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Private Investigator Kate Maxwell never stopped loving Luke Gallagher after he disappeared Now he's back and together they must unravel a twisting thread of secrets lies and betrayal while on the brink of a biological disaster that will shake America to its core Will they and their love survive or will Luke and Kate become the terrorist's next target?

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    45 starsA great ending to the series and my favorite couple out of the group of friends However the continual focus on his “rippling muscles” got old and kept it from being a favoriteLuke is pretty much a super spy and because of all the glimpses of him in previous books I knew I was going to love this one Kate’s loyalty over the years and her refusal to give up looking for him is paying off now but just as he suspected what he knows is indeed a deathly peril for his friendsA side story with a serial killer features the couple from book oneThanks to the publisher for a free reading copy A favorable review was not reuired However this review is based on a final copy that I purchased

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    Don't cry because it's over Smile because it happenedDr SeussI think this uote perfectly sums up my feelings about this series ending I'm sad to say goodbye but thrilled that I got to become friends with these characters and live vicariously through them for a little while Where do I even begin to describe the amazingness that is Dead Drift? Kate and Luke's story was phenomenalAs with all of Dani's books I devoured this one in under 24 hours Dani's books always knock my socks off but Dead Drift takes the awesomeness to a whole new level My old friends Griffin Finley Parker Avery Declan Tanner and Luke Kate grabbed hold of me and yanked me through the screen of my Kindle and into their story and it didn't take long before I forgot I was reading and instead felt that I was tagging along and living their story right alongside them that is how fabulous this book is Once again Dani's writing thrilled me chilled me and inspired me at the same time it encouraged and challenged my faith and made a lasting imprint on my heart I don't really know what else I can say without risking spoilers so I will finish with this I absolutely adored every single moment I spent reading this book everything was tied up perfectly and even though I hated to see it end when I turned the final page a sigh of pure contentment escaped my lips which were temporarily frozen in the giddiest grin of all time Dead Drift is on my list of favorite reads of 2018 and I highly recommend it Everyone should read the Chesapeake Valor series each book can stand alone but they are best read in order to get the full amazing experienceI simply cannot wait for Dani's next book READ DANI PETTREY'S BOOKS YOU WON'T BE SORRY Now if you'll excuse me Goes to reread Submerged yet againThank you to the author and publisher for sending me a copy of this book to help promote it Which did not influence my review in any way All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own except the uote from Dr Seuss of course LOL

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    I loved that two loose ends were resolved in the conclusion of the Chesapeake Valor Series Of the two threads in this novel my interest was only with the cold case and I kept wanting to get back to that part of the novelOverall a solid suspense series I look forward to what the author has next in store for her readers

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    What a stunning conclusion to the Chesapeake Valor series This is a book that definitely needs to be read in order as book four of a series that builds upon itselfIt was thrilling to return to these wonderful characters as I read Dead Drift Now I want to go back and read all four books back to back and catch anything I might have missed the first time around They really are so goodDead Drift was especially touching as it was a “return of a lost love” storyline Kate and Luke were in love in college and then he disappeared Now Luke is back and there are some hurts that will be hard to overcome I thought the author did a great job of showing two people who still loved each other yet had to battle against the resulting heartache that came from Luke’s long ago decisionDead Drift not only had great romantic tension it also had lots of action taking place in two different storylines One team was working to diffuse the imminent threat to the nation that brought Luke back into Kate’s life The other plot involved closing the loop on the ongoing storyline that linked all four books together and involved a serial killer who preyed on young women for yearsThis book and entire series is one that I highly recommend for fans of romantic suspenseI received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my ownYou can read this review on my blog

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    Romantic Suspense at its finest This book is the fourth and final installment of Dani Pettrey's Chesapeake Valor series This is Luke and Kate's story But it is also a dual story because Griffin and Finley are working on Jenna's cold case murder So it definitely is a page turner with clues and leads and twists I am a huge fan of this author and have read all of her books I give this book 4 and a 12 stars I was given this book by the publisher Baker Publishing via netgalley This is my honest opinion

