a character drowns trapped inside a prison cart Non graphic a character tries to cut the stone plague out of his skin with a knife a character almost gets hung there is description of executions decapitated heads are seen on spikes deaths take place in numerous ways being shot stone plague falling a long distance to the ground non suicidal etc hide spoiler

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    Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Fawkes by Nadine Brandes is one of those books that draws you into a world enlightens you with its magic and then sends you back to reality so you can enlighten others while you glowNadine used the history of Guy Fawkes and the failed attempt to blow the parliament as a base to her story that follows Guy Fawkes’s son Thomas into an incredible magical journey ‘’A foundation of truth represents what life was intended to be’’ Thomas is about to get his mask that is supposed to make him control one colour He also happens to be affected with the plague that turns his face into stone His family are all Keepers and he by default is a keeper too But things are never that simple What will happen when he might not get his mask and the plague is about to kill him? We follow the journey of Thomas through a first person perspective He feels incomplete when he has the plague and all his life he is waiting to get his mask and to be able to control a colour Any colour even though he prefers Grey Only with my mask could I bond with a colour But on the day when he is about to receive his mask from his dad he learns that his father is in London and is not willing to come Scared for his life and angry at his father he goes into an adventure to find him His father is Guy Fawkes a Keeper that is involved in a Gunpowder plot which will kill the whole parliament and most importantly the king of England who is the cause of the plague Thomas joins the plot knowing that this is the last chance for him to survive the plague If the king is dead the plague would be gone But will it? I never imagined a single moment of acceptance could reverse a year of bitterness and prejudice Through Thomas’s eyes we see a war between the Keepers and the Igniters It might be a metaphor for the Catholics and Protestants but I won’t go into this now The Keepers were loyal to one colour only and Igniters wanted to control all colours Igniters used the White Colour as a source to control all power But White Colour doesn’t obey like other colours do the White Colour makes people go crazy for power and glory Something similar to the ring in Lord of The Rings ‘’Igniters believe that for each Keeper that dies one person is cured of the plague’’ We see Thomas caught between two sides the keepers want to be free of oppression and the Igniters want to be free to use colour speech as they wanted On such a crossroad Thomas wants to find the truth for himself But there is no time and not many people that he can trust ‘’You’ve given me your truth I have to find it for myself for it to become mine And curiosity is the first step’’ On his journey his relationship with Emma becomes stronger She is an Igniter and they share different beliefs and she also knows he has the plague But she is still around and she accepts his as he is And Thomas taught to always hide his face because otherwise he would be killed by the Igniters is able to relax around Emma This will teach him to accept Emma as she is once she tells him her secret I loved the character of Emma She is a strong person but unable to show her true self due to the fact that she is not like the others that she is not the same In this book it is also shown uite well how women were underestimated in the 17th century How they were thought to be unworthy The only bit I didn’t like about Emma is that even though such strong character she would have never fought for herself if Thomas wasn’t there to ‘’save’’ her This book is a lovely story about Thomas and how he finds his true self how he is not afraid to stand up for the things he believes in how he learns that he shouldn't be hiding his true self any and embrace his fears as they might turn out to be the best things that ever happened in his life ‘’Take a breath Thomas There has always been fear There will always be fear It’s up to us to stand tall even when the fear demands we bow to it’’ So yes my lovely readers I loved this book so much I loved the magical moments I loved how it turned out to be an amazing plot based on real history events I loved Thomas’s character and I loved Emma I loved Guy Fawkes as well especially in the end of the book If you happen to love these types of books please get your copy as soon as you can You won’t regret it at all I have received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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    If you think the cover is epic just wait until you read the book SO GOOD

