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A glimpse of college life A unique way to pay off student loan debt College is not the place to get an education it s a place to party I hope this story has no basis in reality If so the next generation is toast. Cameron McKinney U of Miami F PS wasn t very good at picking up chicks Freshman are welcome He headed for the Sigma Phi Epsilon house to party.The bouncer was not going to let him in.J.D Reuben Cameron headed for Econ 101 class Dr Spiegel Professor Econ began the lecture Dylan Posner frat boy invited Cameron J.D to the Rathskeller bar Rat.Brenda Cristina introduced their selves Cameron, J.D Dylan started a Vegas style gambling business Dylan also had quite the drug habit Thanks to Cristina Cameron is no longer a virgin Komodo Asian restaurant Cameron Cam invited Grace Cooper out for dinner drinks What happened between Seb Shaun Rodger is the SigEp fraternity chapter s president What did he say to the members What happened to Dylan, Christina Warning This book contains adult content, violence, or expletive language or uncensored sexually explicit material which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive or have potential adverse psychological effects on the reader I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written high stakes gambling book It was very easy for me to read follow from start finish never a dull moment There were no grammar typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists turns a great set of unique characters to keep track of This could also make another great high stakes gambling movie, or better yet mini TV series Pretty cheesy so I will only rate it at 3 5 stars Thank you for the free author North of Sunset Publishing LisaatManybooks Digital Services LLC book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn Based On A True StoryFaced With Graduating With Over , Dollars In Student Loan Debt And Struggling Socially, University Of Miami Freshman Cameron McKinney Starts The Largest Sports Betting Ring In Campus History Business Booms, Supplying Him With Thousands Of Dollars Of Tax Free Cash Per Week And The Connections To Experience South Beach Nightlife As A VIP Cameron Raises The Stakes, Signing Up Hundreds Of Customers And Taking On A Group Of Jet Setting International Bettors As His Operation Grows, So Does His Ego His Stormy Relationship With Grace Cooper, The Purity Ring Wearing Daughter Of A Prominent Republican Party Lobbyist Takes Its Toll On The Business, And His Business Partner S Reckless Lifestyle Threatens To Bring Him Down Completely High Rollers Gives A Window Into Lifestyles Of The Young And Rich, Exploring The Consequences Of Ambition, Wealth And Relationships Total garbage Allegedly based on a true story although I can t find anything about it online , this fictionalized account of a University of Miami gambling ring is a cringe worthy read If you enjoy bland prose about the epic but not really lives of frat bros running a small time sports betting book and chasing after girls, this is for you The flat characters, stiff dialogue, and utter banality of the story made for a tedious read It could have been at least partially redeemed by some exposition of the mechanics of running an illegal betting book, but Kane barely touches on that at all I listened to the last half on 2x speed just to get through it Skip this book. I received this kindle book free through a goodreads giveaway I went into this book totally blind i had NO IDEA what it was about I was pleasantly surprised I don t do spoilers so I won t talk about the plot much aside to say that the story is about college and sports betting I found the story and characters engaging and interesting and I never got bored or lost interest so that puts this book above a lot of other ones I have read I don t have anything negative to say I will admit to being very stingey with my 5 star ratings and this book never quite got to I have to know what happens status so I went with 4 but give this book a raving recommendation anyway. I who am a fan of Thriller, action and fantasy wanted to try something less stressful and the high Rollers seemed to fit the bill perfectly This book gives us an inside view of the college culture in the US and might also indicate why so many businesses spring up in the US There might be surely some extreme scenarios but this book is not about facts it talks about the story of a young insecure boy, who tries to establish himself by providing a sports betting platform For me the character building is essential to like a book and in this case the author does exactly that So, if you are looking for a stress free quick read, get this book its worth it Thank you Good Reads and Createspace for a copy of High Rollers by Logan C Kane.This book is very enjoyable I love the plot, the main character even with all his flaws about virginity, school, and girls.Cameron McKinney wants to make money fast because he is in over his head with college debt and decides with his fellow college friend to start a sports betting on campus and ends up getting rich He makes tons of money and begins to live the lifestyle just like what he wanted from the beginning when he saw how South Beach people lived with their expensive cars, clothes and houses Once he starts a romance with Grace Cooper it looks like the end of the betting life is over For Grace wants everything and soon Cameron figures her out Then Cameron s father figures it out and is not happy Cameron then meets Jordan, a wealthy young man from the Middle East and shows Cameron just want it is like to be a rich man Of course, sports betting is illegal and Cameron finds out just how deep he is into it all and it starts a downward spiral into the life of a High Roller.I believe anyone would enjoy this book, my only thing is the cover I don t like the cover specially at first glimpse It looks to me like something else Maybe it s just me.Thanks again for the opportunity.Cherie Although the plot presented an interesting premise, the book mainly failed to deliver The book should be marketed to a YA audience, as the characters are all college aged and the author supplies little depth to them Perhaps a younger audience would better identify to the characters The summary of the book on goodreads is accurate, but it provides virtually the whole plot I hope that future efforts by this author stretch the characters , and provide a plot that is detailed and interests a wider audience. In High Rollers freshman student Cameron McKinney, who recently moved from Chicago to Miami, has a bit of a hard time adjusting to his new life In Miami people spend money like it is nothing, while all Cameron can do is think about how big his debt will be after he graduates Soon he makes a couple of friends and starts a gambling business with one of them called Dylan Personally, I have a weakness for books with much gossip and drama that take place in a university or high school like setting, like the It Girl series These kind of books really are my pleasure Since I liked the other book by Shelby Mena and Logan C Kane X , I thought High Rollers would be up my alley as well To be completely honest, I liked X better than High Rollers, but I am still impressed by it Kane and Mena created this juicy story that is the perfect getaway for in between some serious books The reality they created in High Rollers is so absurd and perplexing for people that are not crazy rich like Cameron s buddies, but that is exactly what makes it fun High Rollers gives you the right amount of drama and craziness What I liked less about this book was the whole storyline of Grace, who I think is just a complete psychopath and did not contribute anything useful to the story But then again, that is just my opinion, and it might be completely different for you All taken together, I find it admirable how Kane and Mena managed to create this glimpse in the absurd life of super rich students It s so absurd that it is hilarious at times and the amount of drama makes it the perfect easy read to escape reality, but somehow it does stay realistic that is weird, I know, but in the extent, it is actually possible the setting in High Rollers does stay realistic The writing itself is far from perfect in this book, and this was the main reason I prefer their other book over this one BUT, that being said, I find it very impressive what they have already accomplished, and I am than sure that this is something that will improve with experience I, for one, am excited to see what stories they manage to create next I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars I received a review copy of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review All opinions are entirely my own and completely honest. Cameron McKinney is a freshman at the University of Miami He s 100,000 in student loan debt Then things get interesting Not everyone liked the writing in this book but I found it interesting and funny High Rollers takes you inside a world where the kids are rich, messed up, and from the East Coast There are drugs, sex, and everything that comes with it in college It s a funny, realistic read and I think it s worth reading.There aren t a lot of books written about Miami I m not even sure if they have Barnes and Noble in Miami The fact that someone took the time to write about the lifestyles of the kids down there is interesting I give this book five stars because it is entertaining throughout, easy to read, and short.