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    Guess we are going to see how well trained you actually are in not letting attachments come into playBeing near Kate Maxwell again was just as terrifying as his mission; as a highly trained CIA operative Luke Gallagher's seven year absence from the woman he loved had changed him forever; the things he had seen the places he had gone the decisions he had made Now he was being called in from the field as a consultant; assisting local and federal law enforcement agencies in their uest to thwart a highly orchestrated chemical warfare attack on the United States Had crushing her heart built an impenetrable wall or could they live to see new dreams come true?Barn Leader Agent Handcuffed Glock Wrists Message Griffin McCray's sister had been murdered as a teenager; now Griffin and his wife Finley were on personal leave from their perspective agencies to see if they could unravel any new clues about the person they believed to be a serial killer The detective who left the mystifying seven words in his file was now dead and no one else seemed inclined to consider the accumulation of cold cases as the work of one very demented individual Using the many details of both scenarios to her advantage the author deftly plays the story lines in perfect harmony; keeping her readers on their edge of their seat in just the right places while warming their hearts with tender moments between beloved characters managing to close out this series on a very high note

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    Dead Drift is the thrilling fourth and sadly last book in the Chesapeake Valor series by Dani Pettrey Dead Drift concludes the series in stunning style with touching romance non stop action and life and death tension that will keep you guessing and hanging on the edge of your seatKate has always believed hoped that the love of her life Luke Gallagher was alive and out there somewhere Meanwhile Luke has spent the last seven years with one mission bring a major criminal and terrorist to justice and finally return home to Kate Now Kate knows Luke is alive but his being back in her life and the lives of their friends threatens them all Luke and Kate must team up as the terrorist threat to US soil increases and overlaps with FBI Agent Declan Grey’s case As danger looms ever closer Luke Kate and the whole gang will have to push harder than ever before to find answers and justice The Chesapeake Valor series has so far brought this loveable group of friends through heartache murder cases near death experiences and ever closer to the answers they seek about what happened to their friends Luke and Jenna so many years ago The threads of mystery that have woven throughout the entire series all start to weave together in this final book The action starts from the first page and literally doesn’t stop While most of the gang work with Luke to prevent a bioterrist attack and bring to justice the man Luke has been chasing these past seven years Finley and Griffin work to solve the cold case of Jenna Griffin’s sister who was murdered eight years ago While the terrorist case brings non stop action and big dramatic scenes I enjoyed the detective legwork that Griffin and Finley engage in to bring a serial killer to justiceThe story jumps perspective between a number of the main characters predominately Luke Kate and Griffin which enables the readers to stay fully immersed in the enfolding action Of course Dani Pettrey leaves one perspective just when major intel is about to be revealed or a character’s life hangs in the balance only increasing the already high suspense and making Dead Drift impossible to put downI have really loved the Chesapeake Valor series and Dead Drift is the perfect conclusion It celebrates the friendship this talented group share and their dedication to finding justice I enjoyed Kate and Luke’s story of reunion and the opportunity they have to rekindle their romance There are a lot of pent up emotions surrounding anger passion grief and betrayal they must work through while juggling the enfolding case and constant attempts on their lives There is no doubting their connection and the sweet moments of competition and trust they share are very enjoyable I also loved the celebration in Dead Drift of each of the other romantic relationships that have been forged throughout the series I loved Griffin and Finley’s support for one another as they face the difficult task of finding Jenna’s killer and their enjoyment of married life and treasured the moments of new found closeness between Tanner and Declan Avery and Parker take of a backseat but their relationship and the conclusion of Parker’s history with Jenna are also wonderful parts of this storyIf you have not yet read the Chesapeake Valor series I highly recommend it I can’t wait to devour Dani Pettrey’s next series which is sure to be just as brilliantly written engaging and loveable as this one has beenThe publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my ownFind reviews reading age guides content advisory and recommendations on my blog Madison's Library