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    “Not a single day has been promised to me Do not deny me this moment” Firstly I need to express my admiration for the stunning cover I’m an absolute cover judger and I must say that the art work is so alluring It is what first drew me towards this book and the synopsis only reinforced my initial desire to dive into the story With that being said I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I had hoped I’m not a huge historical fiction reader but a retelling of the Guy Fawkes assassination attempt in an intricate magic based England? I’m all ears How Brandes mixed true events with fiction is truly outstanding If I were to write my review on that aspect alone I would happily rate Fawkes four or five stars The story was also a couple hundred pages too long in my opinion If the pacing had been faster and the length shorter I might’ve appreciated the story However I simply couldn’t connect with the protagonist Thomas He lacked a uniue voice and I found myself struggling to read through his perspective; it was tedious and rather dull I admire it when characters have strong beliefs but Thomas was in this constant state of confusion and it was frustrating because his reasons for abstaining from choosing a side never made sense His actions were uite immature and it grew wearisome to read through His selfishness and incessant complaining didn’t make me like him any either I had also hoped that the relationships with each of the plotters were expressed in greater detail Aside from their names all of which belong to true historical figures there wasn’t anything wholly stimulating about them On the other hand the chief villain was entertaining Predictable as he might’ve been I still enjoyed his gradual developmentThe relationship between Thomas and Guy Fawkes had so much potential that was never tapped on I love relationships between parents and kids and the possibilities for a bond between these two were endless His father could’ve expressed a plethora of feelings after abandoning Thomas Perhaps it was too painful to look upon the face of his son who is dying of the same curse that stole his wife? Maybe he couldn’t bear the thought of his only son not being able to forgive him for leaving? He could’ve been frightened of involving Thomas in the dangerous plot that could truly end his life While a few of these were vaguely shown it wasn’t depicted as intricately as I hoped it would beHow color powers work was another pressing issue for me I love the idea of the color powers and the Stone Plague While the latter’s origin was eventually explained thoroughly the former never had such luck It’s never truly made clear how color powers work and what their practicalities are in the world From what I’ve gathered each color is capable of bestowing its user control over a particular element or aspect of nature How strongly the color forms a bond with the individual determines the extent of power one can possess Now my concern is what are the types of powers each color grants? Grey controls stone black controls shadows – or at least I think it does – and brown controls dirt and soil It isn’t described what other colors such as purple blue pink etc can do I also wish there was details as to what each color can contribute to society How does it affect employment in the 17th century for instance?My main fault is that I expected too much from the story It’s a solid novel and even though I didn’t enjoy it too much I can see why many others have given it positive reviews If you’re a fan of historical fiction and magic this might be your cup of tea but be warned that the protagonist can be uite irritable at times and the relationships aren’t very developed I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Bloglovin

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    A parallel England 1604Thomas Fawkes is embarrassed He’s sixteen now the only student at St Peter’s Color Academy in York who hasn’t been given his own mask and can’t speak to any color I’ll explain to the best of my ability something the book itself neglects to doThomas gets booted from school With no friends or family to take him in he heads to London drawn by the rumor that his father Guy Fawkes the famous mercenary has returned to England After a number of misadventures Thomas stumbles upon his father But dear old Dad isn’t nearly as enthused about discovering his long lost son as he is about the plot he and some allies have concocted to assassinate King James and all of ParliamentThis plot is just the latest escalation in a century long war between two different philosophies of magic The Keepers believe that each individual should only manipulate a single color and the White Light at the source of the color spectrum is too dangerous for anyone but the wise to talk to The Igniters commune directly with the White Light and use it to manipulate all the colorsThomas is a Keeper like his father before him But he learns that someone else has a plan about thatContent Advisory Violence Several brief but rather nail biting sword fights and a shootout at the end A man goes about stabbing people and animals with an infected knife and giving them the plague The MC and his young lady friend are freuently menaced by hoodlums and conspirators in dark alleys One of these scuffles leaves Thomas bleeding profuselyThere are two mass hangings one including a child who escapes the noose and runs Brief discussion of the full punishment for treason hanging until nearly dead drawing disembowelment and uartering dismembermentA man strikes his fiancée across the face She hits backThe whole plot revolves about a bunch of men plotting to blow a building filled with hundreds of people to kingdom come Sex Some verbal sparring buttoned up costume drama flirtation and a single kiss between Thom and Emma Our hero watches with contemptuous amusement as a young couple sneaks away from a party with obvious horniness Language One or two uses of “bloody” Substance Abuse Some of the plotters seem to be heavy boozers In fairness they could hardly drink the water in 1604 London Nightmare Fuel This universe suffers a magical blight called the Stone Plague which literally petrifies its victims Sometimes it spreads uickly through the host body turning them into a statue in a matter of minutes Other times it fastens to a particular part of the anatomy and destroys it long before it kills the victim When we first meet Thomas he has a stone eye and eyelid which he hides under an eye patch view spoilerHe briefly becomes entirely stone before the plague recedes but maintains its hold on both his eyes A while later he regains his sight in a highly symbolic manner hide spoiler

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    I loved it This is a brilliant book that fulfills every expectation Brandes turns 17th century London into a magical place I was captivated by the allegory of her magic system and how she blended that fantasy with history I highly recommend this gripping and beautifully crafted book to all as it will leave you both entertained and pondering matters raised in the storyline long after you’ve finished reading