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    Burning debris littering the ground smoke plummeting in the acrid air is just the beginning if he fails Wow Dead Drift was an impressive end to the Chesapeake Valor Series Dani Pettrey delivers non stop heart racing action with emotional compelling drama and romanceThis book definitely was one of my most anticipated reads of 2018 because of the jaw dropping cliff hanger in the last book Blind Spot I was so excited when this book dropped so my long awaited uestions involving Kate and Luke could finally be answered and let me tell you I was not disappointed cheersLuke has definitely been the friend missing in action in this series But when Kate Declan Parker and Griffin learn he's been part of an CIA black ops team with moves that can rival Jason Bourne they are shocked to say the leastBut when Luke's assignment causes him to enlist the help of his friends to track a deadly terrorist back at his hometown things not only get complicated but crazy dangerous for all involved Kate has been one of my favorite characters throughout this series I love how she's strong and straight to the point and she had a determination that would not uit Dani Pettrey did an amazing job of displaying the vacillating emotions of joy and pain in Luke and Kate's reunion Y'all the chemistry between Luke and Kate was just crackling off the pages There were plenty of surprises and twists in the story I had a hard time putting this book down Eventhough I totally wanted to be mad at Luke I found myself rooting for him and Kate This story also focuses on Griffin finally getting the information needed to help track down his sister's killer The chase that he and Avery went on added a thriller element to the plot that left me on the edge of my seat every minuteI will miss this series so much I really like this group of friends but all good books must come to a end ; I would love to see a spin off series based on Charm City Investigations there are few storylines I think would make excellent book series view spoiler especially when Luke decides to stay and join CCI hide spoiler

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    This is a fast paced gripping and intense book the conclusion of the Chesapeake Valor series that follows a group of friends that serve in various fields of criminal justice I was so excited to read Kate and Luke's story especially since he's been such a mystery from the beginning This is a series that I think is best read in order but honestly you could still read Dead Drift on its own and be fine I appreciate that the author catches the reader up with the characters and their relationships without info dumping the plots of the previous books so even if you read this book first you can still go back and enjoy the stories of the other friends in the previous three books which are all excellentI loved learning about Luke and Kate's relationship from when they were together before his prolonged absence courtesy of the CIA It showed why they never gave up on each other and made their reunion that much sweeter after Kate gave him heck to pay of course ; The highly dangerous cases they are working on solving and attacks they are trying to prevent bring them closer together and also heighten the fears they have of losing each other again They have issues to work out and also get to know each other again as the changes people they have become although the important things haven't changed They have amazing chemistry and I also loved the deeper ways they connect through their faith and supporting each other Besides the terrorist case Luke is leading Griffin and Finley are following up clues from his sister Jenna's murder and the two plots woven together create a nice balance and kept the pace cracking along making the book impossible to put down With twists and turns along the way and dramatic nail biting climaxes the story wraps up with satisfying conclusions for this group of friends that have become tight knit and stalwart once again Highly recommend this book and the entire seriesI received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions expressed in this review are my own

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    We are facing our fiercest biological warfare terrorist threat on American soil yetDani Pettrey hits the ground running in this 4th book in her Chesapeake Valor series and ends it on a terrifying race for the good I have been her face since her very first book and this one only cemented that decision I read it in one dayFor seven years CIA operative Luke Gallagher has been away from his friends who trusted him including Kate whom he loved Not a word have they heard in all those years He has been part of an elite team to capture a deadly terrorist Now Luke's friends all in law enforcement to some degree hold the only hope of stopping the latest threat of an attack that could shake the USA to the very core Kate Maxwell never has stopped loving Luke and now that he's back she is angry at him and afraid to trust him again even though she wishes she could She never thought he left her by choice either He's back now and she must search her heart to see if she can forgive Luke and move on to a future with him If they don't die first Pettrey is in absolute top form here I have been waiting on tenterhooks for Luke and Kate's story She builds up the action in each book even while dealing with other members of the group and their own story always hinting at Luke and his life She also solves one mystery that has been around since the first book and does it very well I was racing along with the action gasping many times at the events unfolding herein One thing I really liked here was how she shows the incredible and enduring love the men in this group have for the women in their lives It was very very moving and very realistic Her characters always are I am a forever fan I highly recommend this one NowI can eagerly anticipating the next series Dani Pettrey has in store for her readersMy thanks to the publishers through Net Galley for a copy of this book All opinions stated here are entirely my own