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    In a mix of historical fiction and fantasy Thomas son of Guy Fawkes suffers from a plague ravaging England that turns its victims to stone He’s managed to conceal the sickness behind an eyepatch but when his absentee father fails to send the mask he needs to complete his magical ceremony he is tossed out of boarding school before his powers can manifest But when he arrives in London and finds his father he becomes mixed up in the Gunpowder Plot I found the historical fiction aspect of this absolutely fascinating as well as the relationship between Thomas and Emma and Henry The magical system and how exactly it functioned remained a bit murky for me even by the end although that didn’t diminish my overall enjoyment of the tale as a historical Will definitely be checking out “Romanov” when it releases Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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    5 stars f a w k e sOH MY WORRRRD AaaaaaaaaaaaaaahTHIS WAS SO FREAKIN' AMAZING YOU GUYSSS 333Thomas was so relatable; Emma was fantabulous The worldbuilding was wonderfully immersive The story was just SO masterfully written so fantastically told THE ALLEGORY WAS INCREDIBLEI just Aaaaaaaaaack I NEED NADINE'S NEXT BOOOOK 😍😍😍

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    I love the gorgeous cover and liked the sound of this book but unfortunately it didn't live up to expectations Based on the story of Guy Fawkes Nadine Brandes retold the gunpowder plot in a magical version of England Unfortunately I never got a clear idea of the system of magic or importantly why two factions with different beliefs were constantly trying to kill each other and the King What I did understand was that a year before finishing school students in special colour schools would be given a mask made by their father for the boys or mother for the girls and this would allow them to bond with a colour and then control anything made of that colour People who could only control one control were called Keepers and thought themselves to be pure people who could command than one colour were called Igniters and thought they were superior and that Keepers should be caught and killed I never really understood why and I think a bit time setting up the magic system at the start of the book would have been interesting and made the reason for a war clearer and less confusingI also found the book a bit slow with not a lot of suspense given the topic Thomas the son of Guy Fawkes and the main character was difficult to engage with and I also thought could have been made of the father son story The reworking of the black death into a plague that turned people and animals to stone was a clever touch and added an interesting facet to the story I also liked Thomas's love interest Emma and their unfolding relationship With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Thomas Nelson for a copy to read

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    Okay so first of all a MASSIVE thank you to Netgalley for giving me an ARC of this book Now let's talk reviewWow I read the Out of Time series not long before blasting through Fawkes and while they're both very different and I think that in general I liked OoT a little better they both have a distinctive Nadine feel to them So that was really awesomeThe premise of this book is the Gunpowder plot a real event in England in the early 1600s where a group of plotters discontent with the king he was a Protestant; they were Catholic; the Protestant church at that time did shameful thing to Catholics Guy Fawkes was one of the leaders of that plot and November 5th in England bears his name If you don't know anything about the Gunpowder Plot don't look it up before you read this book I I'm afraid knew a little bit about it so some of what happened didn't come as a surprise But It was still a great bookLIKES Guy Fawkes himself Like just HOLY WOW Talk about the complex dad character You kind of have to read the thing to know exactly how awesome he is and his character arcman this is my kind of character EMMA I can't really say anything about her because SPOILERS HAHA HER EXISTENCE IS A SPOILER but still I loved her so much 33333 The fact that the real plotters were the characters of this book While there's both Keepers the side Thomas and his father are on and Igniters the side Emma and her family are on within this story both are portrayed as having major faults and not being totally in the right OR the wrong Keepers are a persecuted minority and Thomas and his father fight for them but Brandes still shows that there are fundamental flaws with them that cannot be explained away simply because they're the minority Igniters are in power and technically supposedly in the right but their method of holding onto power and the way they torment anyone different is not once depicted as a good thing Which I LOVED Both sides were wrong but neither side was TOTALLY wrong This made it complicated And I loved that Just the whole historical fantasy aspect That was so cool The color maskspowers I found that whole concept amazing THE VILLAIN I will not tell you who it was or anything about thembut holy cow it was so so neat when VILLAIN is revealed and I just start shrieking Heh hehI totally didn't scream in the middle of the doctor's office or anything like thatDISLIKES So Thomas himself really was whiny and selfish for a long time? He does have some character development but since this is a standalone where there's already a TON happening he doesn't get a ton I didn't HATE himI just didn't love him either The whole White Light thing just kind of weirded me out a bit view spoilerSo I know that the Keepers are supposed to stand in for Catholics and Igniters for Protestants but because of that I kept thinking that eventually the White Light was going to be revealed as the Holy Spirit Which was kind of happening but I just wasn't feeling itsomething about it was weird Especially how sassy it was I'm sure it's just that my expectations and the fantasy side of things collided but it was weird especially since Thomas and the others have to basically find salvation by coming to the White Light hide spoiler